Ivy, E'bert, Ada, Finn, K'vvan


Ivy is oblvious. E'bert is friend-zoned. Ada is amused. Finn is amusing. K'vvan is, well, K'vvan.


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the seventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr

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Dustbowl Cantina

To enter the Dustbowl Cantina is to descend: the heart of the ancient tavern lies half underground, at the foot of ancient steps, insulated from summer heat and winter cold by the volcanic rock surrounding it. A windowless place well-lit by glows, it is homey, even cozy, with a certain bijou charm - but for the deep gouges worn in wooden table and solid stone, some clearly lingering evidence of boisterous brawling. The wall behind the well-polished bar, though, remains free from scars or graffiti, as does the door into the small kitchen, and the stairwell up into the owner's quarters: the barkeep and his staff reign, and they guard their territory well. After all, only a fool angers the source of the booze.

It is the seventieth day of Summer and 90 degrees. A strong, dry wind blows across the desert that raises and carries along a massive cloud of sand that obscures Rukbat and drowns Igen in darkness. Visibility is reduced to nothing as sand pelts the weyr. Torrents of sandy wind lashes exposed skin, and grits in the eyes and nose of anything that dares to brave the elements.

The offerings in the caverns must not be up to standard today, for Ivy rarely ventures into the Cantina, but here she is today creeping down the stairs and pushing to door open tentatively as the sandstorm du jour rages above. Unwrapping her scarf and leaving a dust pile as she does so, the small brownrider edges her way towards the bar to procure something to snack on and something to get the dust out of her throat. It looks like…fruit juice of some sort? The bartender who helps her has a dubious but indulgent expression.

This is possibly one of the few times that Ada will be seen willingly wearing her Arroyo bandana thing, it's wrapped snuggly around her nose and mouth and tied at the back, underneath her hair, to decrease the amount of sand she inhales. The rider glances around before spotting her wingmate, which is easier done when she removes her sand-coated flying goggles. "Shards but it's insane out there," she offers as she makes her way towards to the brownrider, flashing her a friendly smile.

Any port in a storm, eh? Not that Finn eschewed rowdy places, simply it was the first place he'd tumbled into when the winds rose driving sand into ever more unwelcome places. Light is growing dimmer by the moment as the high windows are socked in with drifts of smothering sand. Finn shifts uncomfortably on his stool, shifting and wincing as he does. At Ivy's approach, he hops off of his stool to offer it to the rider who -she's just a kid! He blinks in undisguised surprise and then there's another, shaking loose sassy red hair as she sorts out her all-weather gear. The bar is covered up in dragonriding ladies. "I should really come here more," he grins. Looking at the bartender, he taps the side of his nearly-empty pint glass with a finger and a nod of 'one more.'

Ivy turns with one hand full of juice glass and one full of snack plate with a deer in the headlights look before she remembers she's no longer require to salute everyone ever. Ada's smile is returned with a shy one of her own. "Yeah…I don't recall them being this bad before, though that might just be because I wasn't having to go out in them as much…" It takes an awkward moment for her to realize that Finn is offering her a seat. "I…uhm…you don't need to get up for me." A rosy blush starts to spread across her cheekbones, for both his gallant gesture and his comment.

Ada flashes a bemused grin towards Finn. "I hear it's the place to be during sandstorms. The caverns, undoubtedly, become cramped and crowded with taking refuge," she declares as she orders a drink and some food, and shaking the sand out of her curly hair, she's already removed the Arroyo bandana thing that just makes them look more like pirates. "It's Ivy, right?" she questions, she's familiar with the brownrider, but hasn't had enough of an opportunity to get to know her. "Let him be a gentleman, you've your hands full and the lad is being nice, you don't find that very often anymore," the elder rider declares, turning blue eyes upon Finn. "I'm Ada, Fionabhairth's rider."

When Ivy looks away, Finn grins even more, a conspiratorial wink at the older rider. "Please, sit. I've been warmin that stool too long. Need to stretch my legs." He makes a show of 'walking it off' in place and winces again as grit grinds in places unmentionable. Shift. Grimace. "Finn of the Reika, newly arrived in Igen." He inclines his head to, "Ada, Fionabhairth's rider," and looks to Ivy, seeing that she's comfortably settled. His new pint is ready and he knocks the dregs of the old back. He takes up the cool glass and with an ages old quick tilt of his head gives the tender a 'I'll pick up her drink' nod for whatever Ada's having. He leans on the bar next to Ivy, head slung loose between his shoulders, "Ivy. Who's yours then?" Her dragon.

"Everyone's eaten all the food up there, too," Ivy adds, then nods a solemn affirmative at her wingmate. "And you're Ada," she says quietly before Ada says it to Finn herself, then taking the other rider's advice with a little flash of a grin and clambering onto the vacated stool. She misses the wink entirely. Setting her dishes carefully back on the bar, she replies, "Nice to meet you, Finn. I'm Udath's. Thank you for the chair."

Ada chuckles slightly as her young wingmate settles herself, thus causing Ada to turn to more easily face both Ivy and Finn. "Her names a mouthful, I'm certain it took me a good few sevendays to just pronounce it right," of course, she's got it down now, after several turns of riding the banshee green. Soon her order arrives and she flashes a smile towards the tender, one she bestows far too willingly on people, but she's found it can get her places. "Ivy's right, I checked there first, crowded and the foods been eaten right up, well, all the good food, at any rate."

