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Eollyn holds a wine-tasting at Corks and Works, drawing an impressive assortment of riders and non-riders alike. But will the evening stay (mostly) classy and quiet? Chances: zero. (Precedes "…And After", of course!)


It is the evening of the thirtieth day of the seventh month of the first Turn of the 12th Pass.


Corks and Works, Igen Weyr

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Corks and Works

Day or night, this shop is well lit on the inside, by day with Rukbat's beams, and by night by the grace of many glowbaskets that are very liberally used to maintain lighting. When a chance is gained to look about the shop, one easily sees why - there are shelves upon shelves of wine here. The perimeter of the wine shop is lined by shelves four high, and each shelf is carefully stacked just short of bursting with wine of various vintages, regions, sweet or bitterness, and even more importantly, price. But lo, wine is not the only thing to be found on the shelves here - one wall is dedicated to other liquors, from ale to brandy to vodka, and many in between. A carefully written sign nearby says, 'if you don't see what you're looking for, let us know!' There are also a couple of shelves on the wall of the main door, dedicated to things not of vintner make. Although they are bare at the moment, a portable chalkboard plaque says, 'Sienna's Cheeses'.

Even the wall behind the counter has wine bottles on it, but it's the counter itself that is more of note. Approximately four feet high, there are wine bottles underneath as well - empty ones this time, as if to display the wines that have passed through here in the past. Many of which are highly remarkable in either name or vintage. The top of the counter is typically kept clean and polished to shine. A heavy book for keeping track of sales is atop the counter, as well as a stylus for writing with, and an inkwell. One of the shelves behind the counter has been reserved for clean wine glasses, and there is a tub for dirty glasses beneath it; next to it are small clothe bags with the shop's name embroidered into them, for the customers who buy more than a single bottle of wine.

In the middle of the room is a circular wooden display with spaces for wine bottles to be inserted, while the card on the little shelf below tells the name of the vintage or wine of the sevenday. A table and chairs are sometimes brought out from the storeroom to the front room, when there are particular customers about, or when there is a particular event going on. The shop itself is manned at all times, even during the night, sometimes by the feared Eollyn herself, and sometimes some of her apprentices.

In preparation for tonight, Corks and Works shut down a couple of candlemarks ago. Since then, the shop has undergone a slight transformation - the wine to be sampled tonight has been set out on the counter - Eollyn somehow managed to get her hands on ice, which is still present in the bucket the wines are chilling within. Glasses sit upon the counter next to the bucket along with some palate cleansing light items set out on plates, and a table set up with appetizers from a variety of stalls (including cheeses from Sienna) have been set out. There is plenty of space for the party-goers to sit and discuss the wine, or to walk around and mingle, browsing the other wines of the shop (Eollyn is nothing but an opportunist, really). There is no sandstorm today, shhh, @time's wrong, but there is a welcoming atmosphere despite the heat. Eollyn herself is, of course, present, talking with one of the just-arrived guests.

Sienna isn't right on time, as her job is rarely one that includes firm off hours, but she's here close to the start of things, ducking into the shop in loose clothing fit for the weather and for dragonriding. Smiling around, she first makes her way towards the hostess, smiling warmly at Eollyn. "Looking forward to this! Thanks for inviting me and letting me participate." Her shelf of cheeses is full, and ready to take advantage of any potential customers tonight.

Sevreni, dressed like a desert nomad for the trip, finds herself in the Corks and Works, obviously having heard of the occasion from some rider back home. Everyone knows gossip travels fast. Supremely uncaring about the fact that there's still traces of autumn rain unfreezing from her clothes, she wanders into the establishment, keen of eye and hungry for a bargain. Nodding to some of the patrons, she wanders to the large selections on the rack first, fingers tap-tap-tapping on her leg as she eyes the varietals that seem interesting.

A little behind Sienna, Ravene makes her way into Corks and Works. The basket in hand is lined with a cloth that folds over itself, a smile is given to one of those already present and she's making her way towards Eollyn, "Lovely as always," is said to the vintner as the baker makes her way close enough to speak without having to shout. The basket is lifted up, and towards Eollyn, "I brought you a gift," because hostess gifts are still all the rage.

