Ravene, (NPCs) Zisiene, Veidor, Sadran, and K'dor


Ravene's worst fears aren't quite realized


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the tenth month of the first turn of t
he 12th pass.


Ravene's Bakery and Sundries, Igen Weyr

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Ravene's Bakery and Sundries

The murmur of voices fills this space as people gather for the unique breads, and pastries that Ravene's is known for. The counter with its glass display is once again filled with freshly baked pastries, breads, and bubblies. The smell of klah fills the air, and escapes out into the street along with the smell of the freshly baked breads. Stews have been added to the seasonal menu, and are served in bowls made of bread. There is a sign that lists the prices of the items for sale, or for those not able to pay, a list of chores that can be done in return for a good meal. (OOC- Ravene can be NPC'd by anyone within the Bakery proper if she's not online. Just please don't cause her any lasting damage or harm. Just please let me know if you've bruised her, or caused her to have a minor burn.) Perched in the rafters is Wobbles.

Veidor is busily sweeping the dining room while his cousin is busy in the kitchen tending the breads and pastries that have been set to baking. Zisiene moves about the bakery with long familiarity, “No, Sadran, that goes over there on the cooling rack,” the girl sighs and looks up towards the ceiling. It'd been a while since Ravene had been down to the bakery itself.

Veidor looks up at the girl's voice, “How is she today?” the apprentice knot on his shoulder is new, and he's well aware of the trust that the baker journeywoman's placed in him. The fact that Ravene had not been seen in nearly a seven, well that was concerning to the newly minted apprentice. Zisiene's answer to the question is to shake her head as she moves to collect the delivery baskets and begin filling them.

Sadran, hearing the conversation pokes his head out of the kitchen, “I heard her arguing with that rider a seven back. You know the one, rides that blue… Kuloth I think is his name? Anyway, they were arguing about something, but I don't know what it was,” because the other apprentice just wasn't paying attention.

Zisiene looks between the two apprentices before she finishes packing the baskets and shoves them towards the apprentices, “You've both been with me at one point or another running the deliveries. Go,” the tone isn't quite like Ravene's but it wasn't far off, and the pair took the baskets and left.

Zisiene watches to make sure they've left before she sits down, and draws her feet up onto the chair to curl around her legs. The girl can't help but cry, she'd done everything she could think to try and get Ravene to eat. She was just at a point she didn't know what else to do, and if Ravene died? Well then she'd have no choice but to close the bakery or sell it and find some place else to live. She didn't want to live anywhere else. This had become home, and Ravene was her mama she had even hit a boy for saying Ravene wasn't her mama. Of course Ravene was, who else would worry about a child the way that Ravene worried about her and E'bert?

Zisiene was still sitting in the chair when K'dor walked in, “Is she home?” the deep baritone of the rider's voice gets Zisiene to look up. Tear stained face, and all, “Zisiene, she'll be all right. She's just scared,” K'dor was doing his best to sound reassuring, but if he had to be honest with himself the man wasn't entirely sure he was correct.

When he and Ravene had argued she had sounded so certain. Of course he loved Ravene. Had he realized how scared she was, he probably wouldn't have refused her request. She wasn't trying to hide anything from him, she'd told him from the beginning that she shouldn't have children. That she had her bakery, and Zisiene to take care of. He'd been an ass. Now? Now it was too late to end the pregnancy, “I'll take care of you if anything happens Zisiene. Tell her,” he pauses mid-turn towards the door, “tell her that I'm sorry, and send for me when it's time,” then he's gone. Zisiene can only sit where she'd been for the last hour.

The day passes like any other. Weather keeping business slow as people duck in to get out of the sand, or gear up to face it. Veidor and Sadran keep busy with the baking, while Zisiene keeps the dining room clean between customers. At long last it's time to close up as the time stretches out from the last customer leaving, and the bakery remains empty.

“She still hasn't come down. Do you think someone should go up and check on her?” Sadran, always Sadran to ask the blatantly obvious, and the scowl he gets from Zisiene as she was headed to do just that cuts off any more questions, “Should I get the message tubes ready then?” Again, the scowl, only this time from his cousin. A sigh is given as the slightly dim witted Sadran starts to gather up the message tubes for each firelizard.

A long time passes in silence as the two boys clean the kitchen. They stop at the sound of feet running towards them, “Send Mars for a healer. Wobbles to K'dor, and Porana for E'bert,” Zisiene gasps as she enters the kitchen, “Don't just stand there like a pair of dim glows. Move!” which sets the pair in motion.

The 'lizards are dispatched with a minimum of bumbling, and the first to return is Porana. The gold settles on the display before she extends her foreleg so the message can be retrieved. Zisiene opens it, and reads quickly before she's pacing, “What did E'bert say?”

“He can't make it. Wing duties to finish with,” Zisiene answers, not sure which of the cousins had spoken. Then there's Wobbles popping in from Between, and shortly after that the door to the bakery opens, “She's right this way,” the rider is saying to a heavily robed figure that takes the time to shake loose the robes and reveal a midwife, “That girl can't be who I'm to tend to,” she retorts to the rider.

“Not me, my mama. Upstairs, I'll take you,” Zisiene says before K'dor can say anything. The rider parks his rear end in a nearby chair and begins the long waiting game. The flurry of motion that is Zisiene when she descends the stairs and goes into the kitchen keeps him from asking questions. The worried look on her face as she returns along the same route has him wishing the midwife would let him up there with Ravene.

There is a loud scream, and then silence. This makes K'dor stand up and start towards the stairs. He stops when the midwife comes down, “I've done all I can. The boy was stillborn. The girl may live, and Ravene? Well only time will answer that one. You can go up and meet your daughter. I am sorry about the boy,” K'dor blinks numbly at the woman as she wraps herself up, and leaves the bakery. No sooner is she gone, and he's gone up the stairs to see Ravene. To see his children. To say good-bye to his son even while his daughter and weyrmate fight to live.

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