"Been through one of these in the wagon," he shakes his head, "Thought it was gonna come clean apart. Never heard such creakin.'" Not from the wind, leastwise. "How long do they usually last?" He smiles happily as Ivy settles to her meal on the vacated seat, eyes twinkling at that flash of grin, directed at him or not. "Of course. A lady shouldn't have to stand to eat!" He rolls around, back resting on the bar, elbows parked on either side, framing his comfortable slouch. He nods fervent agreement, "It is a mouthful, I'll give ya that." He nods, light blue eyes looking around, landing here and there and squinting at the fine haze of dust particulates in the air, lips pursed an approving nod all around, "I like it here."

Ivy picks a little at the pastry-like item on her plate which is vastly superior to the leavings in the caverns, and offers a more relaxed smile at Ada when she describes her green's name. "Guess I lucked out. Probably for the best, I could hardly remember my own name at the time." The tension in her eases some as she nibbles her pastry and everyone near her seems to be friendly-like, though Finn gets a slightly dubious sidelong look for his declaration of approval. Ivy's not quite there yet with Igen, especially on dust days. She takes a stab at answering the sandstorm question though. "They sort of start up and then stop really suddenly. But sometime's there's a whole row of 'em one right after the other and it just feels like it's going on forever."

Ada shrugs slightly at Finn's query. "It depends, it could be a quick little thing that only lasts a few hours… it could go on and on… and on…, or maybe that's just when one starts up after another, either way, imagine Thread fall in this," she mutters as she takes a good gulp of her drink, swishing it around in her mouth to help work out some of those inevitable sand particles that get stuck when you have to go outside in this. "I don't think any new Weyrling could remember their own name when they Impressed, Ivy, we're all so focused on the dragon in front of us."

The trader grimaces at the thought of being stuck for an indeterminate amount of time, eye twitching as he looks up at the window, dark with drifted sand. The riders don't help dispel his unease. Thankfully, he's not one to dwell. A question bubbles up, "Why do some riders' names get changes and others don't?" Finn asks, reasonably out of the blue. The seque isn't too hard to follow, if one is inclined to trace it back. He boggles at the thought of having to do anything resembling work in the storm outside. "You fly in that?" Incredulous.

"The dragons do it, mostly," Ivy replies to Finn after a sip from her juice glass. "When you Impress, you start to go by what they call you. Except sometimes they don't call you anything different. I've always been Ivy." She is new enough to the dragonriding gig that she doesn't know the answer to the Threadfall-in-sand question herself, and turns her pale gaze to Ada, curious. "Do we fly Thread in it? I was just talking to another rider about that the other day and he didn't know either, but he's new here."

Ada nods. "What Ivy said. I suspect the dragons shorten them for ease of communication. I was Adalaya before I Impressed, Fiona summarily informed me that I was now Ada, so…." she trails off, shrugging. "Ivy just can't easily be shortened to anything, at least nothing that would make sense," the greener states before proceeding to the next question, after she gets a few mouthfulls of food in her, that is. "Well, Thread isn't killed by wind, only fire and water will take it, and it's entirely indiscriminate as to where and when it'll fall. Though I imagine that the storm could certainly blow it off it's predicated path, but that would make it even more dangerous to fly. It's bad enough now, and we have a basic schedule for it, imagine it falling somewhere that it's not anticipated."

Finn chews on that for a bit, cocking his head first one way, then another. "That's strange. You know," he pauses, trying to collect his thoughts. Give it some time. A bit more. Hmmm. Maybe, ah, there it is… "I don't really say an name in my head, when I'm," he rolls a hand around, "Thinkin' about someone. It's images and the name," he flares the fingers of that rolled hand, a small digitular explosion, "Like a flash. Why'd they need to do that at all?" He shakes his head. The mysteries of dragonkind! At Ada's description of Thread demise and potential unexpected appearances, his wonderment fades. He looks at the two riders, "It's brave what you do."

"My brothers called me Sprout," Ivy allows with a flicker of a grin. "But Udath never took to that. Luckily." She picks a few crumbs off her plate with her fingertip, a fairly delicate gesture for all it's not particularly ladylike, no matter who Finn says should get the seat at the bar. She tilts her head at the trader, watching him go through his thought process. "I think that's what they do with eachother. Like when Udath thinks of, I don't know, Nadeeth, it's more of an impression of her than a name. But maybe it's not so easy for them with human names." She bites her lip at his final statement and looks down at her plate. "It's just that we have to."

Ada chuckles slightly. "It was interesting, actually, m'mum's dragon always called me 'Aya' when she talked to me, but Fiona decided she liked Ada better," a shrug is offered. "I mean, they talk to us, in our heads," she taps her head and takes a sip from her mug, grinning slightly as she relishes the coolness as it trickles down her throat. "All male riders get their name shortened, or at least the honourific, so if Ivy was a male, her dragon would have probably gone with I'vy or even I'y, maybe…" another shrug and a brush of red locks over her shoulder. "Fiona does the same, when it comes to other dragons it's really an impression, or an image, the same for their rider, Fiona likes to refer to riders like they're owned by the dragon, so she'd just call Ivy 'Udath's', or, well, giving me the image or impression of something possesed by Udath," the older woman states, smiling a little. "I grew up hearing about Fall from my mum, it was still falling when she Impressed, so I knew what I was signing up for when I agreed to Stand, and I could've said no, not that I would've ever said no to my Fiona," the last words are said in a tone of utter adoration.

