Jaune, Tolavin


Jaune and Tolavin are at the tunnelsnake fighting ring; Tolavin's not having much luck with his bets, but at least there's ale and good conversation to be had!


It is afternoon of the sixteenth day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Tunnelsnake Fighting Ring, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 11 Aug 2018 23:00


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Tunnelsnake Fighting Ring

Access to this shady of shadiest forms of gambling entertainment is yielded only to those who are in the know or are cautiously invited. Comfort is hardly a thought here; the room itself is cramped and often uncomfortable if too many are in attendance. Here one can observe and bet on the bloodsport within a makeshift pit meant to hold nothing more than a pair of unfortunate tunnelsnakes. The stones of the pit have been stained nearly black from the numerous rounds that have come before and a faint metallic scent lingers on the air.

Tunnel snakes! Fighting! The poor vintner apprentice is here only because he is negiotiating barter for his newest ale. The business man here guessed rightly so that Jaune would be offset by the noises and activity here, so the negiotiations go quickly. With Jaune being fairly certain he got taken advantage of. For now, he will wait for this match to finish, otherwise he would be pushing through spectators who are liable to get very grumpy with him for doing so.

"Pretty entertaining, huh?" A man with a mass of dark curly hair has ended up next to Jaune in the crowd, and he flases a toothy grin at the vintner. "Got a bet on this match?" He's got a betting slip clutched in his own hand, and he lifts it to check something on it. "Mine's the one with the red on it." Having examined the slip, he peers into the ring to see how his competitor is doing. Not too well, it seems - it's had quite a nasty bite from its opponent. Tolavin grimaces at the sight of a potential loss of money.

Jaune is very blonde and very flushed. It is hot down here and he doesn't seem to be too involved in watching the match. "Oh, no. I tend to lose my goods to pickpockets in the bazaar." The one with red on it is /not/ doing well. "It seems like you might have picked the underdog in this match. At least he is quick." And red tunnelsnake hops out of the way of a particularly vicious attack.

There's a sympathetic look from Tolavin, but it only lasts a moment. He has to cheer his underdog as it evades an attack! "Yes! That's mroe like it!" The noise of the crowd continues around him as he adds to Jaune, "yeah, you've gotta watch your stuff around here. Plenty of people who like to take their chances." His head tilts slightly as he considers the other. "You new here?" Because apparently in Tolavin-logic, someone who's only just learned the ways of the Bazaar can't have been here for that long.

"Fairly new. I have been here…just over a month. Long enough that people are eager to try my brew." Jaune grins now as the red tunnelsnake dips and dives like a contender in the ring. This is terrible. Awful. Awfully exciting. "Some young woman was nice enough to walk me around a bit. Show me where things are. WOO!!" A counterattack! "I spent most of my days at Benden Hold…which is nothing like this place."

"Oh yeah? What is it you're brewing up?" Though Tolavin's asking the question of Jaune, his eyes are on the tunnelsnakes going at it in the ring. "C'mon!" He shouts encouragingly to the red tunnelsnake. Like it's going to make any difference, given everyone is shouting, but he's got money riding on this, man! "Ah that's neat. Benden? That's pretty far north, must've been a shock coming here to the heat?" The betting slip is getting crumpled in his clenched fist as he shakes it above his head as the red tunnelsnake gets another nasty nip. "Damn!"

"Ale of course, one of the few things here that are easy to get supplies for." Jaune winces visibly as the tables begin to turn for their newest friend. The Red tunnelsnake. "Its a very big shock. I prefer the cold. At least you bundle up for it!" Now he has to shout because the end is nigh for the two snakes. Someone isn't going to make it much further. "The establishments here are eager to try something new, at least. If…barter closely with me for it. I need to establish my wares as good."

