Ravene, Cale


Cale drops in for a lesson in baking, and Ravene asks (in a round about way) that he comes to work for her.


It is early afternoon of the day 29th of the eleventh month of the first Turn of the 12th Pass


The kitchen of Ravene's Bakery and Sundries, Igen Weyr

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Ravene's Bakery and Sundries (in the kitchen)

The murmur of voices fills this space as people gather for the unique breads, and pastries that Ravene's is known for. The counter with its glass display is once again filled with freshly baked pastries, breads, and bubblies. The smell of klah fills the air, and escapes out into the street along with the smell of the freshly baked breads. Stews have been added to the seasonal menu, and are served in bowls made of bread. There is a sign that lists the prices of the items for sale, or for those not able to pay, a list of chores that can be done in return for a good meal. (OOC- Ravene can be NPC'd by anyone within the Bakery proper if she's not online. Just please don't cause her any lasting damage or harm. Just please let me know if you've bruised her, or caused her to have a minor burn.)

It's that quiet time between meals. The dining room is mostly empty during the lull, and there are two apprentices and Zisiene busily cleaning the dining area. Tables are being cleared, or wiped down the floor swept from the direction of the kitchen there is the sound of pots and pans being put away. Ravene (presumably) is cleaning the kitchen. It's a wonder the bakery is even open, "Zisiene, don't forget the deliveries. Take Sandran with you," is called. A moment later, "Is that apprentice… What was his name? Cale here yet?"

Cale can't have been lurking. That would be sinister, and he's more weird than sinister. He does, however, show up as if on cue, with a bright smile and a wave. "Uhm, hello!" He does his best not to get in the way of anybody doing work-like stuff in the main room, hopping slightly on the balls of his feet like an overexcited lizard about to get a treat. "I mean, yes, here! Er, I'm here… but you know that. Present?" One brow arches up. He settles for a toothy smile and wave, again.

Ravene pokes her head out of the kitchen, and upon seeing Cale, smiles brightly, "Well don't just stand there. Get in here," and she's back into the kitchen again. The counters are scrubbed clean, and there is an array of bowls, measuring cups, and other cooking accoutrements lined up, "What do you know?" assessment time, "As in, if you were to start a bread; where would you begin?" why? Because Ravene's passion is breads and pastries.

Cale follows her into the kitchen looking around with wide eyes and careful to touch nothing. "Well, I'd make sure I had space for making it, first. Somewhere with air flow, and dry enough so the bread isn't gross when it's done." Someone is not a fan of the humid climes. He scratches his cheek and adds, "Uhm, then I guess it depends on the clientele?" he glances at her curiously. "Sweet breads? Dark breads? Fruit? Crunchy rolls, flatbreads, fry bread?" He tilts his head. "Sorry, I always get in trouble for asking too many questions. I, uhm, I bet you’re wanting me to give you the ingredients, but there's a lot you have to know before you get your hands dirty, my dad always said." He offers another smile, though he looks afraid he might have answered wrong.

Ravene grins broadly at Cale's answer even as she's handing the packed baskets to Zisiene and Sandran, "I find that humidity helps the rising process, but yes. You're correct. It depends on what you are doing with the bread as to what you actually need. Basic ingredients are flour, yeast, and water. From there you need to know what the client wants," she has a bowl that's been covered with a hot, damp towel, "This is a dough that needs to be punched down, then we'll braid it into a stuffed bread. What would you put on the inside of the braid? Never mind the customer. This is for us to share. Just you, the other apprentices, and myself. So, what do you want?"

Cale smiles brightly at her acceptance of his answer. He leans over to sniff at th bowl, expression thoughtful. "If it's a quick bread, I'd go with something lighter. Currants, cinnamon, maybe some molasses sugars to candy up or glaze a bit? If that's too sweet, a hint of cream to make it richer, or some lemon? Lemon's nice with sweet. I'm not sure how much stuffing you mean to do." He chews on his lip, eyeing the bowl hard. "If you really want to stuff it tall, I'd say…. minced meats, squash, and some sweet seasoning." Somebody likes his sweets. "But, uhm… what kind of bread is it? Sometimes, I just love some bread and oil by itself."