"Karkath tends to be very quiet, and still. He shows a quick flash of whatever dragon he's thinking of, and then the name follows like an after thought," E'bert offers, "Could be they're that way with dragons, the image followed by the name and use names with riders because it's the only way they can communicate with us?" E'bert's guessing mind, so feel free to ignore him. Ivy's given a small smile, and this sends his eyes into that slightly unfocused gaze that bespeaks rider and dragon talking silently. Ada is also given a smile, less shy than what was passed to Ivy, and Finn? Well that huge speech was for his benefit, given that the brownrider came in at the tail end of the first part of the conversation and all. The boy is guessing. Blink at Ada for a few moments, "Kar does that too, except there's one rider he's taken to refering to by name," quick glance to Ivy, then silence.

"Sprout," Finn's smile returns, widening. "It's cute. Why don't you like it?" he nudges the rider gently with an elbow. He tips a look at Ivy, smile going a little sad at her solemnity. He leans in a bit, quietly, "Thank you. And thank Udath, too. Never think for a moment it's not appreciated." He waits until she's looked up at him to make eye contact and set the point home. His brows furrow at her. So young. Not that he's old. But older at least. And a man. She's just a kid. A girl. Light blue eyes flicker up to Ada and he swallows, burying those thoughts in the face of Ada's pragmatism. He squints, adding up some things said. "Your mother… you're an Oldtimer?" Dots. Finn can connect them. "E'bert!" Finn barks happily at the brownrider's appearance in the Cantina. He nods, "Seems like… I think like a dragon?" His brow furrows. Could that be? Maybe that's why he was all nuts about 'em. Dim Finn may be, but attuned to the sparks between folks he is and a sly light comes into twinkling blue eyes at E'bert's only slightly masked sheepishness. "Ada!" he says brightly stepping away from his perch next to Ivy and leaving a spot near her conspicuously unoccupied. He saunters over to Ada's perch and leans, "What was it like, in Oldtimes? Where, uh, when you were from?"

Ivy crinkles the bridge of her nose at Finn cheerfully at the nudge. "It's fine for my brothers, but I don't think I want the entire Weyr calling me that." And then he's gone all solemn and she blinks at him, not quite sure how to react. "I…um…you're welcome. I'll tell Udath." The tone changes again and she struggles to keep up. "Hi E'bert," Ivy chirps as her fellow brownrider makes his way over towards the bar, but then she zeroes in on Ada, a voice of experience and an exotic time traveller to boot. Yeah, she's totally clueless.

Ada waves to E'bert as he enters the Cantina. "E'bert," she greets, somewhat loudly, of yet another wingmate. "Come, sit, how is Karkath?" she questions with an upraises brow before turning to the barkeep and ordering a round of ale, for the trio of riders and the trader. She turns her attenion back just in time to catch the look that E'bert casts Ivy's way and quirks a brow, oh how amusing this could be. "Yes, I am, Finn, I hope that's okay with you," she states, though the tone of voice indicates that it really doesn't matter one way or the other, she jumped ahead to help the denizens of Pern now, and she's happy to continue to fulfill that duty, dragons fly when Thread falls and all that jazz, after all. Although his following inquiries put her at ease. "Not as chaotic, of course, Thread had stopped falling by the time I Impressed, so I hadn't dealt with it until I got here. And I'm from the same time as all the other oldtimers, a few hundred turns ago, you know," she waves a hand vaguely dismissively at that. "I really try not to think much on it, because than that makes me much too old for most of the eligible bachelors here," she states with a conspiratorial wink. Yup, she's too happy to let E'bert flounder around Ivy, if that's what must happen.

E'bert takes the vacated seat, the ale for himself is waved away, "I'm told breathing is a good thing," he says by way of explanation, "But thank you, Ada," because come on, she was being nice. Wasn't she? Of course she was, "Iced klah would be good though," because that doesn't try to make him stop breathing, just stop sleeping which when one thinks about it could be just as bad. The conversation between Finn and Ada is only partially being paid attention to now that he's seated next to Ivy, "Kar? He's still being a stupid dragon and trying to eat fence posts," not that he really thinks Karkath is stupid mind, "Bandage from the latest round of feeding pen mishaps came off this morning," stupid dragon has more scars on his nose than anywhere else.

If Ivy can keep up with Threadfall, she shouldn't have any trouble keeping up with Finn. Water finds its level and Finn's appears to be 'ebullient.' Finn gives another nudge and a smile to Ivy as he vacates his spot to sidle up to Ada. He looks briefly sad as the ale order is turned into klah. Finn was going to graciously drink that, E'bert. Take one for the team, and all. He shrugs at Ada, oblvious to her lurking defensiveness, "I don't see as how I have anything to say about it." He nods along with Ada's description of her time, light eyes watching her closely, the mobile expression, the little bit of sand along her jaw. His eyebrows climb, "Eligible? You lookin' to get 'fasted?" he gives his head a shake, "I didn't think riders went in for all that." He chuckles at E'bert's description of the dragon currently topping his list of favorites. He holds up a finger, "And NOT eating fishing poles."

