M'noq, D'ex


Lynx is down a dragon, but not for long. Loose one, put one back in.


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the eighth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Klah Bark, Southern Barrier Hold

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"I come here for the peace and quiet, of course,"

Klah Bark

Welcome to the Klah Bark, hippest joint in the Hold. The place where everyone gathers to get that needed Klah fix. A curved bar dominates the space to the left of the doorway, laden with tiered trays of delectable pastries and square wooden canisters of herbs to add that extra spice to your brew. Behind the klah bar is a large hearth where all the magic happens. Baking a variety of snacks to tempt the pallet and brewing the signature Klah the place is known for. The recipe of which is a closely guarded secret. Smith crafted workshop stools line the curved bar for those who wish to gather and socialize briefly. While a smattering of hewn wooden tables fill in the rest of the room for those who would rather linger and enjoy.

It's afternoon. The weather in Southern Barrier is pretty darn cold, but at least it's sunny, not wretched and rainy like it is at Southern Weyr proper. M'noq had some sort of errand or meeting at the Hold, and before he heads back, he stops at the Klah Bark to have a hot cup. He sits at a table in the shop for a few minutes, his drink steaming in front of him, as he reviews the notes in his notebook.

The rain had been getting old. The cold has been getting old. This is not a place that 'Cold' should be something that people should have to grow accustom to, but here we are. The Blue Pair blinked in above the Barrier Hold minutes before thanks to dragon-mental-chatter making people attached to dragons very easy to track down. However, D'ex has never been here before, hence why he is stepping into the little shop only now. He has a bag at his side with his set of sweep-reports along with a few other things and will pause at the door before spotting M'noq. "Sir?" A glance at the patron of the little place and D'ex is inside and saluting, "Sir? A moment? If you have one and are not otherwise occupied? I was afraid that someone else would have your time if I tracked you down at the weyr." The words are fast, the red-head tense, but the salute crist and collected.

M'noq looks up when he hears the familiar voice, and his smile is welcoming, suggesting no annoyance at being bothered. "D'ex. Good to see you." He gestures to the seat opposite him. "Have a seat. Have you tried the klah here? Quite a few people come here for the fancy stuff. Whipped cream and syrup and everything." If anyone is checking M'noq's cup, they will see he drinks it black, no adulteration.

D'ex glances around again as he sit, "'Fraid not. First time here, actually, it is surprisingly difficult to find." Eyes do fall to M'noq's cup and a slight smile crawls across his face, "If they come here for the whole sh-bang, do you just come for the price sir? You seem to be missing some of the fun stuff." However, D'ex himself will also order black and pull a set of papers out of his bag, straightening them before placing them down, the top of which he picks up and offers to M'noq, "Just got out of my little scession-thing and on my way out the healers asked me to bring you this; Ar'lin's score is getting infected, he won't be flighing for a while yet. They said to give you this for a basic estimate on when he can fly Between again."

M'noq gives a slight, amused smile. "I come here for the peace and quiet, of course," he says, though the seriousness of the report wipes the smile from his face as he takes it and looks it over. "Thank you. It's unfortuate, but you can't impress upon some people the importants of concentration and getting enough rest the night before a 'fall," he says. "I do hope the rest of the wing takes note, but some people have to learn the lesson for themselves." He says this ruefully, not at all happy about the fact, but he doesn't like getting these reports, either. "How have you been doing?" he asks, looking up from the hidework to the bluerider.

D'ex nods, "He'll learn, but he's taking it kinda hard right now." D'ex smirks again at the thought of the rest of the wing needing the lesson, and shrugs at the question, "That's the other reason I wanted to talk to you here rather than later. I don't think that it would be smart of me to say that I'm doing well. I'm not, but I'm doing better. Zynth has been mourning for the first time since… .ever? I think? He didn't used to keen much, but he will now. And I don't think that it would be smart to stop seeing the mindhealer when we are just seeing results. I think things are better, but the guy is … I don't know, Mind Healers are weird." He takes a sip of the klah when it comes and hesitates, "I'm aware that you and Ravaith might not trust us fully, and might not ever again, but . .. .Southern dragons are dropping like flies. I like sweeps, but … .I'd like to request that Zynth and I are put back into the Formation in Thread."

M'noq arches a brow at this, and he's quiet as he listens. Even after D'ex stops talking, M'noq just looks at him silently for a moment. "Flying thread is… how do you say it? An activity for a team. Everyone has to work together. Everyone has to listen and communicate what they're doing, not go off on their own just because they think they have a better idea. Many of the mistakes we're seeing now are because of people not communicating. Not taking care of themselves, or their dragons. I don't want to bring you back in and see the same problems all over again."

"I am aware of that, and I understand the sentiment." D'ex nods to the paper with Ar'on's information on it, "But we are getting better, and Lynx is going to run out of lightweight dragons. Even with the new rules on tradeing out, mistakes are already leading to lessaning numbers. An older dragon with Zynth's speed might be able to help give some stability to the flanks." He picks up another one of his sheets of parchement and plays with it idlely, "I am asking you to put us back in because it is better than asking for loaned riders from other weyrs who none of the wing know, who will be tenative and akward with for a few months before even working coheriantly. They know us, they will be willing to tell us when we are out of line, and we are fine telling them. I'm not saying we are done and everything is behind us, I want to continue mindhealing, but I want to stop seeing kids die. That Blue kid that died? He wasn't a flank, wasn't flying our section, but still, Ar'on gets the chance to learn and get better, that kid doesn't now."

M'noq thinks about this but finally nods. "All right. But you do drills for a sevenday before your first 'fall, just to make sure you've got our rhythm again. And if I get any hint that you or Zynth aren't listening, you'll be out, possibly on a permanent transfer." His expression softens a little. "I want to give you both a chance. You're a smart pair. I think you can learn from this and improve. Don't prove me wrong, okay?"

"Yes sir, understoond." He nods, visibally relaxing and putting his paper down, "Thank you for this. I think … .Well, I'm fine doing sweeps forever, but I think dragons don't do well when not allowed to do what they where made to do. We won't screw this up. I promise." He offers a smile and a half-saltue, "Though I'd be lying if I said I'm not looking forward to flying again."

M'noq nods at this, looking a little more relaxed himself once the deal is struck. "Glad to hear it. And you're probably right. It's deep within a dragon's instincts to want to fly Thread, and when they're kept from it, whether it's due to injury or age or something else, it isn't good for the dragon. I hope Zynth also appreciates the chance he is being given and keeps his duty in mind, too."

"He does. He wants me to request we are a right flank now, but I think maybe sticking to what we know for now is for the best. Sweeps seem to bore him. Thankfully, blue-memory isn't quite good enough to make sweeps totally and completely a chore, but grumbling on the job is not desired." D'ex takes another sip of klah, "Okay, you are right, this is really good klah. Even without the fancy-stuff, and perhaps even worth the price."

"Just make sure he doesn't get bored during Threadfall, all right?" M'noq asks. "Focusing is important. Ravaith and Jedameth will be keeping an eye on you two." He seems willing to let the blue pair take their risks, though. He closes his notebook. "Ravaith and I need to be heading back, though. I'll see you at drills tomorrow?"

"I won't. WE won't. Thank you sir." D'ex stands as well, "Yes! Will be there." He salutes for a last time, though makes no move to pack up his own things just yet, "We will hold up, and thank you again. I know it's not ideal, but I apprecaite it all the same."

M'noq nods at this and finishes up his klah. "Just make sure Ravaith doesn't have to keen for you two. Or for anyone else on account of you. That's all I want." He gathers up his things and drops them in his satchel, then gives a salute that's bit more like a a wave, then heads out.

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