Shea's not dressed for riding anymore; why would she be, when she's at a party instead? We have all met Shea? Right. She has swapped leathers for a swingy white dress with green trim, nice and summery and still kind of Nowtimer-scandalizing because it stops just below the knee. She was invited, but is here totally alone and doesn't even seem to remotely mind, politely (or enthusiastically) greeting people as she walks by. "It's gorgeous in here," she observes to absolutely no one in particular, picking up a glass and examining it.

Not every dragonrider showing up is unescorted; on the other hand, considering Sadaiya's escort is a relative, it might not entirely count. Syteran, meanwhile, looks remarkably relaxed and incredibly pleased not to be at the infirmary any longer today, and even himself went so far as to freshen up and change before collecting his cousin and heading to the bazaar. Once they're inside, they split up and Start Mingling, with the unfortunate side effect — for Shea — that her erstwhile healer is examining her posture and looks Disappointed.

N'cal wouldn't be one to miss such a thing, of course. The man keeps a wine rack in his weyr, and it has to be kept stocked somehow! He's been in Corks and Works before, naturally, though likely not while Eollyn has been around. The Arroyo wingsecond stops for a moment off to the side, acknowledging a greeting before taking in the room and all those present at a glance - not difficult for one of his height - before making his way to the counter. Sienna gets a nod of greeting, along with a, "Hello, Assistant Weyrlingmaster," once he's in speaking range. Eollyn gets a bit of a bow. "Thank you for the invitations, Journeywoman," he says, a bit on the behalf of the rest of his wingleadership as well. "An impressive turnout so far!" he observes as Shea's entry gains his attention earns a small wave of greeting.

One of her arms linked comfortably through Syteran's, Sadaiya TRIES to glower inconspicuously at her darling cousin when no one is looking, but otherwise keeps her face frozen in Weyrwoman Mode. Her smiles are cordial, even a trifle lofty, but anyone within close distance will hear the hissed remonstrations delivered through her unmoving lips. "This is IMPORTANT, Sy, you could at least have brushed your hair and you are MISSING a BUTTON." Detaching herself from the great gangling man, she takes a brief moment to brush a near invisible wrinkle flat on his shirt before The Mingling is upon her. "Hi-ee everyone. Oh, you look so good today. Eollyn, thank you so much for inviting us."

Shea is ignoring you, Syteran. Totally. She can't and won't ignore Sadaiya, but right now she is seizing upon the fortunate presence of her wingsecond and migrates swiftly N'cal-wards. Without looking too deliberate about it, anyway. "Cervilaevarth is so thrilled to be here by proxy, let me know if he annoys Iolarth to death with the commentary? It's usually his friends who get it." If not her. She generally gets bossed around rather than actually told opinions. She should also probably be more respectful, but N'cal is also her friend the fellow (tall) Fortian bluerider, and right now she's more in friend-mode than wing-mode. Her expression is also mildly glazed over. Too. Many. Options.

Sienna looks around to smile at N'cal, nodding her head in return. "Hello, nice to see you." Then she spots Sadaiya, and the greenrider beams wide and waves eagerly to her BFF.

Her discussion with the other guest departed from, Eollyn spies Ravene and the vintner beams and greets them energetically. "Thank you both for coming; you didn't have to Ravene, thank you!" The basket will be set down on the counter, for the moment, because there are people to greet! "Please, feel free to browse; the first wine is breathing a bit." Wine doesn't breathe, Eollyn. Sevreni would understand! N'cal gets a grin, and perhaps a bit of an admiring eye before he approaches - just because they're both attached to other people doesn't mean she can't admire a bit! "You're welcome, Wingsecond. I'm pleased so many could make it!" And then there's a Sadaiya, and Eollyn smiles at the Weyrwoman. "Thank you for coming, ma'am, always pleased to see you." A quick glance about is cast - gauging how many are here, and will repeat her previous words - that the first wine is breathing, and shall be ready shortly! "Tonight's tasting will be wines from precisely ten Turns ago, from all around Pern. A particularly good year for wine but ah, you'll see for yourselves!" Before she starts rambling about wine again. At the party.