"Karkath's not stupid," the other brownrider tosses out, like it's a conditioned reflex. Ivy looks from Ada to the ale in front of her, and back again. "I don't usually drink," she comments softly, though her hand is curling around the glass as she speaks, so it doesn't seem to be an outright refusal. And sorry, looks like Finn won't get to drink this one either. "Riders don't get 'fasted," she agrees. "They do that weyrmate thing." After peering into the ale glass a moment more, she essays a sip with a little grimace, obviously not used to it but probably having had it before.

Ada shrugs slightly. "If it's klah you want, E'bert, it's klah you'll get," she offers as she takes her mug of ale and nudging another towards Ivy, she also ensures that Finn gets the ale ordered for him, because she's nice and all that, generally speaking, when she's not 'accidently' tripping wingseconds. "Oh E'bert, Karkath is not stupid, just has his own way of doing things," the older rider declares before trailing off, letting the seemingly smitten E'bert try to get Ivy to see his interest, she suspects he'll need a bit of luck with that. "Oh, we're not, Finn, but I certainly wouldn't encroach on another woman's mate, except during a flight, of course, no one can be held terribly accountable during a flight. But riders are people, all the same, just like holders, crafters and traders, some of us want relationships, or at least see what's out there…" she trails off, nudging the drink even closer to Ivy. "Drink, it'll do you little harm, and at that, your wing is here, you're fine…"

E'bert shrugs at Finn as his klah is placed in front of him, "Can't drink the stuff," said stuff being anything with alcohol. Designated driver (or you know, whatever) anyone? E'bert sits in silence trying to figure what to say that won't make him sound like an idiot. Then again, he's a guy so y'know. He pretty much is an idiot, at least where matters of the heart are concerned.

Finn tips his glass at the others a brow lifted in 'cheers.' He's still but half-way through the pint he'd gotten when they arrived. Glug. Three-quarters of the way. He looks bemused at the others leaping to Karkath's defense. Their spirited rallying for Karkath spoke of a few things. One, E'bert being known for grousing and two, Karkath being, in fact, a bit odd and three, their affection for E'bert and Karkath. Finn leans comfortably, watching the banter batted back and forth, happily absorbing the dragonriders' easy comraderie. He blinks and nods, Ahhh… he gets it. No encroaching. He smiles and, dipping his head for permission, gently dusts the sand from Ada's jaw with a brush of his curled knuckle. Smile widening, "And what's out there, Ada. What have you discovered?"

Ivy gives Ada an awkward little mock-toast with her glass, watches Finn with his glass as though to learn from him how it's done, and then knocks back…well, an eighth of her ale maybe. She sets the glass back down on the bar and wipes a bit of ale foam off her nose. Ta-daaaah!

E'bert holds up a napkin, and half way extends it towards Ivy then she's wiped her nose and the moment's passed. And it was such a nicely embroidered napkin too, one that was specially made. :(

Ada nods respectfully at E'bert's comment as she raises her own glass, a la Finn. "Than klah for you, but everyone else gets ale," the eldest rider declares, as if that's the new rule in this little quartet. Her attention, though, is quickly drawn away from E'bert and Ivy (C'mon Ivy, get a clue!), and back towards Finn, well, first to her own ale, which she takes a good swig of, intaking at least a third of what remained in the container. Of course, it's not hard to grab her attention when he's removing sand. "Faranth, thank you, I hadn't even noticed," the rider mutters as she brushes some more dust off her leathers and out of her hair, doing her best to avoid getting it everywhere, not that it matters in this type of weather. "I'm so covered in the stuff, I think as soon as this lets up I'll be making a trip to the baths," the woman declares, blue eyes now really settling on Finn as she contemplates the question. "What have I learned, well, I've learned that there are a good number of men in the Weyr, though that number seems to diminish rather rapidly from day to day, as they find people they're interested in, and while I'm not necessarily interested in monogamy at this point," she is still young, after all, "I'm not about to step on anyones toes," is offered with the faintest of shrugs.

K'vvan is in a horribly good mood. He's smiling, and out in public. A lightness to his step that is just… well, weird. Into the Cantina he strides into the area. "Wiskey." He calls out to the bartender, ignoring the wingmates altogether at the moment.

Finn beams at the burgeoning rabblerouser, hiding a grin at her adorableness, eyes flicking to Ada with a crooked finger half pointing at the ale-foam, his canted brows telegraphing, Aww-ain't-she-cute. And then E'bert, with his too-late kerchief. Finn can hardly hold still for all the cuteness. He inclines his head, "It does get everywhere, doesn't it?" This does manage to put a bit of a ding in Finn's ebullience. But not for long. He stills at her mention of a trip to the baths. Noted. "Aww. Don't sound so down, Ada. That's a bleak outlook you got there," he sweeps the ale glass at the Cantina determined to show Ada just how many wonderful prospects there were out there. He sweeps the glass this way. And that. … That? Um… is there an upstairs? "That guy," he points, with a finger this time. There's a stocky young man sitting against the wall, wedged next to a group of rabblerousing youths. He outweighs the others by a good bit, a hefty pack of muscle that speaks to hard labor, but… he's reading a book and forcibly elbowing the rabblerousers away. "Him. He looks…" Finn cocks his head one way, then another. "Different."

