Willimina, Dinsayde, Malakai, Onari, Mayte, Cameo by NPC Timotin


Weyrwoman Mayte comes to visit the caravan grounds and tension between the Zingari and Reika is evident.


It is afternoon of the first day of the third month of the second Turn of the 12th Pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

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Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the first day of Spring and 73 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day with a gentle wind.

Spring has arrived with a surprising burst of warmth - enough to have many Igenites leaving cloaks and jackets behind in favor of lighter layers more suited to the mild afternoon. The abrupt arrival of the season also finds the many animals residing on the caravan grounds to be restless; this is frolicking weather - or eating weather, or sleeping weather, depending on which animal one is. But it's definitely the former for the runners, and Onari has just finished running Gola, coming to rest in a middle area of the grounds and dismounting to rub the fine beast down before bringing him back to the min Reika camp. The bustle in general is high today, but she seems to have found one of the calmer spots on the grounds, a few hay bails and water buckets stacked near in the midst for general use.

Malakai steps out of his wagon, wiping some viscous fluid off of his hands. He looks up, shading his eyes from the sun as Onari and her runner come back to camp. "Afternoon Ms. Onari." He says in his deep baritone voice. He tucks the rag into his pocket and walks up. "Would you like me to take yer runner?" He asks, offering his dark skinned hand. He smiles, revealing straight white teeth.

Ahh, spring has sprung, and warm air, though not the warmest Igen will see, still means that Mayte's more likely to move about outside willingly. And strolling, though not quite frollicking, along she comes into an area that hasn't seen much of her, or vice versa in the last… ever. So the young woman makes her slow, thoughtful way in, taking note and watching the way people move, who walks with who, what goes where, etc. The runner earns a curious, appreciative eye for a moment, waiting a little outside the main circle of conversations. Not attempting to blend in, but not announcing her way out.

Over in the Zingari camp, things are bustling. Business for the Zingari had been profitable since coming back. But, most of the hustle and bustle seems to be in preperation for something. The colorful Zingari run back and forth with props and other things. Willimina is amongst these, helping one troup of her players to move a set for a peformance. Pants replace her usual skirts and her long wild hair, is for once, tamed into a bun at the nape of her neck. She isn't one to shy away form work, that's for sure. She snags Timotin as he walks by, waving him into the shadow of a wagon. "Where is Dinsayde?" Timo shrugs. "Dunno mistress… esxcuse me…" Timo goes off to help with a particularly heavy prop.

Dinsayde slips from his wagon, stretching. He tosses his shirt onto a chair outside his door and pours himself a glass of water from the skin there. He smiles at the woman retreating from his wagon and waves her off. He chuckles, and takes a barefooted walk across the grounds. Eyes scan the grounds, a busy day. His scan stops at a wee oportunity looking out of place. He slides with a panther like grace up to Mayte, and into her line of vision. "My my my. What have we here? Come to gawk at all the pretties my lovely?" He asks, a touch of silken bravado in his voice.

Well, Onari isn't quite on her way back to camp, but close enough that Malakai's arrival is both seen and heard. "Just 'Onari' will do, Malakai," she tells the dark-skinned guard for the hundredth time, though she smiles in return. "And not just yet, thank you…although if you wouldn't mind taking his saddle and setting on the frame near my wagon, I'd be grateful." She glances about for a moment, first taking note of the heavy lifting going on in the Zingari camp nearby with pointed curiosity…and then she spies Mayte, the young weyrwoman not precisely blending in among the usual traffic. "Afternoon, weyrwoman," she greets with a small bob at the knees…just as a rather colorful character from the Zingari slips over. The trader girl arches an eyebrow at his audacity, eyes flicking between the man and the weyrwoman curiously.

"It'd be a pleasure to ma'am…" Malakai replies politely. He starts to loosen the runner's saddle, clucking and talking to the beast softly. He looks up and follows Onari's line of sight. Malakai watches as the bold Zingari makes a serious social faux pas. "She gonna be takin' his head off, that one." he comments to Onari. "He thinks he's slicker than oil and impervious. I seen him dancin' around the ladies an' men at night." He chuckles. "Too cocky that one…" Malakai chuckles and goes back to his work, paying no mind to his unusual burst of conversation. He pats the runner and begins walking the saddle back to it's place.

