Va'os, Vani


Two Southern clutch sibs escape the horrors of Southern’s bug filled kitchens (and their respective ranks) to find somewhere a little more appetizing.

backdated to the bug-pocalypse


It is sunset of the nineteenth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


The Dancing Dragon, Fort Hold

OOC Date 19 Jan 2018 11:00


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"That's got to be the sweetest thing someone's said to me all day!"


The Dancing Dragon

Given the extravagance of the rest of Fort Hold, the Tavern does not disappoint in terms of sheer size and decoration. It is one of the larger rooms that break off of the great hall, the doorway itself decorated with a mural across the archway depicting the various craftsmen and other workers that fill the halls of Fort and the a large proud badge of Fort Hold sits at the very top of the arch. The door is made of thick wood and even has a metal bar that is capable of locking out (or in) even the angriest of mobs. The rest of the room is tall, almost two full stories and utilizes an excessive amount of glow lamps to fill the entire place with light, although there are a few shutter-bearing windows that face out toward the courtyard and provide a good quantity of natural light. The main floor of the tavern has benches and large tables, made of extremely old wood that is thick and strong even through all the Turns of use and abuse.

To the north, on the opposite side of the windows, is a large bar that almost runs the length of the large room with a large collection of casks bearing various wines, ales and other spirits, a collection that any alcoholic connoisseur would be jealous of. Behind the bar is also an additional doorway, which leads to a passage to the main kitchens. A large stage is set up on the east side, suitable for a small band of local Harpers from the main hall. Tapestries provided from the Weaver Craft and paintings of Harper origin are scattered across the walls of the Tavern, although the biggest artistic show is on the stone wall above the bar. Carved out of the stone as a relief are a set of dragons with their wings spread and seeming to 'dance' in the air with their tails entwined with brilliant gemstones flickering in place of their faceted eyes, a hint toward the origin of the Tavern's name.

No matter the season or the time of day (shh, it's evening!), little of that is of importance! Sure, Va'os being where he is right now is likely causing quite the muttered stir, but "business" has concluded and someone dropped a hint that this Tavern was The Place to go see before leaving. Not one to pass up a tip like that, he did pay a visit and even if he isn't wearing his knot, someone ratted him out regardless. Not that anyone's done anything more than sort of stare in his general direction, which he's far too used to by now. What's really got his focus and heart, right now? Food. Glorious, not bug-related or infused, FOOD! A lot of it. Splurging doesn't even cover it. What he doesn't eat, will likely be packed and secretly brought back to Southern ? whatever won't spoil anyways. Sorry, not sorry, folks~

Vani has long since known of this little gem tucked away in the venerable stones of Fort. And lo! Tonight STEAK is on the menu, for there she sits at one end of the busy bar, taking in the ambience while sipping a frosty mug of beer. She likes to watch. So she does catch a face that doesn't need any knot to identify him. "Va'—" No wait, as much affection as she has for her clutch sibling there is one thing that she loves more. That heaping steaming pile of meat being slid before her, the juices still a little pink… and the side of fried tuber, a study in the perfection of crisp and fluffy in the inside. Even as she starts sorting out her cutlery, that yell morphs into a wave, it's all she has time for before her attention is focused upon the feast before her.

What! And Vani didn't share it!? Va'os is going to be all sorts of hurt now… ahaha, who're we kidding? If anything, he looks shocked to hear her half-call his name and he's about to gesture frantically in a slicing gesture under his chin. Don't say his name, GDI! That gesture becomes a wave and he'll oh-so casually slide down a few seats, his own feast in tow (or the remnants by this point). "Hey! What're you doing all the way up here ? is that steak?" It looks too good to be true! He may also have a death wish, as he goes as far to poke it with his fork. Just the edge! Honest. Vani could stab him though with her knife; it'd be a justifiable move.

Vani doesn't stab, but she does clip his fingers with the flat of her steak knife. The only blood she wants to see is bovine kthnx! "Oi! Get your own!" It has been marinated in goodness, and cooked in butter and there are also some mushrooms hidden under those tuber circles. This is possibly the most substantial meal Vani has ever been associated with. But true to form she does start cutting it up into managable pieces so she can collect the most effective combination of all three things onto her fork. "I used to live here. Well for a spring." Many turns ago. She shrugs and takes her first bite. "Best place for steak. I should know! I've been a lot of places." This last is said rather rudely through a mouthful of deliciousness before she really gets down to chewing her deliciousness.