Ivy cuts a glance over at E'bert, at least catching the offer of something to wipe her nose with. Something fancy. "You don't want me getting that all gross," she tells him, picking up her glass for another sip and about to jump in to playing the 'there's one for you, Ada' game with Finn. But then there's K'vvan walking in and acting all weird. She watches him suspiciously over the rim of her glass, eyes narrowed.

E'bert blinks a few moments, "But," and that's about as far as that goes, the linen napkin with the embroidery is set down, and edged closer to Ivy without another word. There if she wants it, and placed in a way to show her name is what is very carefully, and very clumsily picked out in embroidery floss of a contrasting color to the cloth. E'bert follows the direction of Ivy's look and sighs, kid can't catch a break.

Ada turns as yet another enters the cavern, and blanches quite suitably when she see's just who it is. A few moments, and a few good gulps later, her attention is returned to where it was, and she orders another round of ale (and iced klah), for the group, seeing as she's out. She can't help but chuckle, quietly, mind you, as Finn makes motion towards the adorableness that is E'bert and Ivy, how cyute! "He just needs to throw her over his shoulder and find a room," she mutters, hopefully quietly enough that just the trader hears her words. "It really does get everywhere," she responds to his statement in a more audible tone. "I'm certain I've got plenty in all sorts of ackward places, well, I'm sure everyone does. You should just hear Fionabhairth complain, she just detests the dirt. She told me that when I need to get back to our weyr to call, because she's staying holed up in there otherwise until the storm is passed," is declared, with a roll of her eyes, shaking her shock of red hair a bit, sending more sand fluttering about, hopefully none falls into anyone's ale. "Oh, I've met a few people who're definately interesting, intriguing, not counting flights, naturally," she offers, "Just, not as many as one would think in the time we've been here, oh well…" a shrug is given before her attention is drawn towards the individual Finn is pointing out. "Different, yes, perhaps not quite my taste, but I'd have to meet him to know, of course."

Said drink is delivered to the prickly wingseacond. He picks up the drink and looks around the room to view what can be viewd. The weird look he gets from Ivy isn't missed and rather than stay away K'vvan actually moves closer. "Arroyo. Are you ready for the next fall?" Look, conversation.

Finn's eyes track to follow his compatriots (minus oblvious kerchief-arranging-E'bert) eyes to the door and another rider, come in to shelter from the storm. Brows furrow briefly at the curious reactions that Ivy and Ada have towards the man. He's watched, this new rider, curiously. Finn rolls his lips inward, biting them not to laugh aloud at her murmured suggestion for E'bert's best course of action, leaning against her as he does. He stays leaned a moment longer than is strictly necessary, stilling and breathes in the scent of her, leather and soapsand and… and… his nose tickles… Finn's eyes widen and he turns away, HAAATCHOOO! Curling away to cover his face. "Woo!" he grins, "That was a good on- SHARDS!" He's spilled his ale. And that's CLEARLY the worst thing that's happened all day. He reaches for the kerchief at Ivy's side, grimacing down at his trousers, and then up. Head cocked, "Ivy," he reads, off of the kerchief. Helpfully. Well, he's not gonna mop with THAT and he leans across the bar to snag a towel. Pat pat pat. Closer now, Finn can make out the knot on K'vvan's shoulder. Wingsecond. He straightens, looking to the others for cues on what to say or do.

Ivy isn't the weird one! Faranth help them all, K'vvan is trying to chitchat. The petite brownrider wriggles in her barstool to sit up a little straighter and formally salutes the wingsecond 'cause he hates that. Or she's super polite. It's hard to tell, in this case. She's about to try some sort of hopefully-not-smartass reply to his question when Finn sort of explodes all over everything and…"Why's that got my name on it?" She frowns a little and turns to E'bert, dark eyebrows arched in query.

"Uhm, it does?" Oh smooth E'bert. Real smooth. Not! "Oh, yes. That, I was trying to learn to embroider," because who doesn't like a man with talents? "Only it didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked," shrug. It's nothing. Well, it is something but he's really trying to downplay that.

Ada really can't help but start laughing, rather boisterously, at not only Finn's laugh, and lean, but the eventual sneeze, ale spilling, and patting of said ale. "Good thing I just ordered more, hmm?" she quieries as she snags two mugs and offers one towards the previously leaning trader, keeping one for herself, she would offer to help him get the ale off, but that would just be a wee bit too awkward. "I do hope you're not allergic to me, otherwise I'll have to go hang out with him," she gives, hitching her thumb towards her wingsecond before she catches Ivy's enquiry. "Why, Ivy, clearly he's a besotted fool who's trying to get your attention," she declares, seemingly not concerned if E'bert is trying to hide the fact that is obvious to both herself and Finn.

