Doji, Edlsesa, & Ziniel


Where Edlsesa gives Doji's brown an art lesson, Ziniel gets woefully turned around, and both a harper's apprentice, and a trader wind up with white knots.


It is afternoon of the first day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass. It is the sixty-first day of Spring and 82 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day with a gentle wind.


North Bowl

OOC Date 18 Feb 2018 05:00


[OOC:] Doji says "Trae's got one heck of a nose. ;)"


North Bowl

In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

Normal one of the quieter places around the Weyr, this morning, the Northern Bowl is not. Most of the Weyr's younger residents were delighted to see that the unexpected snow fall many people were claiming would never even stick is still here! Although the rising sun is doing it's best to start melting it away. The newly hatched dragons are no exception from this excitement and what had once been pristine white field is now tracked and crosstracked with marks from itty-bitty baby dragon feets. There's a little green that just got too tired from all the playing and collapsed in the middle of what was once a walkway. The weyrling will probably be getting a talking to, but for the most part the weyrlingmasters are wrangling their charges back closer to the training grounds. Doji's weyr might have a pretty good vantage point of the shennanigans, but the brownrider has come down closer and Raktraeth seems especially intent on watching what frolicking continues. At least she's got a warm seat. A dragon foreleg is much more comfortable than the snow covered stones they're sitting next too.

Edlsesa is just emerging from the galleries in the hatching cavern, having been to finish a sketch she was working on. Now… now she intends to capture snow on sand, she'd been too excited by it the previous night to think to sketch it out, now is a good time for that, before its all gone. And what a scene Edlsesa is rewarded with, what with new weyrlings playing in the snow and the adorable image of one asleep in the most inconvenient of places. Smiling with a wide, eager sort of excitement, Sesa opens her sketch pad and nearly drops her piece of charcoal. Quickly, and standing, she goes about getting the rough outline of the scene before her, rough circles and squares and triangles that eventually begin to form the bodies frolicking in front of her. She makes light notes about color or shape or anything she might want to remember right on the pad.

Small, stony green, with the illusion of being moss covered Stone flits ahead just out of reach of her human, "Stone!" the green isn't in a mood to listen. She hisses a challenge to nearby firelizards before landing to add her itty bitty feets prints to the snow before it melts. Ziniel's left to chase after the irritable green, who'll be less irritable once she's flown, "I wish you wouldn't get so," what? "Fussy all the time," the girl says as she finally catches up to the green, who hisses when Zini tries to pick her up, "I said it was bath time," now look who's being grumpy. She stops to look around, unfamiliar with this part of the Weyr. Oh boy, someone's lost.

The sleeping green might be about to get even more adorable as one of her blue brothers decides she needs to get some more snow on top of her. Dragon talons aren't really made for snowballs, but if you get a wing under the snow just right, like the hatchling attempts to do now, you can succeed in launching a whole heap of new snow upon a target. Or around the target. Aim is hard, but enough of it is thrown that some of it hits the mark, getting a rather irritable squawk from the rudely awoken green. Raktraeth is just taking it all in. Even if it wasn't so long ago that he was a hatchling himself, it's not like he can remember it. And his clutch definitely didn't have snow. The arrival of the young harper catches his eye and even more so when she appears to be drawing something. He'll watch from above for a moment, but not moving. Doji still needs her seat, but eventually the brownrider is prodded into speaking. "He'd like to know how you plan on getting the white of the snow on there." And then there's another girl appearing, chasing a rather grumpy firelizard and looking a little bit perplexed. Doji tilts her head a bit before calling out. "Do you need help?"

Edlsesa is a bit startled when Doji approaches her and speaks, because she's too busy watching what's going on in the bowl. After a wide eyed look of surprise, she chuckles. "With paint, or chalk." She moves so that the dragon might get a better look. Hey eyes too, move to Zini and her green firelizard. Poor girl, to have such a grumpy 'lizard. Sesa goes about adding them to the sketch, the more the merrier, right?

Ziniel turns towards the woman's voice and gives an owlish blink of her eyes before she also gives a slight nod, "Yes'm," Zini answers, then looks around again, "I don't seem to be in the bazaar any longer," thanks Stone. Stone simply finds a nice place to curl up and start her favorite game. She's a stone. She'll trip anyone that doesn't pay attention to their footing. Well, she'll try anyway. Edlsesa is given a nod, before she asks, "You wouldn't happen to know the way back to the caravan grounds?" because she's truly lost. Furthest Zini's ever been from the camp has been the bazaar, and that to find stuff to keep her rig in good repair.

