Treista and Yorprith (puppeted by Alyna), Taurie, Amani and Zymuraith


The Weyrwoman and her assistant welcome the new goldrider from Telgar to their new home at Southern.


It is midmorning of the thirteenth day of the twelfth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Upper Bowl, Southern Weyr

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« We have come to lend our assistance as agreed! »


Upper Bowl

The graceful sweep of spacious bowl lies scoured clean by an easterly breeze. Detritus is whisked neat to the eastern steppe of the bowl that lies several feet lower than the western plateau. White walls contrast the rough granite of the rivercliffs: the giant maw of the Hatching Cavern lies in the thickest part of the western wall, sheltering the training grounds and weyrling barracks lying nor'west. Directly north lies the leadership courtyard, heavily humid and subtly scented by intrigue.

Change happens every day, no matter where one might live or what they do for a living. Change is everlasting. Nothing stays the same. And such is the case in Pern's southernmost Weyr. Big changes are coming, new trade routes/avenues, a new summer, new Weyrlings, and lastly, a goldrider new to Southern is expected to join the ranks this day, a loan from Telgar weyr until Southern can recuperate and hatch a few more queens.

With such change happening, and her business with her father and her job as Amani's assisstant, Taurie has been one busy busy lady as of late. So, it's almost a relief to be standing around in the leadership courtyard awaiting the new arrival with Weyrwoman Amani. It's almost strange to be standing still, enjoying a hot mug of klah (despite the warm weather) and shifting the stack of hides that are ever present in her arms. Taking a look at the position of Rukbat, Taurie smiles. "Should be any moment now. Must be a relief, knowing you'll have some help now eh?" She turns her green-blue gaze towards Southern's Senior Gold rider and lifts an eyebrow in question."

"More of a relief, anyway," Amani replies, absently adjusting the cuff of thin golden wire around her left bicep before peering over at Taurie wryly. "You've helped a great deal, you know." But that has mostly been in an administrative sense. Help in the air and someone who is truly able to trade off with her when absences and rest days need to be taken is going to be very welcome indeed. Dressed in the light drape of a long, sleeveless, open-backed indigo gown in concession to the heat, the young Senior Weyrwoman awaits the new goldrider's arrival in the Upper Bowl alongside Taurie, Zymuraith waiting patiently behind them with eyes slowly whirling emerald and amber. Amani shields her eyes and squints briefly skyward in anticipation, not that there will be anything to betray a new arrival from ::between:: before the fact.

Taurie blushes. "I can only help so far though…." She does appreciate the acknowledgement though. She shifts and sips from her klah cup, the loose silk of her sleeveless top shifting with her. She's opted for a top and some of the flowing pants that a certain brownrider has had shipped in lately. They really are fantastic in the heat and fashionable to boot. She'll have to remember to thank Amani's friend later for the suggestion. She too, looks to the skies, wondering.

Punctuality must be important to Southern's newest transfer because it isn't long before a pale, antique golden dragon blinks into from ::between:: high above the upper bowl. Her trumpet of arrival echoes over Southern Weyr, the bright summer sun catching hide that is gleaming and freshly oiled, perhaps to look her best for this auspicious occasion. There's a sense of excitement cracking like static electricity along her mental broadcast, as her mind touches Southern's Senior Queen's respectfully, « Greetings Zymuraith. We have come to lend our assistance as agreed! » Yorprith relays rather formally before banking her wings to begin a lazy spiral downwards to land a short distance from the welcoming committee. From her riding straps, Treista waves as they make a landing and deftly makes quickly work of her buckles before slipping down to her lifemate's forearm then to the ground. Dressed for the cold of the Telgar winter, in fur-lined riding leathers, she works at the ties of her jacket while walking toward the waiting duo. "I mean, I knew it would be summer, but I don't think I was quite prepared for the…soupiness of the air here," the woman declares with a hearty chuckle before saluting Amani smartly. "As promised, one Junior Weyrwman at your service, Weyrwoman Amani," Treista intones as a matter of formality before dropping the salute and slipping out of her jacket leaving her with just a tunic on underneath.

When Yorprith appears above the Bowl, Zymuraith rises, flaring her subtly opalescent winds and letting forth a full contralto bugle of welcome. Mind-wise, the white bonfire central to her mind flares brightly, pale golden sparks showering over the edges amidst the boisterous bustle of a circus crowd clad in finery amongst gaily-decorated black and white-striped tents. « Well met, Yorprith! It is a grand day that you join us on. » Amani smiles at something silently conveyed as she answers her assistant. "Maybe, but help is help," she assures Taurie, dark eyes homing in on the tall woman astride the Telgari gold as the pair descends. She can't really blame Treista for her choice of garb, considering where she came from, but winces a little nevertheless because she knows how quickly it will likely be coming off. She laughs in turn at the older woman's words, readily returning the salute as the jacket is removed. "You'll get used to it eventually," she assures her, "though I have to admit, I've been here awhile and it still bowls me over when the seasons change. Welcome to Southern as home, Triesta." She gestures to Taurie, looking briefly to her assistant as she does so. "This is my assistant, Taurie; I can't remember whether you met her before or not."

