Willimina, Tallel, Lillia


Willimina gives birth to twins and Lillia greets her new siblings, Tallel is pleasantly outnumbered

Backscened Happens a day or two after Tallel and Milosh Talk


-- On Pern --
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It is evening of the nineteenth day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the nineteenth day of Summer and 98 degrees. It is a hot, miserable night.
In Southern:
It is the nineteenth day of Winter and 50 degrees. Throughout the night, the cold winter rain continues to fall steadily.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the nineteenth day of Winter and 5 degrees. It's cold and dark out.


Southern Telgar Steppe, Zingari Encampment

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“They’ll be born outside stone walls.”


Southern Telgar Steppe; Willimina and Tallel's Yurt

Unlike the outside of this dwelling, the inside of this round tent puts the bolder, more flamboyant side of Tallel's Zingari roots on display, though it's now been augmented by all that the rest of his family brings to it. While simple in layout, there is nothing simple at all about the intricate weave of the rugs thrown down upon the light, portable wooden slat-work spanning collapsible frames. Deep wine red is the most commonly found hue, though gold, green, and silver are found as well in the hangings that drape the tent walls at even intervals. A low, wide table to the left of the hanging door serves as Tallel's primary workspace for grinding herbs and mixing medicines, while another one further off to the right - round, this time - is laden with wood and steel serving ware and makes up a small dining area. Cushions lay around the yurt in abundance for sitting, the largest pile of which obscures the low mattress on which he and Willimina sleep. Nearby, a couple of folding dividers fashioned of woven reeds and silk partition off the beds their children sleep in. A few braziers for incense and candles, as well as some round red glow baskets, hang about the ceiling, which tapers up to a vent that can be shut against the weather but is wide enough to give a nice view of the night sky in the evenings.

It’s one of those evenings in Telgar where one finds oneself wondering if Rukbat really did set and if one isn’t just hallucinating the darkness descending, because it certainly does feel like the sun still sits parked straight overhead. As everyone has tried to escape the heat still lingering and festivities over for the most part, The Zingari Camps are quiet save for a few lone instruments ringing into the still night air.

Within Willimina and Tallel’s yurt, it is much the same. Tai and Tali are both already abed, snug as trundle bugs in a rug. Lillia is off with some of her cousins only Faranth knows where. But Willimina is confident her eldest child will stick to the camps and the rules for being on her own, so she worries not over it. In fact the Zingari caravan leader is in her old rocking chair (brought from the Wagon), feet propped up as she reads the reports for the seven, her shortened hair falling in a low curtain over one side of her face while the other side is tucked behind her ear. She holds a stylus between her teeth as her chocolate brown eyes scan the hides. Such a peaceful evening…thus far.

Tallel has been out talking with his parents and siblings some more this evening. They won’t be in the Steppes for much longer, after all, and somehow with the lessening of time together comes more to be said. He comes home to find Willimina in a familiar state, though her short hair is still taking him some time to adjust to. Yes, he did indeed mourn it, and still does a bit, but he understands why she did it. And that it will grow back. It never fails to, after all!

Saikhan,” he murmurs in greeting as he crosses to her dipping his head to interrupt her with a kiss. “We should probably try sleeping soon. It is starting to cool, believe it or not.” And after he props a few more points in the wall, the yurt should cool further still.

Willimina has to pull the stylus from between her teeth when Tallel comes to kiss her, she returns the gesture, a smile lingering on her lips afterwards. “Soon, but it's not quite that late yet.” She does however, wipe at her eyes and set the hides aside, arms stretching before they lay over her overly expanded belly, to be greeted by a foot or hand or elbow poking at her through her skin as one of her babes moves within her. Their movements are slower these days, more work as there's less room. She's been getting the practice contractions for a few days now. She's sure she's close…very close. The air that moves through the yurt when Tallel props the points pulls a relieved sigh from the caravan leader. “That feels great…come help me up?” Willimina puts her feet down and scoots to the edge of the chair. Getting up is a chore these days!

