K'ane, Sevreni, Niyati


A morning meet up in the living cavern.


It is midmorning of the first day of the eleventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.

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Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophoba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

K'ane squints thoughtfully at Sevreni as he approaches the refreshment table. It gives him a full fan of crows-feet at both sides, legacy of a life of laughter. "You may want t' try this thing they call sleep," his voice is morning-gruff and amused. He himself carefully picks out a glass with ice and fresh juice, eyes roaming towards Ardstelle's tower of baked goods. There is a blueberry scone calling his NAME. He has not yet noticed Niyati, his attention wholly consumed by eyeballing past all the gross orange-cranberry things. To anyone nearby, "Does that look like raisin or blueberry?" His face holds a vast ocean of doubt. It looks like raisin.

"Mhm." Such a slender collection of syllables to hold such meaning. In this case, there's rueful agreement, irritation, surprise, lack of recognition. "One gets those nights where sleep doesn't want to come. I've been too idle recently, waiting for the weather to realise we're already into spring so that I can start swimming already." The benefit of that? No funk to wash off afterwards. Admiring the faint edge on Niyati's smile - another half-expression done well - she loses the first part of the question during a sip of tea. "Ah?" A quick glance. "Raisin, I should say." Pause. "A visitor to our fair Weyr?" No recognition on a facial level at least.

Niyati finishes off her sketch and pauses to pull a bit from her own breakfast- a muffin- to consider and then consume. "The muffins, at least, are blueberry," she offers before finishing off her own. "You may want to have some juice as well. The weather here can wring you like a sponge." Isn't that just the best image to have during breakfast?

"Insomnia's a bitch," K'ane agrees with a lift and fall of one shoulder, wordless what-can-you-do. He's already got his juice, and a wrinkled-up nose for the declaration of raisin. He shakes his head and pokes through to something else entirely, a lemon poppy muffin. He wryly grins askance at Niyati: "Not th' same. Lemon'll work just s'well, I reckon." He shrugs his shoulders again, takes a long sip of his juice, and starts out finally towards the table Niyati is at. "New rider," he calls to Sevreni as he goes. "Well. Somethin' like that."

Sevreni considers the shared advice thoughtfully. "The weather," she eventually opines, "seems to have skipped past the wrung-out stage to freeze-your-parts-off." Another sip, and she keeps her hands around the mug to warm them, occasionally switching it back and forth. "I've yet to find something to blame it on. Not enough whiskey, perhaps." One can only drink so much. Then, after an appraising up-and-down with a side of admiration - nice - she tilts her head at K'ane. "More something like that?" she opines. "You strike me as closer to my age than hers." That accompanied with a nod towards Niyati.

"Newly arrived?" Niyati guesses before chuckling at the mention of her age. "I've only been here a short time, myself. It can be quite the experience." Not that she's going to be specific. Even with the proximity of sweaty-guy, her smile fails to faulter. "We should make introductions." The instruction seems mainly aimed at herself. "I'm Niyati. If you've come to stay you won't find the place boring."

"A gentleman never asks a lady's age," K'ane returns to Sevreni, his grin half-wrought with a twist of lips up at a corner, irascible. "I forget mine more often'n not." Half because his player keeps backing him up in a vain attempt to keep him somewhat-young. What? Don't look at him like that. "Bronze Dhioth's. Owed Ja'kai a favor, came down here t' help him out for a while with the babies. When I'm not stuck in High Reaches." He pulls a face and seats himself. "It's hot as hell here — y'want freeze-your-parts-off, try up there." His head wags and he glances to Niyati, nods again: "Aye. I'm somewhat familiar with th' area, though." There's a droll hint of an inner joke, there, before he lifts a hand, "K'ane, Dhioth's. Nice t' meet you, Niyati."

Sevreni's mouth tilts into a smile behind the rim of the mug. "Gentlemen and ladies aside, welcome to the Weyr. I wasn't aware that Ja'kai had any friends." Besides the kid that still nurses a yen for him after poetry night, no matter what happened since then. "Here's hoping that you have many babies to help him with." She lifts her mug in a toast. "Sevreni," follows moments later, clearly her name. "Come by the Kitten for an official welcome drink." Her dark gaze transfers to Niyati, narrows playfully. "And some juice for you." Jungle juice. "I long since made a vow not to go anywhere I can't wear a bathing suit even in the winter. And you… a Weaver, yes? Open for a consultation sometime?" There are others, of course, but the woman is right there.

"Oh so the rumors were true, then. Well, at least the part about your being here. Some people do love to speculate." Niyati chuckles. "I'll have to stop by. Oh, I'm always available for consultations. Design is a specialty of mine and this place has been nothing but inspiration… well, Inspiration and adventure. I'm always pleased to meet someone who has an appreciation for design. …and a well made drink." K'ane is given a nod. "It's nice to meet you. You know, if you evver find the climate too warm you can always visit the mountains. It's positively freezing." Which is apparently a good thing.

