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Th'res makes impressions, Alyna is welcomed to the Weyr, and Talya was just trying to get drunk..


It is afternoon of the twenty-fifth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Southern Weyr

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An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

Afternoon of summer usually means the worst of the heat, which is why Talya is currently basking away on the beach on what is likely a day off from bartending. The woman is laying spread eagle in loose clothes that doesn't look like they ever belonged to her, in the damp sand where the waves crashing in won't drown her (unless the tide comes in) but she can still get the occasional rush of cool ocean on her damp back. Her skin is darkened more than it usually is, and tucked into the sand is a chilled wine bottle. The cool condensation on the bottle likely means she has not been out here long.

A dark shadow is cast over the beach followed by the sound of something screaming through the air as it falls towards the water. And by screams it is more like a whooping of excitement right before impacting in the deeper waters. The shadow moves on from the area leaving the sun bright again while out in the distance someone surfaces and starts to swim back to shore. His bright red hair can be seen bobing up and down in the waves as he gets to shallower waters the person can be identified as the newest wingsecond to lynx Th'res.

Oh, look, the clothing thief! Fortunately, Ibrahim tends to stash what he isn't wearing somewhere difficult to get to; nor does he wash his clothing where it can be snatched. Oh, he's heard about that girl who collects others' clothes to wear! He cuts through the sand, enjoying the feel of the sun on his bare torso — until that shadow passes and resolves itself into the ever-exuberant Jedemaeth and his rider, Th'res. Ibrahim will laugh to himself, all to used to that pair's antics.

If it's out for the taking with no one around and left alone, it's free game! That's Talya's reasoning, sometimes. Though a lot of her spare clothes have been pretty willfully given. The screaming definitely brings her jerking upright from her sun drunk daze, blinking in the bright light and stretching her arm over her head to look out at what cast that shadow and what made that noise. Jedameth. She definitely recognizes the blue, but the redheaded rider coming closer to shore gets a raised brow. "Trying to make an entrance for someone?" she calls out to the rider when he starts to get closer. With a smirk on her face, she gives the beach a look around. "Plenty of pretty faces to impress out here today."

Th'res wades in to shore on his back is some strange contraption that is now broken and bent, ripped cloth hanging from it making him look like a sunken wreck just surfaced from the ocean. His grin stretches from ear to ear as he waves at the people on the beach before shrugging it off letting it crumple on the sand. He streches showing bruises where the straps were saying over to the bartender "Not really the entrance I wanted to, the left stablizing arm snapped." The blue is no where to be seen probably heading back to his ledge to finish enjoying the heat.

Ibrahim squints. Then squints harder, shading his eyes in order to be positive he's seeing what he thinks he's seeing. But nope, that's what he's seeing. "Th'res… you have a dragon. Why are you making wings for yourself?" the wildling asks, sorely puzzled and highly amused. He rests his fists on his narrow hips, grinning at his friend. "That blue of yours is making you dizzy, man."

Alright, /that/ thing gets more than a raised brow. Talya just has to ask, "What the fuck is that?" once Th'res is close enough and she can actually see what he had on him. Probably assumed it was a pack or something. "Is that what they're supposed to be?" she asks of Ibrahim, catching the man's comment on the contraption. She reaches over and makes a show of grabbing the bottle of wine she brought for herself, and holding it tightly to her chest. If he's this crazy, maybe he's drunk. Better not to give him incentive for more.

Th'res laughs and shrugs "it is just something I am playing around with. It would make search and rescue a little easier." He raises his own eyebrows at the snatching of the bottle but laughs, nope he is sober. Though maybe concussions make people drunk right Talya? "Anyway sorry if I ruined your afternoon."

Overhead, another shadow as green dragon circles lazily down over the beach until she lands with a splash in the deep waters of the ocean. From the direct of the boardwalk, a petite blong woman, Alyna, is walking towards the shore, muttering a long string of very creative curses under her breath and carrying all the accoutrements needed for bathing a dragon. As she gets closer, her muttering can be made out. "Queen of all she fucking sees, just has to have her sharding bath in the middle of the fucking day when it's hottest." As she steps onto the sand she hisses loudly and then begins a mad sprint for the water's edge, sighing in relief as the water cools the sands, at least a bit anyway. She dumps her load in the sand and just stands there for a second stretching, wearing a pair of short shorts, and a small tank top, a thin layer of sweat already shining on her brow.