Tallel obliges easily, giving Willimina a tensed arm to pull upon while supporting her with the other behind her back. “We could always try sleeping outside,” he quips softly with a grin, though he knows very well how impractical that would be. “Or I could strip the walls…no. They wouldn’t like that.” The children. “Plus no privacy. We should just move to Lemos.” Anywhere with a less oppressive summer! But then they’d have winter to complain about. Always something. “We’re not going to make it back to the Weyr before they come, you know,” he murmurs once she’s on her feet, holding her close and smiling gently. “They’ll be born outside stone walls.” As any of the road should be, he believes…but he also knows it isn’t always practical or safe.

Willimina can't help but laugh as Tallel dances through a list of sleeping arrangements, shaking her head. “It's alright my love, it will cool down more, that breeze already feels better.” When Tallel mentions not making it back to the Weyr, Willimina nods, a bit of seriousness falling into her features. “I know…I can feel it, any day now, like a pause in the world as it waits to breathe.” She chuckles and rubs her belly, another kick finding her hand, and maybe a jab towards Tallel's body too. Willimina makes a light ‘oof’ at that last one. “I think it fitting though, that some of our children be born amidst your kin… on the road where they are meant to be.” Willimina has strong faith in her midwife, and her husband, to not let something horrible happen of they can manage. They are GOOD healers and Willimina happily places herself in their hands. “Mmm. You know, a lie down and a cuddle actually sound better than not now that I'm up.”

Tallel allows himself a sigh at Willimina’s first, one that broadens his torso and allows him to catch a brush from that last kick. The sensation makes his eyebrows pop upward, and he grins, setting a hand upon his wife’s belly to see if he can catch another. “I agree,” he murmurs to her next, his hand rubbing soothingly up and down her spine. “I do hope they get here soon.” At her last, he wraps his arm around her, smiling warmly as he brings his other hand up from her stomach to her cheek. “I like that idea too, my love,” he says, kissing her softly once more before guiding her with him toward the bed and then carefully onto it.

Sleep comes easy, which is unusual, but a relief nonetheless for Willimina. Unfortunately, neither parent gets to sleep as long as they would like. Some time before midnight the labor pangs started, by one after, her water had broken. Other labors had been hours and hours, this one is quick, even for twins. By dawn the leaders are blessed with two more daughters, both a bit small, but otherwise perfect. After all the mess from the birth was cleared, the parents were left to bond with their newest children….

Willimina should be sleeping, she knows this, the twins are, but she just can't stop staring at them in turn, a finger tracing the features of the twin she holds. Already, ribbons of pink and alternately, yellow, have been placed on their wrists and ankles so that they might be told apart. Willimina has the pink ribboned girl. “They're so lovely… so tiny…” Willimina murmurs, looking over to her husband. “What to name such paragons of perfection?”

Nearly six candlemarks is plenty long enough for Tallel to feel as though he’s been through the wringer. Not that he has anything on Willimina, being that she’s the one who did all the work. He and Taimin are now quite outnumbered, but adding two more beautiful girls to the world only feels like an embarrassment of riches to him. He wants to sleep and watch every little movement they make at the same time. “Yes,” he agrees at a whisper, touching a featherlight fingertip to the dark, wispy hair topping the head of the yellow-ribboned baby he’s holding. “And you did amazingly with them, saikhan. Just like before.” Carefully leaning over, he kisses his wife tenderly before looking back down at his newborn daughters, considering.

“I think…she is Aleeta,” he says of the one he holds, studying her adoringly for a long moment before smiling and giving a decisive nod. “Aleeta,” he whispers, and then looks over at her sister. “And…Ailie, perhaps?” A dark brow arches as he meets Willa’s gaze in query.

Willimina tests the names on her lips a few times, murmuring them at the babies to see how they fit and finding them pleasant and warming. “Aye… I think those will do quite nicely, hmm little Ailie?” Of course Willimina doesn't expect an answer, she just kisses the babe and lays her on her chest to continue sleeping. Tiredness sweeps over Willimina too, even though she fights it, wanting to spend every moment gazing at her family. The children would be here soon to greet their new siblings, she can rest after that.