Amidst the comings and goings, Mayte is just observing, until her view is blocked. She does look up at the Zingari man and both eyebrows rise, even if her lips don't twitch for a full minute. Even when they do curl, it's into a shadow of a smile, and a quiet answer: "Nope." Hardly the explosion the young guard may have been expecting. Instead, she steps to one side of Dinsayde, as if to move past but Mayte just holds her ground, eyes passing over the camps and wagons again. Onari's greeting is met with a polite nod in return, "Trader." Hands loosely tucked into her jacket pockets, Mayte's eye passes over some boxes and then over the faces of people within the camps themselves.

Willimina comes out of the shade just in time to see Sayde slip up to Mayte. She begins an irritated trudge up to the pair, watching warily as Dinsayde makes an ass of himself. Thankfully, she pulls alongside him before he can do anything else. "Dinsayde, there you are…" She begins sweetly, just an edge of a tone in her voice. "Meet me back at camp will you? I need to speak with you." She eyes him pointedly and places her hands on her hips. After a moment, sure she's made her point, she smiles at Mayte. "Welcome weyrwoman, is there anything I can do for you? I appologize my cousin wasn't more respectful" Willa puts on her best Trader face and hopes she can make up for her cousin's rude behavior, she doesn't need any bad juju with the weyr right now.

Dinsayde opens his mouth to retort and keep the conversation going, but then there's a Leader type person right there. "Why Hullo Willi-" He starts, but is cut off by her polite "order" to get back to camp. He flicks his eyes over to the Reika camp and scowls. "With all due respect ma'am, I think I'll stay here. We all voted you weren't to be out unescorted…Not that I'm trying to order you around ma'am, we just have your safety in mind." He comes up to stand slightly behind her. He looks alert now, guard like, but silly because of his lack of shoes and shirt.

Onari sighs over the fact that Malakai resorts to 'ma'am' again, and then her gaze skips between Malakai and the Zingari man as she listens to the guard's opinion about what's going to happen. When things don't pan out quite they way he predicts, she smirks for the weyrwoman's collectedness. There's a certain amount of curiosity there; Mayte doesn't appear to be that much older than her, and yet there she is - a woman of import within the Weyr already. It's a fascinating thing to the trader girl, but that gets put on hold for the moment as another Zingari - a woman this time - approaches. She seems to bear a not inconsiderable amount of authority herself, especially when the man seems to appoint himself bodyguard. Onari simply stands to the side for the moment, continuing to tend to Gola as she keeps one eye and ear on the exchange.

Malakai returns to Onari's side. "Who's she?" He asks her, not having met any of their neighbors yet. Though, as the shirtless one seems to shift from idiot to bodyguard, Malakai's curiousity is peaked.

Ahh, yes; as Willimina and Onari both appear to be in the same area at the same time, Mayte gives a pleasant, pleased smile. A little bland glance at Dinsayde as he moves away, and she starts, "How lovely to have so many of you here." Perhaps the more formal equivalent of 'we have to talk'. A little hitch of her shoulders because as breezy as it is, it's still not summer, but Mayte relaxes her shoulders again. "I haven't had the opportunity to meet the Caravans yet, so I thought I'd take the opportunity of this lovely day to come visit," she starts cheerfully, "And I have a question or two, of course." She does spot Onari's curiosity and one hand leaves her pocket long enough to wave, her to stay close by. "Nothing difficult or secret, of course." Is that self-deprecating? Hardly; she grins such a big, friendly smile.

Willimina looks at Mayte warily now. First Erikkhan, now what? "Oh? What would you like to know?" Willimina asks, an air of polite caution running through her voice. She shifts, placing her hands in her pockets.

Dinsayde listens in, ears sharp, crossing his arms. Eyes flick the perimiter every few moments, watching.

