D'wane, Talya


A quiet bath just doesn't happen after a Threadfall and with a Weyr full of candidates.



It is evening of the twenty-second day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.



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The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.

Long days are loooooong, especially if you're in charge of stuff like… running a Weyr. And said Weyr had Threadfall that day. The sun has set long ago and as busy as the baths were earlier, almost everybody has managed to clear out. And in finally comes D'wane with the stench of firestone still clinging to his skin hours after getting back from the plains. The whole bathtime routine is done practically on auto-pilot. Grab sand, grab towel. Disrobe and then sink into the nearest pool with a loud "Ooooooooffffh."

Candidate chores are probably not nearly as exhausting as Threadfall, but Talya still drags herself in as if it were so. She's got some interesting stains on her clothes, splotches of brown and green and… who knows what. She peels it off into a pile, little care to who is in the baths at this time. She finds a freshly laundered towel and turns to that closest pool as well, already half way in when she realizes it is already occupied. It is hard to miss the large Weyrsecond, but somehow she did. She snaps a tired salute at him. "Mind some company, sir?" says the bare naked candidate looking for some cleaning.

D'wane has no cares at all at the moment (and only for the moment) as he's trying to become one with the pool. Bask in the warmth. Embrace it. Godo thing it's a very large pool and so even the very large man can sink down until only his chin is above water. Talya's arrival doesn't even register until after she's talking and then he just half heartedly returns a salute of his own. Or something. A hand went towards the forehead and that's close enough. "As long as you're not going to try and prove you figured out how to take me on tonight." No rough housing in the bath house. It'd be a recipe for disaster.

Talya drops the rest of the way into the warm waters with a sigh and a small splash. She sinks all the way to her chin, peeking at the man through heavy lidded eyes. "You're safe, Weyrsecond. At least for now… Somehow I think they'd kick me out of candidacy if I go accosting the leadership of the Weyr." She takes a break to dip the rest of her head into the water, coming back up to push that hair out of her eyes and scrub at her tired eyes. It seems to help, and she leans back with a groan. "I can't move, anyway. Do you think the eggs are gonna be hatching soon? I am pretty sure this is much longer than the time I stood at Igen."

"And if you try it during weyrlinghood, we'll make you go through weyrlinghood again," D'wane lazily threatens. "Complete with the no booze restriction." The most horrific of fates! He'll give a grunt of agreement when Talya mentions not moving. He seems in no hurry to actually grab his own sands. The soaking takes priority at the moment over scrubbing. "Eggs are weird. They'll hatch when they're ready. I've never seen them hatching during a Threadfall, but other than that, pretty much anything else is up for grabs now. Could be a seven. Could be three." He shrugs. For all he knows, could be an hour!

Talya raises a brow at the Weyrsecond and then presses her lips in a thin line. "I think you're just trying to find your way out of this challenge you've assigned me." She huffs, which may have been the start of a laugh but she's too tired to do that right now. "I'll put my mind to it when I feel like a person again after the eggs hatch. Give me a sevenday of being blissfully drunk, then you should keep your eyes open again." Because there's no way she's going straight back to work without a little break of indulgence… The sigh this time is one of frustration. "They need to hurry the f… er, hurry up. What's the worst situation you've ever seen eggs hatch in before?"

D'wane lifts his shoulders in the tiniest of shrugs. "Not my fault you went and got yourself Searched." He didn't do it this time! Rocketh was too busy chasing greens or whatever to start sniffing about for candidates this go round. "I think you're trying to delay the inevitable." The DEFEAT! This mountain will not fall! Except for right now when he's practically slumped against the rim of the pool. He doesn't even open his eyes to answer the question. "Not here, but in High Reaches. Middle of winter. A SHARDING BLIZZARD. Swear it was cold than fuckin' between getting into the galleries. Afterwards, the weyrlingmasters just brought the food and oil onto the sands for the hatchlings instead of going into the drafty-ish barracks."

Talya's both brows go up now at the Weyrsecond. "The inevitable?" she questions curiously. Now his story actually makes her give a shudder at the thought and she sinks in deeper into the warm pool. "Fuck that," she says, forgetting to hold her tongue in front of leadership. She has a good excuse. "I think it's cold enough /now/. I mean, I wouldn't have even thought queens would lay during the winter season in a place like High Reaches, but I guess that answers my question. I'm glad that doesn't happen here… I don't think I'd ever go 'round to another Weyr even if a dragon comes a Searches me here. I'd die in a place like High Reaches after one winter." She rubs her shoulders for emphasis, hugging herself even in the warm baths.