As Alyna hears someone speak of search and rescue though, she turns and shields her eyes from the sun and calls out, "Search and Rescue you say?" Hi, Alyna's just going to totally insert herself into perfect stragers' conversation, no big.

Talya is still staring at Th'res as if he's crazy and eyeballing that wing… stuff. "How?" she actually sounds in completely disbelief. "If ya ask me, you'll be the one they're rescuing if you try to use that." Self preservation is usually strong with this one. "Don't go killing yourself now, I like Jedameth a lot." She relaxes her death grip on the bottle of wine to take a swig of the cooler liquid, then finally making her way to her feet instead of laying there like a beached shipfish. The greenrider arriving gets a polite head bob (well, only after she comments and seems to be joining the crowd). "You aren't ruining anyone's afternoon as far as I can tell," she comments in regard to Th'res's apology, making a face at him. "Always apologizing."

Th'res chuckles and nods "well that one yes which is why I am trying them out over water, but the idea is to be able to glide low enough through either canyons or above the tree tops so the dragons can't be injured." He nods to the green rider as she approaches, "afternoon Ma'am" is his greeting but then there is the judging face of Talya that turns his blue eyes back saying "Well Jedameth likes you too."

"Ugh Ma'am!" Alyna's nose wrinkles in distaste, "Never call me that again. Alyna, green Haquith's and newly transferred here." She says by way of introduction. She knows her green requires a bit of swim before her bath so she saunters easily over to the others and takes in this contraption of Th'res'. "But why? Dragons are made for gliding, people not so much. And dragon eyesight is keen enough to see into canyons and stuff, and if a canyon is deep enough that they can't, what's the chance the thing you're searching for is still going to be in any shape for rescuing?" Blunt with a touch of dark humor, that's Alyna.

Talya gives the greenrider a more interested look at her introduction, studying the older woman from toes to head. "What she said," she finally says after a long good look at the Alyna and a smirk. That woman knows what she is talking about. Talya doesn't really know what goes on in the dragonriders' duties, but she does not seem to have good thoughts about Th'res's current experiment. She wrinkles her nose at him. "If he likes me too, then don't do something to hurt yourself," she points out. Besides being a dragonrider and fighting Threadfall, of course. That should be implied. Sudden her face drops and she wrinkles her nose. "Ugh, I just sounded like my mother." Another quick swig and then she steps aside towards Alyna and shoves the at her. "Here. Enjoy. I'm meeting someone, actually, and better get moving." She gives those on the beach a parting wave and a quick 'have to catch you around another day' (if Alyna really insists on not taking the bottle, it'll come with her).

Th'res grins and waves after Talya "I will do my best. Don't go stealing anymore clothes!" is his teasing call. He then turns back to greenrider and shrugs "You never know what you would need it for, and while dragons can fly nothing stoping us from figuring out a way to enjoy it too." He offers the new person his hand saying "Th'res rider of blue Jedameth, welcome to Southern." No need to be rude right? But then there is Jedameth who drops into the groups conversation saying to where most everyone can hear « ARe you sure you want more of this clear stuff you are making? Why do you call it Shine it doesn't even glow? Oh look there is that weird feline from D'ex's here again, AWW he just made a little nest out of your pillows..»

And suddenly Alyna is having a half filled bottle of wine thrust in her direction, and you don't need to tell her twice! She takes the bottle and in one fell swoop takes a long draught, head thrown back, swallowing one, twice, three times before dropping the bottle with a smack of her lips. "And it's still cold!" She looks after the retreating young woman with a thoughtful eye, "If this is life at Southern, I'm sold." She chuckles before taking another, shorter, swig. "Well met Th'res. You were talking about Search and Rescue, are you in Ocelot? That's the wing I just joined. I've been told they do a lot of that." At the blue's revelation, her eyes grow wide and her mouth forms a little O as she leans forward with a playful waggle of her eyebrows, "Shine huh? You wanna be my new best friend?" Then a bright chartreuse head surfaces and looks towards the shore as Haquith comes in from her swim. « Standing around making friends when I so sorely need a bath? I see how it is. » Haquith's voice extends to the blue, but not his rider, she is more discreet than that, wrapped in a soft, but persistant buzzing of the gossamer wings of insects.