"The bazaar?" Now Doji joins the confused look as she stares at the girl and then back towards the direction of the bazaar. "You must have taken quite a few wrong turns… This is the Northern Bowl. The Central Bowl is the way you came, past the lake. If you go back towards the bowl, the bazaar should be to the north and east." There's a few hand signals also thrown in along with those directions. From up on Raktraeth's back, a few more firelizard heads peek down towards little stone. It looks like the little blue and brown are getting ready to strut their stuff for the new lady, but golden Sassafras lets out an annoyed screech. Not her boys. Well, at least not her bronze and browns. The blue can go. She'll allow it. Raktraeth is still busy peering at the drawing over there, especially since Edlsesa moves to accommodate him. "But how do you get all the different shades of white?" Apparently the brownrider is just going to go with her role of translator, although that doesn't stop her from shaking her head. "The same way you get different shades of any other color, probably, Trae." And she mouths a sorry to the harper.

Edlsesa doesn't mind and shrugs lightly at the brownrider with a smile. "It's simple, you can get softer whites, like the color of an eggshell, for example, by adding a touch of yellow to the white. Or like that muddy snow over there, it would be grey and white and yellow and brown and sometimes shades of purple and blue, depending on shadow." Sesa continues to work at her sketch, defining the features of Ziniel and her Stone. Sorry Zini, Sesa would have given directions too, but she's giving an art lesson to a brown!

Ziniel almost giggles at the brown dragon's question after giving a nod to Doji, "Yes'm. Stone is prone to going all sorts of odd places when she's grumpy," which is also Zini's way of saying proddy. Stone's always grumpy, but more so than usual when she's close to taking flight, "That's really pretty," Zini says to Edlsesa. She really wishes she could draw that well. Her mother tried to teach her, but Zini's hopeless with anything that isn't dance or arial silks.

It doesn't take more than a quick glance for Doji to assess that yep, that's a proddy firelizard. Between her own fair of firelizard and Raktraeth, identifying proddy females is a useful skill. "Grumpy is uh… one way to put it. It isn't her first time, right?" She'll give a rather pointed look towards Ziniel. Please don't make her have to give the firelizard equivalent of the vtol and the avians. While Doji's distracted with that discussion, Raktraeth is going to just take it upon himself to add more critique to Edlsesa's painting. « You should add more brown. » He is quite partial to the color. « And a tree! » The wintery pine forests would go just great with the sleeping baby dragon!

Edlsesa thankfully hasn't had the experience of dealing with a proddy firelizard, as she has none, but she's seen it in others. She's happily drawing for Raktraeth anyhow, and wait, is that the shadow of a tree coming into being? She's a bit lost on it now, in the happy zone that most artists get into when they are inspired. If one thinks her art skills are good, one should see her gift for organizing and fact recall. But, that's neither here nor there as Edlsesa spares a glance for Doji and Ziniel, hand moving to get Doji's outline in the view, gesturing off towards the central bowl. Notes are jotted down before Sesa returns to that tree, the image fixed in her mind.

Ziniel grins as she shakes her head, "She's been up before," and then Stone's screeching at nothing just because she was startled, "She'll settle down once she's gone up," the green usually does, "Stone, that was just a shadow," goofy firelizards are goofy, and Stone's no exception, "Way she's acting, she'll go up before the sunsets today," that has a tone of experience. Then Zini's looking at Sesa's sketch again, "It really is a nice sketch," oooh, Zini's just noticed the notations on the sketch, "What do those mean?" an almost point to the notations is given.

Raktraeth tosses just a little bit more sunlight onto his mental tree that he's sharing with the harper-girl. The reflection off the snow covered boughs shouldn't be too hard to replicate, right? Doji gives the tiniest sigh of relief once it's confirmed that Ziniel just needs help with directions, not firelizard handling. And strangely (or not) all the rider's firelizards are ordered elsewhere. "Well, getting it over with is good. At least it's easier than when a dragon is getting proddy." Doji shudders a bit at the memory. Trae might be brown, but she does live with a greenpair as well. And Vedziyath can torture anyone on a good day anyway.

Edlsesa grins at Ziniel. "Those are notes so I don't forget colors, or a shape, or something particular about my subject. It's a good way not to get lost in all the initial chaos of the sketch." Sesa will happily explain and continue drawing. There's that dash of sunlight the brown is projecting. Weirdness. But Sesa flows with it.