That offending hand is snatched away and given a little shake, but Va'os' wounded look is completely faked and then ruined a second later when he grins like a fool. Not about to spend the rest of his time here envious of that steak, he'll flag down a server and promptly make it clear that he WANTS ONE like hers. Despite having just polished off a plate of food and it's a wonder if he'll be able to move after. "Fine, don't share!" He got his own, see? Or will. "And I didn't know you travelled as far as Fort. Don't blame you for keeping this tavern as a little hidden gem, either! Maybe they're all just good right now…" Given the situation back in Southern. Could be a complete dive and he'd still think the food is great!

Vani probably wouldn't be adverse to anything that wasn't bug right now. But this is a happy little place for her to sneak off on her own. "Yeah. Did a big loop. Igen, High Reaches, down to Tillek, cross the mountains to Fort. On to Ruatha, then Keroon. Ista and then finally Southern." While she speaks she demonstrates on the bar top, using the condensation from her mug to trace the rough loop of the west. "It took a while." She admits with a wink before popping in another mouthful. "Ista's seafood is amazing too. If you're running out of places that are actually serving food." Because lets face it, ALL of the fine eating establishments are probably having brisker business than usual from wandering Southern riders.

"Guess Ista is next on my list," Va'os sighs. "If I can find a way to get there and not cause some uproar. You've got an easier time of it." And most of Southern's riders. Him? Not so much. Big Knot means he generally brings attention down on himself; whether he wants it or not. Another grin, however, as he delves back to better topics: namely Vani's past! "What I want to know is how a young thing like you managed to travel so far and for so long! You make it seem sharding easy. Granted." he chuckles dryly. "This is coming from a guy who lived most of his life in High Reaches and would've rotted beneath it too." So it's not far to say that he lived under a rock, right?

It is kind of amazing what a girl can accomplish when she is determined to run away from everything! But the older, wiser Vani sitting before him just shrugs. "I started out with the right trader clan." She is quick to hold up a finger, which she keeps airborne as she chews another delicious bite. "Not that they adopted me or anything. Gave me a few pointers. Looked out for me." And she's just going to gloss over the time between when she parted ways with that caravan and oooh lets say Ista. "It was a damned sight easier than what I'd been through before at least." That's not really saying much all things considered. "Slightly easier time of it." She admits, pulling back her riding jacket to show off the slightly more fancy than dirt knot she now wears. "K'vvan cornered me." It is rueful, and possibly not entirely truthful. "Seeing as you know, you stole his best wingsecond." DIGDIGDIG.

"Had I known Trader's did such long spanned routes, I think my life might've panned out a lot differently," Va'os ruefully admits with a shrug of his own shoulders. He's just about to give another woeful stare at all that delicious food she's enjoying when his share finally arrives! Digging in while she makes a different sort of dig, his muffled groan could be one of sheer pleasure over AMAZING food or exasperation; knowing him, it's likely both. "For fuck sakes, is he still harbouring a grudge over that? D'wane was who I needed! I already admitted," Okay, apologized! "That my going about it was underhanded but done is done. And see?" He gestures to her and that knot. Congrats~ "It worked out! He got another awesome rider."

About the only person that Vani would consider sharing her plate with is vastly different to her Weyrleading clutchmate. And also he is not here. But Vani plans to bring him soon! "Perhaps it's just the Igen ones. Nothing but sand and shit there, everyone wants to get the fuck out." And then a very conflicted expression crosses her features and a snort escapes out her nose (so that she doesn't inadvertantly spray her meal across the bartop. "Shit. I stood for Rhiscorath's first clutch." Odd how the memory works. "But I guess that just proves that everyone wants out of Igen." Seeing as Mayte is now Southern's acting Senior. "K'vvan nurses grudges like firelizard eggs. You can be damned sure they're all gunna hatch." But there is an affectionate grin for her immediate superior. "But he's also got some heart under all that bitchiness. Youdidn'thearthatfromme." She adds quickly.

