D'ex, Taliveth


Taliveth barges in on D'ex's evening stroll on the beach in an attempt to bond with his (at least in Tali's mind) future… step-rider?

brief reference to past violence, Taliveth being a real estate agent


It is late night of the twenty-eighth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.



OOC Date 27 Jan 2018 08:00


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« Do you like big beds… friend? Buddy? »



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

The summer is upon them and the red of the sea is gone. The bugs are gone, the dead fish, really, the ocean seemed well again, something to celebrate, for sure. The humid of the night is tinged as always with te smell of salt and as boots crunch over the sand of the beach, steps are slow. D'ex's back is to the boardwalk, moving away from the light of the bondfire and walking only a few feet above the lapping of the waves. With a beer in one hand and one hand in his pocket, the bluerider is at ease. He was celebrating. He was celebrating a lot tonight. His little green firelizard flies skimming over the waves, eyes bright in the night and though is is one to mourn the loss of all those wonderful bugs, her bond's good mood has her forgetting all the feasting she'd been doing only a few weeks ago. Tonight is good, quiet, and though the frosted thoughts of Zynth are distracted and distant now, D'ex walks without worry. It's a good night for a moonlit walk on the beach.

A shadow from above seems to be closing in on the lone bluerider out for his evening stroll. Did it just appear? Or was it always there, following the whole time? The closer it gets, the louder the sound of wingbeats. Flapflapflap go little dark wings, followed shortly by a heavy *thump* as Taliveth lands in the sand. He doesn't shout a mental greeting, or bugle or croon. Instead, he pads over, quickly gaining on D'ex with a few big strides, and then he's just walking alongside like they're just out for a casual walk together.

The initial shadow does not bother D'ex, this is a weyr, there were dragons all over, blinking about and appearing out of no where all the time and worrying about it was not something he did anymore. However, at the landing, D'ex will pause and turn. When the big brown has gained on him without a word, D'ex is surprised. He nods to Taliveth, takes a sip of his beer, then continues walking. Lady, however, is not a casual creature. The waves are abandoned to greet Taliveth, twittering happily and breaking the quiet of the night. The calico green flutters up to the brown, flitting about his head brightly, Hello Taliveth! They are out for a walk! Wasn't this fun! Walking! Zynth is busy. But they are out walking!

omgosh it's LADY! Taliveth whuffles and whurfs happily, like an excited dog, playfully nipping at the air around the tiny green. But but but he has to FOCUS. Which is hard, because this is Taliveth. He's playing it super cooooool, letting that special aurora made just for D'ex open up slowly in the bluerider's mind. « Hi. » A pause as he considers what the cool kids would say in this situation. « … What's up… buddy? »

Lady is delighted at Tali's delight. She flits about him again, then is gone, darting back to the water, then up, to the sky and spiral down to the two. D'ex has gotten past flinching at Taliveth's touch, though still so alien forien and different from the snowscape of Zynth. However, at this point, he does realize how much Tali must be turning his mind down to speak with him. Zynth's naturally light touch is so different from the void of Tali. "Hi." D'ex glances at the brown, a smirk starting to crawl over his face, "Not much, my man, not much. Just enjoying a quiet night. You know?" To avoid all out smiling, D'ex takes another drink of his beer.

It is indeed a void. One he fills with soft pretty colors for D'ex, a barrier of sorts to keep him safe from the vast darkness and galactic fire and that massive collection of space crap. He almost loses his grasp on things when D'ex talks to him, little licks of rainbow flames dancing forth through the aurora, but the warship brown reigns it in as quick as he can. « It is. Quiet. » There is a distinct notion of 'too quiet' with this. « I found a weyr today. » Because, as per usual, someone died. OH PERN, such a silly planet with deadly skynoodles~ « A real big one. They left their bed. It's a big bed. » dead people bed but let's not get into that « Do you like big beds… friend? Buddy? »
p.s. Tali is totally going to get his tail-wiggle on for Lady. here lizard lizard lizard