The odd person out - everyone else seems to know the people around them, Sevreni is assiduously checking stock, checking cultivars, making sure that … yes, there's enough here for a big order from the Kitten. Sometimes it's nice having a bit of foreign wine, given the equation that anything foreign must be more costly. Given that they'd have to be shipped - who wants frozen wine - perhaps that might even be true. Scooting in around towards the stall with cheeses, she frowns down at it, obviously in thought. Those closest to her get a small nod, and Eollyn's explanation deserves a quirk of the head before the too-lean woman moves on, picking up a snack from the array on the table. More browsing time.

Tanmorand is late. Surprise? Maybe the surprise is that he's here at all, the large Smith ducking a bit to get into the shop. He stops just inside, straightening his vest and peering around, trying to look unassuming and failing, given his height and the bredth of his shoulders. He slouches as a result, and shifts to stand against the wall.

"No trouble," Ravene admits. N'cal is given a smile along with everyone else present. She had delivered some of the foods earlier, and then she's drifting to the wine selections. There is always such a wide variety, and she's always left wondering which would be best so it's Sevreni that is asked, "Which would you recommend?" because the baker would spend way more than she could afford if she were left to her own devices, and clearly Sevreni knows wines so why not ask? "Ravene, bakery owner," is added as she realizes she hasn't introduced herself.

With the hubbub of voices around her, Sevreni doesn't realise at first that one of them is directed to her; when she does she faces Ravene obliquely, nodding once. "Sevreni. Barkeep." A small smile develops as she makes way for the woman, allowing her to see the currently-browsed shelf. "That depends very much on whether you're going to be drinking it yourself, what you like in general, and what the occasion is for, Ravene. Mostly, it's only collectors that'll get the really expensive wines, and you're lucky to live close enough to the shop — you do, correct?"

N'cal simply grins in return at Eollyn and leaves it at that; he's not the only one busy trying to greet and thank the store owner, after all, and there is also a sudden Shea close at hand. With a nod to Ravene's smile, he steps out of the way a bit and laughs to his fellow bluerider's comment about Cervilaevarth. "I'll be sure to, but Ill is a patient listener. Most of the time." The Weyrwoman's arrival is noted, but she's rather far off at the moment.

Peering about, Sadaiya seems a bit anxious, though Sienna's greeting gets an effusive response. "Hey, sweetheart. Have you seen? … oh. Hold that thought." And, with hearts in her eyes and probably something a bit more naughty, the Weyrwoman glides over to the fidgeting Smith. "You made it! I thought it'd be me and my cousin. You look…" Her gaze travels up and down the extensive length o' Tanmorand body and glitters. "You look SO handsome. Care to escort me to the tables, Journeyman?"

Tanmorand looks down at himself and coughs, brushing some gleaming flecks of metallic…well, metal, off his clothes. Or trying to, but you know how it is with glitter. It's everywhere. "Sorry I'm late," he murmurs to his weyrmate, extending his arm to her with a slightly shy smile. "Had an issue in the workshops…" When doesn't he? "Wherever you wish."

Sienna winks at Sadaiya and finds a quiet spot to sit and sip, and people watch.

Vintners must have internal clocks that tell them when a wine has breathed long enough, because it's not much longer before the two apprentices drafted (perhaps they were bribed) into assisting the Journeywoman soon bring about glasses of wine - not full glasses, each containing just enough for a swallow or taste, each murmuring "Tillek white, dated ten Turns past, sir, ma'am," whenever someone accepts a glass. Well, you do start with the whites first, they say! Those who peek will see that there are some bottles of Benden mixed in there - they just haven't yet been opened.

Ravene gives a nod, "Just next door," the baker looks at the wines fo a moment, "I would be buying for myself, but Eollyn's wines are all so good I find it hard to decide which to get," which is nothing short of truth. Ravene hides a yawn, and looks round. Maybe this was not such a good choice after all. How long before she can make her good-byes and leave without seeming to be ungrateful of the invite?