Va'os laughs under his breath and between mouthfuls of food. Multitasking, ftw! "Been to Igen. It's not that bad!" To visit. Living there? Okay, he'll agree with her. A brow quirks when Vani looks briefly conflicted and he goes to pry into THAT part of her life, only to bite his tongue and think better of it. "I guess or luck just throws them from it? I mean, I'd have stayed in High Reaches if I could. Might've eventually ventured out but it wasn't so bad a place." Minus the obvious. K'vvan and his grudges earns a long suffering sigh from him. "Like I'm gonna tell that bastard he's got some sweetness to him all buried down deep!" he scoffs, while side-eying Vani incredulously. Only to grin that crooked, wicked grin of his. "Not that it wasn't briefly tempted to see what the hell would happen…" He has a pretty good idea, mind.

"Clearly you didn't go in Sandstorm season. Your face is still pretty." Wait what? But Vani is just going to attend to her own meal, giving it the attention it deserves. "I mean you didn't get your face flayed off or anything." There THAT IS BETTER right? "Where you're from sounds… nice. My place. Not so nice, and not so permanent once the pass started." And she still remembers that. "Weyr took us in." She shrugs, not much else to say really. "K'vvan was one of the first people I ran into down here. He was… we knew each other in passing from before." Somehow this has become about their mutual history, until she laughs… a little unpleasantly. "Well that's one way to get out of the Weyrleader gig." She concedes with a mock toast of her beer. Yep, if K'vvan didn't geld him, she'd be doing her wingsecondly duties on the other greenriders behalf.

Wait, what? Va'os has that look on his face that is clearly a 'I heard that' and he's just going to grin at her rather than rub it in. Yeah, sure, whatever… that second revision makes sense too! But he's totally counting the first one too! Until she's mentioning his home. That brings a shrug of his shoulders and he's back to picking at his food. "Yeah, it was home. Some of it was nice. Some of it was downright shit. Have no idea what it looks like now." And he pretends not to care here, folks but it's obvious he does. "So wait… you and K'vvan sort of knew each other?" News to him! Not that he's making a habit of really digging up this sort of stuff on his free time (ahahaha, like he has that anymore!). His drink is lifted in turn to her mock toast. "If I decide I want to go out with some flare and drama, I'll be sure to purposely set K'vvan off … aside from stealing his best riders!"

Vani is a happily weyrmated greenrider, there is a twiddle of her ring and an arch rise to her brow to remind him of that before she lets the matter of her tongue slip drop. "Yeah, I was a mouthy candidate, and he was a drunk rider. We crossed paths a time or two." They certainly weren't bestest buddies or anything. "He's mellowed." She admits with a grin. Let that set in. Sadly, as slowly as she is eating there is a finite amount of deliciousness on her plate, and it is dwindling! "It shouldn't be too much longer before one of the queens goes up right? You might just go out in a cloud of failure and frustration." She comments brightly, outlining the most likely silver-lining to Southerns recent storm clouds.

Va'os just smirks and tilts his head. Yeah, and? He knows! He's never not teased her at least a tiny bit. "Y'don't have to rub it in, Vani," he chuckles and sets about polishing off the rest of his plate. As the last of the meal is finished off, he'll push the dish aside with a low, satisfied sigh. That WAS really good steak! Worth it. So worth it! "If this version of K'vvan is mellowed? I'm surprised you survived throwing attitude at him when you did!" He's still trying to picture it and is marginally successful if his snickered breath says anything. Leaning against the edge of the bar, he will laugh when Vani tosses him that silver lining. "Yeah, there's that way out too. Kind of the best of them all, eh? Doesn't mean I get maimed or worse in the deal, so…" They'll find out soon enough, won't they?

Vani chases the last of her juices with the sole remaining golden-fried tuber morsel, it is possible that she is rather full, but doesn't want to let a bite of this meal go to waste. With a suffering sigh she brings that last remnant of her meal to her lips and chews slowly. "Don't you wish I would though?" Vani asks with that sly double tweak of her brows. Caelisth is up on the fireheights somewhere, probably teasing the watchdragon (and any others) in a similiar manner. Early days yet however! "I survived because I run faster than him." She states, whether or not that claim is true is another question entirely. "Also, I've never mouthed off at the wrong moment, glorious leader. I'm discerning." Which she happily demonstrates slipping in that little tease before sipping her beer to wash the last of the food from her mouth. "You haven't done too badly, despite what all the old farts say." She eventually concedes. "Southern could do worse than having Tsiroth catch again." SHE BELIEBS IN YOU VA'OS!