"I think we're about to find out," Onari murmurs aside to Malakai, brushing a hand down Gola's neck in a reassuring gesture as she moves to become part of the group, ticking a finger in her wake as a signal to the guard to join, if he wishes. "Of course, ma'am," Onari replies when Mayte says she has questions. Diplomacy mode: engaged. Well, for the most part; mainly, she's still just outright curious. "I'm Onari, wagonmaster Forin's daughter, of the Reika. This is Malakai, one of our guards. Well met," she says, inclining her head first to Mayte, then to the Zingari.

"Oh, the usual stuff…" Mayte says cheerfully. "How long you've been coming to Igen, if you have any specialties…" A nod to Onari, "I believe it was… Finn who helped take the measurements of my bookcases, not so long ago

"Oh, the usual stuff…" Mayte says cheerfully. She nods politely to the Reika traders, eyes sweeping from them to Willimina: "Well. I'm sure it's no secret who I am." Not so modest shrug, but she continues with those questions: "How long you've been coming to Igen? Do your caravans have any specialties…" A nod to Onari, "I believe it was… Finn who helped take the measurements of my bookcases, not so long ago." Anyways, "And of course, you can get to know me too, right?" Friendly! Meet Your Local Weyrwoman.

Malakai follows obediently behind Onari, his job as a guard is clear in the way he stands just slightly to the left and behind her. Malakai dips his head in a respectful bow at the two women. He eyes the flambouyant one, curious at the man's sudden fear for that dark haired woman's life. "Well met.." Comes his deep voice eventually.

Willimina takes a moment to recover. "Uhm… but of course ma'am." She puts her diplomatic face on as well, smile perma-plastered to her face. At Onari's approach, both suspiscion and anger leak in around her diplomatic cheerfulness. "I'm Willimina, leader of the Zingari Caravan, and this is one of my People, Dinsayde, temporary guard, amongst other things." She clears her throat and tries to relax. "Well met, both of you." She gives a little bow. Returning her focus to Mayte, she smiles. "I do not know much about our neighbors here, but the Zingari specialize in the exotic. Fine clothes, jewelery, baubles, amongst the more utilitarian things we sell craft supplies. Some of the best dies and pigments come from our clan." Business mode engaged, to hell with diplomacy.

Dinsayde moves closer to Willimina, watching as the two Reika approach. His eyes narrow, his look becoming cold and shrewd. He examines the girl, Onari she had said, first. He dismisses her immediately as a non-threat. However, as he examines the Reika guard, the hairs on his arms and neck stand up. He'd heard rumors about this one. He places a hand on Willa's shoulder, a bit concerned.

Onari grins genuinely, a little crookedly, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "Aye, it was. He's proud to be helping out Igen's weyrwomen with such things. And of course, we're honored to be noticed enough for our work that you'd come to us," she answers Mayte, opting for factuality rather than strict formality in this case. Out of the corner of her eye, she spots the shift in Willimina's expression, a very slight tilt of her head giving away her puzzlement over it before it vanishes in favor of listening to what their neighbors do, exactly. "I'd say we're rather the opposite," Onari notes with a smirk. "Or specialty is practical wares, especially for the road. You've seen what Finn can do; I'm one of two - no, three tannersmiths now, and my mother and I handle beast trade as well." Still, the Zingari seem to bristle. Onari just keeps a pleasant smile for them, nonplussed. Are they truly such a suspicious lot?

Dinsayde too, notes the shift in the two Zingari. From slightly wary to almost…aggressive, or at least the guard is. Malakai stays as he is, not wanting to escalate anything. Although he watches, and he waits.

Malakai too, notes the shift in the two Zingari. From slightly wary to almost…aggressive, or at least the guard is. Malakai stays as he is, not wanting to escalate anything. Although he watches, and he waits, crossing his arms.

"What a chance to know more of each other," Mayte offers, "And how lucky the Weyr is to have two Caravans of such different skills." Mayte watches the boys eying each other and if a smirk glimmers at the corners of her eyes, there's none at the corners of her mouth. Onari gets a lovely smile again, "And my lovely Rhiscorath is quite thankful that her books now have a place to live." Yup, live. "Along with the Bazaar, we're very lucky indeed." The young weyrwoman takes a moment to idly look about again before she wonders, "And do you get to travel outside the Weyr often to entertain?" That's obviously more for Willimina, "or trade?" to Onari.