"Don't be a pansy E'bert." K'vvan insults vagugely as he comes closer. "Ivy, drink up. Tomorrow Nadeeth and I are back on Active duty and you all can stop laying about on duty." He'll wave his drink at Ivy, like it might somehow make her drink the rest of hers.

Still pat-patting, Finn watches the unfolding of events with bemusement. Ivy's cute obliviousness and E'bert's adorably earnest ineptitude. He nods wincing at his glass, there's still some ale in it. "Not used to a lady buying me the drinks." He pats his belly, "I like it!" He claps a hand over his mouth as Ada spills the beans on E'bert. "Ada, no," he whispers, wincing eyes shut. Well, E'bert, cat's outta the bag now. He looks at K'vvan with amusement and dismay and, oh. Uh. He stands, hand moving uncertainly between a salute and a hand-shake before settling on a quick bow, hand folded across his belly. Respectful, and no touching. "Afternoon, Wingsecond," he's new and all, but he can read knots. Nadeeth. That's the dragon Ada mentioned earlier.

"Oh," is Ivy's entirely confused reply to E'bert, and then, "Did you want it back then?" If, as he claims, it's nothing. She looks over at Ada in response to her outburst like she's a crazy person, then seems to actually realize what this drinking thing is all about and knocks back the remainder of her ale rather quickly, slamming the glass down…sort of…on the bar when it's empty. But NOT 'cause K'vvan tells her to.

A salute is belatedly given to K'vvan by E'bert. Smart, crisp, and done just to aggravate K'vvan. The remark of 'pansy' is completely ignored. Why? Because it's fun to rile the prickly wingsecond, and ignoring him when it isn't a matter of life and death is a good way to do that, "It was supposed to be for your Turnday, but I never did find out when that was," and there it is, "If you don't like it that's fine," Helpful Ada is helpful? And K'vvan is maybe not so helpful. Finn is glanced at, and soon the kid is looking like he'd rather be just about anywhere else but here.

Ada shoots a look towards Finn before snickering. "Maybe she'll continue to be oblivious and we'll just get to watch him blush," she offers, shrugging, "the rate she's going… I wouldn't bet against it," the woman declares with a light hearted snicker as she shakes her head. "Or maybe give the lad a chance to woo her… " she trails off, nudging another mug of ale towards Ivy, the iced klah is, of course, for E'bert. "Next time, Finn, you can buy the drinks, but seeing as I'm buying for Oblivious and Smitten over there," she hitches her thumb, "it wouldn't be fair for you to buy," is given. K'vvan gets a little salute, nothing like the smart and crisp ones given by her E'bert, but that's the greener for you, especially when it comes to K'vv.

Actually, K'vvan could care less if people ignore him. "Ivy grew some balls." It's slightly approving? Maybe. The horrible stitching is ignored for the moment, as are all of those salutes and the trader that K'vvan ranks as totally unimportant as he flags down the waitress. "Another for the girl. But no more for her." K'vvan will wave at Ada. "She has sweeps tonight." Well, she might not have, but she totally does now if K'vvan can swing it. That's right Ada, have you noticed all the extra work you've been getting?

Finn nods approvingly and with a little concern at the way the tiny girl slugs back her ale. He's got a weather eye on her for any listing. Especially with her superior basically ordering her to drink up. He winces at E'bert's sore lack of game and murmurs to Ada, "I was going to, yanno, coach him," he considers the two youngsters (from his VASTLY more mature few turns older perspective), "As oblivious as she is," he shrugs, grinning, "I don't think it much matters. He'll get lots of practice." And then: Sweeps. Way to crotch-block K'vvan. If Finn were the type to bow up, he so would. But he's not. "Oh, where you flying off to?" he asks Ada, genuinely interested, 'cause FLYING. That she invited him to drinks, just them, was ENTIRELY noted. You can't stop this game, Wingsecond.

So does that make two ales for Ivy? E'bert's explanation passes muster with the brownrider and she smiles brightly. "Oh! It's soon, actually. I hadn't even thought about it." She tucks the little square in her jacket pocket. "You should have just said. Thank you." There, now. Ivy reaches for one of the drinks nearby and starts in on it. Listing may be imminent. How d'you like them balls?

E'bert scoots just a little closer just in case Ivy needs something to lean against. He's cool with being a leaning post. At least for some people he's cool with it, "Oh," was that all? Hmm, got the boy thinking now, "Look, Ivy. I," stop, stumble over words while trying to find the right ones, "You're really nice," Ooh, bad start that. Real bad start, still E'bert blunders on, "I like you," he's said it, and his face is so red it's nearly purple. Does that color cover his whole body? Probably given that the nearly purple coloring goes from hair line to neckline of his clothing, and look! Even his fingers are nearly purple! When E'bert blushes he doesn't fool around.

