Jorlen, Xia


Jorlen and Xia aren't friends.


It is sunset of the sixteenth day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.



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"So you are the whiny apprentice."



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

Jorlen is siting on the edge of the sand with a couple snacks beside him. He's fiddling with with a piece of wood in his left hand and drawing something in the sand with a stick in his right. Frowning, he wipes what he was drawing and grabs one of his snakcs

Xia, not caring, has ditched her knee length boots for once as she walks along the sand. She's also pretty much not wearing much of anything. The important stuff is pretty much more or less covered? Oh, snacks. Excuse Xia, she works out enough to DESERVE those snacks. Jorlan won't mind, right? If Xia walks by and bends down to snag some of his food.

Jorlen reaches back for another one of his snacks and finds it gone and looks back to see Xia, "I take it you're hungry, blue rider if I recall correctly? Didn't bring a drink so can't help you there." He thinks for the moment, "Were you the one in the stables the other day?"

Xia pauses with said snack half way to her mouth, and looks down at Jorlen. "Aren't you that apprentice who is super whiny about having to do what apprentices do?" Xia, not always kind.

Jorlen frowns, his mood taking a turn for the worse, "No, it was because I was being tasked to do the work of 3 apprentices and 2 journeyman. That's not exactly fun."

"So you are the whiny apprentice." Xia pulls the snack away from her mouth and inspects it from other side, as if whiny might just catch. "Apprentices aren't meant to have fun. You have to be able to put up with bullshit as an apprentice so you can smile when the shit gets piled on you as a journeyman." Apparently, Xia determines whiny can catch, because she tosses the snack back at the apprentice.

Jorlen continues his frown as he picks up the tossed snack and throws it into the ocean. "If you're just going to lecture me, save your breath and go back to hitting on goldriders."

"Hey, kid, you spoke to me." Xia just mentions it as she arches an eyebrow at the kid, "Bailey is hot. It really is a shame." And with that Xia's going to go back to walking across the beach, lifting a hand to her lips to whistle at the blue down the ways. "Hey~ Handsome Useless~" It's almost sing-song.

Jorlen smirks a bit, "Well you took one of my snacks. Bailey's not my type so doesn't bother me on that one." He looks down the beach and spots what looks like that blue being whistles to and studdies him for a bit before drawing a bit more in the sand.

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