Amania, Bonifas, evka


Amania is watching the Weyr bowl from the entrance of the Bazaar and two other Zingari end up joining her.


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the eighth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Central Bazaar

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Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

It is the forty-third day of Summer and 110 degrees. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Rukbat bakes the desert. Temperatures soar.

Since getting herself established among the Zingari, Amania has seemed a bit more at ease to those who are familiar with her presence around the Bazaar. She keeps her face uncovered now, though she's just like everyone else when it comes to keeping her head covered during the day. She still carries her crossbow but doesn't wear such dark colors as she did when she'd first arrived. Beneath the sand-hued robe she wears against the sun, there's a grey skirt and a loose, cream-hued blouse rather than dark charcoal hues. She used to be able to pass for a boy at first glance sometimes; now there's no doubt of her femininity, and she's finding she doesn't mind. Despite her increasing ease, however, there's one thing she still hasn't quite gotten used to, and that's the dragon and rider presence. She leans against the wall at the very end of the bazaar where it joins the Bowl - a point she hasn't gone beyond yet. It's a safe place to watch the dragons and their riders from a distance…and try sorting out her thoughts about them.

People watching is a great way to kill some free time, especially in the Bazaar and that's exactly what Bonifas is doing this afternoon since his regular class was cancelled for whatever reason. The lad's dressed in colorful clothes, but nothing that would stand out among the riot of colors among the regular crowd of Bazaarites. Slowly he makes his way through, picking one person to follow and then a next. Occasionally stopping to peruse a vendor's stall here and there along the way. Eventually he does spot a figure that is familiar, if not actually known to him and heads closer towards the newer addition to the Zingari caravan. "Waiting for someone?" His head tilts out towards the Bowl before them.

Though Amania has also been getting better about being less reserved, she still isn't expecting to be addressed and gives a little start when she hears a male voice turned her way. Klah-dark eyes snap to Bonifas, lips parted slightly in her surprise. Inwardly, she starts kicking herself for not hearing him coming since, she assumes, she shouldn't be allowing herself to get so easily startled as a guard. "No, just…watching," she replies, straightening a bit and needlessly tugging a crease out of her robe. She clears her throat a bit and studies the young man for a moment. "I've seen you around the camp, I think," she notes, her expression waxing a bit quizzical. "What's your name?"

And even as a spyling, Bonifas would be kicking himself if he were caught by a guard when he was trying to be sneaky. Today however, he wasn't trying to be especially stealthy on his approach but some habits are just built in by now. As Amania startles just the slightest, he offers a smile as he looks back at her with his own equally dark eyes. "You have." At early morning PT sessions along with other places. "I'm Bonifas. Or Bon if you rather. And you are…" An eyebrow raises curiously as he waits to see if she'll actually answer.

Somehow, even that little smile Bonifas gives brings a hint of dusky rose to Amania's cheeks. She still has yet to figure out why that keeps happening whenever she's smiled at. "Amania," she supplies, and bobs a small, unpracticed curtsy. "Well met…Bon." She likes short, so tries out the option he offers and likes it. "I just came on as a guard not too long ago. Is there something in particular you do with the caravan, or are you just…one of the people?" As some are, as she's come to learn.

As the name is supplied, and with a small curtsy as well, Bonifas will attempt to do the gallant thing and return the curtsy with a bow of his own, with a flourish of a practiced showman. "I do a bit of this and that. It's rare you'll find someone that just does one thing in particular. I juggle. I tumble. And do some guarding of a sort as well." He is being a little bit vague with the last job, but he'll give another smile in hopes she'll forgive him. Or it will distract her.

Bonifas' bow earns a smile, the blush to Amania's cheeks lingering a short time longer as he answers. "I've noticed that," she says of what people do within the caravan. But the last catches her attention, and she eyes him a bit slyly. "'Guarding of a sort?'" she echoes. "How does a person 'sort of' guard? Are you a trainee or something?" This is the second time she's heard an allusion to something like guarding but not quite guarding within the caravan, and she still hasn't figured out exactly what it is.

"Yes," Bonifas isn't going to be the one to enlighten her any more today on what the sort of guarding might be. It is fair to say he is a trainee though although not the sort of trainee the woman is probably referring to. The boy leans against the closest wall, arms crossed casually as he watches both Amania and the bowl beyond. "So, what was it that made you decide to join the Zingari? Wanted a life full of adventure and excitement?" There's still the smile on his face as he asks the question. If either of those are what she was seeking, she'll probably find plenty.