Ravene spreads some flour on the counter, and then turns the dough out onto it. A second bowl is picked up and brought forward, "We're going to do one of my stuffed yeast breads. You are going to punch that dough down, then take that rolling pin and roll it out flat," she's got a second bowl of bread dough that is turned out onto another section of floured counter, "Then we'll decide what to put into them," she's already punching the dough in front of herself down, "There's two ways we can stuff the bread. First is by making this a braid, the second is to do a roll. We're going to do both. Why don't you do the roll, and I'll do the braid?" unless of course Cale feels up to the challenge of a braided bread that is.

Cale nods, brows lifting at her instructions. The first thing he does is move to wash his hands, maybe a bit more than most might. Only after that does he dry up and move to punch his assigned dough down. "All one roll?" Yes, more questions from him, though he's at least asking while working, and his attention to the task at hand is uncharacteristic for a boy his age. He works the dough and starts to roll it out as instructed, though he waits on an answer before sizing it.

Ravene gives a nod, "You need the extra bit to seal the ends. How would you do that?" is asked even as she's rolling out the punched down dough in front of her. Once the dough is rolled out, Ravene pulls over three bowls and begins to layer down the center thinly sliced roasted wherry, cheese, and a dark, leafy green. When she's done with that, the bread is cut leaving roughly a two inches at one end so that there are now three rows attatched at one end. Quickly, and with a great deal of efficiency, the journeywoman braids the bread together. The open end is still in need of being sealed shut, but Ravene wants Cale's answer before she does that.

Cale chews on his lips, mulling over the problem presented. "Uhm, fold them up first before I close the top? Kind of like a, uh.. a wagon gate? Right?" He makes a floppity-bottom-gate closing motion with one hand before getting back to his dough. "But you gotta let the steam out still, or it can explode. I saw that once." He suppresses a grin at the memory. "But I didn't do it that time, I promise."

Ravene laughs, "Yes, and you use an egg wash to keep the dough together. To let the steam out, you can either leave a small opening at the top where you've folded the bread or you can cut some slits into the top. What would you most like to stuff that with?" because she has a cinnamon mix that would make an excellent filling ready if he'd like to do that.

Cale grins easily, starting to roll his dough out now. He thinks on it, and asks, "I love cinnamons and jams and glazes, but I don't know how to make a filling out of them yet. I'd wind up layering this with spreads between each layer instead of making a real roll." He looks to her, head tilted and brows raised. Learning opportunity!

Ravene chuckles and pulls the cinnamon mix out from under the counter, "We're going to need some butter, and a touch of vanilla," she says pointing to the cold storage area as she turns to pull out the vanilla, "The mix isn't that hard, once you get the butter you'll cut it into the cinnamon and sugars. A teaspoon of vanilla will be added once the mix has smoothed out," Ravene's already finished filling and braiding her own bread. This has been set aside under a second warm, damp cloth, "When you have that done, you'll spread it out on the dough, then roll it up. This won't be sealed shut, and we can make a lemon glaze to drizzle over top if you like."

Cale nods excitedly, moving to the indicated storage area to get the butter and vanilla. He actually doesn't get it right away — he pauses at the entrance of the area and looks it all over to get his bearings in the place first. Only once he's comfortable does he get the ingredients and bring them over. His eyes light up at the idea of more glazes being involved, and he grins ans he sets the containers down after he returns to the counter.

Cale nods, moving to the cold storage area as directed. He doesn't just dive in; he pauses to look it over for a few careful seconds, *then* dives in. He returns with a big grin, either for filling or glaze, or perhaps both. He sets the containers down and looks over expectantly, speaking up. "How much butter do you like to use?" He eyes the workspace and comments, "This is a lot nicer than working in the kitchens.."

Ravene nods at the comment of her kitchen, "We'll use about half of what's in the bowl," lot of butter, but it is worth it, "We'll need two lemons, and the confectioner's sugar," for the glaze. Ravene looks around trying to see if she's forgot anything, "This kitchen doesn't have the room needed for all the cooking that's done in the Weyr's kitchens, but it works for my breads and pastries," which is what matters to the baker, "With a bit of barter, I can get what's needed for making stews to put into bread bowls," which is another of Ravene's big sellers, "You get better, I'll teach you a little trick for making ice regardless of the time of year," a wink is given and Ravene once more is gathering dishes. This time it's the dirtied dishes, and they're set into the sink for washing later.