"Nice," Tolavin lets out the word low and appreciative. "Where can I get my hands on a mug of the stuff?" He has to chuckle when Jaune talks about hot versus cold climates, though his eyes remain fixed on the tunnelsnakes as they fight it out, leaning closer as if that's somehow going to improve things for 'his' contender. "Tried The Pit? They sell a lot of booze. And the Cantina." Ah, good times have been had at the latter. The red tunnelsnake tries is best in a final effort, but unfortunately is thrown and moves no more. "Ah, man. Well. There's always the next match." Tolavin crumples his slip and shoves it into a pocket, then turns to properly pay attention to Jaune.

"Probably here, in about 2 weeks. The manager here came looking for me. So that is where my first batch will be going." Jaune's shoulders slump in sympathy to the fallen tunnel snake, turning to begin pushing through the spectators now. "I will definitely look into the Cantina proper. The Pit seems like here, but worse. Or better. Nothing dying. Do you want to show me where the cantina is?" The man HAS been helpful, and maybe if he has to escort Jaune somewhere, he won't lose all of his money.

Tolavin beams. "Nice!" Tolavin seems way less concerned about his loss than he maybe should be. "The Cantina seels loads of stuff, they've gotta be a good call to at least ask 'em. And sure! I'm gonna get a drink here first. Nothing too expensive," he jokes, with a cheery wink, "given I've not won anything yet. What's your poison?" Yet. Another bet is definitely on the cards for the harper. "I'm Tolavin, by the way. Journeyman Harper, formerly of Fort, now of Igen. Still not used to the sandstorms, yet."

"I don't think I'll ever get used to the sandstorms." Jaune is very quick to retort, and he supposes to turn towards the bartop where Tolavin might be headed. He is vintner, of course he wants to try their drinks. "I suppose I'll try just whatever you are having." A hand settles companionably upon Tolavin's shoulder so they don't lose each other. "Jaune!" As the fray starts again with shouting. "Jaune, senior apprentice of Vintner. From Benden."

"I don't think you ever can," Tolavin says as he leads the way towards the bar, trying not to push against any of the more big, fighty-looking men that seem to be dotted around the place. "That's a risk!" He laughs, but he's joking - hopefully. "You should definitely go to the Pit if you've got an adventurous taste for drinks; they do these drinks with spice in them. Real good, but damn do they sting." He puts in his order at the bar. Nothing exciting, but two local ales - got to give Jaune a taste of the local produce, right? They don't take long to be slammed onto the bartop, pale golden and overflowing slightly from their containers. "Cheers," Tolavin lifts his. "To fellow immigrants to Igen Weyr!"

Oh. Right. Lets not fight people, shall we? Jaune is also cautious of inching his way through the larger folks in the vicinity. Lot of them here. To press against the bartop with Tolavin. Ahoy! Ale! He lofts his high as well, examining color through crap light before eyeing Tolavin back. "To fellow people sent to the depths of sand and heat! May cool days be ahead of us!"

Tolavin moves his drink forward to touch it to Jaune's, if the opportunity is there to take. "Roll on winter! No snow though - you'll find that either a blessing or a curse." He grins before taking a good drink of the ale. He's had this one before, but he enjoys it, if his pleased expression is to be believed. "So you hoping to walk the tables soon, or?" A casual look over the vintner gives Tolavin the impression he must be at the higher end of the apprentice age scale.

"I do miss the snow. Made it very easy to make a lager or three." The clink-clink happens and Jaune upends his ale into his mouth, taking a good long pull of it and holding it in place before drinking some more. "Perfectly serviceable. Tasty. Refreshing, especially in this madhouse." He drinks again, slower this time. That question though, unfortunate, and Jaune furrows his brows like a ship battening down before a storm. "We shall see. They hold my late arrival against me, I was smithcraft until I was 13 or so. Like my family…but something about brewing…"

Tolavin has very much a layman's knowledge of drinks, but he can appreciate them in his own way. "Yeah, cold drinks are popular here. Though there's a Tea House apparently, so I guess somebody likes hot drinks." Not him, apparently. "Y'ever dabbled in ciders? Fort used to do hot spiced cider in the winter - man, do I miss that stuff." Before he gets distracted by the memory of that delicious beverage, he focuses in on Jaune's intriguing background. "Oh yeah? Ah well, what's good for your family doesn't mean it's good for you. So long as you enjoy it, that's the right thing, yeah?"