As if on cue, Lillia walks through the yurt door, softly in case her parents sleep. She'd been given the news of the birth, and had come home as soon as the midwives announced things. “Mama, Papa?” She looks over to her parents bed to find them with two small bundles of joy. “Oh Mama, they're so little!” She rushes to the bed to sit gently upon it, gazing at her two little sisters with awe and love.

Tallel carefully shifts closer, resting his head against Willimina’s with his eyelids drooping heavily. They don’t quite shut, though; he’s not done taking in his newest daughters and his wife. Lillia’s arrival prompts him to wake up a bit, and he can’t help but grin as she comes to meet her tiny sisters. “Little, but strong,” he murmurs, his tone roughened by tiredness. “This is Aleeta, davaga,” he tells his stepdaughter, holding the yellow-ribboned baby out a bit for her to see better. “And that is Ailie. Your sisters. Your brother and I are now pleasantly outnumbered.” Even more than before!

Willimina smiles at Lillia when she approaches and laughs when Tallel makes the remark about being pleasantly outnumbered. “Aye, two more daughters to turn your Papa’s hair grey.” Willimina looks up at Tallel and winks playfully at him. Neither of them are grey yet, but it's no secret how protective the man is of his female relatives. Not that Willimina minds that at all.

Lillia grins. “Aleeta and Ailie… I love them.” Lillia speaks both of the names and her new baby sisters. “We're going to need a bigger yurt. Or maybe I could have my own?” Stretching it she is, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right? Lillia carefully extracts her pink ribboned sister from her mother's chest and holds her close, happy with the newest additions to the family. Lillia has always wanted gaggles of sisters and brothers. Babies are fun and Lillia knows motherhood makes her mother very happy, so Lillia is pleased as well.

Tallel chuckles softly at that; a bigger yurt has been a topic of conversation on several occasions recently. Now something really is going to have to be done about it. “Mmm…not your own separate yurt yet, but maybe we could see about joining a small one to her so that you might have your own space, at least. Something that could become your own yurt later on.” He looks to Willa to see what she makes of the idea, using it as an excuse to offer Aleeta over to her mother.

Willimina seems quite fine with the proposed idea and nods at Tallel as she takes Aleeta off his hands and fixes her little yellow ribbons. “I think that would be a good idea, it’s about time Lillia has her own space, she’s been sharing with her siblings forever.” She drops a wink towards her eldest daughter and rocks Aleeta as she squirms and begins to fuss a bit. It would soon be time feeding, and then, time for all involved to finally sleep. “Lillia, can you hand Ailie to Papa? I need you to go and ask Timo if he minds keeping Tai and Talia for a few more candlemarks?” Because Willimina really does need some sleep before her other children come home. Five. There are five of them now, and Willa couldn’t be happier.

Looking rather excited about the prospect of having her own room, Lillia nods and immediately hands Ailie off to her father and scoots to the entrance of the yurt. Turning, she smiles. “Timo and I will keep the young ones busy for awhile, maybe take them on a trail ride.” Her smile turns to one of pride and love. “Congratulations Mama, and you too Papa, they really are beautiful.” And then she’s off to her sisterly duties, leaving Willimina and Tallel to bond with the babies and sleep. After all, this time is the most important time.

“Not too far from the camp. There aren’t that many trails out here,” Tallel says to Lillia’s idea of a trail ride. It may be mostly flat, but there’s still the chance to get disoriented out among the rolling hills.

He cradles Ailie against his chest, then settles himself beside Willimina, a rather cavernous yawn overtaking him in the process. “Sleep now, saikhan,” he murmurs, leaning to touch his lips to hers softly. “It’s going to be a precious resource from now on.” More than in the past! And Tallel is going to get some of his own, one of his twins sleeping soundly upon him as the end of the long wait finally comes. Now for the beginning of an even longer road with their beautiful newborn girls.

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