Ada scowls at K'vvan. "Stupid sharding wingsecond with a stupid sharding grudge," grumble mumble, all of this barely audible, though Finn undoubtedly hears it, due to his proximity to her. "I didn't have sweeps, and I'll have to talk to Trek and tell her that his grudge against me is causing unfair treatment," she declares, again, not loudly. "Oh, I think you could still coach him, Finn, she's still mostly oblivious, I think, and a little nudge may be all they need, and she might need just a little bit of ale," is offered with a wink as she takes another swig of her drink, clearly still perturbed by her wingsecond. "I don't plan on flying anywhere today, I'll talk to our wingleader, and possibly see if I need to transfer to another wing for fair treatment. Or I may just resort to asking Fiona to converse with Nadeeth for me," she offers with a shake of her head. "Oh dear, poor E'bert," she states in Finn's direction. "Maybe we need to get some wine into him, or something that'll ease that embarassment…" she shakes her head, and eyes the barkeep, ready to order another ale, but certain that he'll listen to her wingsecond… grr…

"E'bert, you're being a pansy again." K'vvan waves for another drink. "Wiskey Ivy. It works quicker then that ale." The barkeep delivers that ale and K'vvan shoves it towards the not-a-weyrling-any-more. Drink. As for Ada's complaining, K'vvan will just flick her a look that says, 'you tried to kill me, deal with it bucko.'

Finn edges a bit nearer to Ivy, just to be on the safe side. Still close enough to hear Ada's mutters. Oh, there you go, E'bert… there… Done! Finn grins at Ada. Whoa. Alarm lifts Finn's brows, "Is he, ah, is he okay?" murmured quietly to Ada. She knows him, this is… normal, this purple? Wing politics. OH! Intrigued, Finn watches the back and forth between Ada and K'vvan. Trek. The name is stored away. "Ale," Finn murmurs at Ada before cutting his eyes to the side, "Or whiskey," yikes. Finn shakes his head, "Nope, he's over the hardest bit," Finn grins.

Ivy is looking flushed herself, but that is most likely the alcohol. After her fellow brownrider delivers his impassioned message…"Awww." She leans over to pat at E'bert's shoulder a little clumsily. "I like you too. Y'r a really nice boy." That is probably not what he had in mind. And now she's totally slurring. "Why're you all red? Didja eat something bad? That happened to m'brother one time, he ate a clam an' he swole all up. You sh'd see a healer." Advice dispensed, she's back to her collection of beverages, looking pleased to see them.

E'bert blinks at Ivy for a few moments, "You sure y'er gonna be okay to get home later?" friendzone it is then, ah well. He at least tried, "I mean," Oops, wrong move, "If you need the help that is," totally wrong move. E'bert, y'er an idiot.

Ada glowers at K'vvan, oh if looks could kill… undoubtedly they would have both put the other six feet under quite a few times in the past, but this would be at least ten feet. "I'm sure he'll be fine, let him stumble through it a bit more, though, if he passes out we'll get him to a healer, or to his weyr, whichever is more prudent," the woman declares before shrugging in response to Finn's question. "Either is fine with me," is the response as she eyes Ivy. "Oh Faranth, that poor boy will probably pass out just trying to get her to see sense here…" and… maybe not. "Oh poor boy, floundering… really he should just throw her over his shoulder and go," she gives, sending a wink towards Finn, snickering slightly.

K'vvan eyes E'bert as he goes all red. "What is wrong with you kid? Seriously. Start manning up." Leaning on the bar he drinks down a Wisky of his own and turns a half smirk on Ada. Look how little he cares about your death stares. And maybe he just now realizes Finn is there. "Trader. Don't encourage her to drink tonight. If you want to bang after her sweeps, by all means."

Finn shakes his head, "Nope, that was the hardest part," getting the nerve. "Next time'll be easier." He purses his lips and takes a swig from his glass, "Or he won't pussyfoot around it so long." Or maybe he'll be discouraged and die alone. Except for Karkath. Thank the stars for dragons. He winces through E'bert's bumbling. Oh. Hey. Lookie there. The wind stopped. "I'll take before," for a thousand, Alex. "I can take a hint," Finn announces, downing the last of his ale, thudding the glass onto the bartop as he stands. He gives the Wingsecond a firm nod and, dipping, scoops Ada onto his shoulder and makes his way to the stairs. Learn, children.

Ivy learns nothing. "Udath'll take me home. I sh'd go home now. My stomach hurts." The clueless girl leans over to plant a blithe kiss on E'bert's blushy cheek. "Thank you fer the present. S'real pretty." She gets to her feet and pauses a moment to get her bearings before wobbling her way towards the cantina door. Someone's gonna have a really rough morning.

With color slowly returning to normal, E'bert stares for a moment at K'vvan. The drinks stacked up near Ivy are considered, and wisely left alone. E'bert knows what will happen, and he'd rather not stress Karkath like that, "If you want, I can see you home Ivy," though he probably won't stay. Friendzoned after all, "Would make Kar feel better," because Karkath is an annoying arse of a dragon sometimes, and this is one of those times. And there goes the blush again, right after he'd returned to normal too. Shards. E'bert stands and follows Ivy out, at least he's going to make sure she gets to her dragon safely. Of course Udath will get her home safe.