At one of the weyrlingmaster's calls, the remaining baby dragons head back in to the barracks. It may barely be mid-morning, but that means it's time for second breakfasts and nap time. Raktraeth lets out a bit of a grumble and nudges at the drawing harper and tilting his head back towards the departing babies. « We have to get it all! Or they'll forget! » He might be giving himself a bigger part in this than is really called for. Doji starts blushing and jumps up from her seat on his leg. "Raktraeth, you don't just go touching other people. And the weyrlings will remember. At least the humans." As for Ziniel, Doji shrugs. "I could try having my gold order her somewhere for you if you want?"

Ziniel gives a shrug, "She probably wouldn't listen anyway, but thank you," she remembers her manners, then she really remembers her manners so caught up in watching the harper sketch in such quick, and efficient movements, "I'm Ziniel," she blinks for a moment as though trying to decide on something, "Zingari performer," she's only managed to get up on her silks once, but that counts right? It's at that moment Stone decides to thwap right into Zini's chest which leaves the girl no choice but to wrap her arms around the 'lizard, "You are being very strange, even for you."

Edlsesa is a bit shocked when she's nudged, but she laughs it off while trying to fix the wayward line the nudge caused. "He's alright ma'am, I don't mind, I think it's nice to have a dragon interested in my drawing. I didn't think they enjoyed things of the like." Edlsesa manages to turn the wayward line into a branch off the tree and all is well. Sesa lifts an eyebrow as Doji makes her offer. "Does that work ma'am?" She's curious.

It's a happy little tree! Raktraeth at least seems satisfied with the current painting and continues to watch. Doji is still giving a bit of a glare at the dragon for completely ignoring anything resembling manners and personal space but shakes out of it when introductions seem to be going around. "I'm Doji and this is Raktraeth. Of Whirlwind." As for the firelizard orders working, she wrinkles up her mouth a little and holds up her hands in a 'maybe' shrug. "It can definitely get them to go elsewhere. Whether that's where you want them to be or for how long… debatable. Easier if it's a fair that sticks together often. Stronger bonds. But firelizards are like dragons. Ignoring a queen just isn't done."

Edlsesa looks up. Oh how positively rude of her, papa would have been ashamed. "Edlsesa, harper apprentice." She gives a little bow of her head, but one hand has the sketch pad and the other is drawing, so salutes and bows are a bit harder. She nods when Doji explains firelizards mechanics and looks thoughtful. Huh. She learned a thing today.

Ziniel has her arms full of firelizard, "Well met," and the firelizard decides she needs to wrap herself around the back of Zini's neck. As for everyone else, Zini's perfectly willing to pretend the lack of introductions never happened. After all, they've all been pretty well engrossed by Edlsesa's sketching, including Doji's brown. At least the sketch of the tree looks really nice.

Raktraeth has been engrossed by the drawing, but now he's paying more attention to the drawer, and the other girl as well, giving each a very thorough inspection, complete with a mental tinge of evergreen scented wind. "I uh… you're both over fifteen, right?" One looks a little young, but the other girl, well Doji's tall, but she's still having to look up to Ziniel. It's a valid question.

Edlsesa is a little distracted by her drawing, but nods. "Aye, by about half a turn." She isn't thinking about why that question might come up, though she's grown up in the Weyr and knows about these things vaguely. She tips the drawing up for the brown to inspect, back at filling in the details for Doji's figure.

Ziniel gives a nod as she says, "Yes'm," after all her height is not common, and she knows it. She's also aware that her height makes questioning her age a valid point. "Just turned sixteen," she looks at Doji with curiosity.

As soon as that question is out of the way, Doji's not going to leave the girls hanging. "Raktraeth insists I ask you to Stand for Zsaviranth and Wendryth's clutch?" And she's both a little more formal and a little more prepared with this Searching than her first one. The brownrider rummages just a bit in her jacket pocket before coming up with not one, but two white knots.

NOW Doji has Edlsesa's full attention. Wasn't she just talking to Xanthee about this kind of thing yesterday. She seems a bit shocked but nods a bit before stuttering out an exuberant "Yes! I'll have to go home and tell mama, but Yes!" Realilina would be thrilled and Cousin Ayla too, who's brown is one of Sesa's favorite drawing subjects.

Ziniel is once more blinking at Doji in an owlish fashion before she's giving a numb nod of her head, "Yes'm," she says. It seems that word is the default word for Zini right now, and a hand extends to accept the knot.

Okay, so they've both said yes. Doji seems to be going through a mental checklist. "Before you run home, let's get you set up in the barracks. And there's a few rules as well…" Which the brownrider will be more than happy to tell them as they walk towards the barracks. No sex, no drinking, no fighting, no going outside the Weyr without an escort, chores, PT… you know, all the basics.

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