Va'os, Vaeslyn, Alyna


Southern's Beach is awash with people hoping to find more of the antique marks washed up by the big storm.


It is sunset of the tenth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 20 Feb 2018 05:00


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"Don't ever argue with a green… or a gold for that matter."



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

Even though the ground is soggy still from the storm, it hasn't deterred folks from venturing down to the beach. Word spread fast about the so-called 'treasure' washing up on shore! The skies remain stubbornly overcast, but the rain has let up for now. Clouds or not, the light is gradually fading, which means sunset is not far off but still folk linger as they comb the beach. Among those "overseeing" this spectacle is the Weyrleader, though Va'os isn't out there digging. He's having too much fun watching everyone ELSE scramble around. Tsiroth, though, is amusing a few young weyrbrats by offering his 'services' as excavator. Uh… careful where you walk?

Roped into clean-up, Vaeslyn is less the 'seeking out buried treasure' type, and more a legitimate 'drafted to clean things' type. He's already muddy from previous chores, what's a little sand added to the mess? He's retained his boots, but lost his jacket and rolled up his sleeves, exposing forearms that have already gathered a bit of sand to cling to the sweat. He's finished poking through a pile of vegetation washed up, and is moving dutifully along to the next whatever-it-is when sea-green eyes catch the dragon at work. "Huh. Alright then…" Eloquent.

One of those beachcombers is a very unfortunate Alyna who, with her green Haquith, has staked out a small patch of sand and the green is keeping a close eye on anyone wandering in on their spot, flicking tail idly to discourage those who get to close. The petite blond leans on her shovel and points at her dragon, almost out of breath and quite irritable. "Enough out of you. You don't own the beach ok? Keep it up and I am out." She sighs as the green almost looks as if she rolls her eyes, but her tail does settle down onto the sand and she settles with merely glaring at offenders. Then the greenrider is muttering some more, "There's probably not anymore marks to be found you know, I don't care what you heard. And what the fuck do we need more marks for anyway? We're comfortable." « I need new Furs and pillows for my couch, and I thought maybe we could get some new straps too, nice ones, with gems inlaid in the leather. »

So far, all that Tsiroth's digging has yielded are a few shells but even those are collected by the weyrbrats to be bartered and squabbled over. The bronze doesn't care, either way! He's enjoying ?destroying? helping the youths in their hopes of finding something. Vaseline's "eloquent" comment draws a turn of the bronzes head and an amused tilt of it. What? Oh. He's clean up? Here! Have some driftwood, Vaeslyn! Never… mind it's almost a full sized tree trunk (and don't worry he won't squish him). Such antics bring Va'os over and he sighs, "Don't mind him and… uh, don't worry about that either." A point to the driftwood no lone man could drag or carry. "Hard a work too?" It's almost a teasing-taunt thrown Alyna's way, but Va'os means well. See his grin? He's kidding!

Driftwood vs. Herder. "Yeah… I'm not going to life that," decides Vaeslyn, the corner of his mouth twitching just faintly at the suggestion. "But thanks for the vote of confidence." The grin vanishes, and there's a sort of 'shock' that runs down the lad, straightening back and shoulders and putting a fleeting 'wasn't me' look on his face that coincides with the approach and voice of the dragon's rider, probably because of the fancy-title he holds. "It's kinda nice…" that being Tsiroth's assisting in the weyrbrat's treasure seeking. "I don't think there's anything to be found out here," murmured for the sight of the shovel-wielding woman and tail-twitching green. It's polite sounding, rather than condescending, at least.

Alyna looks up from her digging and leans again on her shovel as she looks to see who is addressing her now. Oh look, it's the Weyrleader. At that she'll stand up straight and shoot off a smart salute, "Sir. Yeah, no rest for the wicked and all that right?" she says with a little snort as she plants the shovel in the sand and reaches up to wipe her forehead with the back of one hand. When the herder speaks, her ice blue eyes will turn in his direction, "No really ya think?" words barbed with sharp sarcasm at the youth. With a long suffering sigh, "This one," and she hooks her thumb over her shoulder to indicate the green behind her, "heard about those marks being found and insists there must be more and she's decided now she needs to go on a shopping spree, so we must find those marks." Her whole tone belies the fact that the woman is most certain there are no other marks to be found, but someone had thrown one of her little temper tantrums and so she is trying to make peace.

