Alyna & Haquith, Calliope, Katryana, Z'bor &Ozriath


A convergence in the Lower bowl leads to not one, but TWO apprentices being snagged by Searching green dragons.


It is evening of the thirteenth day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Lower Bowl, Southern Weyr

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"I need them to be there so I don't end up Pern's oldest apprentice."


Lower Bowl

Cobblestones sweep as far as the eye can see, a unique feature to the lower section of the bowl — but necessary, perhaps, as the stepped western bowl drains off into this high-trafficked area. The shallow bowl is bounded by craggy-black bowlwall with entrances pockmarked - and some boarded over in an effort to prevent entry from un-renovated caverns. Directly south, the wall neatly crumbles away to roll southerly into rollicking fields of soft hills; a glance of the stables can be seen through the gap, nestled against the entrance bridge that spans westward.

It is the thirteenth day of Autumn and 93 degrees. Partly cloudy, the night holds little stars and barely any moonlight.

Autumn at Southern is really more of a suggestion than a requirement. The weather is warm, likely sticky and though it is night the breeze still hasn't picked up more than a slight bit. Enter Calliope, handheld telescope gently slung over her shoulder as she makes her way from the craft complex. Pausing she glances up and mutters at the sky. "Seriously? Some stars would be appreciated tonight, I'm /this/ close to having a solid plan for a Journeyman project." if she were more dramatic she might shake her fist at the sky, instead she purses her lips and seems to consider her options. Back to the complex or trudge on in the hopes that the celestial beings will grace her with their presence.

From the direction of the Living Caverns, Alyna is meandering her way through through the lower bowl, dressed for the weather in a pair of capris pants that fit her like a second skin and a white peasant shirt, sleeves swept off the shoulders. Her eyes are sweeping the ledges here for her bright green dragon when she hears the muttering of someone nearby and is drawn in that direction. Upon spying the Starcrafter, the greenrider grins as she clears her throat in warning of her proximity, "And I thought the Herders had it bad working with animals…but you have litterally no control over your subjects." That's Alyna for you, just call her captain obvious.

Z'bor is out after evening PT, Ozriath padding along bouncily behind him. It amuses her highly to watch all the riders move through the obsticle course and through the parkour. She is her usually bubbly self, but somewhere about halfway through the bowl, the patchwork green splits from Z'bor and moves over to where Calliope walks with her telescope. She comes into step with the youngster, sylven streaked head lowering to give the girl a nudge.

«What is this Z'bor? Can we have one?»

Even if the temperature isn't significantly lower than when Rukbat is as 12 o'clock, the lifting of the oppressive UV force from above certainly benefits Katryana's pasty-white everything. She's plopped all nilly-willy in the middle of the damn bowl, perched on her back and arms and staring at the cloud sky like a ninny. As is befitting the season, she's made 0 changes to her summer wardrobe — today, heavily used light cotton sundress, redyed green, with cap sleeves …sans a blanket she's dragged out from her cot to save her elbows. It seems Calliope isn't the only the only skyseeker this evening; Kat huffs disgruntlement at the sky, as if her exhale had the capability to clear cloud over as long as she set the intention. Alyna's throat clearing makes her jump, falling to the side with a, "Shards, ow! rock, ow."

Calliope peers in Alyna's direction. "Absolutely zero, it can be very infuriating." and then there is an Ozriath in her space, nudgeworthy close space and she rocks slightly with the nudge before looking at the green quizzically. Alyna gets another glance, as well Z'bor is eyeing riders on a parkour course. "So. " and then she realizes that, yes, like usual it's a bowl filled with people even at night when she never expects them. "Stars" she points up at the sky "I need them to be there so I don't end up Pern's oldest apprentice."

Z'bor is done watching actually, he and Oz were on the way home. The green settles on her haunches, seemingly eyeballing Calliope, but that's before a Katryana is spotted and the green leaps around Calliope to land over Katryana and nudge her. Hurt? Where??? "Oz…. She's not a baby, I'm sure she's fine." Z'bor's voice is heard as he finally cottons on that Oz is no longer with him.

«She said ow. Ow does not mean fine.» Oz's bubbles pop nervously as she noses the healer apprentice.

And suddenly there seems to be a convergence of people and one dragon in this one spot of the bowl. Alyna looks over at Katryana who she hadn't seen previously, a brow raised in concern for as the healer apprentice topples over, "You okay down there?" she asks even as Ozriath comes to investigate, her blue eyes turn to sound of a familiar voice and a hand is raised in greeting to the approaching Wingsecond, "Hey Z'bor," she greets him easily before turning once more on Calliope. "I'm sure you won't be Pern oldest apprentice…there's got to be some older somewhere." How reassuring.

