R'mar, Agertha, Lemia


A bath between drills, and sweeps plus some relaxing?

Implied sex, back dated


It is evening of the tenth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass. It is the fortieth day of Autumn and 69 degrees. All throughout the day, the air is strangely still and unmoving. Overhead, the skies blaze a brilliant, cloudless blue.


Bath Agertha yn

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Bath Agertha yn

There is a solid door that seperates the bath from the main weyr. Across this is a curtain that can be drawn shut so the door can be left open, and still afford the bather some privacy. To the left of the door is a set of shelves to hold towels , clean clothes, and bathing accutrements that are not in use. Between the shelves and the actual bathing pool sits a bench that can hold towels and the like, along with giving the bather a place to sit while washing or getting dressed. Tucked under the bench is a pair of buckets that nest one inside the other to hold water for bathing and rinsing off. The pool itself has a shallow end that is perfect for bathing children, while the far end of the pool allows the bather to fully submerge or stand with the water coming up to chest or shoulders depending on the height of the bather. There is, on the far left wall, a set shelving unit that has a suspicious look to it.

It's been a long day, and there's still an evening sweep to fly. Agertha, however, looks in no hurry to leave the warm waters of the bathing pool. A pair of buckets are neatly tipped upside down over the edge of the pool to finish draining, and the woman is leaned back against the edge just letting the warmth of the water envelope her and sooth away sore muscles.

A groan is heard moments before the tapestry is slid aside to allow the brownrider entrance to the bathing room. His eyes are half closed, and he moves to the hook closest to the entrance to quickly slide out of his own clothing. His day, also very long, accompanied by a headache due to lack of sleep the night before, is very apparant as he turns his back to the bath, without acknowledging the water's occupant.

Agertha has given up trying to get either of her weyrmates to bathe properly (the buckets keep the water from becoming dirty you know) and instead of chiding, she simply opens an eye, "Long day, or longer night?" she's become accustomed to certain groans meaning different things, this one? This one could mean either or both.

Turning around quick enough to disturb his headache once again, causing his hand to slide up to his eyes as he winces, R'mar manages to give the greenrider a half smile as he moves to and slides intto the water beside her. "A bit of both. But those sudden changes between High Reaches and the cold snap they are having, and coming back here really affect my head. I wish they would stop asking me to help with training up there on the new formations."

There's a nod of understanding as Agertha reaches to massage at the base of R'mar's neck. Pressure points are reached, and gently massaged as she moves a little closer, "Better?" Agertha's missed out on spending time with R'mar and Lemia, but at least the pups are mostly trained? "I'm going to have to get Grystan and Annis to settle on names for their canines," Or she could just name them? "I have a sweep," but that's not for another candlemark, so she has time to just soak. There's a small bruise on her upper thigh, and a slightly larger one on the left side of her ribcage. What's she been doing? Brawling for fun?

R'mar relaxes back into Agertha's touch as his eyes close part ways. "That will help. I wish Narcissa would pay attention on how this is done. She could deal with it when she's not grabbing the attention of any and every male in the Weyr." The brownrider nods lightly as his headache starts to subside with the change in conversation. "Where are you scheduled to sweep? The mountain ranges are all feeling the effects of the snow. It's going to be a bad winter this Turn."

"Over the desert, and Telgar Steppe," Agertha answers, "Though Kes is always insistent we go a little beyond," y'never know what may be lurking after all, "At least it should be a quiet sweep," to the best of her knowledge there aren't any caravans out and about right now.

R'mar nods at the locations lightly and drops a hand to Agertha's leg beside him. "I don't need to tell you, but be safe my love. Who flies with you tonight?" It goes without saying that Jerelloth will be in touch with Kestrath while they are on their patrols.

Agertha closes her eyes as she thinks the question to Kestrath, "Githanth, which means Th'sher," there's a note of resigned annoyance to the woman's voice, "He's not my first choice, but I don't have that call any longer," that little knot only says she flies on the wing, not lead, "He's good in the air," she doesn't trust her cousin on the ground though.

R'mar frowns at the bluerider's name. "I'll make sure Jer talks to Githanth. You know the blues look up to that brown lug." He slips free of Agertha's hands and slides back to the edge of the bath to wrap his arms around her. "Or we could always join you. I've a free evening tonight."

Agertha leans into R'mar's arms, "Tempting, but the paperwork would be hellish," she gives a small shudder at the thought. There's a moment of stillness as she listens, "The kids are really going to need to learn to leave Kes' riding straps alone. I'm going to need to make new ones sooner rather than later if they don't stop using them as play things for their pups," fortunately Kestrath's already stepped in on that one, "It's a good thing that green of mine is so fond of babies," or she'd be down two canines, and at least one child.. Maybe?

R'mar lets a small laugh escape. "Paperwork is my speciality my love. Or have you not been to my office lately?" At the mention of chewtoys, the brownrider stops and stares off into space for a couple seconds. "Thank you for reminding me. I've been so busy I forgot all about that." Another second passes and R'mar's two bronze flits pop in, both with what appears to be a large bone in their grasps. Setting them down on the edge of the bath and then disappearing again. "I had these made up at High Reaches. The tanner up there owed me a favor."