It's enough of an answer for Amania, though she gets a sense it may not be that simple. People generally like to talk about themselves, in her experience, so the ones that don't are either hiding something or more secure than most. She goes back to leaning herself, pulling her crossbow around to her side so she can lean back against the wall with both shoulders to look at Bonifas. His question has her considering carefully; she hasn't told her full story to anyone but Willimina. "Yes," she answers, smirking cheekily before her eyes drop for a moment. "I left the Underground looking for a way to work and see more than just Igen. I thought joining a caravan might be the best way, and the Zingari… They're colorful. Different." Both things that were quite important, apparently.

And in some cases, it can be both. Though for Bonifas, it's mostly just good practice not to go around announcing that you're a spy in training. First rule of espionage, don't publicly talk about it. The rearrangement of the crossbow is noted, but no more than a brief glance. Although his blades aren't visible, they're definitely present. He grins as it looks like her answer will be just as brief as his own, but turns more somber as she eventually continues, nodding along. "Colorful and different are good words to describe it. Just wait until Willimina decides to throw one of the really big gathers." The regular entertainment nights are festive enough, but when the Zingari decide to go all out, there's no comparison.

Amania's eyes go a bit wide at that. "There are bigger ones?" she asks incredulously. "I came on a performance night, and that was huge…" From her limited perspective. The only way she'll know, of course, is to end up in the midst of one of those gathers.

Bonifas just laughs lightly at her disbelief. "Much! Sometimes we can go on for days…" There's a hint of mischief in his dark eyes. "It's quite a logistical feat, but man is it worth it when we manage to do it."

Reveka is in good spirits today and has decided to shop the bazaar in her free time. The bold Zingari teen wanders the streets, a handbasket slung over her arm. She's an easy target in a floorlength burnt orange skirt and half top with black hems and sleeves. Her sandled feet tinkle as they move, small bells jangling from an anklet made by hand. A sheer veil of silver and burnt orange covers her face even as her wild curls flow freely around her. She stops at a stall to haggle out a price over some cloth, wanting some sheer red fabric to make a dancing costume out of, one she can use for both her contortion and dance acts. Bonifas and Amania are not yet noticed.

"Days… What is there to celebrate for days?" Amania honestly has no idea. Gathers were simply never a part of her childhood. "You were born into all this, I take it?" A glint of dark orange catches her eye back toward a fabric stall, but she can't tell who it is, just that it's likely another of the Zingari.

"Anything? Everything!" Bonifas still has the smile across his face as he lounges against the wall. He might not have noticed Reveka just yet, but a familiar midnight blue firelizard does see the girl. There's a trill as Behrooz flies past the fabric stall, directed towards Reveka, and then he flies to claim a spot on the boy's shoulder. "I was, into the Haeyleri."

Reveka glances up at the sound of a familiar trill. She purchases the bolt of fabric she wanted and drops it into her basket before her eyes rise too look around for Bonifas. She spots him nearby, chatting with the girl Reveka had left in Willimina's care. Smiling behind her veil, Reveka moves forward, coming up to the pair with that smile still in place. "Good Afternoon." Reveka's greeting is as brightly given as her clothes are brightlly colored. "Seems like I wasn't the only one wanting to shop today, Amania dear, it's nice to see you again, are you geettng settled in alright?" She catches the last bit of what Bonifas was saying before her approch and grins. "Oh, talking clans are we?"

Bonifas' answer puzzles Amania a bit, but she just rolls with at as one of those things about the Zingari she doesn't understand yet. "Willimina told me there are many clans to the Zingari," she says. "So being Haeyleri means you were born here, then?" And then Reveka makes her way over, and Amania finds herself unsurprised that it turns out to be the other girl. "Hello Reveka. Yes, I am…though I wasn't here shopping. I haven't gotten around to that yet." Even with a couple of sevendays' worth of marks in her pouch now. "We were talking about Gathers, actually."

Bonifas raises a hand in greeting as Reveka joins them. The dark blue on his shoulder is shameless and trills to the girl begging for some attention. For Amania's question, there is a nod. "Yes, well, born on the road with the caravan at least." And as for Reveka's question, "Mostly about Gathers. Amania here doesn't seem to believe we have events bigger than the performance nights. And asked if I was born into this." so it seemed like a logical jump.