"Oh I'm sure I'll be like a native in no time," Treista jests as she puts her jacket over one arm and nods with a smile in Taurie's direction. "I don't think I've had the pleasure. Well met Taurie," the new junior weyrwoman inclines her head politely and peers down at Taurie. The loss of the jacket is helping…a little bit, but Treista fans at her face as subtly as she can, a warm smile on her lips. Yorprith decides to help her rider out, « Mine is too polite to say so, but would we be able to see our weyr first? I know, I'd like to shed my straps as well, and maybe take a dip off that beach I spotted on the way in. » Maybe check out the locals and what all Southern has to offer the veteran Junior queen. Her gold's directness is accompanied by a shake of her head, "Forgive Yorprith's presumption, she's just as excited to be here as I am, and I'm sure I would enjoy the grand tour much better if I can get a little more comfortable."

Taurie checks off a smart salute to Treista as they are introduced. "Well met ma'am." Not having the talent to hear dragons, Taurie is left out of part of the conversation, but she picks up on it, from context and grins. "We've had your weyr ready for a day or two already. It's no wonder you're wanting to freshen up, those leathers must be sweltering in this weather." Taurie turns and indicates the direction they'll be going in with her hide laden arm. "If Weyrwoman Amani doesn't mind, I'll lead you there now and you can divest yourself of all your burdens before we begin your tour." The business woman in Taurie flares up and she sinks into the role of hostess quite well.

Although Treista tries to be subtle about her discomfort in the heat, Amani knows the habits of non-natives all too well, and the knowing in her smile betrays it. She shakes her head at the other goldrider's descriptor of Yorprith as assertive, gesturing toward the courtyard after Taurie. "I assumed that's where you'd want to go first; it's no trouble. We've been working with Headwoman Ardstelle to make sure everything is in order for you," she assures Treista, starting off toward the leadership's domain alongside Taurie. Meanwhile, Zymuraith rustles her wings as she turns, tail undulating with amusement. « Of course. The sea is wonderful this time of the Turn. I will introduce you to the dolphins while we are out there, and show you other points of interest afterward, if you wish. » Apparently the Senior gold is as intent upon making sure her new comrade settles in as well as their human counterparts.

Leadership Courtyard

Nigh palatial, this gorgeous sweep of cultivated bowl: a courtyard proper, a fountain bubbles in the middle of a grove of orange-trees, next to a stone bench that has weathered many a turn. Rare metal stands out at the sweep of steps upwards to the landings of queens'-weyrs and other administrative personnel; handrails to prevent… mishaps, and sparse doors of spiraled cast-iron to lock out any vagrants.

Looking rather relieved that their request seems to be more than acceptable, Treista follows smartly after the two woman towards the Leadership courtyard, while Yorprith trails after Zymuraith. « I'm looking forward to it. I don't believe we have dolphins at Telgar, » the older gold replies even as if she has any inkling of what dolphins are. When they are lead to their new ledge and weyr, the pair both makes the appropriate comments and praises for the more than adequate living quarters they have been assigned, much roomier than they were used to, but impeccably decorated with southern style furnishings. Once Amani and Taurie excuse themselves to let her change, she does so in efficiently swift fashion, first divesting Yorprith of straps and packs alike. Clad in a gauzy midnight dress, subtly slitted in various spots to sllow for airflow Treista emerges onto her ledge again. Her hair has been brushed back and tidied as well as she descends the stairs. Her golden lifemate calls her readiness to Zymuraith before she takes off from the ledge and makes the short flight towards the beach, leaving the humans to do their human things. "Ahhh, much better already. And that bathing chamber….What a dream! I'm going to have to be careful not to spend all my time in there. So where to next ladies?" she asks amiably with a sharp clap of her hand before rubbing them eagerly together. There's a subtle excitement about the woman, almost like a low buzz that seems to beam through her expression as she awaits their reply.

Taurie gives off a subtle chuckle at Treista's praise of her weyr. Having a private bathing chamber can be a perk when one lives in a weyr with so much water at hand. She gives a look to Amani for a moment before looking back at Treista. "Lunch and a tour were on the agenda for now, whichever you ladies prefer first is fine." Taurie knows she herself could use a meal, but that it can wait until work is done. Finishing off her klah, she lets the now empty mug hang from her fingers as she uses her now free hand to check the schedule she has written on the top hide.

While Treista changes, Zymuraith goes with Yorprith to the beach. Amani waits with Taurie in the shade of an orange tree, and upon seeing the other goldrider descending in such an outfit is immediately grateful for her own choice of garb. They'll present a striking set, going through the Weyr together, and it's likely something Southern could stand to see right now. "Lunch?" she answers Taurie, though inflects it as a question and looks to Treista for approval, her smirk turning wry. "I think Ardstelle is fit to burst, waiting for you to sample what she's prepared for today."