"You can relax. I don't bite!" Va'os assures Vaeslyn, when the young lad reacts as most do when they're snuck up on by a ranked individual. "And I wouldn't say it was a vote of confidence and more that he's too much of a lazy ass to do it himself…" He corrects, despite a grunt of protest from the bronze. Tsiroth isn't lazy he's just… preoccupied! "Yeah, I might agree with you there… but so far the hunting has been harmless and if this keeps folks spirits up after the storm's destruction?" There's a shrug of his shoulders and an outward splay of his hands. Who is he to stop it? Alyna's salute brings a snickered breath and a return, if not hurried, salute. "I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for you or wish you the best, Alyna!"

"Right…" Note gonna bite. Vaeslyn doesn't look like he believes it, but there's a conscious effort to relax himself. It's reflex, really; he's a teenager. Aren't they always doing something they shouldn't be? The driftwood is given a second glance, eyes trailing from log to dragon as explanations come. "Well. Now I'm definitely not going to lift it," he declares, enough sarcastic amusement in his tone to suggest he's teasing rather than offended. Vae's arms cross over his chest, weight settled back onto one leg as he adopts a position of casual relaxation before regarding Alyna and her green. A totally elegant snort precedes his equally articulate "Huh, " Because clearly, he's a wordsmith today. "Didn't know dragons did that whole shopping-spree thing. Thought that was just girls." Is he teasing? Is he serious? Hard to tell with that flat affect.

Alyna laughs easily as she shrugs at the Weyrleader, "A little bit of both I guess would be appreciated." She says, a smirk pulling up the corners of her mouth as she runs a hand through her shoulder length blond hair with a little sigh. But when the Herder speaks, she turns her head towards him and winces as she puts a finger up as if she is going to warn him, but it's too late. A loud buzzing sound, like the gossamer wings of a whole swarm of insects reaches out to Vaeslyn, gradually getting louder, « And what exactly is wrong with being a girl? » If a dragon could narrow her eyes, Haquith's would be narrowed at the teen as she swings her head closer to him. Alyna is trying not to smirk as she turns to her dragon with a mock-severe tone, "Haquith! Be nice!" but there's obvious mirth dancing in her blue eyes.

Even if Vaeslyn was doing some minor mischief, Va'os isn't exactly Mr. Clean Record here! He's been known to become selectively 'blind and deaf' to a few things. Unless you're a group of thieving kids or, y'know, trying to entice him to gamble. That's when things get awkward! Tsiroth rumbles and is given a hard side-eye from the bronzerider. "He wants to know if you'd drag it then, if we got you a… harness…. Oh, come on! That's just rude, man!" The bronze doesn't seem to even blink an eye at the scolding as he goes about filling one of the holes he made now that the weyrbrats have moved on. Glancing back to Alyna, the bronzerider laughs. "I'll try to offer an equal amount of both, then!"

Even if Vaeslyn was doing some minor mischief, Va'os isn't exactly Mr. Clean Record here! He's been known to become selectively 'blind and deaf' to a few things. Unless you're a group of thieving kids or, y'know, trying to entice him to gamble. That's when things get awkward! Tsiroth rumbles and is given a hard side-eye from the bronzerider. "He wants to know if you'd drag it then, if we got you a… harness…. Oh, come on! That's just rude, man!" The bronze doesn't seem to even blink an eye at the scolding as he goes about filling one of the holes he made now that the weyrbrats have moved on. Glancing back to Alyna, the bronzerider laughs. "I'll try to offer an equal amount of both, then!"

Vaeslyn visibly winces at the mental invasion. But it's only half a second or so before he's huffing out a defensive, "never said there was anything wrong with being a girl! Besides… you're not a girl. You're a dragon." They're different, right? RIGHT?! "I mean. You're a girl dragon… And there's nothing wrong with that, either," added hastily. He's not gonna be able to win this, is he? And so he turns to Va'os, and Tsiroth, in hopes that the bronze is a safer bet… only that's a bust too, it seems. He's at least listening, eyeballing that log and perhaps even considering dragging it, except… "A… what?!" Is it socially acceptable to scowl at your Weyrleader's dragon? Because Vaeslyn is definitely scowling. "I got runners that'll do that for you, but me? No." Nope. No. Definitely not.

The buzzing recedes from the lad's mind as Haquith blows a hot whuff of dragonbreath in Vaeslyn's direction before moving her head back to its previous position. Alyna just laughs and shakes her head, "Yeah, Haquith is all about the sisterhood, it doesn't matter if it's person, firelizard or dragon." the petite greenrider says in way of apology, although not really, to the herder. "I'm Alyna by the way." she offers the boy her hand. Her eyes flick back over to the Weyrleader, "So that storm…I mean, I almost wished I was back in Igen dealing with one of their sandstorms. Get a lot of those down here?" She asks curiously.