Cale moves to get the remaining visible ingredients together before spooning out the butter to get started on the filling. When she mentions barter he nods, filing that information away. He begins to set out the other ingredients and stops, looking at her with definite interest. "Ice?" He perks up like a curious meercat. "I'll do whatever it takes!"

Ravene nods, "Ice, it's key in my ices that I sell during the summer after all," and having ice flown in every couple days just doesn't work for her, "There again, it's a matter of having the right ingredients in the right order," she says with a firm nod, "Okay, now you're going to cut the butter into the cinnamon until it's mostly smooth. Then add the vanilla," she gives the cinnamon mixture a look, and then grins at how well it's coming together, "I have a deal with the smiths for one of the components I need," she admits.

Cale nods, moving at not-too brisk a pace. He's making filling, not whipping a topping. Mix, don't aerate. Of course, as he works, questions: "Is there a crazy demand for them? I would think everyone would want them, right?" Also: "What happens if I leave this mixture stiffer rather than more fluid? I mean, if we cooled it to keep the butter from separating at all, what happens?"

A thoughtful look is given to Cale before the answer is given, "The mixture melts all out of the cinnamon rolls," the words have the sound of someone that's had that happen more than once. Ravene looks again, and then adds, "We want it soft enough to spread, but firm enough that we get a nice goey glaze on the inside," to achieve that end, a sprinkle of flour is added in, "Not too much, but enough that we get a little crumble during the baking process," and look at that, the cinnamon is now ready to spread on to the dough, "Spread it on your dough, and roll it up. From there we can bake it as is, or cut the roll into slices. Either way, this is really good with a lemon glaze. For that we need a cup of confectioner's sugar, a teaspoon of warm water, and a teaspoon of lemon. Mix until you have a smooth liquid that we'll drizzle over the roll when it's done baking. So that can wait until just before the breads come out," and the braided bread is given a practiced eye, "Which mine is ready to go in."

Cale watches her intently, either sponging that information up having no idea at all what she is saying. He nods when she instructs him, moving to spread the mixture out over the flat dough rather than slicing it up first. He chews on his lip and eyeballs it to make sure it looks right before carefully rolling it up. "Okay!" It's… mostly not crooked. He looks over at the other ingredients and nods, looking for a place to put the roll. Of course, "Should I make the glaze now, or wait until it's almost time?"

Ravene chuckles at the question, "We'll wait until just before the roll comes out. To cut that up before baking, you'll use a sharp knife, and just slice it up. Or it can just go on a baking sheet, and be baked as is," dealer's choice really, "The icing will set if we mix it too soon, then it won't drizzle properly," she explains on why the waiting.

Cale nods and waits on the icing, and also on the slicing. "Okay, we'll do it like this, then. I want to see how this comes out without cutting it first." He grins with a bit more energy, and offers the roll over. "More importantly, how long and how hot.." he eyes the oven, squinting a bit.

Ravene chuckles again at the question, "It will take about half a candlemark, and the oven is already at the temp needed. Usually about three hundred fifty," she's checking the bread she's put in, then adds, "We need to let that sit for about fifteen minutes before putting it in. We're feeding the yeast, which will give the roll the texture that people are looking for."

Cale nods, continuing to look at the oven intently before returning his gaze to the explanation. "Okay.." he shuffles his feet a bit, glancing around. Apparently he gets fidgety with idle time. Opting to pace, he goes over the recipe and process to himself quietly.

Ravene glances at Cale from where she is working on putting a stew together, "Why don't you get the dishes done," she suggests, "Daegan," she stops for a soft chuckle before continuing, "Would say that the best way to avoid a huge mess after cooking was to clean things up as you go. That way you're also never left idle," which is why she's moved on to the next task on her list of things to do. Vegetables are chopped, and set in a pot to sweat out just a little before she's turning to cut up the herdbeast. This is then dredged in flour, and set into a large stock pot to start browning, "Water, is added after the meat is browned," ah yes, Cale thought he was just going to bake bread. Silly apprentice. There's no such thing as just doing one thing in Ravene's kitchen. The woman is always busy. Always cooking, and the evidence is all over the place with breads, stews (at least being prepped), and pastries.