Tsiroth will dish out just a much teasing as Caelisth should throw his way! Beyond that, the bronze is minding his own business, thank you very much~ Va'os bursts out laughing for that sly remark from her and he merely winks in answer. "Little miss perfect then, aren't you?" he tosses out that little playful barb. That little compliment (or reassurance?) is met with a bright grin that might actually be genuine, if he didn't go and ruin it by placing his hand over his heart. "That's got to be the sweetest thing someone's said to me all day!" HE'LL TRY NOT TO LET HER DOWN! Tsiroth's gonna have all the pressure on him that next flight~

"Not perfect. Never perfect." Comes Vani's retort with a sigh, but she does work on it behind her sly words and seemingly slack work ethic. "Just…" Her face twists as she considers it deeply. "…normal." Except for the fact that this bitch has perfected a bark worse than her bite. While it is still a little while before the green gets irritible and heads for the skies, she is being more chatty than usual, even going so far as to discuss with her brother some of the things she has noticed from on high. GASP! "Don't let it go to your head." She holds up a playfully warning finger. "No one likes a cocky bronzerider." She grins, because she is unsure if bronzeriders come in other flavors at this stage.

Except N'tash and R'zel, she knows what flavor they come in and she's not going to talk about it thankyouverymuch.

Aww. But Va'os would LIKE TO KNOW VANI

VA'OS could find out first hand by licking them!

Pretty sure that'd be filed under 'The Weyrleader has lost his mind'

Va'os chuckles, "Normal isn't so bad, you know." But who is he to judge on that? Even his life has been anything but normal. He just tries to live it now ? big rank knot or no. Tsiroth will sleepily entertain Caelisth, because even he isn't dumb enough to spurn his clutch sister's sudden mood to talk. "Who said anything about it going to my head?" he scoffs, looking hurt despite the grin he gives her. He doesn't deny the cocky part, though! Finishing the last of his drink, he'll exhale heavily and give a reluctant look towards the entranceway. "Should probably be getting back. They're gonna wonder why I'm dragging my ass leaving here…" And he probably shouldn't be absent from Southern too long, even if D'wane's got it covered.

It is Caelisth that does the pouting, as it is apparent that the bronze pair are taking their leave. "I'm sure that even the last guy managed to take some time to relax. You may say you'd like to go out in a blaze of glory. But burning out is probably the worst way to go." Her dark eyes stare pensively for a second. "Just say the Masterharper would'nt shut up or something." Yes, Vani is exactly the type to give a bro some shit, then encourage him to lie so he can catch his breath. "I think…" She sucks in her lip. "I think Southern would continue. Regardless." And they've certainly all had proof of that recently right? But she's not going to keep him here if he really wants to go. "Clear skies, Glorious Leader." The next meeting is gunna be SO. MUCH. FUN!

Tsiroth doesn't want to move either but he's being TOLD to get his ass into gear. So he may tell Caelisth to take it up with his rider later for ruining her fun. "Y'know, Rielle tells me the same thing? And I'll tell you what I tell her ? I'm trying! But I don't want to go down as the guy who slacked off doing his job." So he can't quite balance his life out between work and play! Better at it but when later events start unfolding, he'll start to feel the weight of doing too much and not enough rest and sleep begin to creep up. There's a faintly pained grimace for that fleeting reminder of the loss Southern suffered not long ago but Va'os merely shakes his head. "We'll just have to make a habit of this, eh? Just happen to cross paths next time we want a meal that isn't fish or local." Grinning and standing reluctantly, he'll give her a mock salute that's more a lazy wave than anything. "Clear skies, Vani. Was good to catch up!" Not that they managed to evade ALL of 'work' talk. Then he's off and out, whistling some tune under his breath.

"Fuck the haters." Vani doesn't mean that literally (I don't think!). "Let them talk, let them walk the walk if they think they can do better." Which of course they can't else they'd be the one sneaking off for steak. "Til next time!" With that final bitter pearl of wisdom, Vani toasts the departing form of her clutchmate. Or she would of, but she's just discovered her tankard is empty and that really won't do at all! Ordering another beer, she finally manages to give a liquid salute. But he is gone. It is just her and her beer again. She leads a hard life.

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