Veresch, Kyara


Backscene taking place later the same morning as Thuggery. Veresch sends a pre-dawn request for rescue to Kyara.


It is before dawn of the tenth day of the eleventh month of the first Turn of the 12th Pass.


Igen Hold Courtyard

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Igen Hold Courtyard

Below the bizarrely twisted and honeycombed sandstone cliffs that comprise the face of Igen Hold, a wide courtyard cobbled in flat, pale terra cotta brickwork stretches out to greet visitors approaching from the road that winds along the red palisades above the Igen River. Kept mostly clean of Igen’s ever-pervasive sand, the stone lawn is edged by covered walkways that open onto the space via dozens of carved archways. Glowbaskets hang from wrought iron mounts at regular intervals beneath stone awnings, and each corner boasts a proud statue of a stylized dragon in sandstone. Most gather in the shade of the walkways during the heat of the day, but when twilight sets in, the Hold denizens can be found milling about the yard as the desert air cools, their paths illuminated by torches wedged into engraved stone wall sconces on the columns framing each arch

Early in the morning, way early. Early enough to be night still, with the sunrise a mere hope on the horizon. Igen's courtyard is still dusty and empty, without the people that usually pass to and fro during the day. In one corner, wrapped up tightly in a blanket, sits a young woman, hair slightly long. There's a guard standing at her shoulder, and her hands are shaking around the huge mug of klah she clasps in them. Sunk into a kind of stupor, she's only peripherally aware that her 'lizards are chittering around Liareth's head, sharing ugly images: a splash of red across her cheek, shivering shoulders. The note they drop off isn't much more coherent, just a note saying that she arrived in Igen Hold and could Kyara please come and pick her up. Her penmanship, usually so neat, is atrocious, and the ink splotched and bleeding from tears.

It isn't uncommon for Liareth to insinuate herself into her rider's dreams. What is uncommon is the nature of her intrusion this time, and Kyara wakes into the chill of morning to the sound of firelizards chittering in distress out on the ledge. Not hers. The greenrider's two bronzes and one queen are doing their best to calm the lot, but it isn't going too well. Something isn't right. « Veresch, » is Liareth's simple explanation, along with the image of Igen Hold in the faint light of pre-dawn. For the green to use a name is significant, and Kyara is out of bed in an instant, rushing to grab riding gear and an extra set besides.

» Calm them, Lia. One has a note? « The distressed sounds without subside - mostly - and eventually one of Veresch's fair flits into the weyr accompanied by Blaze, bearing a note. Kyara knows the way Veresch writes quite well, so as if the presence of the girl's firelizards weren't enough… It isn't long before the green pair blinks in above Igen Hold, greeting the watch dragon even as they circle down to the courtyard. No sooner have her boots hit the flagstones than Kyara is striding in to search for her young friend. Eyes presently fall on the blanket-huddled form with a guard nearby, and her steps quicken. "Guardsman, you couldn't have waited with her inside?" the greenrider all but snaps - but there's no malice meant. She's simply relieved to see Veresch intact. "What happened?" she questions, moving toward the girl.

"She didn't want to go inside, ma'am," the guard answers, mouth tight himself. "Headwoman wanted to put her to bed, but she kept saying that she has to go home." He speaks over the girl's head as if she's not there; in a real sense she's not. It's only as the last of Kyara's well-trained voice sinks in that she looks up, eyes sparkling green from crying too much, and complexion blotchy. There's a single sniffle, and then she puts the cup aside to stumble over. A nasty bruise across one cheek, only now coming up livid. "You were right," she whispers, voice rubbed thin. "Bandits. It was…" She shakes her head, pinches her lips. "They were going to hit Venus, and they got my new knife. I managed to fight them off, but I was so scared I ran away. I just ran."

"And that was the right call," Kyara says of running, carefully pulling Veresch into an enveloping hug and keeping her there for the moment, ignoring the chill of fear that divides itself from the actual chill of the morning. "Running is sometimes the smartest thing. Thank you for keeping watch over her," Kyara offers the guard with a nod before returning her attention to Veresch, holding her at arm's length. Liareth settles close by, nearly surrounding them, eyes glowing warm gold trained on the girl. "Have you seen a Healer at least?" she asks, though by the look of things that hasn't been the case. The greenrider breaks away for a moment to delve into a pouch on her green's neck, returning with a smaller one and removing her gloves. "How many were there?" she wants to know, squinting slightly as she eyes Veresch's injuries.