D'ex tenses slightly at that moment of intensity, but he relaxes again quickly as things smooth out. Too quiet? How Tali and Zynth got along was incredible. Really. "You've been looking at weyrs?" Of course Tali was looking at weyrs. D'ex settles his face into one of passive amusement, the face he uses for poker and dice. Though, that itching smiles is still a threat. "A big weyr huh? You planning on moving? I think Jedameth would miss you if you moved away, you know Zynth doesn't play with him like you do." D'ex waves his beer at Tali slightly, "But I do like big beds. Do you like big beds? Big beds are nice things to have." Lady's flitting about will pause, eyes locking on the wiggle. Ooohhhhhhhhhhh. She… . she will … she will GET THE TAIl!!!!!

« Jedameth will come STA-.. stay over. » Almost lost it there. « A sleepover. At our big weyr. » Taliveth tries it again, with emphasis! But not too much emphasis! « Our big weyr. For our fambly. Our fambly. » Taliveth's voice sounds odd with the effort to hold back. Every word is spoken carefully with a slight pause inbetween, as though D'ex might have trouble understanding. « We will have a big bed. Me and Zynth. In our weyr. » It's a reoccuring obsession— it's entirely possible he doesn't remember all the other times he's looked at vacant weyrs. « And then A'ndi will cook and you'll wash the dishes and then we'll go for a walk just like we are now but all together like a REAL FAMBLY- » The tail is here for the taking! He even helpfully flicks it upwards for Lady's convenience.

D'ex is really good at poker. He does not start laughing. He does not even let the chuckle out, "Our weyr? Taliveth, Zynth and I already have a weyr and I really like it. I like my weyr and this thing between me and A'ndi, don't you think that A'ndi might not like us living together if he can't even hold hands in public?" D'ex can hear the careful in Taliveth's tone, which only makes all this all the more funny. Still, he tries to keep up that he is totally taking this converstation seriously. "Tali, I'm not sure we can say we are a family yet. Your rider needs time to come to terms with what we are, and I think that means we are not going to be moving into a big weyr, but a big bed might happen before then." Lady is diving, she latches onto the tail, tiny claws digging into the armored hide, wrapping around it, then is suddenly jumping back, blinking brightly and diving again.

« He'll get over it! » Taliveth huffs with exasperation, sending wisps of ethereal color further into the bluerider's mind. « See if I was him I'd go to the tippy-top of the biiiiiggest mountain and YELL! YELL IT TO EVERYO- » Aaaand we're dialing it back. There's the sound of a dial turning, frequencies adjusting. « -everyone. But A'ndi says some things are private and not anybody's business and they're gonna come barging into it and ruin it with their stupid opinions and their stupid faces. I don't think that's true, but A'ndi isn't always real smart. … Don't tell him I said that. » Taliveth yelps a bit suddenly, but the snort he gives in Lady's direction is a playful one. « Laaaaady that tickles! »

D'ex winces at the loud, takes another swig of his drink, he was going to run out before this converstation was over, "Yeah, he's not." After all, who the hell in their right mind dates D'ex? D'ex is aware that this is a contridiction and he would never ask A'ndi why, but he is also aware of his many flaws, "But he needs time, and you and I care about him, right? That means that we are going to give him all the time he needs to come to terms with what this is and what it could be. Because we care about him, it's our job to be supportive and let him have his space on this subject, right?" Lady is already swooping down to bat cat-like at Taliveth's tail, she HAS IT!!!!!

« ssssspaaaaaaaace » Such an interesting concept. Nevermind that, you know, his mind is space. But personal space? That's different and weird. « … I guess. But he thinks too much about it! He says 'it doesn't make sense' but it doesn't have to! Love is like a herdbeast steak with cupcake frosting on top! It doesn't make sense but it's PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL and delicious but it gives me gas too but that's okay because it's worth it! » A bit of scrap metal manages to work its way through to go plummeting into the mental snow leftover by Zynth, where it sizzles. Taliveth stops in his marching along suddenly, lowering his head down to get in D'ex's way. And to STARE. While dangling a Lady from his tail. « You make him happy. And angry. And worried. And happy again. And sad. And happy. For this, I love you! Do you love me too? » FINALLY, after all this stalking and sitting on your ledge and staring?