Willimina stands tall, looking proud. "We just returned from a journey ma'am, a rough one, but we made a little profit. My father, Baomos," A small look of sadness crosses Willimina's face, "Made contracts with the weyr for entertainment, I strive to honor them, so we do not leave Igen often." She smiles again. "However, trade has been swift since our return."

Onari discreetly looks between the two men and refrains from rolling her eyes. Did they get in a scrape somewhere outside the camp without letting on to anyone or something. Whatever the silent pissing contest is about, it's making Onari a bit unsettled, and she turns easily to the guard for a moment. "I think Gola is cooled down now, Malakai, if you wouldn't mind talking him back," Onari suggests, giving the dark-skinned man a small smile and a wink to accompany her suggestion before turning back to Mayte and the Zingari. At the comment about her dragon, the trader girl turns a pleasantly bemused smirk on Mayte. "Your dragon…reads? I didn't know they could!" After Willimina's reply, Onari nods. "For us, as well. We're constantly riding routes, especially out to the cotholds at the edges of the Desert and near the Steppes. We've had to be…cautious, lately," she posits, her tone lowering unhappily.

Malakai is reluctant to leave Onari's side, considering the stance on their neighbors, but he knows better than to ignore an order. "Yes ma'am, I'll be there if you need me." He gives Dinsayde one last appraising look before going off to tend to the runner.

Mayte nods genially to the women, agreeing, "Life cannot be easy in the life of a Trader." Her expression picks up again at Willimina's news, "Wonderful to hear, of course. Oh, Rhis doesn't read them herself. She just… enjoys having books about." One hand waves the subject away, "She likes the way they smell." A little bit of trivia, but Mayte's eyebrows draw together briefly, looking a little concerned: "More cautious? Oh! Because of the, ahh, situations with the cotholds, of course." Another brief pause and then Mayte does wonder, "But surely you move so frequently that they cannot trace you?" Mayte is watching both Trader women very carefully for a moment and then she adds, "If you do see sign of problems on the road, if you would bo so kind as to let us know?" For a moment, Mayte's eyes cross, and she hmms. Pause, collect herself, "My sincerest apologies, I must return to for a meeting, as Rhiscorath reminds me." She's not quite turned to leave just yet, though, a pause, a hitch in her step and breath, "And, if I may, one more thing…"

Onari, fascinated that a dragon would like books at all, much less for such a specific reason, smiles with bright-eyed inquisitiveness at Mayte…who then seems to need to leave. "They know where we come from. That seems to work enough enough for them…but we've been fairly fortunate so far," she answers. Indeed, the Reika have seemed lucky enough to avoid the bandits, save for the run-in Finn had with them…alongside one of the Zingari's healers, if she remembers correctly. At Mayte's pause, she straightens a bit, brows hitching upward slightly. "Yes ma'am?"

Mayte's just about gone, but eyebrows arch so slightly. "Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to keep them from raiding the cotholds proper," she admits wryly, though she nods briefly, "But I am glad that they don't harry you as well." Another indrawn breath and then Mayte requests: "If you see anything… strange being traded about," one hand waves to the closest Weyr road out, "Oh not to yourselves, of course, but among your fellow traders, things that they wouldn't usually trade or something not usually trade-worthy, could you please send me a message, personally?" A genial smile, "It just seems that some of the reportedly taken items are so… personal that their origins would be remarked upon." She doesn't give any examples, but with one last blank look, Mayte murmurs, "My apologies, Rhiscorath is quite pressing…" and the young weyrwoman is moving towards the Weyr again.

"Of course, weyrwoman. I will make sure to report anything that might come through. Or that my men might see." With that, Willimina gives a stiff bow to the weyrwoman and to Onari, before grabbing Dinsayde and practically dragging him back to camp.

Dinsayde follows along, his brain trying to work out the look on the Reika guard's face earlier. He scowls as he's drug along.

Malakai, seeing that the meeting is breaking up, makes sure that the runner is safe and heads back to his wagon, shaking his head.

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