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Some Zingari enjoy being back in Igen and finally have some normalcy


-- On Pern --
It is 1:31 PM where you are.
It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the fifth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the fifty-eighth day of Spring and 91 degrees.
In Southern:
It is the fifty-eighth day of Autumn and 50 degrees. Overcast with only a little rainfall, Rukbat's light is brighter as the storm clouds drift further west, leaving only intermittent cloud cover.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the fifty-eighth day of Autumn and 19 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Igen Caravan Grounds

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Igen Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the fifty-eighth day of Spring and 91 degrees. A passing storm thunders overhead. Lightning flashes and thunder booms.

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It's odd, being in Igen again, after being gone so long. What had supposed to have been a few months of happy traveling during spring and summer, had turned into a turn of nightmares for the Zingari. Raids, thefts, kidnappings and internal upheaval of their entire system of belonging. It's been a long turn. So it's no wonder that Reveka, a young Zingari who'd been born to Willimina's clan, is only just now getting her chance to pass her tests and become a fully fledged performer. And it is excitement for this chance that finds her outside her wagon, practicing. In a set of skin tight trousers and a tanktop more like to lounge wear than actual clothing, she stands, breathing and stretching before beginning her practice. Her wavy hair is tamed into a bun at the nape of her neck, leaving her eyes clear to see what she's doing. There is a stool in front of her. Leaning forward, she places her forearms on the stool. Then, lifting her feet, she places herself in a planking position, all her weight on her arms. From there, she continues to lift her legs up and over her head until they are suspended in front of her face. (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b4/97/6d/b4976d811bbf4c9e9b91b6360a481c66--scissors-poledance.jpg)

Like Reveka, Ziniel is warming up for a series of tests. She watches anxiously as her block and tackle are hoisted up into the air, silky lengths of cloth roughly two feet in width, and easily three times the girl's height is attached. The silks stream, and billow in the breeze, and Ziniel will stretch before she looks over to Reveka and gives a grin. Like Reveka she's Zingari born, and belongs to the mother clan. Unlike Reveka she didn't grow up within the mother clan, "Shards," she snorts as she watches the block being stopped a scant two inches above her fully outstretched arm, "How am I supposed to do anything with that so low?" she asks the other girl. Not that she expects Reveka to have any answers.

Somehow, even bent as she is, Reveka manages to shrug, as if it's super easy to bend one's self literally in half and still breathe properly. "Willimina has to trust that you won't break your own neck…" And as quickly as a person can blink, Reveka is standing flat on her feet once more. She does a couple of more stretches and then tries again, this time suspending one foot in front of her face, while setting the other atop her own head.

"Well with the rig this low, it's a guarantee I'll break my neck," Ziniel says. After all she's a tall girl, a fact she doesn't even try to conceal. Like she could in the first place. There's a nod from one of the dancers, and the block goes up a little more. Not quite as far as Zini would take it, but far enough she can at least get some of the basic moves in. A few rolls, a fishnet climb, a headfirst slide towards the ground with a leg stop before she actually hits the ground. Provided she's given the okay to actually climb that is, "Ziniel," she says, to the other girl, "I've been doing aerial acrobatics for long enough to know what I'm doing," she won't she she's never been hurt, that would be a lie, "I dance too," which is probably where she'll be started.

Reveka comes out of the second pose. This time her top half goes backwards and she keeps going until she's looking out from between her legs. Again, she manages to shrug. "WIllimina isn't one to stymie good talent, she's got to have a good reason fro keeping you so low to the ground." Reveka holds the position for a moment, grabbing her ankles, before letting go and rising up. Straightened, she walks over to Ziniel and presents a hand. "Reveka." A smiles slips across her lips and her mahogany colored eyes glint with amusement. "How funny, I dance too, interesting that we haven't noticed each other."
Reveka snugs Bonifas! Bonifas is snugged!
Bonifas snugs Reveka! Reveka is snugged!
Bonifas has arrived.

"Only reason I can think of is my mother," Ziniel grumps. She knows what she's doing, and she can prove it if she could just get the silks up high enough. At her six foot of height, being able to touch the block isn't a safe distance off the ground, "If they would just take it up out of reach, that would be high enough. I can't get any of the rolls, or the Deadman's Drop done if I can touch that," she points at her rig, and just glares at the dance instructor that refuses to budge. She'll hoist it herself if she has to.