"Eek!" Katryana squeaks, flopping towards the GIANT THING NOW PRODDING HER with a flailing arm that loses momentum before bopping Ozriath lightly on the snout. It takes her a second to parse before it turns into a gentle pat, "Oh, hello nose." Pause. "Whose nose is this?" The snoot is gazed past and Z'bor is spotted in addition to Alyna, and Kat waves the free arm from her laying on the side on the ground. "This is not Haquith nose. Ozriath nose. Hello, Ozriath nose. You friggin' scared me. WOOSH, suddenly a dragon by my face! Sorry about bonking you." The female greenrider is flashed a smile, as she hauls herself to her feet, leaning some weight on Ozriath if she'll allow it. "Aye, dandy, Miss Alyna. Just got spooked, is all." Pat pat on dragon snoot as her eyes head back to the sky to relay to the other apprentice, "I saw some about a quarter of a candlemark ago. Also, no way you'd be the oldest. I heard of an apprentice who was 22 once." Shock! Scandal! Horror! 22 is forever when you're 16, but might not be as reassuring to the woman.

Z'bor checks off a wave to Alyna. "Hey Alyna." Ozriath's antics are chuckled at as she continues to look Katryana over and yes, lets her use her to stand up. A forgiving rumble is emitted before Ozriath turns whirling blue eyes at Z'bor.

«Alright, she's fine. But she could have been hurt»

Wrinkling her nose at being called Miss anything, Alyna shakes her head at Katryana, "C'mon, no Miss please, makes me feel old and stuffy." Two things this greenrider most certainly is not. At all the commotion going on, another green doesn't want to feel left out of the attention fun. Haquith wings down daintily from the ledge she was perched on, landing on the other side of the group from Ozriath, with a friendly warble. Where the glowlight from the living caverns hits her chartreuse hide, it takes on a eerie phosphorescence.

Swinging her head lazily from each person gathered to the next, she warbles softly at the other green, « Humans really are resilient, they only look terribly fragile. » the green counters.

Calliope's green bubble nudger is there and gone and there might be more quizzical looks but Alyna draws her attention back. She might be rolling her eyes, okay she is, it's juvenile but Alyna just brings it out in her. "That's so much better, we just have to search that one out and it'll all be great. I'd rather just decide on my project and then get it done. I just can't /decide/." there might be more muttering but she does glance in Katryana's direction "I'm 21!"

Katryana stretches her arms out to make certain she's regained her balance before rubbing vigorously at her bare knees in an attempt to work out the cobblestone pattern sunk into her flesh. A tongue pokes out a tiny amount at Alyna, "If I wanted to imply you were old and stuff, I'd've called you ma'am." Her arm instinctively is thrown over her face at the small amount of debris pushed in her direction by Haquith's wings. "Oof. There's Haquith nose." Calliope is blinked at, "I know, but like, he was an apprentice apprentice. You've a senior apprentice" she winces a bit, all too aware of her rank pulled out from under her own feet "that's working on your Journeyman project. Or would be. If the stars were right." Stars. Not right. Not today.

The sharp look she tosses Katryana's way makes it very clear that Alyna would object strongly to anyone who calls her ma'am, "Yeah, don't ever call me that," the greenrider says emphatically. Haquith lurks on the outskirts, her tail tip twitching as her head swings over the assembled group with a croon. "If you're working on your Journeyman project, you're on the home stretch right now," Alyna tries to be encouraging as her slips in behind Calliope and lowers her verdant head to eye the Starcrafter with one rounded eye. This gets a bit of a thoughtful look from the greenrider, but she remains silent for the time being.

Calliope gives the younger apprentice an appreciative look. "I like the way you think." the telescope on her shoulder is sung gently forward so she can cradle it. "I'll get there soon enough, though if the skies don't start cooperating I might have to travel to somewhere else for awhile. I rather like it here too, been great since my family moved here turns ago." Haquith's lurking is noted but she doesn't do more than give the green an odd look over her shoulder. "Thanks guys, I needed a reminder. Who knew crafting was so hard." okay, everyone did but Calliope likes the reassurance.

Aye, who doesn't like a little reassurance now and again? Ozriath would give it but she's now busy whuffling and snuffling around Katryana, though now and again her whirling blue gaze does turn to Calliope. Ozriath senses a disturbance in space. Z'bor is mildly distracted by this behavior and misses out on some of the conversation, saving don't ever call Alyna ma'am. If Z'bor were a cheekier man, he might tease his fellow greenroder about it. But, he's not.

Tapping the temple of her head, Katryana grins broadly at Calliope. "Great minds?" Bare toes fish her blanket off the ground, settling it around her naked feet with sheer dexterity. The other apprentice is familiar enough to Katryana, seeing as they've been sharing dorms for several Turns, but in that passing acquaintance way that's got her squinting. "C… cal-something. Callie? Caaaal-lopey? Ah, Calliope." Her hands are clapped together, mystery solved. "And Wingsecond. Good evening." She bites her tongue on cheeky, ill-advised 'yes ma'am' to Alyna, thought equally intervened by sudden Ozraith once-over. Her chin follows the motion of the green, eyeing her suspiciously.

With interest, Haquith sniffs at the telescope Calliope is holding, totally invading in the Startcrafter's personal bubble without a care. Still not commenting on her dragon's behaviour, Alyna cants her head to one side as a half-smile plays at her lips, "Travel somewhere else really? Things are getting that drastic huh? That's a mighty shame." the greenrider shakes her head a little as her hand comes out of her pocket and with it a flash of white. "Cause Haquith was wondering if you'd stand for Zymuraith and Ravaith's clutch." She opens her hand to show a Candidate knot resting in the palm of her hand, "But if not being the oldest apprentice on Pern is more important to you…" she trails off with a shrug as she pauses to wait to see what Calliope will do.