Jedameth is anything if not friendly, and making new friends is AWESOME. Bright colors of blues, oranges and greens dance around in swirling sea waves « There is a good place a little more to the west where you can dive deep and rub on the seaweed they make your wings feel nice and cool the itchies.» Th'res on the other hand raises his eyebrows as the bartender just gave away free booze.. "Talya must not be feeling well, I have never known her to give it away for free." He turns his attention back to the green rider and shakes his head "No I am in Lynx, we do a lot of exploration but usually get tagged to help out in other places." When she leans forward he doesn't even look down instead keeping his gaze at her face, his ears going a little pink as he says "Sure, friends are always welcome. Though I am sure you just want the booze.."

"I'm not complaining." Alyna says with a smile and taking another sip from the bottle. « That sounds wonderful. » Haquith replies the buzz softening just slightly as the soft scent of lily-of-the-valley is wafted at Jedameth. « You will have to show me one day. » With a roll of her eyes at the antics of her green, the blond woman just nods a little bit at Th'res words, her lips turning up in a friendly smirk as she sees his ears turn pink a little bit and looks offended when he presumes she's only after the booze. "Perish the thought. Can't a girl, all alone in a brand new Weyr, offer up her friendship to a fellow rider without being accused…" Then suddenly she cracks up laughing, "Sorry…I couldn't keep a straight face. But in all seriousness, I love a good drink, but it's always better with someone to share it with." And was that..a wink? Possibly, or maybe she got sand in her eye.

Th'res is going with the sand in her eye bit, because hey that happens alot around here. "Well, Talya there is a bartender at the Kitten so you will probably see her a lot. But sure drinking alone is only as fun as it takes you to pass out." is his grinning answer to the statement of liking company. He looks over to see the dragon surfacing "Where did you two transfer from?" is his question but it seems that Jedameth is more than up to being friendly. Those colors shift again to sunset orange hues with light greens in it « Anytime you want, Everything is awesome when we work as a team! » the dragons personal mantra is out in full swing today as he glides down from his ledge to land lightly on the sands there is a leather satchel on his forepaw that he gently puts on the ground and croons his hello to both of the new females.

Haquith has now made it to the shore, shimmying her way over to her rider, her bright hide glistening in the bright summer sun, a disapproving look for her rider. « Alyna, I have soaked quite enough. Time for my bath. » Her tone is clipped and demanding but Alyna just looks back over her shoulder and calls, probably louder than she needed to, "Can ya give me a fucking minute so I can talk to the cute redhead please?" Then with an exasperated roll of her eyes, Alyna turns back to Th'res, "I swear, if I didn't love her so darn much… Twelve turns and she still thinks her ordering around routine is cute. Don't let your blue fall for it. It's a trap." Then she suddenly remembers her manners and thrusts the bottle of wine in the bluerider's direction, "You want some?" she asks with an easy smile on her lips.

Alyna pages, "that might be a good idea actually. And you know what, Alyna might actually take up the flirt, especially if she knows he's restricted from such things, cause she's evil like that. They actually have quite a bit in common F'kan and Alyna, But whereas F'kan is mostly about conquest, Alyna's all about just having a good time."

Th'res chuckles and shakes his head going over to the pack the blue has just brought and opening it, the cute redhead comment gets the full blown face and neck blush treatment. As he pulls out a jar of clear liquid turning around saying "well I don't know about falling for anything, Jedameth is rather friendly no matter what." The blue croons again at the green and her rider before he settles into the sands to wait. Th'res walks back over and offers the jar to Alyna "Here call it a welcome present, I remember my first few months at southern were pretty rough."