There's a bright smile that lights up Agertha's face, "Oh that's a grand surprise," she says, leaning over to look at the bones, "It should keep those two busy for a little while anyway," a kiss is the reward that Agertha gives R'mar as she settles herself against him again. She does need to get herself out of the bath, and dressed but there's time right?

R'mar accepts the reward without question and smirks. "It's nothing big. Lemia's idea. She figured our straps would be next and wanted to save the headaches involves." He smirks a little at the half joke and rewraps his arms around the tiny greenrider. "Too bad you have to fly sweep. I know Lemia gets back soon and we are all overdue for some quality time together."

Agertha sighs, "It was a good idea," she says, "Wish she were here too," because she quite agrees with the brownrider, they are over due for some time together, "Try'stan will have the twins and their pups for the next couple days," so there will be time for them to spend together without worry of little ones around, "At least he's helping to teach those two how to care for their pets," the surprise was (if she's being honest with herself) not unexpected.

R'mar holds the greenrider tight. "Hopefully I won't spend all day at High Reaches again. You would think after two sevendays of running the SAME drills, they would know them by now." He sighs. "Sometimes I wonder if this whole training is a plan of theirs to get me to come back." A shiver runs through his body, and into Agertha's due to the close contact, at the thought of moving back to the frigid north.

A soft sigh is given as Agertha reluctantly pulls away, "Much as I would love to be able to draw this out, I have to get that sweep done," a kiss is given as Agertha stands to move towards where her clean clothes are neatly laid out, "Sweep should be uneventful at least," doesn't mean it will be, just that it should be.

The sigh is echoed and followed by a pout. "With the kids away from the weyr, you will need to spend some time on our side. I would like it, and I know Lem would as well." He moves to the side of the tub closest to the dressing rider. "You know we are only a shout away if you need anything during sweep as well."

Agertha gives a nod as she finishes getting dressed, "I do know," and Kestrath's not a shy girl. She'll shout if there's need, "I'm thinking we'll come in on your side of the weyr when we get back," less hassle that way.

Lemia is tired, it's been a long day and every muscle aches from an extra pt run she'd put herself through to wean off some extra weight she's put on lately. Can't have that. Oh, no. Horith, as usual, announces their arrival in a rush of springtime sunshine and the scent of blooming wildflowers. There's a hint of cloying Jasmine and Lavender on her mindscape's winds, however, a hint that she is slipping into proddiness. It's got Lemia a bit on edge and she's glad to be home. She slips into the weyr, half expecting there to be activity inside. It's quiet. Hmm. She slips into her room to strip down to her sleeveless undershirt and her underwear. The rest gets piled in an unceremonious heap in the corner. She'll deal with those later. She slips back out into the main weyr in just her skivvies, bare feed padding around as she peers into R'mar's office, and his bedroom. Not there. Hmm. Her commotion wakes one of her fair and he pops his head sleepily out of his miniature weyr-couch. A creel to get his pet's attention and an image of R'mar slipping into the bath creeps into Lemia's mind. And then, he disappears again. Silly humans, interrupting a perfectly good nap. Lemia trecks for the tunnel, not trying to be sneaky, but quiet in her approach nonetheless. She doesn't want to interrupt anything should it be going on. But a bath with her weyrmate(s) seems like just the thing to soothe her weary limbs and proddy fried nerves.

The pity of having to deal with sweeps is driven home to Agertha as Lemia enters the bath, "Shards, you two make leaving so difficult," half whine, half jest. Agertha would rather not have to fly this sweep. Maybe she could pester someone else on the wing to take her spot? Probably, but it would create work she'd rather not deal with in the form of hidework. And yet, the temptation is there.

R'mar swings his head around as Agertha looks towards the tapestry covering and smiles. "Is it our fault that we are just so amazing for you Aggie my love?" the brownrider asks with a wink. "Coming back through our side of the weyr is always welcome. And you know Jer likes to showoff to some of the other males when Kes cuddles up with he and Horith."

Lemia seems to come through right as Agertha is readying to leave, and the comments made are enough to verify that she is indeed, leaving. Lem can't help the little pout that falls on her lips. "Aww. leaving already love? And here I was hoping I'd catch you both for a bath. Such a shame." She stares at R'mar and aims her pout at him too. "You aren't leaving too are you?"

Agertha sighs with deep regret, "Sweep tonight. I can't put this stint of evening sweeps with Th'sher off any longer than I already have," read she has burned through her favors, and will be paying those favors out sooner rather than later, "I'll be back," eventually, "I'm not sure if anyone really likes Th'sher," poor kid.

Chuckling at the two greenriders, R’mar shakes his head. “Long day on my end Lem. You know I’ve been up at High Reaches more than I’ve been here.” Turning to Agertha, he winks quickly. “I’ll make sure to have this one all warmed up for you when you return… unless you don’t want to leave us. I’m sure between the three of us we can figure out something?”