Cale hops to, moving to get the dishes done when she suggests it. He tilts his head, turning to watch her as she cooks, his features taking on that sort of feline fascination again. "Ah. So if you brown it into a sauce, the flavor goes a long way. How dark do you want it? Slow browning? No extra fat?"

Ravene chuckles as she begins to add the water, vegetables, and seasonings, "Just enough to brown the flour. This creates the roux which allows the broth to thicken and that's what makes it a stew rather than a soup," is explained as the last of the seasonings go in, and a lid dropped on to the pot, "This will come up to a boil, then be set in a cooler location of the cooking hearth to simmer until later this evening," when it will be done, and ready for serving.

Cale nods, his eyebrows lifting. "Ahh, got it. A little roux goes a long way, then? I'd have thought it'd… ohhh, so the longer it goes, the more it thickens, to a point?" He returns his gaze to his dishes, examining each one after he washes it and sets it aside to dry.

A nod is given as Ravene turns to start cleaning up the dishes she's used to start the stew, "Exactly. You don't need much to get a nice thick broth, which pairs really well with the day old bread rounds," she nods to a cupboard that has glass fronted doors. Inside of this are several round loaves of bread, "Those get hollowed out, and the stew ladled in which serves to soften the bread," along with giving people a bowl that is also delicious to eat.

Cale says, "Ahhh. I get it." Cale grins and glances to the cupboard, then back to the dishes. "What sort of stew do your customers prefer? Also, what keeps best out here? It's…. way, way hotter here than I'm used to." He grins and returns to washing, working on a particularly difficult dish."

"Any stew will taste good in a breadbowl," Ravene answers, "But the herdbeast seems to be the one I have the hardest time keeping up with," the breads are given a look, and Ravene knows that far sooner than she'd like she'll have to start getting things readied for the evening rush, "As for what keeps best? Breads keep best in the heat. I'm lucky to have this place though as it has its own kitchen, and a small cold storage space so I can keep things cold without having to go to the Weyr's kitchens," she doesn't sound thrilled with that prospect, "My tithe to the weyr is to make sure all riders and guards get a free klah, and pastry in the morning, and a free stuffed bread to take with them for later. This is done every morning, so the baking doesn't really stop," a final check on the breads in the baking hearth has Ravene smiling, "Right, so we'll be pulling yours out in about five minutes," this said as the braid is pulled out and set on a cooling rack, "So we'll get the icing ready, time you're done with that, you can pull the roll out," Ravene says with another grin. Yep, she's going to watch the apprentice here. How well does he handle pulling breads out for instance? Does he remember to use the hot pads, or does he burn his hand? It isn't that she's cruel, it's more like Ravene wants to observe to see if there are potential problems with safety that will need to be addressed.

Cale moves like someone keenly aware of what a hot oven can do. He doesn't have any scars, so he either pays attention or he watched someone else get burned. Either way, after getting the icing ready, he gingerly removes the roll to get it iced. He moves with confidence everywhere he has observed — once he's somewhere new in the kitchen, he takes small steps and watches everything closely.

Ravene puts her hand on Cale's arm to stop him from turning the roll out onto a cooling rack, "Leave it in the baking pan. The pan will catch the icing, and prevent a mess," is explained by the baker. She's impressed with the care the apprentice takes in the kitchen. More impressed with how quickly he's learned the lay out of her small kitchen. Not that it's so big it would take any great deal of time to learn mind.

Cale stills, alert to the explanation she gives. He nods slowly to that, setting it down to drizzle an artfully generous amount of icing. He makes sure to pick out a spot with enough stability and insulation to handle a hot tray. "It won't scorch on the tray?" he asks, ever more questions.

Ravene gives a shake of her head, "I've never had that issue," the counter is made of a heavy marble, so there's no danger of scarring the surface beyond repair, "The sugars will carmalize on the pan, but that's not so bad. I use that in my puff pastries. It becomes a base for the filling of my lemon puffs."