"She's a fickle on." Alyna will say cryptically, eyeing her green as the dragon preens before the blue, crooning softly in his direction with a little wiggle of her ample haunches sending wafts of crisp clean floral scent in his direction. Turning back to the bluerider and seeing the proffered jar, she takes it with a wide smile, "Well how generous of you Th'res. Really looking forward to trying this. Although hooch is probably more of an evening drink." She says with an easy laugh. "And it's actually been a nice change of pace so far, new places, new people, it's kind of nice after twelve turns at Igen in the same wing with the same people." She says thoughtfully. "How long have you been here?" She asks conversationally, cause if they are going to be friends she should get to know something about him.

Th'res has to stop and think about that question "well I was an apprentice up at the barrier since I was fifteen. But got my journeyman a little over two turns ago so they sent me here. Not long after that Jedameth here came along and been a full rider." he is slowly counting the months saying "Just out side a full turn I think. so probably three turns at the Weyr Proper." He grins at her before he raises his eyebrows and looks back at the blue who is saying something that causes the young man to clear his throat quickly turning back to the lady.

"Oh you two are just a couple of youngsters then." Alyna exclaims as she finishes the rest of the wine, a rosy glow now to her cheeks. Haquith though turns to the blue and cranes her neck in his direction, « So Jedameth is it? There was apparently a brownrider from here who caused quite the ruckus at Igen just before Turn's End. But the details were sorely lacking. Do you know what happened? » Another waft of lily-of-the-valley flowers twines with the buzzing that floats along her mindvoice. The greenrider just shakes her head, "She's a terrible gossip." Alyna explains to Th'res, "She's obsessed with getting more details of the brownrider from here who caused all the trouble back at Igen a few months ago. All she's managed to glean is something happened on the Caravan Grounds and his dragon was very upset with him."

Jedameth is always ready to help answer questions, questions are afterall the way to the answers, flashing lights of blue, red and white dance around like a disco as he starts « Well That rider was here before and he was sleeping with a girl that was a candidate before.. and when he got…» The mind stops talking as Th'res reaches up and puts a hand on the blues leg saying to both rider and dragon "That rider, made some bad judgment calls the last few turns. though he has been working hard to put it behind him. I am sure she will find out the rest from others in the Weyr but I would rather not speak bad about him as he is in my wing." He gives her an apologetic smile and shrugs.

"Oh…" Alyna's eyes widen and she shoots a glare at her green, "Really now? You got my new friend all offended with your nosey ways." she scolds lightly before turning back to the bluerider. "I'm so sorry about her and me. I am not usually one to spread malicious gossip, and well Haquith's not either." She looks sympathetic, "And I've run into my fair share of riders that make bad judgement calls over the Turns, so I know how that can go. There's gotta be something good in him if he mananged to Impress right? And good on you sticking up for your wingmate like that, shows real character."

Th'res chuckles and shakes his head "Oh I am not offended miss. Just can't go talking bad about people, not really in my nature. Besides you will find out about him soon enough he was in your wing before he transfered to mine. Just try to keep an open mind, he is changing but not all rivers were cut in a day." Jedameth croons warmly at the green still friendly and happy as always is the blue boy. With a chuckle the rider says "Jedameth also says that his brown is really nice too, and needs to make new friends."

Haquith croons back at the blue and then flicks her tail irritatingly at her rider. « You've had quite enough time for idle chitchat. Now stop ignoring me and get to scrubbing. » Holding up a finger at her impatient green "Be right with you." Alyna smiles brightly back at Th'res, "Well I will keep try to keep an open mind if I ever come across the guy then, cause everyone needs a chance to fix their bad behaviour." This may or may not be coming from personal experience. Holding up the jar of clear liquid she says, "Thanks again for this, and I'm going to buy you a drink sometime, no arguing, it's happening." as she walks backwards towards her dragon before turning and gathering her dropped equipment before the pair moves further into the water.

Th'res grins and nods picking up his shirt out of the bag and pulling it on fixing his wingsecond knot to it saying to Jedameth "Lets go find F'kan, all this talk about him has made me wonder where he is right now." Trust but verify, that is the phrase for the day. Jedameth croons again sending warm thoughts to the pair before he takes off leaving Th'res to start his jog up the beach back to the Weyr.

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