Reveka just can't deny Bon's blue his attentions, and so, she scritches him idly while emitting a low, understanding laugh. "Ah, yes, we Zingari can really throw party when left to our own devices. Some go on for days at a time. Some end up being sevenday long festivals." Reveka grins. "You should see a Festival of Life. All the clans gather and there are Zingari as far as the eye can see." She finally stops spoiling the little blue firelizard and turns fully to the conversation at hand.

"I think I remember you telling me about that. Or Willimina did. I don't quite remember." Amania doesn't remember a lot of the finer points of the day she arrived, so intent was she upon taking in the sights around her. "Anyway," she says, "I was just out here watching the Bowl. Have either of you…ever met any of the dragonfolk?" she wants to know. They'd be less wary than she is, she wagers. There could be a bit of insight to be gained.

"And of course, when that many different clans get together, everyone is trying to show off," Bonifas grins at that. He's definitely been one for showing off in the past and probably will continue to do so in the future. At Amania's next question, there's another laugh. "Of course. Many riders come to the performances, but there are also Zingari who are riders. You'll probably meet S'ayde eventually. He was also sort of a guard once upon a time."

Reveka laughs, knowing Bon to be just exactly one of the above mentioned show offs. She nods along with Bon's next however. "Aye, S'ayde and his weyrmate are around often enough, and their greens are beautiful and well mannered. I can't speak for the rest of the dragonfolk, but ours are decent enough." Reveka has a liking for the dragonfolk of Igen, well, those she knows at least. "S'ayde still performs with us on occasion too, you should see the man with fire. Pure talent that one."

At first, Amania seems a bit surprised to learn there are some Zingari who are also dragonriders. "So…a dragon might choose to partner with a person from any walk of life, not just people from the Weyr?" She still has some things to learn, having been a bit sheltered from the working of Weyr life for a long time, unsurprisingly. The whole affair seems to make her thoughtful, and she glances back out to the Bowl again briefly.

Bonifas raises an eyebrow at Amania's latest question. "They don't teach you about Search in the Underground?" To be fair, it wasn't long ago where Zingari tried to disallow Search among their own youth. One of many changes that Willamina has brought, but which Bonifas has taken to quickly. "When there's a clutch on the Sands, dragons and riders will look for candidates. Not just from the Weyr itself as they'd run out of folks and the little dragons would not have enough choices."

Reveka nods. "Aye. It's what's inside that the dragon chooses, not where you come from. Or at least, that's how it was explained to me." Reveka shrugs and leaves the topic open for someone else to ponder upon. "You should see the little ones around here when there is an active search, they love seeing the dragons everywhere."

Amania's head tilts as though she's just aborted a shake of her head at Bonifas' question, uncertain. "I…don't know if they might be now, but I didn't grow up learning about it." And now that she's more or less living at a Weyr, she doesn't have much of an excuse not to learn. "The dragonriders rained lime on us to make us come out of the caves. That was the first time I'd ever seen them up close. And dragons." There's bitterness to her tone, but it's weak, as though she's holding on to the last vestiges of it. She blinks and turns her gaze from the Bowl to Bonifas and Reveka, dark eyes narrowed slightly. "They don't force people to come with them on these Searches, do they?"

Bonifas winces at the mention of the lime being poured into caves, but for the last, he can nods confirmation. "Right. You're asked to Stand, but the option to say no is always your's. Riders wouldn't want to have reluctant wingmates after all." Because there are many ways for a rider to wind up dead and they don't need to add that possibility to the list. "But I need to get back to camp. I have a few more lessons before dinner." He'll give a flourished bow to both the ladies and back he goes, winding through the bazaar to the caravan grounds.

Reveka shakes her head. "No, as Bonifas so kindly pointed out, the choice is always yours. I've never hear of them forcing anyone." Reveka gives a smile to Bonifas as he leaves. "Don't forget practice later!" Reveka has recently joined the knife handling class, wanting to know more about wielding the little blades. She turns back to Amania and smiles. "So, haven't been shopping yet eh? Perhaps we should fix that." Reveka thrives on shopping, she'll more than happily take Amania on a tour of the bazaar.

Amania gives Bonifas an almost hidden little wave, more of a finger waggle, and blushes again for the bow. She nods to the answers given about Search, but her expression is still rather inscrutable after the fact. At the suggestion of shopping, part of Amania wants to protest, but she's far too curious not to go along with it. She wants to actually look like she might be trying to fit in with the Zingari and needs help. "Are you talking about the knife practice? I think I'm supposed to go to that, too…" And thus she'll let herself get carried along with Reveka, wherever that may take her. She'll think more about what she's learned of the dragonfolk later.

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