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Reveka suspects something, and it's confirmed, much to her abject horror

MIld Swears


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It is 7:42 AM where you are.
It is the twenty-second day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the twenty-second day of Spring and 78 degrees.
In Southern:
It is the twenty-second day of Autumn and 63 degrees.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the twenty-second day of Autumn and 17 degrees.


Igen Weyr, Caravan Grounds, Lake Shore, Igraine and A'lira's Weyr

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NO! No. No. No. No. No.


Caravan Grounds, Reveka's Yurt

The inside of this yurt is sparsely decorated for now, being so new. But brightly colored rugs have been scattered over the floor, saving where the large heating brazier sits in the middle of the floor, it's heat waves escaping out of the hole in the roof. There's a simple, if plush bed, big enough for two against one side, flanked by a simple night stand and a chair. A table sits off to the side, a pitcher for water and a bowl for washing upon it. Trunks hold Reveka's treasures and clothes and a couple of cabinets hold the rest of her things.

There's a clawing in Reveka's stomach that wakes her from a sound sleep, as if her very belly wishes to turn in on itself, churning and growling angrily. She sits up, and is a little dizzy. Woah. Did she eat supper last night? She feels like she's half starved. Shakily, she gets up, slipping a loose, airy dress on, she seeks the cookfires, thinking needing to eat may be her problem. This turns out not to be the case, the second the smell of breakfast hits her nose, her stomach rebels. She finds the nearest place she can and is quietly sick, kicking sand over the bile when she's done.


No. no. No. No. No.

She can't be.

But Reveka has seen this in her mother, Reva, too often.

But she doesn't know if he's on the herbs or not, and her taking of them has been mostly consistent. She's tried not to see Daen when she's forgotten her herbs. But that first night…and the one after…


Reveka races back to her yurt and pens a note to Willimina about feeling ill, so please excuse her from dance today. She sends it off with her green, Baba, and gets properly dressed. Then, slipping from camp while it still basically slumbers, saving the cooks, she races into the bazaar and towards the weyr. It takes her a little while to navigate to the lakeside weyrs, where Igraine and A’lira reside. Blessedly, the brown dragon doesn't seem to be in, but is Igraine? She crosses the ‘ledge’ space and moves to the door to their Weyr. Praying, she knocks on the door, loudly.

Igraine is in residence, though she's far back in the Warren, as she calls it, and doesn't even hear the knock. It is the shrill alarm chirp of her firelizards she hears. She cleans her hands, having been in the Still Room handling herbs and remedies. She moves through the Weyr as she dries her hands and comes to the door. Opening it, she is beyond surprised by who she sees. “Reveka! Is everything alright?”

Reveka is standing there for a few moments, it seems, before Igraine opens the door. She jumps when it pops open, having been just about to leave. Igraine's questioning has Reveka shaking her head. “No.” Suddenly, she's queasy again, going about pale. “I don't feel well, can I come in? I don't wish to discuss this outside.”

Igraine watches Reveka grow paler with growing concern. She has her suspicions the second Reveka insists on privacy for the matter. “Of course child… come in, come in.” Igraine rushes her inside and closes the Weyr door. Once it's shut, Igraine turns to Reveka and plants her hands on her hips, looking the girl over. There are times Igraine could kiss A'lira for having such a pristine and mostly white Weyr, it made lighting brighter. “Let me guess, feeling a little sick? A little dizzy maybe? Fine one moment, a bit more than off kilter the next?”

Reveka flinches but nods. “Aye, I suspect I'm pregnant.” Reveka's voice breaks a bit on the last word. “I'm hoping I'm wrong…”

“When did you last bleed dear?”

“Thats the thing, I can't remember precisely, but I know I had one recently. I've been so busy I… haven't kept track like I usually do.” Reveka's cheeks color and she looks to the floor, beginning to truly panic now.

“Are you having sex with anyone?” Igraine has heard rumors, but, they could be just that, rumors.

Reveka blushes furiously, nodding. “Aye, I am.”

“And have you been taking preventative measures?”

“As best as I have been able, but the first time we… and the night after… there was nothing.”

Igraine sighs. “And how long ago was that Reveka?”

“Near four months ago, but I could swear I've had cycle's since then.”

“But you aren't sure, about the cycle's, and some women bleed during. We don't know why this is, but they do.” Igraine shakes her head and waves Reveka in. Well, come on, let's examine you.”

Reveka follows to Igraine to a bedroom and strips and lays down on the bed, after Igraine stripped it of all but the sheet. Reveka lays still and quiet, and waits for Igraine to start the exam.

Igraine certainly wastes no time in doing so, moving to Reveka's side immediately. “You'll feel a bit of pressure in your belly, I want to suss out your womb.” Igraine begins palpitating around Reveka's slim torso with her fingers, but even just looking like this, there's a small amount of bump visible when Reveka lays down. It does not take Igraine long to find the swelling womb that indicates pregnancy, a hardened orb order that fit flesh. And from the feel of it, and what Reveka has told her, it seems as if she's been gravid since the get go. “Well, you're definitely pregnant, past the first trimester. I'd say between fifteen and eighteen sevens along. So if you were hoping to take care of the issue, it's far too late now.”


Reveka lays there, silent tears streaming down her cheeks. How could she have not noticed sooner? How could she have been so reckless? How did this happen? After a moment, she sits up and dresses, slowly going into shock. “Thanks. Igraine. For confirming that for me.” Reveka's head drops into her hands, and she groans.

“You should talk to your mother Reveka. She can help you with this an—”

“Are you kidding???? She's going to kill me, and my father…” Reveka doesn't even want to think about that. Throwing up her arms in frustration, Reveka stands. “Thanks Igraine, I’ll likely be back. I have to go…”

Igraine nods and guides Reveka to the door. It's not for her to say what happens next, so she let's the girls go and shakes her head. Poor thing. But, life never throws at one what one can't handle, Igraine is a firm believer.

Part of Reveka is still heavily in denial, while the other side is panicking like an avian with no head. Faranth save me She thinks as she heads back towards the grounds and her yurt. What am I going to do? Over and over that question asks itself on repeat as she makes her way home. Once there, and inside the walls of her home, a round of pacing begins that's like to last the day.

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