Taurie, Eryzz


Eryzz comes across Taurie passed out after a night of drinking and tries to wake her as nicely as possible. The morning after Burning the Midnight Glows

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In Southern:
It is the eightieth day of Summer and 105 degrees. It is a beautiful, sunny day marred by the overwhelming humidity.


Southern Weyr, Living Cavern, Nighthearth

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A comfortable nook, this natural extension of the living room is cozily attired with overstuffed chairs and a couple of well-worn loveseats. All have been covered in various shades of green, giving the very incongruous appeal of a miniature forest hidden away inside… a grove of man-made proportion. Fish stews and spicy white-wherry chili are often kept hot on the minor hearths east and west of the main, for those whose hours defy when meals are kept. Ornate, the largest hearth towers high, rich with carving and utilitarian in fashion: it holds court by providing the weyr with rich klah, the air thick with the scent of cinnamon wafting.

It's early morning in Southern Weyr and while most are rising to greet the day, Taurie is still sound asleep, curled up in a chair in the Nighthearth while people begin filtering into the living caverns for breakfast. The morning drudge shift notices her, but she looks so comfy and happy all curled up in her big plush chair, arms wrapped around her empty klah mug that everyone just decides to leave her alone. At some point last night, she’d taken off her heels, because they sit neatly lined up under the chair, or maybe, someone had done it for her. Either way, she's the perfect picture of drunken sleep, though somehow, avoided smearing her kohl, so that she looks as if she might have fallen asleep waiting for a date, though this is not the case. Her soft, purry like snores can be heard beyond the hearth, but no one seems to be minding them.

That is until a certain Harper makes his entrance to the Living Caverns. Eryzz is still on automatic, sleep droopy eyes half shut while coal black locks are being tamed by a quick combing through of his long fingers, although they stubbornly remain quite tousled, at least they aren't sticking out in all directions. The soft snores catch his well-trained ears and his curiosity is strong enough that he makes a detour to seek Klah in the Nighthearth instead. Coming up on the cozy niche, it doesn't take him long to spot Taurie all curled up that chair looking so peaceful. Wandering closer with a hint of smile playing at his lips, he leans down to gingerly tuck a stray strand of blonde hair behind her ear before he whispers softly, "Hey Taurie…" he drags out her name and adds a softly singsong quality to it.

Taurie shifts in her sleep at the touch, her mind working at hearing that singsong voice, but, at first, it just ends up being responded to by a soft mewl and a repositioning of her head. "All by my…" She mumbles before dozing back off. Hey. She drank A LOT of rum ok? Her arms wrap a little tighter around her mug and the soft snores continue.

Hmmmmm, this might be trickier than Eryzz expected. He can smell the previous evening's fumes clinging to her, and carefully tries to pry the klah mug out of her hand to put aside as he perches on the arm of the stuffed chair so he can lean over her further. With curled fingers, he traces the line of her cheek gently as he continues to call her name softly, gradually increasing the volume with each repetition. "Taurie…time to wake up hun," he croons softly, trying his hardest to coax her awake gently, knowing that nothing's worse after an evening of drinking than a rude awakening. His fingers sweep back from her cheek to her hair, carding through it in a strangely tender way, his grey eyes dancing as they study her intensely, the kohl around her eyes accentuating her natural beauty and giving it that little extra edge that appeals to Eryzz.

Taurie comes slowly to wakefulness, her body intent on sleeping off the egregious amount of liquor imbibed the night before. Lucky for Taurie, she's only suffered a few hangovers in her short life and today doesn't seem to have on in store for her. Simply because, while she feels heavy, and maybe a little light headed, there's no headache or nausea thank Faranth. But who's calling her? Who's trying to wake her? She stirs, the male voice infiltrating her mind a soothing one. Hun? one blue-green orb pops open, searching blearily around the fuzzy room for the source of the voice. Wait…..hold on here.. this isn't Taurie's rooms… or her bed. Is she in a chair? Both eyes fly open and land, almost immediately now on Eryzz's, widening in shock and in recognition. How much did she drink last night? "Eryzz?" Though her vision is wide awake now, her voice is still sleepy, a soft husky purr as she rubs the last of her sleep from her eyes and attempts to sit up, body stiff and short skirted dress riding up her thighs. How did she get here? Bits and pieces filter in, but not anything memory forming just yet.

