M'noq, Keelie


Keelie is finally out of the mountain, and M'noq brings her home and takes care of her. Takes place after One Rock at a Time.


It is the thirtieth day of Autumn.


Ravaith's Weyr, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 10 Mar 2016 05:00


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"My heart was with you too."


It's perhaps an hour after Keelie was pulled from the cave. At the site, Keelie was given water and food, and then M'noq directs Gruffith to bring her back to his weyr. He feels a little guilty, knowing that she should probably be checked out by a healer, but surely that can wait until tomorrow. "There are towels on the shelf in the bath," he says (hint hint), as he tries to tidy the place up. It's weyr looks a little more cluttered than normal, maybe because he was only back here twice in the last four days, and both times involved ransacking the place, looking for something. "I'll be in, in a minute. You need anything first?"

What a day. Never has the air tasted so fresh, the stars looked so bright, as today, for Keelie. Gruffith was so happy to see her, and she him. They must have hugged for ten minutes before someone mentioned that they ought to go. Gruffith made a bit of a fuss when M'noq wanted Keelie brought here instead of the healers, but Keelie convinced him it was alright. She needs rest more than being poked. And now the brown is fast asleep out on their ledge. Keelie is a bit hesitant to enter the weyr proper, although she peeks in, pulling off her parka and folding it over her arm. "Are you saying I smell, M'noq?"

M'noq's lips twist into an amused grin. "I'm saying that you look like you're covered in half the mountain, and I look like I'm covered in the other half. Besides, it'll warm you up." He notices her hesitation. "Nothing around here is going to cave in, I promise." He stifles a yawn and gives a little shiver. He has been running on adrenaline for days, and it has about run out. "I wish I could threaten to carry you in there, though it would probably end up being just dragging. Trust me, you don't want that." Even with his "threat," he can't stop smiling, he's so happy she's home safe.

Keelie laughs at his not-really-a-joke joke, and it quickly turns to a cough. The parka slips off her tired arms to the floor. "Being warm would be nice. And clean." Despite her heritage, Keelie isn't the kind of person that enjoys being dirty for any amount of time. Except for a bit of mud. But even then she likes cleaning off just as much. At his word that his weyr isn't about to collapse, she sets her chin and steps quickly inside, as if that will deter any falling rocks. She kicks off her fur boots with more difficulty than usual. The wool socks are stuck inside. "How do you know I would not like dragging? I am a wildling." But she's already started peeling off layers, with difficulty, and is smiling just as much as he is. She's happy to be home.

M'noq doesn't really have a lot of energy for tidying up, though he does at least pick up the dirty clothes from the floor and straighten the furs on the bed. "Fine, I'll drag you somewhere tomorrow. Do you want to be dragged anywhere in particular, or would it just be around the place?" If she's still working on undressing, he goes to assist, doing his best to keep it all-business. Not that it isn't a temptation to do otherwise. "Are you sore anywhere? Did any of the rocks hit you in the fall?" He checks her over for any obvious injuries.

Keelie was going to get those. Promise. Her arms are just sort of wibbly, made more obvious in the way she's trying to pull her sleeve out. As he comes to help, she leans into him, as if too tired to stand up on her own. She does have a cut surrounded by a nice bruise on her forehead, and little bruises on her arms and shoulders, a noticeably large bruise on her thigh where one of the larger rocks landed when she was trying to move the pile. And then there's that cough. She'll need to see the healers about that. "I am fine," she insists. "Are you ok?" Now naked, she walks on weaving steps towards the bath, and being warm and clean. "You saved me. You can drag me wherever you want. Unless it's into another cave."

M'noq assists her in walking to the small bath chamber. The pool there is large enough for two, but just barely. He eases her into the warm water, then sets a pot of sweet sand nearby. "You're making me feel guilty about not taking you to the healers right away." Between the Lord Warder's circumstances and Keelie's obvious exhaustion, M'noq made the decision that she needed a night's sleep and a couple meals more than anything else. He'll probably be scolded for it by his wingleader in the morning. "I'm fine. Just tired. I feel like I could sleep for two days."

"Mmm," Keelie relaxes into the warm water with M'noq's help. "I will be fine. Gruffith would not have let me come if there was any danger." She closes her eyes and just rests, sinking down until it's up to her chin, her long hair fanning out. "Besides, I want to be with you." Eyes gently open and she smiles at him. Thanks to the currents, the dirt is already starting to come off. She reaches for some soapsand, and gingerly starts scrubbing it on her face, and then her hair, and her arms. It stings. Something about the promise of getting all of the mountain off of her is giving her more energy. "Are you not coming in with me? Or do I need to drag you in?" An empty threat, for once. "We can rest soon."

M'noq just laughs, beginning to shed his clothes. He has a few big, purple bruises along his right side and leg, though nothing that seems to be causing him much difficulty. "Hopefully we won't flood the place out," he says as he climbs in with her. It's a small pool, and he displaces enough water to bring the water level just to the top, almost splashing over the edge. He grabs a handful of the sweet sand and lathers it up, applying it to Keelie's back and anywhere else she can't reach. "You know how worried I was about you? Every moment you were trapped, I wanted to tear through that mountain of rock with my bare hands."

Keelie laughs too, which quickly turns into coughing. She takes a tally of his bruises as he undresses, looking more (tired) mermaid than ever. "It could not be worse than your bath during weyrlinghood," she teases, grinning as the waterline rises up and up… and stops. She sighs and leans back into him as he scrubs her back. As he speaks she smiles, turns her head to look at him. Oh, that look. That gentle look. Harpers write songs about that look. She opens her mouth, as if she's about to say something… then closes it. "I thought of you." She finally shares. She turns, trying to return the favour in helping him clean. "You were one of the things that kept me going, in the darkness."

M'noq puts his arms around her and hugs her tightly, feeling more terrible than he could put into words. He doesn't even need that look to know what she feels, because he feels it too. "Gruffith was with you. Ravaith and I were too. The whole Weyr was thinking of you. I'm so glad we were able to communicate while you were trapped. I don't know what I would have done if we were entirely cut off." He splashes a little water over her shoulders, though at this point, it's pretty cloudy now. "That cough of yours sounds pretty bad. Should we go to see the healers tonight?"

"I felt you with me," Keelie leans back into him, wrapping her arms around his that are holding her so tightly. She's shivering slightly, and her wet hair is clinging to everything. "I saw your face in the darkness. And Gruffith." She's pulled in by another fit of coughing, and she shakes her head firmly. "No. I need to rest. I want to be with you, M'noq. I need to be with you." The way she is curling into him, she's about ready to sleep in the bath. Then she notices the state of the water. "Are you clean enough?"

M'noq immediately feels Keelie's shiver and knows they've already lingered a bit too long. "Clean enough. Another bath tomorrow, if you want." He'll make sure they don't sleep in the bath, at least. He helps her out of the water and wraps her in a warm bathsheet. It's all he can do to get them both dry enough and then under the warm sleeping furs. As tired as they both are, there will be no pillow talk, probably no cuddling unless one of them happens to fall asleep on top of the other one. "My heart was with you too," he murmurs softly into her damp hair, before he falls asleep.

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