"Lunch sounds great to me," Treista confirms with a nod of her head and a brief chuckle, "I've learned you always want to keep your Headwoman happy. It just so happens, I have a hearty appetite so I'm sure she won't be disapointed by my reactions." She'll let the natives take the lead towards the Living Caverns, commenting on the folliage and how vibrant everything seems to be on the way there.

Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in a naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophobia. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about, candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next to the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the Weyr's youngest. The rich blue of the Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

Taurie walks into the caverns acting the part of tour guide. "And here's the living caverns, here to serve your every nutritional need, up to and including life saving klah." She gives a joking wiggle of her empty klah mug and laughs. "There's also a host of interesting caverns located under the kitchens that I highly recommend exploring." She leads the way to the sideboards and refills her klah whilst waiting for the Weyrwomen to select their drinks and lunch.

There's a certain wryness to Amani's expression as Taurie takes the lead in guiding them around - or rather, guiding Treista around while Amani tags along. "There are sideboards and carts set up in the archive library and the council chamber as well," she notes as she plucks up a mug and plate and passes them to the other goldrider. "And some of the merchants on the boardwalk have things very worth sampling, too." The living caverns seem a bit more lively this afternoon, many eyes trained upon Treista with conversation surrounding her and the wonderful spread of food attending. Those who pass by give welcome with curtsies, bows, and salutes, though none try to keep the new junior from her meal. The sideboard is laden with various meats and cheeses and bread, salad makings and soups, copious amounts of fruit, and sweet ices to finish with. "We definitely have kitchens and cooks to be jealous of," Amani notes as she gestures for Treista to precede her in filling her plate.

"Oh that's good, hidework is hungry and thirsty work," Treista comments as she's lead along, keeping her pace relaxed enough to keep up with the other two women. Taking the plate and mug she's handed, Treista inclines her head graciously in the direction of the spread, her blue eyes widening a bit at the choices. Any looks she's getting are either missed or being ignored outright. She's grown up with stares, either because of her height or her choice of professions, it's not something that phases the woman anymore. Those who do welcome her, are offered quiet smiles and the necessary pleasantries before she turns her focus back on the food. When Amani indicates she should make her choices first, she eagerly goes down the serving tables and adds a little bit of everything to her plate it seems and as well as a glass of juice. She'll wait patiently then, until Taurie and Amani are done getting their own food.

Taurie seems to be happy with just her mug of klah and when folks have gathered their own food and drink, she'll follow them to the head table where both of them will sit. Taurie, good assistant that she is, hangs close by, sipping her klah and ready if needed.
Amani picks out a bit of everything herself, then leads the way to the head table, sitting along with Treista and Taurie. "By the way," she says as she settles back into her chair, "don't feel obligated to do the whole tour now, Treista. If you'd rather just get settled in, relax, take advantage of your bath, whatever you like, that's completely understandable." Faranth knows she needed a good adjustment period herself upon arrived at the jungle Weyr.

Settling at the head table with the others, Treista sits straight-backed in the chair she's offered, looking down eagerly at the food on her plate before regarding the Senior Weyrwoman again on her words. "I'm well rested, a trip between isn't too strenuous. I'd rather get the lay of the land first so I'm not bumbling around when I'm on my own, that certainly wouldn't make the right impression." She then leans conspiratorially in Amani's direction, "Well, maybe just the necessary people and places today, I have to admit to being just as eager as Yorprith to explore that beach we saw." The older woman's laughter is a little husky even as she takes her first bite of meat, humming her approval as she chews thoughtfully. Once cleared, she nods her head in Taurie's direction, "Any other likely assistants in the lower caverns? Didn't have much need of one back in Telgar, but I suspect that may change here."

Taurie looks up as she's addressed and smiles. "I don't know any right off hand but I'm quite sure one can be arranged for you. I'll talk to Ardstelle about it immediately after we get you settled and toured." Taking a stylus from the knot of her runnertail, she scribbles down a note on her hides and sips from her klah. "I'll have to leave you in a couple of candlemarks though." Taurie doesn't elaborate but her tone manages to speak of other engagements she might have.

Amani nods at that, her mouth full at the moment. Once it isn't, she gestures off toward the entrance to the inner caverns. "Maybe just the council chambers and the craft complex, then," she says. "That way you can meet Ardstelle and the Craftheads here, ending down at the docks with the Seacraft. Then the beach and boardwalk will just be right there." There might be a hint of abashed ness as she observes how quickly Treista goes about kicking off the search for an assistant. Amani had taken quite long enough about it herself, some of her lone wolf-ishness holding on for far to long. She suspects she'll likely notice many differences between how she and Treista go about things, the other woman being older and more experienced. But it's a good thing! "None jump to mind for me at the moment," she admits, "but I'll be keeping an eye out myself. In the meantime…" They have this lovely lunch to enjoy, and chat to carry on in between before it's off for a little more visiting and touring, all to be concluded on the shore of the Azov.

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