"There were two of them, on the traces here. I was running on the road a little, since a caravan had broken down and I was carrying a message for them. I think the bandits were waiting for them. One of them stepped out in front of me, and when I stopped one appeared close to me. I wanted to send a message earlier, call you or the guards somehow, but the thick-looking one, he had a club and would've hit Venus, and… and I gave them everything, and then they wanted fun." Everything kind of slips out in a rush. "The one guy grabbed me and I bit his hand, and I kicked the other inna fork a few times, and I ran, and Venus went for you." She takes a deep breath, trying to wriggle deeper into the hug. "I was really, really scared."

Kyara chuckles softly over the thought of someone trying to club a firelizard, keeping her arms around Veresch once she returns with her pouch. "She'd have blinked ::between:: before he could've gotten close," the greenrider says. The further elaboration draws a snort of disgust. "'Fun,'" she echoes, almost snarling the word. "I'm glad there were only two. None would've been ideal, but that's neither here nor there now." She nods slowly over Veresch's pronouncment of her fear, quiet for a moment. "Did you see them well enough that Erikkhan might be able to do a sketch?" she asks, trying to see the girl's injuries better again to no avail. "Shardit. It's still too dim out here. Any cuts or scrapes I should know about before we head back? It's not good to go ::between:: with open wounds." Not that it would take too long from here, but it would still be uncomfortable.

Veresch grimaces and shakes her head, wincing afterwards. "I didn't, no," she says, clearly regretful, though she's shivering less as reason sets in. "The moons were up, but I wouldn't be able to tell you anything about them — I kind of panicked too much to remember any details." One hand lifts to her cheek, the other to a couple other bruises. "Nothing torn or broken. Really. I just want to get to the baths and get to my own bed. Look, I'm sorry I woke you up, but … I don't want to run back. I don't even know how I'm going to tell Sadie I lost her note and marks, or Finn's knife…" She trails off, but there's pain there, emotional now. "I'm sorry."

With a settling sigh, Kyara turns back to Liareth and replaces her medical kit back in the pouch, returning with a large, lined jacket and riding helmet. She doesn't hold them out to Veresch right away though - not when the girl says she doesn't want to run back. "Just be honest with them," she suggests gently. "Sadaiya will probably just be happy you're alright, and Finn… Well, I don't know Finn too well, but he ought to understand, too. And if he takes it into his head to blow up at you for something beyond your control, I'll blow up at him right back. He may just be upset that you weren't with someone on the road." Which Kyara wasn't too thrilled about either, honestly…but that was established before Veresch left. At the apology, Kyara shakes her head, accepting it with another hug. "Try not to go travelling alone again, yeah? You can come rest up in my weyr for a while, if you like. After a bath. I don't have drills until the afternoon, so it wouldn't be a problem. But it's up to you."

There's a gulp from Veresch - an inhaled sigh of sorts. "Finn wouldn't…" There's a shake from her head, and a little fear creeping in. "It's the first thing I ever bought myself," she says suddenly, looking up at Kyara. "I wanted to buy a dress with that money, but then I saw his box of pieces. I. Um." Another shake of her head. "I think I just want to go to bed, and wake up after a few hours." Scooting regretfully away, she nods to Liareth in thanks, and waits there for Kyara's command to scramble on up.

"Wouldn't what? Understand?" Kyara asks about Finn, frowning slightly. "Well. Not telling him for a while would probably be better then. At least until we get you another knife." The wheels in Kyara's head are turning on the matter, though she may not be concealing the fact very well. "I probably would've done the same thing. Picking a knife over a dress, that is. Though nowadays…" She makes a weighing motion that shifts between both hands, smirking slightly. She's managed to pick up more femininity since becoming a rider, oddly enough - though buying dresses for masques may always have a slight taint to the act now. She nods, handing Veresch the jacket and helmet and then going about checking Liareth's straps. The pretty green, meanwhile, turns her head with a quiet croon, whuffling warm breath gently over the girl. Veresch is someone Kyara cares about; therefore, so does Liareth.

It's not often that Veresch gets to hang around dragons these days, what with her work getting squarely in the way, so the whuffle brings a fresh sheen of tears to her eyes and a wobbly line to her lower lip. She struggles into the jacket and helmet, then lifts her arms to give Liareth a hug of sheer relief. "Thank you," she whispers to her as well, and presses her face against the green hide for a bare moment. After that, waiting for the go-ahead, she scrambles up to the secondary seat, secures herself into the straps and waits, pinching her eyes tightly shut. No one wants between-crusted teary eyes, but she's more than ready to leave the hold.

Liareth rumbles softly - a sound closely resembling a feline purr, when Veresch hugs her - and Kyara laughs quietly. "You're welcome," the greenrider replies on behalf of her lifemate, hauling up into place in front of Veresch and clipping in securely herself. After donning her own helmet, she pats the wide belt around her waist in indication for Veresch to hold on, though the girl probably hardly needs the reminder. With that, Liareth leaps from the courtyard, and within moments they are between - homeward bound.

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