Calliope does not have naked feet, but her skirts all but cling to her ankles with the lack of the breeze. "I'll second that K something." is noted dryly as she drags a hand through her hair. "Calliope." is offered with a bit of a grin. And then her poor abused bubble is invaded again and she offers Haquith's nose a cautionary pat. "Easy, last time I lost one of those lenses it cost me a fortnite of work for my Master." it's a gentle admonishment and then well Alyna goes and blows her world out of the water. Narrowed eyes take in the knot and she eyes Alyna and then the knot again. "For a clutch?" her words aren't quite skeptic but she reaches for the knot all the same. "I'll try anything once." a bob of her head towards Haquith. "Someones going to have to fill me in on what that really entails though."

Z'bor eyes Ozriath as she circles around Katryana, snuffle-whuffling to her draconic heart's content. Until she isn't. She sits on her patchwork rump right behind the apprentice and looks down at her.

«This one too! She is adorable and squishy and cute and she's my squishy. Give her a thing Z'bor!»

Well. That explains it. Digging around in his pockets, Z'bor fishes out a knot and hides it in his hand. "Apprentice Katryana, come here please." Once the apprentice is close enough, Z'bor gives a grin and dangles the whiteknot. "Ozriath seems to think you need one of these as a new fashion accessory, what do you think? Up for something new?" Don't let all that snuffle-whuffling go-to waste now! A warm smile is sent Calliope's way as she too is offered a knot of white and accepts it. Katryana's turn. Focus returns to her. Ozriath looms over as if to say, Well?

Kat's delighted to caught up in Calliope's world for a moment, gasping at the proper moment and all! In fact, she's so involved for a moment that she's drawn back to reality by Z'bor's words, wide-eyed like a runner in glowlights. Damn, did she miss something? She shuffles past Haquith, gives Cal a congratulatory pat, sweeps the blanket out of the way, and positions herself before him, abashed and eyes downcast. White dangles in her field of vision and her head snaps up, gaping at him for a moment before wiggling her fingers towards the knot, "Oh? Me?" Oz is beamed at before her gaze returns to Z'bor. "Oh, yes! Yes, I'd love to. Yes!" Fingers come into contact with the woven threads and clutch onto it, holding the knot to her chest before groaning, "Oh, the Weyrhealer's going to kill me, Z'bor. I'll come back and then I'll be Pern's older apprentice."

"Ha!" Alyna will exclaim with dancing blue eyes as she hands over the white knot to the Starcrafter-turned-Candidate, "That's pretty much my own personal motto," she says of trying new things. Haquith is careful not to bump the young woman with the very delicate instrument but she lifts her head in a thrilled warble as her eyes whirl blue. Lifting her head towards the smaller green, she sends an amiable warble, « Good catch Ozriath, they will both make fine Candidates! » Alyna, pushing her blond hair behind her ears, claps her hands and rubs them together expectantly, "Oh there will be plenty of people to let you know all about it when we get to the Candidate Barracks. Let's get you a cot first then you can worry about telling your superiors about your change of residence." Without wasting another moment, the greenrider turns on her heels and sweeps off in the direction of the Candidate Barracks. Calliope better keep up.

Calliope clutches the white knot in her hand. Eyes bright with emotion, possibly the emotion that she's totally off the hook for the project for the moment. Misplaced joy at putting it off /again/, ah Calliope she will never learn. "This is great! The rules, I'm mostly good at rules." if no one looks too closely at her idea of those rules. Let's face it, she was totally prepared to wander off and show her Master that white knot of 'HAHA, not doing a project right now again!'. Alyna gets a sweeping bow. "Lead the way not Ma'am or Ms or whatever."

Z'bor beams at the young apprentice turned candidate and laughs. "Well, we can worry about that later, lets get you settled then you can go have a chat with your superiors." Hey, he might be parroting Alyna, but, it's what needs to be done. "Follow me, Candidate." Ozriath rumbles an agreement to the departing Haquith and nudges Katryana. Come on! Lets Go!

Kat twirls around on a foot (ow on this ground) and flounces over to collect her blanket after giving it a few firm shakes to rid it of the worst of the rocks and dust. It's tossed with aplomb over her shoulders and the white knot is temporarily slid onto her shoulder next to her Healer one. "Yessir, Wingsecond!" Haquith's prodding produces a giggle from the girl and she gets a move on with her puffed up, prideful prance after Z'bor. Hold up! She's got tiny legs! Under her breath, paired with a nervous whistle, is, "Oh no, I've got to talk to my Journeyman, too." Her shoulders shiver and she sighs before perking back up. New adventures! Plenty of opportunities to draw dragon anatomy on her charts! Maybe they'll even let her play 20 Questions about how wings work from a dragon? Little Miss Sunshine is back and she's got a white knot!

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