Ada darn near chokes at K'vvan's comment, near enough that if she had a drink in hand she would be spluttering at it. "E'bert doesn't want to drink, K'vvan, he can't," she stresses the word so that he understands this, she presumes there is a reason for E'bert saying he cannot, as opposed to will not earlier in the evening. "Maybe she'll be too drunk to remember any of this," is suggested with a shrug before she finds herself deposited on the traders shoulder, causing her to…. act very immaturely and stick her tongue out at K'vvan, well ain't she a sweet little thing, although that immature look is replaced with a grin as she see's E'bert take off after Ivy, good boy. And, evidently, Ada isn't going to try to get Finn to put her down, at least not at this moment in time.

K'vvan slams down the last of her Wiskey. "Arroyo. I'll see you tomorrow. Ada, don't forget those sweeps." Then, like a creepy older brother type he'll follow Ivy and E'bert out the door- maybe to make sure the bumbling E'bert doesn't try to grope her or something? Or, maybe he ditches them the second they get there because he has somewhere else to be at the moment. Somewhere more… Tropical.

Outside, Finn lowers Ada to the ground still shaking from laughter. He straightens, well up in Ada's space, and brushes her jaw with the backs of his knuckles, eyes twinkling. "Your Wingsecond is a piece of work." Oh, hi there drunk adolescent and puppy dog. Oh, hi there Wingsecond stalking off to a bootycall. Clear blue eyes drift back to Ada's blue. Finn takes a deep breath, breathing her in and -thankfully- not sneezing this time. Smiling eyes rove Ada's face a long moment before he steps back, blinking away the effects of standing so near. "Fair skies, Ada," he walks backwards a few steps, "I'd like to meet Fionabhairth some time."

In your mind, Finn hears a soft voice say, « Feel free to throw my Ada over your shoulder anytime, it amuses me. »

Ada really can't help the quaking laugh running through her limbs. "Oh Faranth, that was much too entertaining," she declares, shaking her head before turning a bright smile upon the trader. "More fun that we ran into you, of course," the rider offers, before snickering a little. "Fiona says that anyone who can get me laughing after an encounter with K'vvan certainly shall meet her, she says thank you, she doesn't have to deal with a grumpy rider," is declared with the same smile, bright teeth showing it's so broad. "Fair skies, Finn, don't be a stranger," she offers with a wink.

Finn raises a hand in farewell, grinning and is pivoting on the balls of his feet to turn when a voice, ethereal and wild… haunting shivers across his brain. « My Ada. » He flails hands at his head, swiping at the spinner-tendrils he can feel inside. Inside! Faceplant. And roll, still swiping. Shivering, chills run down his neck. Finn gasps, wherryflesh dotting his arms, shoving his legs to push himself upright. "What the fuck?" Swipe.

Ada can't control the trill of a laugh as she watches Finn. "Oh shards, Fiona really needs to stop that," she gives, though she's shaking with laughter, yet again. "Once in awhile she'll decide she needs to say something to someone, you won the lottery, I guess, not that she's telling me what she said," is stated with a roll of her eyes between peels of laughter.

Finn can't help but smile at Ada's laughter. But shivers overtake him. That feeling when you've walked through a spinnerweb doesn't go away for a while. It's feels like it's STILL THERE. Phantom brushes, tickling out of sight, untouchable. And an strange aching longing like the sad rasp of a flute just there, just… almost you could see the player. He sits forward, swiping at his face and flinching. He stares quietly for a time, breath a bit ragged. Finally he peers up at Ada, laughing eyes melancholy, "How are you not sad all the time?" He leans his head into one hand, trying to recapture the mist and the moors and the whispering ethereal voice. He shakes his head and stands, eyes still a bit distant, he smiles, "Uh. She invited me to throw you over my shoulder any time. It amused her." He scratches at his stubbly jaw, a lopsided smile growing. "The lottery, huh?" He looks around as if he could see the ghostly green, still feeling that presence slipping lightly across his mind.

Ada watches with a quirked brow, somewhat bemused by Finn's reaction to the green's voice. "It can be sweet when she wants it to be, though that's generally only when she wants something. However, I'm used to it, we've been together for nearly nine turns now," the rider offers before quieting, listening to Finn. "She did, did she? What a little rascal she is, clearly she seems to think that you're a bit interesting, or at least she's got nothing against you. Some people she has a definite distaste for."

Finn takes a deep breath, eyes still distant, before giving himself a good head-to-toe shake. A wide grin splits the Trader's face, "Well. That was a first." There's still a bit of windswept wonder in the cocksure grin that slants across his face, "Definitely the former," since he'd only just met the rider and couldn't possibly have earned anyone's ire, dragon OR human. Then, replying to an earlier comment from Ada, "Tell Fionabhairth to drop you off anytime she thinks you need a laugh." He nods once, the matter settled, and then backpedals sketching a salute at Ada and another skyward to Fionabhairth.

Ada is still amused by Finn's reaction. "Oh, don't tell her that, you'll never get rid of her, or me, for that matter. She truly loves anyone who makes me laugh, especially when I have to deal with K'vvan…" she crinkles her nose a little at just the mention of the wingsecond. "Feel free to come visit, anytime you can get a ride up to my weyr, that is," she states, still grinning, broadly.

Finn has turned around and is trotting down a side-street headed for the Reika encampment. His hand shoots into the air, forefinger extended in a sign of 'message recieved.' He turns a corner and leans back to grin at Ada before disappearing to the rest of his temporarily sidelined-by-sandstorms day.

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