"You /can/ do cold teas. But most people do not." Jaune turns to face away from the bartender, and towards the gathering in the room. Because its a compact space, and badness happens in these bazaar areas. "We shall see. Perhaps I'll need to be much older before they let me walk. But they should let me walk eventually." The ale gets finished and Jaune stands a bit longer, waiting as the taste settles, before he orders another one. "It was good. But something about brewing called to me."

Tolavin seems to consider the idea of a cold tea, but finds it as disagreeable to him as a hot tea. "I guess so." He'll settle for that simple answer, drinking as he, too, lets his gaze drift lazily over the crowd as bets start being taken for the next match. "You'll get there," he says with the optimism of one who doesn't actually know the situation, but is determined to be upbeat. "Yeah, I get it. I always knew I was going to play an instrument, and when I got into Harper Hall it was the right path for me." He's got a satisfied smile, as much for the memory of apprenticing as for the current situation he's in.

This current situation is only made good by the access to the ale they currently have. And another fresh and semi-cold brew is savored now by Jaune. He'll grow content and cozy in his spot. A shrug for Tolavin's sayings. "A Harper's path is a difficult path. But you seem to know what you're doing. What instrument do you play?"

Tolavin offers up his thoughts on the difficulty of that particular path, lifting one shoulder in a casual shrug. "Depends what way you take it. Some are more gifted with instruments, others for the pen. Some go that sort of legal route - that definitely doesn't interest me," he clarifies, laughing a little as he glances at Jaune. He does readily answer the man's question. "Gitar, mostly, but I sing and dabble in a few other instruments. I'm trying to keep to the performance and composition side of things, though I get the feeling my master would like me to have a more diverse skill set." He sounds amused about the whole thing.

"Don't all the masters think so? Mine says I should be looking into distilling. But at this junction…I just got here. And I don't like the way the typical stills are set up." Jaune holds his glass in hand, nodding at Tolavin. "Harpers have quite a lot in their hold, discipline wise. Have you been set to instructing yet? Teaching the Ballads to youngsters?" A glance back towards the bar now, to see what bottles of liquor they have not that he has discussed distilling.

Tolavin laughs. "Yeah, you're not wrong about Masters. Maybe you can invent some new sort of still?" He says with a twinkle in his eye as he throws that idea out there. "Yeah - you need to know a bit of everything, I guess. And I've done some teaching. It's alright. Some of the kids are pretty funny." That's apparently how he judges kids? He finishes his ale, sliding the empty glass for the bartender to deal with. "Guess you've gotta do what your Masters tell you to an extent though, if you wanna get the next advancement." A cheery comment on 'the way things are'; Tolavin looks relaxed about it as he straightens up, stretching out a kink in his back.

The way things are tends to involve a good deal of keeping your head down and not rocking the boat. His second ale gets finished as quickly as the first and he settles it down upon the bartop, empty now. "I don't remember being a funny kid, but people laughed. I am trying to make the most of my time spent sequestered down here." Maybe the young man did something that got him 'sentenced' to Igen Weyr. "I was given a firelizard egg though. So now I've got this flitter trying to eat me out of all that I own." He pushes away from the bar and nods his head towards Tolavin. "It was certainly the better part of me day meeting you, I hope you don't lose any more of your money today."

Maybe they're fellows in that, assigned off to the desert Weyr for some dubious reason? That will have to be found out another time though, for it seems the pair are about to part. "Me too! Seems like the desert's the place for the things," Tolavin laughs. "I think I can get a bet in before the next fight - here's hoping I get a good tip this time. See you around, Jaune!" With a cheery grin, the harper disappears into the crowd to go and place a fresh bet. Will he have more luck with his marks this time? One can hope!

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