"When you try to actually surprise me and fail?" D'wane raises one of his magnificent eyebrows as if how could she possible expect anything else as inevitable. And at least he doesn't seem to be concerned with the language. He was swearing himself just a few seconds ago. "When you have three or four queens, each rising about every eighteen months or so… Someone's gonna get the short straw and end up clutching during winter. There's a reason the miners had us build all the Weyrs where they are. Hatching sands will always be warm as summer." The galleries above… not so much. But as long as the eggs are nice and toasty, what does that matter?

Talya snorts at the man and reaches out an arm… then splashes water in the direction of his face. "You wish. I won't fail, I am merely sidetracked currently and had to postpone many of my planning… Just you wait and see." At this rate, he'll be a slumped old man before she even dares to try. She nods her head slowly at the explanation, resting back against the wall of the pool. "I guess it isn't so bad so long as the sands are warm, but sucks to be a candidate in that kind of weather." She starts to close her eyes, but then something seems to tickle her curiosity and she regards the big bronzerider again. "Were you a candidate during the winter up there?"

D'wane takes that face full of water in stride. Good thing he didn't have his eyes open. He just reaches up to rub off some of the firestone that had gotten rubbed into his eyebrow somehow after his goggles came off. "Thanks." She was just being helpful, right? And as for her planning, he just snorts. "Uhhh, huh. Seems like you're going to be waiting until I'm old and senile enough to have forgotten about it completely." As for the candidacy sucking, he shrugs. "Better than being a weyrling in the winter. Baby dragons are growing dragons and have to be bathed regularly. There's only so much water that can fit in the barracks and they'll be over half grown by the time you can between somewhere warmer…" The dragons might not freeze, but weyrlings sure can! "Nah, Rock hatched during summer. But I think he made sure to grow even more during the winter so I had extra bronze hide to scrub." So much hide.

"It won't be long of a wait then, right?" Talya asks the Weyrsecond with a curl of her lips, a smirk he probably isn't even seeing at the moment. "If you don't want me to give it a try, you can just say so. I won't think too badly of you, you know." She groans at the mention of bathing baby dragons, often and another shudder is given. "Well, I'm just glad I'm here instead and not there. That really is horrible for the poor weyrlings… the cold here is bad enough." She reaches back for her sand to get to scrubbing, only to find there is nothing to reach for. Only a fluffy towel. She eyes the bronzerider now with interest and there's a bit of a splash sounding as she moves closer. "You aren't going to be using /all/ that soap sand on yourself, are you?"

D'wane sends a splash of water of his own towards Talya for that, and the weyrsecond's arm is much large, so more surface area and bigger wave! "You're not gonna get out of it that easily. You can bring it on, when you're not going to be a bad influence to other candidates and or weyrlings." He shrugs for the fate of poor weyrlings. At least he managed to make it through with all his fingers and toes! "They live. You gotta do what you gotta do." His eyebrows raise higher as she starts to make a move on his on soap sand! "I was…" But there's more than enough, at least for round on of scrubbing. Round two… well, round two Talya might end up with an impromptu chore of 'fetch more soap sand' if she doesn't skeedaddle quick enough.

Talya gets a good splash in her face, and has to push the hair that slipped over her face out of the way. "Hey now, I'm not a /bad/ influence on either the candidates or the weyrlings. I doubt trying to be a good member of the Weyr and succeeding in a challenge set forth by the Weyrsecond is a bad influence, either. I have a feeling you're scared a little woman can take you down." She chuckles at the large man, but it is short lived when he doesn't seem to be wanting to share his soap sand. She stops in moving closer and wrinkles her nose at him. "I guess you do stink something fierce." She still has to do said impromptu chore, having forgotten her own soapsand. At least she's warmed up in the baths. "Fine, fine, I'll go find my own." She pushes herself out of the pool. "I gotta hurry up anyway, have to go help out with the late dinner rush. Got any favorites you want to order?" Maybe Talya will put in a word with the cooks.

Bacon. It's probably mounds of bacon. But anything else is going to fade away into the steam of the baths (and bedtime for D'wane-player)

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