Majel, Zalara


A chance meeting in the baths finds Majel awkwardly navigating small talk with one of Kyara's youngest self-defense students.


It is evening of the twenty-second day of the ninth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Public Baths, Igen Weyr

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Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

Early evening finds the baths mostly empty, save for a few people who are all settled in different pools. Tucked into one of the smaller ones all but hidden by the corner of a wall, Majel's up to her neck in suds, short curls damp and bathwater tinged a sallow, dusty gray. Although two people converse in quiet murmurs one pool over, she's briskly scrubbing away at her arms and legs, expression thoughtful as she makes efficient work of a quick wash.

Zalara comes in and she's tired after a long day of working in the forge. She heads towards the back and she spots a smaller one. She starts to undress and doesn't seen Majel cause of the suds. She's just about to get in and she ohs, "Sorry I didn't see anyone else in here. Can I join you?"

Having dunked her head into the water to scrub and rinse out her hair, Majel's perhaps understandably taken aback when she emerges, wipes her face and finds herself facing Zalara's request. There's a raised eyebrow for the girl; there are, after all, other pools to choose from. Still, she politely moves to the side with an even, "Go ahead, " leaning over to scoop up her towel so that she can dab at her face and forehead.

Zalara smiles, "Thanks. I'm Apprentice Smith Zalara." She says as she gets in and she starts to wash up, she's very sooty from the forge and the water around her is soon black before it washes away.

"Majel, " the owner of that name replies, hoisting herself out of the pool to begin toweling off more thoroughly. Hazel eyes slant a measuring look into the spot she just vacated as the water darkens before it gradually drains. "And I thought poking through dusty weyrs required a good scrub, " she observes lightly, plucking up a small bottle that's been sitting next to her precisely folded clothes. It's a subtly-scented lotion, something with faint notes of spearmint as she squeezes out a small amount to begin moisturizing.

Zalara smiles, "It's nice to meet you Majel. Oh you should tell me the next you go I love to explore. Have you been up to the abandon cavern? I went up there a while ago and almost got a tunelsnake."

Amusement twists briefly at Majel's lips, pulling them into a not-quite smile. "Be careful in your explorations, apprentice Zalara." Case in point: Tunnelsnakes. "Or are you also a hunter as well as a forger-to-be?" Genuine curiosity or small talk? It's hard to tell, for she begins to dress while glancing back at the teen for her reply.

Zalara sinks down into the water to enjoy the warmth taking away the stresses of the day. "Well I just like to explore I'm not a hunter, but I'm getting good with a knife and self defense, Rider Kyara is teaching me."

Majel casts a longer look over the redhead at the mention of self-defense. "Liareth's is an excellent instructor, " she says approvingly, shrugging into a clean, goldenrod tunic and smoothing creases from her dark, ankle-length trousers. "I've been taking classes from her for a little over half of a turn with the other weyrlings." And that's what her knot proclaims her to be, as she reaches up to affix it appropriately to one shoulder. "I hope you haven't had cause to put it into practice yet, however." It's half-statement, half-question.

Zalara sighs, "Only a couple of times with the other apprentices. They are a rough bunch sometimes, but I can hold my own. I'm a lot stronger than I look and I have a mean right hook."

Lips pursing faintly, Majel turns her focus to lacing up her boots, frame held awkwardly. Childhood bullying is reprehensible, but she's hardly the nurturing, soothing sort to provide appropriate emotional succor. "Play to your strengths, " she says at last, testing her knotted laces with a final tug. "You won't be around them forever." It's about as warm as she's going to get.

Zalara nods, "True they have a weakness that I don't have, but I try not to kick them there it's not nice. Still some boys aren't bad, too bad that one has to go to Southern." She nods, "I hope not, although I do hope I can continue to be posted here."

Majel's even composure almost threatens to break into a laugh as she quickly turns to retrieve her dusty clothing and damp towel, tucking her lotion bottle into a back pocket. "It isn't nice, " she agrees after clearing her throat. "If he's a friend, surely you'll find a way to keep in touch." For a moment, her expression grows distant before it clears. "Dyxath's finished his dinner, too. I should get back to the barracks before lights out - " And she hesitates before making her way out of the enclosure to add an awkward, "Have a good evening. Be safe."

Zalara smiles and gives a wave, "Well I do write him letters. Have a good evening you too and tell your dragon I said hello."

"I shall, " Majel promises, ducking around a pair of gossiping ladies to make strides for the weyr proper.

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