Xanthee, Daenerys, & Ziniel


Xanthee and Ziniel meet up while wandering through the bazaar. Daenerys learns a valuable lesson on startling Xanthee.


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass. It is the forty-ninth day of Winter and 34 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.


Central Bazaar

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Holy HELL, what happened?


Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

Wandering the Bazaar in what seems like an aimless manner, Xanthee seems to be lost in thought with no real destination in mind. She has been making a loose circuit of 5 or 6 stalls, and by the third time by the meat on a stick stall, it is obvious that the outside world isn't really being processed right now.

Making a slow circuit through the bazaar, Ziniel is carrying a wrapped bundle and a satisfied look is on her face. She stops at the meat on a stick stall, and buys a couple of them. She's hungry, and this is a great snack. It's when she turns to walk towards another stall that she spies, "Xanthee," a grin is there for the other girl then, "Are you alright?" because Xan looks a little distracted.

Looking up as her name is called, Xanthee spies the Zingari girl and offers her a partly distracted smile and a little wave. "Oh hey Ziniel. Yeah I'm fine, just kind of lost in thought. It's nothing though. Hey, I'm glad I ran into you." Xanthee says as she seems to remember something. Looking around surreptitiously, she leans in close, "I found out that stuff we found is the real deal. Genuine blue glow."

Ziniel's eyes light up at the news, "Then I can mix some into my performance cosmetics," she's already thinking of how to use the blue glow. She's heard of the fad that's going around, "I'm not sure why people are eating this stuff though," because why? It just makes no sense to her, "It should add a nice light glow," back to cosmetics. Oh how interesting to those that may be listening in.

Shrugging her shoulders, Xanthee does add, "You know what this stuff does right? It works to speed up healing is what I heard. I don't know about you, but that seems like a much better use for what little of it you and I managed to grab. I've already lost half my stash when the Weyrleader confiscated it off me." Xan bristles at that a bit. "And I already went back to that vacant shop, but there's nothing left there." She says with a little shake of her head.

Ziniel gives a small shrug, "It wouldn't take much for what I want to do," after all, Zini doesn't use more than a light dusting of make up. The news of losing so much of the stuff has Ziniel giving a wince, "Oh, that's," a really bad bit of luck, "I can mix what I need, and give you what's left of mine?" is offerred, because really there won't be much used anyway.

Here and there, people move about, shop, do dirty deeds; among them, other shadows dart, always watching, always vigilant, the usual hubub of the Central Bazaar breathing life into the dry bones of the desert. Among them, one young man strolls, looking as innocent as a lamb and as devious as — well, as only Daenerys might: loose harem pants and a long quilted coat guard him against the winter, and his hip-length hair hangs loose and free. Why not, for he is having a bit of a holiday, a rare rest day from the tortures of a guard trainee's rigorous schedule. Perhaps he can now go and buy a gift or two for some friends. But wait! He spies one of them, huddled with a familiar fellow Trader, and decides he might as well go and be the annoying big brother Xanthee has come to know and love. So, he'll sidle right up to her, winking impishly at Ziniel, and asks, "And just what are you planning, oh, favorite sister of them all?" He asks Xanthee, preparing to get punched, as it's now routine for him to try to scare her, and for her to try to damage his perfect self.

"I would definitely take it off your hands." Xanthee says eagerly. "I've been using tiny amounts of mine for general cuts and scrapes I've been getting in my self-defense lessons. It makes them heal in a fraction of the time, it's great." And then Daenerys just had to do that thing he does and try to scare her. Unfortunately for him, her frequent lessons with Kyara are really starting to sink in, so as soon as she hears a voice right behind her, her hand reaches for something on her belt and in an instant she spins and is holding the pointy end of her stiletto dagger a couple fingerlengths from his kidney, before she realizes that she almost skewered her brother. She takes a step back and drops the point of her dagger, face red with anger, "DAENERYS! I could have stabbed you! You can't do that anymore." She sheathes her knife, but puts a hand on her chest to try and calm her racing heart.

"Sure thing," Ziniel says then she's frozen with shock, "Xanthee? Daenerys?" oh there's more there than Ziniel's privy to, and she'll dart concerned eyes from one friend to the other. She's just not sure what to do here.

Holy HELL, what happened? One minute, Daenerys is teasing his sister, the next, she's got a knife at his kidney. Quick as the feline he's often accused of being, he leaps back, away from the pointy object that might otherwise have left holes where there should be no holes, ready to defend against injury. But, as the poor girl recognizes him for friend and not for foe, he straightens from his defensive crouch, pulling his hair back behind his ears, and eyeing Xanthee with deep concern: she's never actually been angry with him for pulling his little tricks before — before F'kan's assault on her, forcing her to worry she might again be assaulted. Slowly, he appraches her again, crooning softly, "All right, baby girl… all right. I'm sorry — I won't do that again, okay, sweetheart? I'm sorry, all right?" Oh, how he'd love to hug her to calm he, but he's not certain she's ready for that just yet.