"Ja'kai? He's a little abrupt, but not a bad guy. I winged with him back in th' Reaches, backwhen." K'ane, outing himself as an oldtimer. "Inferno." His voice is a little nostalgic. "Those were th' days, as they say. "Well-met, Sevreni." He takes in the interaction between Sev and Niyati with slightly-raised eyebrows, but as he is a man and not one of the men interested in fashion, he'd rather pick apart his muffin, one bite at a time, and make a hrrrrmph noise at Niyati's suggestion of the mountains.

The tall woman stares a little blankly. Being owed afavour, maybe. Being a friend… that's still rattling her bucket. "Well," she says finally, mildly. "Will wonders never cease. I'm certain he'll be glad of your help." She eventually selects a chair at Niyati's table, more to peer at the sketch being made than anything else, curious. "This thing about the hold in the mountains, though, I wonder why there? Half my patrons think it's a scam of some sort, the other half are deliciously happy. Aer you hoping for an assignment there then, Niyati?" There's a thoughtful pause. "High Reaches? Is that where you Impressed to Dhioth, or he to you?" From what she's heard, it's about even which partner is most, ah, Impressed.

Niyati finishes off the last lines of a bikini and begins to work on the cover. "I went with a group to take samples, but I doubt the excitement of it all will last when people actually start living there. They'll want steps and secure footing and it'll be all terribly boring. This seems to be the hub of all the activity, but I'm sure I'll visit until it becomes completely civilized." Kane is glanced at with a hint of curiosity. "High Reaches? I imagine you find it completely sweltering here."

K'ane tilts his eyebrows up at the assessment of Ja'kai, but comments not on it, other than, "Well, he's th' boss," easily enough stated. He grins briefly at Niyati: "I've spent a lot of time in hot-weather climates, thankfully, so it ain't that big of an adjustment. But…" But before he can finish THAT statement, here comes a slim young woman with a knot of a senior weyrling, an anxious expression, and a crisp salute. "Sir? It's…" Before she can finish it, K'ane's standing, waving at his erstwhile seatmates. "Nice t'meet y'both. Have a good day, y'hear?" To the weyrling: "Take a deep breath an' start from th' beginning…" And they are off, whisking around the corner into the bowl.

Niyati snugs K'ane! K'ane dodges any and all advances, knowing they will only end in Dhio— « The unclean shall not inherit the earth, K'ane. Why on /earth/ are you cavorting around with Niyati? Can't you /smell/ that? »

There's a small smile and a lift of mug as K'ane follows after the weyrling, though Sevreni waits until he's outside before shaking her head. Oh well. "May I?" she asks of the young Weaver, pointing to the guide as she sets her mug down on the table. "I'll make an appointment when I'm awake enough for good judgement, but I'm interested in seeing what you have in there beyond swimwear." Nevermind that she really needs a good piece of swimwear for this season. "How new are you to the Weyr?" Sevreni: horribly out of touch. Someone should revoke her gossip-card.

Niyati nods and offers the book over for inspection with its illustrations of everything from casual to formal. "Recently arrived, but soon enough to be included in some of the excitement. The place certainly lives up to the gossip." A positive, by the Weaver's tone. "It seems there's always something going on or about to happen."

Sevreni takes the book, starts paging through it slowly, turning time backward as she goes through the designs there. One or two make her eyebrows rise at the risque level of it, but if there's one thing a tall, lean frame qualifies her for, it's wearing clothes. "I'll come and discuss this, this and this," she says rapidly, pointing to three separate designs: one of the swim sets complete with sarong, one with a long, split skirt and wrap top, and one elegant pantsuit, all of them in the light fabrics the weaver seems to employ the most.

"Those are wonderful choices. It'll be nice to make garments for someone who knows what they look good in." Niyati's relief is evident in her voice. "So many just have no idea. Well, you can imagine the results when they can't be persuaded." She takes a moment to stifle a chuckle. "Feel free to come by anytime. Appointments are for those who have time to not be busy, and I imagine you're not one of those people."

"Mhm." Sevreni's impressed by that recognition; then again, maybe it's the dark circles underneath her eyes. "Indeed so. I thank you." Inclining her head, she swigs down the rest of her tea with the easy movement of long training, and stands. "Perhaps sometime in the next few days," she says vaguely, mind already spinning off on other topics. "Hopefully I get it in before the Weyr falls into another pink period." That she just can't take. "Good day, Niyati. I'll see you when I see you. Remember the welcoming drink."

Niyati nods and clears up the debri from her own breakfast. "I'll look forward to it," she replies as she stands. "And I'll remember that. I often have to remind myself to stop working, this will be a good excuse." Then, with far too much energy, she gives a wave. "Good day." Way. Too. Energetic.

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