Lemia nods, “Aye, that's why I was asking if you were leaving again too.” R’mar’s comment about having Lem warmed up by the time Agate gets home has Lemia chuckling softly. The comment on Th’sher has Lem nodding. “Aye I think you're right there. Poor kid.” But Lem doesn't really know Th’sher, so who knows, that could very well be his own fault.

Or it could be completely a bias against the bluerider on the part of Agertha. She gives a last look before she slips out of the bath, slippers slapping against stone and bare feet. If only she could convince her weyrmates of the logic of using slippers inside the weyr, and it’s bath. Yes, I know. Tell Githanth we’re on our way. This a silent answer to Kestrath’s warbling out on her ledge, “I’ll be back before you know it,” is said to her lovers, and then she’s gone. Sweep has never seemed more of a chore than it does right now.

R’mar watches Agertha leave with a soft smile on his lips. As she disappears from view, he turns his head once again to look at Lemia. The smile remains as he looks her over from head to toe. Lemia has the softer appearance of his two weyrmates, though Agertha is better in other ways. But R’mar loves them both. And counts himself a very lucky man indeed. He thinks back to some of the chide remarks some of the other riders have made to him regarding living with not one, but two emotional greenriders and lets slip a small chuckle.

“Well, are you going to come in and join me? Or are you to make me break my promise of having you warmed up for Aggie’s return?” he asks, giving Lemia a playful wink.

Lemia watches Agertha go with a soft look of disappointment. But when R'mar speaks, she aims a beautifully wide and happy smile his way, though, her eyes are limbed with the edge of proddiness she's riding. “Of course I'm going to join you.” It takes her a moment to peel off the remaining clothes she's wearing, but soon enough she's naked to the air and climbing into the bathing pool with R'mar, a happy sigh escaping her lips at the feel of the hot water on her sore limbs.

The sweep passes by without incident giving Kestrath the joy of chasing after a strong updraft or two just to show off. The green rumbles a farewell to the blue as she circles down to the lake shore, and from there to the ledge on which Horith and Jerelloth reside. Agertha dismounts, and heads through the weyr. How much time had passed while she was out? Not that it mattered, with the shift in temperatures comes more time spent in the warmth of the bath.

« We return! » Kestrath announces, as though that is really a necessary thing. Then there’s a rumble of content as she cuddles against the brown, and the other green. Agertha simply shakes her head as she makes her way down the corridor to the bath. There’s a pair of slippers just outside the bath. Three to be exact, and Agertha takes the time to change from one pair of slippers to the other. This pair of slippers lacks the distinctive slip-slap that the other pair (one for each side of the bath) has. She’ll quietly sit and remove her clothes, then neatly fold them before putting them on one of the shelves. A fresh towel is pulled to be set on the bench next to her.

“Miss me?” is finally said as Agertha eases into the water, except… except the bath is empty. Eh? Well she’s sweaty, so she’ll bathe and get clean then go looking for her ‘mates. Chances are quite high she just missed them as she passed through to the bath.

“Hmm?” comes from the brownrider, who, along with Lemia, had relocated from the bathwater a while back to the couch in the living area. They had had some fun together, but something woke the brownrider just now. His eyes open halfway and he peers around the darkened weyr.

«I said they have returned safe. Kestrath is with Horith and I now. She went inside» comes the browns rich, deep, mindvoice to his rider. R’mar smiles and pulls the blanket back around Lemia’s bare shoulders where she is snuggled up to him, still asleep. Not for long he would imagine, given Agertha’s return. The thought of the coming night races through R’mar’s head and he can hardly contain his excitement.

Lemia is still victim to sleep at this point, still warm and cuddled in R’mar’s embrace on the couch, her legs tangled with his as she breathes softly into his chest. Some part of her mind registers Horith’s announcement of Kestrath’s arrival, but it’s not enough to rouse her, not just yet. However, she does stretch a little, causing her long, willowy body to press against that of R’mar’s.

It’s only when she makes her way back through to the main part of the weyr Lemia and R’mar share that Agertha spots her weyrmates. She’ll stand where she is, a towel wrapped round her body with another wrapped round her hair. The slippers on her feet are stepped out of, and the woman pads over to the couch where she presses a kiss on the cheek of each of her lovers.

Is there room on that couch? Probably not, but Agertha will gently slide onto the couch. She’s simply glad to be home. Three hours with Th’sher is never good on her nerves. Yes, she knows her cousin is a capable rider. However, she’s never got on well with the man. A fact that is no secret, “I’m home,” is said softly against someone’s (she’s not sure who’s) neck, and follows those soft words with a kiss.

R’mar opens his eyes once again halfway as Aggie slips in on the other side of him, his excitement growing with her touch. “About time,” he whispers back and wraps his free arm around the returning greenrider. His fingers trail up the bare sides of both his weyrmates softly, almost tickling as he turns his head to kiss Agertha softly on the lips.

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