Reveka shrugs, looking skeptical, not about Ziniel's skill, but about her hoisting it herself. "Up to you, but if Willa gives an order I'd follow it, she usually has better reasons than just word of mouth to dictate something." The scene they'd witnessed at the summit in Keroon had been enough to prove that. Reveka has to admit however, she'd like to see what a 'deadman's drop' is, and almost says so, but then again, she doesn't want to get Ziniel in trouble. "It was turns before they started letting me twist myself into some of the knots I can get into now."

Putting yourself into all sorts of odd positions is not just a hobby for the ladies. Although in Bonifas's case, it's less of twisting himself into poses than flinging himself through them. He had been practicing a routine that involved some careful timing of flips with another of the young jongleurs under the watchful eye of an older Zingari. After a couple of rough starts, they do manage to successfully run through the sequence with Bon ending up standing on the other boy's shoulders as intended. A rest is called and he starts to wander, drinking from a waterskin as he does so. Ziniel and Reveka are spotted, and both get a nod and a wave.

The taller of the two finishes her warm ups, then waits for her turn on the dance floor, "I'm too tall for that small of a work space. You could pull that space off, but I can't. They don't want me to hurt myself? Then the block has to go up far enough for me to not be able to touch it even if I jump," it's as simple as that, and the fact that she won't budge from this stance is enough for the silks to be at a stalemate between herself and the dance master. She's seen what happens to aerialists that are forced to work without enough space. It isn't pretty. She'll go and do her dance when she's called. She hits all the rolls, shimmies, and camals perfectly. She stumbles just a little at one of the more intricate steps, but it's easily covered and looks like she intended the stumble to happen. At least to the untrained eye. Ziniel ends her dance with a flourish, and then bows to the dance master before leaving the dance floor.
Reveka sighs, she won't argue. The silks are not in her realm of performance art, at least not currently. Bonifas is given a wave and a wide, pretty smile as Reveka moves to where her rucksack lays on the ground, she retrieves a water skin and drinks from it before beginning another series of stretches, the few she's done let her know she's not quite loose enough for practice yet. She drops into a set of splits and leans forward, grabbing her toe and turning her nose in towards her knee. SHe can feel the stretch in her legs and back. She holds for a few moments, then straightens, counts to ten, and does it again.

Bonifas makes a few more wandering circles as he's cooling down before ending up near the girls, returning Reveka's smile with a wide one of his own. While Ziniel's off doing her dance he will offer a comment towards the older girl. "She still talking everyone's ear off about how she's gotta have her silks be higher and anyone that says otherwise is an idiot?" Oh wait, looks like she's coming back. Time to pretend like he was just commenting on the weather and take another sip of his water.

Ziniel doesn't sit as one might expect. No she gets a waterskin, and takes a drink of water before she's going into another set of stretches. Zini's still watching her silks, and consoles herself with the fact that they're at least up now. Bonifas is eyed as she stretches. Lunge to the left, lunge to the right followed by a drop into splits where she stretches forward until her nose almost touches her ankle. She'll hold that pose for a slow count to ten, then sit back up for another slow count of ten. She repeats that, then places a hand to either side of her hips, pushes herself up and spins so that she faces the opposite leg. She'll hold her opinion, not that Bon hasn't heard her gripe many times before.

Bon gets a short chuckle, nod and grin before Ziniel comes back. Reveka has to keep herself from giggling when Bon looks guilty and turns towards the other leg to finish her stretching. "Done for the day?" She aims at Bonifas once she's upright again. She moves so that both legs are straight in front of her and then stretches to grab her toes.

Bonifas is the picture of innocence, really, as he nonchalantly takes a seat right here, sprawling out into some low key stretching of his own. "Yeah. We tend to get started a bit earlier. Kinda hard to practice some of the longer sequences when there's more folks around." A hand gets waved at the people coming and going and those doing their own exercises. Wouldn't be good to careen into an innocent bystander. He sees Ziniel eyeing him while she stretches, and just gives her a smile. Innocent, really.

"Zin!" is called, and Ziniel sits up from her stretching. She'll just ignore Bonifas for now as she stands and moves over to the silks that are hanging. Most of which are dragging the ground, "Show me that Deadman's Drop," is stated as she reaches out to run one of the lengths through her hands, "Can't," she answers, "See?" and she reaches up to place her hand flat on the block of her rig, "Not high enough. You say you don't want me to get hurt? Well then, that has to go up at least a foot more," she's not going to budge on this, and for an answer the rig is lowered and packed away.

Reveka shakes her head with a grin. "I don't think it's a war you're going to win Ziniel." Reveka stands, and once more, bends backwards until she is looking at Ziniel from between her legs, such an unnatural position to be in. A few passers by seem either be fascinated, or grossed out. They are looks Reveka is used to getting. SHe grabs her ankles and pulls a little further between her legs, getting a stretch and practice out of this move.