"Good morning sleepyhead, let me guess…" Eryzz drawls easily as he finally manages to rouse her, smiling softly at the young woman as his thumb traces softly against her cheek bone, "Wild night out?" he asks with a low chuckle. Reluctantly, he pulls himself back a little, still perched on the chair's arm, but giving her the space to sit up. He'll even offer his arm in case she needs some help. His eyes sweep down her then as she begins to move, making note of the hiking dress and gallantly averting his eyes, with a reddening of his cheeks, "Ummm, careful you don't want to give the caverns a show now," he warns with a chuckle as he makes sure to keep his gaze on her pretty face instead, "Can I get you anything?"

“Morning…” Taurie hastily tugs down the hem of her dress, a blush stalking across her cheeks. “Something like that.” She blinks again and her vision finishes clearing. “Some water may be in order.” If Taurie is going to continue not being hung over then it's a necessary step. “Thank you Eryzz.” Taurie is now seriously trying to remember what happened the night before, and she does remember some, her lips turning down into a deep frown. Her friends had abandoned her, that much she remembers.

Eryzz has a sudden urge to lean closer to Taurie, his hand twitching to reach out for her cheek again. But then she is asking for some water and he bobs his head before slipping off the armrest to go pour her a glass of water from a nearby pitcher. Returning, he hands it to her before he slips into a chair next to her, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. At the frown he sees forming, his eyes narrow, pulling his dark brows over slate grey eyes, “Everything ok? Or just trying to piece the memories together?” does he ever know how that feels. There were more than a few times when he overdid it on the wine and woke up with little memory of the previous night.

Taurie takes the glass of water with a wan smile and rubs at her eyes, smearing the kohl just a wee bit. “No. I mean, I do want to remember what happened, it’s what happened before that has me a bit miffed.” She sips at the water, eyeing the empty rum bottle on her table. “I shouldn’t have…” She shakes her head and rolls her eyes at herself, “No matter, thanks for waking me up….” Taurie looks around, sleep still apparent in her features even if she feels wide awake now. Blushing, she sighs. “I suppose I’ve been a spectacle for the whole cavern this morning eh?”

“I think it’s fine, it’s not even that busy yet,” Eryzz tries to reassure her as he takes a cursory look around. When his slate grey eyes come back to her face, his dark brows are drawn down in concern, intensifying his already broody expression as he follows her gaze to the empty bottle of rum. “So what happened then?” he asks with a soft concern in his smooth voice. He studies her carefully, his fingers twitching at the sight of the smeared kohl. From his pocket, he pulls a clean white hanky and offers it to her with a flutter of the fabric. “Your…um… eye stuff is smeared, you might want to fix that too,” he offers helpfully.

Relief seems to flood through Taurie, and she too begins to notice that it’s not all that busy in the caverns yet. She blushes a little, embarrassed when Eryzz asks after what happened. “Some friends were supposed to come in last night and meet me for a turnday celebration.” She accepts the handkerchief with a muted thanks and dabs at her kohl lined eyes, somehow managing without being able to look at herself. “And I got stood up. So I drank by myself…” And the rest….well the rest is still hazy for the young Merchant woman. “I guess I ended up here at some point.”

There's a deep look of sympathy that settles over Eryzz’s features as Taurie tells her tale of turnday woe. Slender hands ball into fists to counteract a strong desire to reach out and offer the young woman some tactile comfort, not wanting to come off as some kind of cad. Instead, he scoots closer to the edge of his seat, turning his body so that he’s more or less facing her. “That really sucks Taurie, I’m really sorry that happened to you,” he sighs deeply, a soft shake of his head sends his coal locks into further disarray. The blush of embarrassment makes the harper’s smile deepen, which seems effortless around the merchant girl. “I wish I would have run into you. I would have gladly given you a Turnday to remember.”