"… digging a deeper grave, kid!" Va'os is just going to whisper in an aside to Vaeslyn. Abort, man! Danger, danger! Even if it's too late, he's going to try to help ? kind of. Lower whispered: "Don't ever argue with a green… or a gold for that matter." Just women in general, maybe? Va'os is that sort of ass to even imply that joke! Tsiroth makes what sounds like an apologetic sound but it also comes off as… heavily sarcastic. Well excuse him! "Just… don't… encourage him and NO we're not bringing runners here! For the last time, the dinner joke isn't going to work!" He exclaims in exasperation. Alas, that driftwood will just have to… remain where it is for now. Va'os even goes as far as to kick sand towards the bronze. "Go harass Caelisth or something!" Just get away from the beach! Tsiroth snorts but relents, flaring his wings (DUCK!) and crouching down to spring aloft in a spray of sand (don't breathe either!). Va'os will at least place himself somewhat in the path, so Vaeslyn will be spared and it's not until he's brushed the worst of the sand away that he mutters an apology through some cursing. "Sorry. He's an ass." Just like him. "And prickly of late." To Alyna, he grimaces. "No sandstorms. Just rain and cyclones and… more rain. Lots of rain and if not rain… humidity." Welcome to the jungle~

Vaeslyn knows nothing. As evidenced by the attempt to defend himself. "This is why I like runners better," is muttered somewhere in there before he has the good sense to just shut his mouth and adopt a 'silence is golden' approach. A long look of consideration is given for Va'os's for his advice, a terse nod and an equally concise, "right," delivered soon after. Don't argue with women. The application of that wisdom shall come shortly. "Dinner joke?" Does he want to know? But whether he does or not, the bronze is departing. Vaeslyn ducks and turns, bracing against the mild buffeting of sand and wind at the dragon's departure. "I've known worse," says the herder in a dry tone. "You should meet my dad's dragon…" or not. Let's just not. But in the wake of the departure, he's shooting looks over his shoulder, eyeballing escape routes perhaps. "Yeah. Rain." Conversationalist, this one.

Haquith just ducks her head at the Weyrleader's assertion that greens, and golds too, should not be argued with, as if she finds that's notion perfectly acceptable. Alyna just chuckles under her breath, "You got it Sir, it's not worth it, even for their riders." She adds in a much maligned voice of mistreatment by her dragon. Seeing that her introduction to the herder isn't being reciprocated she just shrugs again and then turns her head to shield her face against the buffetting of wind and sand. "Oh look, just like back 'home'." She says, sarcastic tone dialed up now as she spits the grains of sand that managed to make their way into her mouth. "I think I can deal with rain after 12 turns in the desert." she says as she picks up her shovel and goes back to her digging.

Va'os beams, despite the situation (and moment). "Herder, huh? And runners are a preference? I think I like you already." Given he had a runner once. Alas~ "If you come across a mare named Innocence? Give her some extra TLC if you don't mind? Miss the gal." And no, he doesn't want to know the terrible dinner joke. Making sure to dust off his hair again to be rid of more sand, he'll peer at Vaeslyn again with a curious quirked brow. "Yeah? That so?" Maybe best left for another time! "Well!" Va'os clasps his hands together and then pulls a face when he realizes they're full of wet sand. Sigh. Cue those being wiped off on his pants! "This has been pleasant but I should be off. Sun's setting and I've got some hidework to mull over." Read: he needs to go drink. "Sorry, Alyna!" he calls belatedly and somewhat sheepishly for Tsiroth's dousing of sand her way. "If you'll both excuse me? Oh… and name's Va'os, by the way." Farewell AND introduction in one fell swoop! Enjoy Vaeslyn. And then the Weyrleader's off and trudging back towards the Weyr.

Let's just pretend that Vaeslyn was thoroughly distracted by an intimidating green and departing bronze as the reason for his totally blowing off a completely reasonable greeting (or blame the player, who very clearly needs to get some sleep because OMG I AM SO SORRY). Moving right along. A hand had been offered and (accidentally?) ignored. A name had been given, and it's debatable whether or not Vaeslyn heard it. "Never been to Igen," offered so late in the game that it's probably out of context. He's eyeballing possible escape routes like he might be ready to book it, but not before confirming his craft and focus. "Yes, on both counts." Herder. Runners. "Speaking of… think it's about time to feed 'em." That's a passable excuse for escape, right? Names. Names are being given. "Vaeslyn," is finally offered up, though the lad is clearly distracted and mentally checked out. Teenagers, sheesh. "Okay, well… yeah. Bye…" and he'll just head this-a-way and leave Alyna and Haquith to their treasure seeking.

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