"I think they know this is going to be the exact same conversation, every time…" Bonifas mutters as he watches Ziniel get called over and has the same argument he's heard before. Some serious deja vu. While the boy's acrobatic practice may be done for the day, he's got a few more things up his sleeves or more appropriately, in the small bag next to his waterskin which he pulls out five balls and starts juggling them. "Patience sucks, but it's necessary sometimes."

A sigh is given as Ziniel returns to finish her stretches, then it's another turn on the dance floor. She'll get her silks one way or another, and when she does she'll show the dance master she knows what she's doing.

Reveka shakes her head, some cases are just not worth arguing. Ziniel seems to have her mind made up. She straightens, lays prone on her belly and brings her feet to rest, front facing, on the ground on either side of her head. Then, she pushes herself up on her hands and walks around upon them. While she does so, she watches Bon juggle. Quite the odd trio they would make, these performers, if they weren't Zingari. However, this seems to be just another day in the caravan. "What are you doing after practice and chores?" Reveka asks of both her companions.

Bonifas watches Reveka's stretching while he continues with his juggling, switching up the pattern from a cascade to fountain and back again. "Dunno. Hadn't really thought that far ahead. We have been out of Igen for a while. Wonder if the Steens have anything new in the Menagerie? Though… anything new might be to bed already…" Shrug. "You got any plans?"

"Get a nap before evening meal," Ziniel answers. She is frequently seen helping to cook, and serve the meals. It's something she enjoys doing. Some arguments can't be won, others are won by proving the point, and she'll find a way to prove her point.

Reveka decides to become a more normal, upright person for a while and gets back on her feet instead of walking around on her hands. Water is her first stop but she nods when Bonifas asks after her plans. "Well, since we're back in Igen , I was going to take a few marks and go watch a fight in the Pit." She takes another drink. "Anyone else game?" She raises a finely plucked eyebrow up at the both of them. Oh yes, she definitely has a wild side and likes to do fun things, she doesn't always follow the rules.

The announcement of Reveka's plans (sorry, Zin, naps sound boring), has Bonifas slowing his juggling down until all the balls are stationary. "Just one? If we're gonna go, we might as well stay for a couple." With that smile and the use of we, this boy is definitely game for a little adventure. Especially since someone else provided the seed of the idea.

Boring is a matter of perspective. Ziniel

Boring is a matter of perspective. Ziniel's willing to skip this outing.

Reveka gets a look that is rather like a feline who has gotten away with thieving the cream. "Excellent." She says smirking, like, if Pern had Mr. Burns, Reveka would be him. She drinks again and looks over to Ziniel with a smile. Naps are good, but Reveka might have to agree with Bon on this one, boring. "I'm more than happy to watch more than one."

Bonifas nods with a big smile on his face and begins his juggling again, although only with three of the balls instead of all five. More of just something to do with his hands at this point instead of sitting still. "Sounds like we have a plan. What chores do you have? I'm helping see to some of the runners, so need to clean up after, but that shouldn't take too long." He would ask Ziniel what chores she has, but she doesn't seem interested in going and it's probably serving dinner like usual.

A shrug is given, and Ziniel heads off to find a quiet spot. To sleep? To scheme? Maybe a bit of both? Probably a bit of both. She's got things to work on, and if she's careful she may succeed in her scheming. As for chores, Bonifas would be correct. Dinner, and clean up as usual. Since she's a rarity who doesn't complain about that chore, she is there more often than not.

Reveka smiles. "I have to deliver some clean laundry, and a few notices from Willa to our Bazaar suppliers, but I should be good to go after that. We could eat here or at the Cantina along the way." Reveka is pretty happy about having someone to share the evening with, it's always best to have an adventure with a friend! She packs up her back and gives Ziniel a wave before turning to Bonifas. "So I'll see you in a bit right?"

Bonifas nods again and begins packing up his things as well. There are those chores to be seen to now that his practice is actually done. "Yeah. Cantina, or there's that one vendor with the goat curry…" There's probably more than one, but there's one in particular he's been wanting to have again. "See you around." Both departing girls get a wave from him before he's heading off himself.

Reveka nods. "Sounds like a plan." She gives a bright flashing smile that lights up the whole of her face and pulls the bun from her hair, allowing the mid-waist length mass to tumble down around her. "See you later." And with that she spins on her heel and walks off, whistling a tune to herself as her hair sways around her waist. It's been a good day.

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