Taking a couple of deep breaths and even closing her eyes briefly, Xanthee is able to calm her racing heart and drops the hand from her chest and looks at her brother slowly approaching her and she sighs deeply. "It's alright Daen." she tries to brush it off with a lighthearted chuckle but it doesn't quite work. "I'm just really into my self-defense lessons you know, they are really kicking in." Although there was a flash of terror in her eyes before recognition had set in. She turns back to Ziniel and gives an embaressed giggle. "Well at least I know the lessons are working. That's something at least." Yes, if she keeps laughing, maybe there will be no more uncomfortable questions.

She's not totally buying it. Not Ziniel, but she'll let it drop and give a half hearted chuckle, "Sure," she says, a look to Daenerys to see if he's buying it, "I kind of feel sorry for whoever manages to earn that training used on them in earnest," oh that's a very poor attempt at humor.

"Well. That is good news. You may tell your trainer they've turned you into a force of nature, able to skin annoying brothers who leap out at you from the shadows." Daenerys grins boyishly, experiencing a moment of pain for the terror in her eyes — terror he'd unwittingly given her. The time for good-natured pranks is now over, thanks to a man who could not keep his ass in Southern where he belonged. He gives Ziniel a look that says clearly he isn't buying it either, for he knows Xanthee too well. "You may be sure, sweet sister, that I'm cured of jumping out at you from now on. And I am very glad your lessons are taking. Now I need not worry as much when I must travel with the Zingari. Now, about this blue goo of yours…" Maybe if they move on to something mundane, she'll lose more of her fear. "You say it's a healing salve? I wonder if Healer Igraine knows about it…"

"If I knew it would only take pulling a knife on you to get to stop I would have done it a long time ago." Xanthee laughs that little nervous laugh again, wincing slighly as she desperately wishes the topic to be changed now thank you very much. Oh goody, back to the blue glow it is then. "It's not goo, it's a fine powder." And as she looks left and right, she motions for them to huddle closer to create a screen with their bodies as she pulls out the packet of blue glow from her belt pouch and upens it just a little bit to allow Daenerys to see the glowing blue powder inside for just a moment before she is bundling it away again and she steps back again to tuck it back into her belt pouch. (repose)

Now that was funny, and Ziniel gives a laugh for the comment, and back to the blue goo it is. Then Zini's stepping closer, and the girl's outrageous height is put to good use, "I have some of that too. I was thinking I could add a small bit of it to my cosmetics for when I'm performing at night," Ziniel's not sure how well that would work, but it sounds like it would look unique.

He might not have believed it of her then, when she'd not really known how to menace with a knife; now she does, he's definitely cured. But then she is beckoning him closer, and showing him the powder. He inspects it carefully, nodding to himself with satisfaction. "Maybe I can get ahold of some of that once they release it for use. Be good to have it out on the road if it can do al that…" (repose for Daen)

"Who knows when that will be though, I've heard that the Weyr isn't endorsing it until there has been a lot of tests and they are sure there are no adverse effects." Xanthee says knowingly, nodding her head sagely. "But can you imagine the different uses, especially for riders and dragons if it is proved to help heal threadscore?" That's Xan for you, weyrbred through and through, although she shudders at the mention of Threadscore, which is what took her mom from her.

"Healing Threadscores faster would be good," Ziniel says as she steps back after Xanthee has tucked the package away. She'll blink at her snack, having forgotten about the kebobs, "Want one?" she offers to Xanthee. Sorry Daen, y'er on your own here. Zini only bought two of those things.

Xanthee holds up her hand to Ziniel's offer with a small smile, "No thanks, I'm good for now. Enjoy. And yeah, that would definitely be the most noble use of the stuff, to ease the suffering of those who protect us all." Her tone is fierce now with conviction as she looks around the Bazaar idly, pondering heading over to the Crafter's Complex to see what her Miner is up to.

As Weyrbred as Daenerys, for all his refusal to accept offers to Stand and potentially find his lifemate on the Sands. He nods, deeply approving of the idea. "I can imagine they will begin stocking it, should it approve effective on dragons as well as people." He laughs as Ziniel produces a kebob. "Those are so good. I think I'll find one for myself." He eyes Xanthee consideringly. "So, Xanthee, am I allowed to hug you, or will you beat me up and make me the laughingstock of the Zingari?"

Ziniel grins as she does enjoy her kebobs. She's a very slender girl, but the comment of finding one for himself has her handing, or at least offerring, the spare kebob to Daenerys, "I shouldn't eat as many of these as I do," then she's looking up as Stone screeches at someone's poor blue 'lizard, "Oh no. I better go handle that. She's proddy, and she's always so mean when she's proddy," not like Moss at all, who is always the same sweet little green flit no matter what's going on around her. The Zingari girl is moving to collect the aforementioned Stone before the green 'lizard can do any real harm to anything.

Nodding at Ziniel as she makes her departure, Xanthee calls, "Good luck with that." She knows all about nuissance greens when they go proddy. Turning back to Daenerys as he requests a hug, she laughs lightly, "Silly brother-mine, you never have to ask or be afraid of that, as long as I can see you coming." she adds with a wink as she sidles up to him and throws her arms around him for a hug, squeezing him tight. She even stretches onto her tip toes to plant a hard kiss on his cheek before she releases him. "And now I think I am going to find Mal for a little quality time." Xan says with a waggle of an eyebrow and little wink at the ex-Tanner as she heads off in the direction of the Crafter's quarters with a little wave of her hand back at him.

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