Taurie returns Eryzz’s smile and looks down, a bit more pink staining her cheeks. “Thanks. It’s actually today, but I was celebrating last night, well, sort of.” She shakes her head, a bit of her smile dropping. She’s livid as hell at those who hadn’t come, but, what can one do? Certainly not wallow in it. “They might have ruined my night, but they can’t ruin today.” She smiles again and sips some more water, looking around the chair for her footwear. Shells, had she lost those somewhere? Finally, looking under the chair, she spots them with a small sound of triumph. Pulling them out, she sets them to the side to put back on momentarily.

“Then the offer still stands,” Eryzz says with an easy enough smile. “I have work soon of course, but I’m free all evening and I’d love to buy you a drink for your turnday, even if it’s just some juice,” he adds with a bit of a mischievous smirk. His gaze softens a little bit when he sees her smile dropping and this time he can’t resist letting his fingertips rest on her knee briefly in a gesture meant to comfort, “No they can’t. Forget about last night, it wasn’t even your Turnday. Today is what counts.” Sitting back when he sees her start to look for something, his fingers slip reluctantly off her knee before he props his chin up in his palm.

Taurie chuckles lightly at Eryzz’s juice comment and shakes her head. “Aye, it would probably have to be that…” Unless she recovers before then. “Thank you…” She says softly after, eyes falling lightly on the warm place where his hand sits. She actually seems disappointed when he moves it, but she did have to find her shoes and well, they are rather in view of the whole cavern. “Today is what counts.” Sighing, she realises she should probably bathe. “Tonight would work, I’m having lunch with mom anyway, so I’m a bit tied up during the day too. I should probably go bathe and get ready, to be honest.” She’s doubly happy Eryzz woke her now, who knows how long she would have slept if left alone.

“I personally know the Harpers who are doing the music tonight at the Treble Clef, they have been working on this new set, very moody and atmospheric,” think Pernese jazz, “And there will be no nasty rum there to tempt us, it can be really low-key and chill.” He’s totally resisting throwing romantic in there, but he doesn’t want to risk scaring her off. When she explains that she too has a busy day, he nods with a lopsided grin, “Don’t let me keep you by all means,” he insists before pushing himself up out of the chair, offering his hands to her helpfully in case she might like some help to her feet.

Taurie's gladly accepts Eryzz's offer to help her up and stands with an easy grace, though there is a tiny wobble to it, and steps into her shoes. “That sounds amazing actually.” She says of music and non-alcoholic drinks. “What time do you want to meet up?” Romantic is fine with Taurie, or it would be if Eryzz brought it up, but he didn't. Tucking her hair behind her ear, Taurie grins and then hugs Eryzz. “Thank you again for waking me.”

“How about sunset?” Eryzz asks as he ponders a bold move for just a moment before he decides to go for it. Taking just a half step towards her, his thumb and forefinger gently capture her chin and in one swift motion, he plants a soft kiss to Taurie’s cheek, but tantalizingly close to her lips. He lingers for only a moment before pulling back, letting his fingers remain just a little longer before he drops them. “Believe me, it was my pleasure. Happy Turnday Taurie. It can only get better right?” he adds with a lopsided smile and a tilt of his head. “So I’ll see you tonight then,” he confirms as he walks backwards towards the Living Caverns, shooting one last look her way before turning and ambling off in the direction of the Archive Library.

Taurie blushes at the kiss Eryzz places on her cheek, blue-green eyes dipping downward and looking back up through long lashes. “Sunset it is then.” She smiles at Eryzz's next and nods, hey day is already much better than it had been. “Yes, tonight, I can't wait…” She watches Eryzz move off, a side smile on her lips before she moved towards the baths, her mind turning slowly over many a thing.

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