Cale says, "That's pretty slick." Cale grins and cleans his hands off before takig up the hot pads and putting it back into the oven. "Just a few more minutes now. When do you start for the day? The night before, or?"

Ravene gives the kitchen a look, and then the bell on the door rings, "I start getting things done for the next day after the shop closes up for the night. Really, I'm always getting ready for the next day even when I'm only doing small stuff," from the dining room the soft murmur of voices slowly grows into a buzz of voices all trying to be heard while also trying not to drown out other conversations, "And there's the cue for the evening rush," and sure enough the remaining apprentice from when Cale first arrived comes in, pulls out a bread, and hollows it out before putting it on a plate with the top set to one side. Stew is ladled in, and a puff pastry is set on a second plate which are then whisked out to the dining area, "And that is why I'm always busy."

Cale eyes the kitches as the busy time kicks in. "Yeah, this is more what I'm used to. Except there's nobody hitting anyone, and the weyrwoman isn't a threat away." He says that with a weird sort of grin, though, before setting another dish aside. "More hands would help, I think, but the big issue, I mean, if it's an issue, looks like space…"

Ravene shrugs, "The space isn't so bad. It's not like I'm feeding the entire Weyr at one time. I can start lot things the night before, and cook them up as needed. Breads will rise slowly in cold storage, which changes the texture. Makes it chewy while giving it a delightfully sour taste," which is a bonus with the bread bowls, "As for storage? The baskets that are just there," she points to a small table that holds four or five baskets, "Are used to make deliveries to the shops in the bazaar that I've struck up deals with," deals that help her keep things flowing smoothly or clothes for the girl that's been seen popping in and out of the kitchen, "Zisiene's my fosterling, as is her brother," a soft shake of her head, "Was her brother. He's a rider now, and still," she stops to give a shake of the head, "I'm told so long as his dragon is in the dragonhealer's yard he's still alive," small comfort for an overly worried mother, "Anyway, this keeps things from requiring threats of weyrwomen or headwomen," wink.

Cale grins at that, nodding and listening to the details of the explanation and the bit of history as well. He purses his lips at the bit of the fosterling and her brother, but manages not to interrupt with some visible effort. One brow rises after another when she finishes with her statement. "You mean working here? Yeah, it does. And it would, if I could. Can I? Or, er, were you going somewhere else with that?" Well, he *looked* like he was paying attention.

Ravene laughs, "You're more than welcome to work here if you like," she states firmly, "Just, you know, don't start any fights?" because she really doesn't want to have to summon guards to her shop, "I uh, kind of would like to avoid guards right now," something about a healer, and a broken nose, and said healer being knocked out, "It's just better all around that way."

Cale blinks at that, actually looking startled. "Fights? I.. uhm, no, I wouldn't." He tilts his head, then, and adds, "I've made friends of some of the guards. I could, uhm, keep an ear open, if you like? Oh!" He snaps his fingers and adds, "I, uh, when could I maybe get some time to work on some cookie recipes?"

Ravene chuckles as she pulls out a box, and slides it across the counter, "E'bert used to constantly get caught up in fights," she says, then the box is opened to reveal a stack of hides, "These are some of my best cookie recipes. Feel free to use them, and experiment with them to your heart's content," is said as she watches Cale's face to see what the response to that is, "And you can use the kitchen whenever you like for baking. Pastries, breads, cookies, anything that's portable and tasty is baked here," is said as Ravene pulls the cinnamon roll out of the baking hearth again, "Now we let this cool, for a bit, and it can be sliced and served," but since this was to see how well Cale did in a kitchen, it's going to be saved for the private meal that is served at the close of the day. Ravene looks towards the dining room as a loud shout echoes through the shop, "Shards, that doesn't sound very good," and she's stepping out to see what the problem is.

Cale boggles at the offer of the recipes. His eyes are wide and happy, that's for sure. He nods slowly, lips curling up a bit. "Thanks! I promise I'll share what I find out. He doesn't go pawing through them, though, instead moving to help get the baked items out and cooling. He blinks at the shout, not quite startled, looking over his shoulder with a look of surprise and dismay. When Ravene goes to check on that, Cale makes sure the oven is secure and anything hot is in a safe place before following her curiously.

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