"Yes. Space. He has the right to think about all this. It's probebly a lot more of a risky thing for him than it is for me." However, that A'ndi thought about thier relationship alot is news to D'ex. He glances at the brown, highly doubting Taliveth was capable of lying. This wasn't just a casual comment dropped to warp perspective like a particular blue D'ex lived with did. "Does he? Worry about it? Me? He worries about me? Angry? Sad?" Okay, Angry D'ex could see. But sad? D'ex didn't make people sad. Pissed off and annoyed, yeah, sure, but sad? Maybe his mother. But that was a different thing. He stops as his path is halted by a large head and wide and staring, "Huh? Love you? You're a great guy Taliveth." D'ex does not Love you. But he likes you.

« Yeah, like… » Taliveth shuffles around in his junk, and there's a quick flash of images; the first from memory, blood on the boathouse floor, the second just a shadowy image of bars and darkness, what it's assumed to be like inside the brig. « Those things make him worried and sad. But when they're not around, he's happy! » See, it's so simple! « He's happy when you make 'dumb jokes,' and he's happy when you fold the blankets, and he's happy when you drink your tea, and he's happy when he watches you sleep! » not creepy at all :D Taliveth will take this comment in regards to greatness, replying cheerfully, « Yeah, I am! » It may not be love, but the squishy brown will take whatever he can get from D'ex.

D'ex takes the images without comment, good to know that A'ndi was a normal human being and had reasonable reactions to things. Okay, mostly reasonable reactions to things. D'ex never did ask what A'ndi did with that man. D'ex couldn't manage the effort to care what happened to that man. However, that simple things made A'ndi happy? Again, D'ex considers if Taliveth can lie… . probebly not. "Oh really? Well should I do more of those things?" Folding blankets and sleeping and tea? He nods slightly, but still, he can't continue his walk with a big head in the way. Instead, he takes a step back, starting to turn, the beer is feeling far too light for this.

« Yes, do more of those things! » Taliveth exclaims with a sprinkle of rainbow sparks. « Simple things feel like home. » There's a flutter of images, like going through a flip-book. It's hard to make sense out of, but it's a different time and place, somewhere with snow, in a home that's small but warm. Dishes are being washed and a rabbit being skinned and putting socks on small feet and brushing someone's hair, almost all at once, and then it's all gone and back to the void. « Anywaaaaaay > Abruptly the brown's bulky head rises. « A'ndi says it's time to say goodnight to Fish and to my flowers! Do ya want a lift? Friend? Buddy? »

D'ex tries to focus on individual images, trying to make sense of a childhood in seconds, but it does not look much like his childhood, though some of the feelings are not so forien. The sudden vanish has D'ex jerk slightly, he blinks, and nods, "Noted. Will do." The last of the beer is downed and D'ex reaches out to Zynth's chill. The Blue Is Busy. "Uh, yeah, sure, I'd love a lift." That smile that has been tugging at D'ex finally shows, one hand rises toward Lady and the green darts over to him chirping, "Thanks Tali. Maybe tell A'ndi I'm coming over?"

« Nah, let's SURPRISE him! » SUPERNOVA.. almost. It starts to burst forth with color and light and sound, but is suddenly sucked backwards, reversed and tucked away. Tali's really trying! The big ol tank of a brown flies his special cargo to their destination to bestow this surprise upon his rider. And it's not at all an unwelcome surprise, and there will be tea and leftover cookies from yesterday, and discussing how their days went over the backdrop of a happy cat's purrs and the chittering of firelizards. Just simple things.

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