O'ell would rather be sampling whiskey or bourbon or rye or… well, all the hard liquor. Duh. But, Eollyn said 'wine tasting' so he said 'yes ma'am' and tried to look presentable in dress leathers. Which is all why he is standing there somewhat uncomfortable looking with the glass he was just handed, looking around. Lalalalalalala.

Sienna scoots closer to her fellow AWLM. They can be quiet together? The usually bubbly baker doesn't seem too keen on socializing tonight either. She just looks tired. Cheers?

If O'ell's really lucky, perhaps Eollyn will try such an event in the future!

O'ell can be pursuasive! *eyebrow waggle*

The barkeep's dark eyes look Ravene over at that yawn, and a smile curves her mouth. "Here," she says, slowly and carefully pulling a bottle from the shelf to hold out to the baker. "A light white, suitable for most palates. If you'll excuse me though, I have to browse on." So she does, nibbling on her snack and tasting wine, and disappears into the crowd.

"Your workshop," Sadaiya says, giving Tanmorand a gentle slap to his bicep that's more caress than punitive, "Is too reliant on you. Those lunkheaded apprentices need to give you a break now and again. Ah, here we go." Sadie snags her own glass and tips her head to urge her sweetheart to do the same. "I know… almost nothing about modern wines. This has been an adventure, at least. Uh, hey," she murmurs, bringing her voice down and leaning in slightly. "How much do you bet that O'ell snuck in a flask of something stronger, or do you suppose Eollyn bribed him to behave?"

Eollyn totally bribed him. Totally.

Tanmorand clears his throat a bit. "I want to be there," he murmurs. He /likes/ his workshop. And doesn't really like to leave. He takes a glass of wine, fingers nimble and gentle despite their size, and looks around. "If he did, I'll have to go make friends…"

O'ell gives Sienna a brief nod, clinking his glass with hers lazily while they both stand there. Not sociable. It's all the weyrlings fault, see. And dutifully, he takes a sip of the proferred Tillek white. He also pretends to know what he's doing with the inhale, and swirl, and… well whatever. "Well, it doesn't taste like fish. That's gotta be a plus right?"

"Were you expecting it to taste like fish?" Syteran interrupts/intrudes, from basically just behind O'ell, where he was walking, innocently minding his own business right up until he heard that line.

Ravene a nod is given, the wine is paid for, and Ravene excuses herself to run the newly aquired bottle home. A pause near Sadaiya and Tanmorand, "Sadie, I have a huge favor to ask, but I have things to tend in the bakery. Could you stop by later?"

"Cervil is at least socialized to not be a pain," is Shea's only remaining commentary on her dragon before he steamrolls her entirely, "or, that is, to anyone but me. At least now he's telling me which to try so I don't have to risk making the wrong decision." It's a Bitran red, and Cervilaevarth is not shy about making sure any dragons who live near him know exactly how he thinks it tastes (sorry, Ryglinath); at least it's favorable.

Sienna snorts softly, smirking at O'ell. "It's good. Try it with some of this," she says, reaching for a cube of cheese and holding it out to O'ell.

N'cal prefers reds over whites, by and large, but he is enough in the know about wine to know that each type has its time and place. The white is taken with thanks, sniffed lightly at, judiciously sipped and allowed to sit on his tongue for a long moment before being swallowed. The aftertaste has him clicking his tongue a little at the sharpness, but… "One of the better Tilleks I've tasted," he observes, trying to decide what it might go best with. He watches Shea as she goes for that red. "And what's his opinion on that one?" he asks, blue-green gaze flicking out over the room once more before returning to his wingmate. "Or yours, more to the point?"

"Have you been to Tillek? Everything tastes like fish there." O'ell counters, his expression remaining bland. "The food, the water, the wine, the ale…" he goes on, naming all of the things before glancing over at the Sr. Journeyman. "And the fish. Yes, thank you Jafyth. The fish tastes like fish." His thanks to Sienna for the cube of cheese is kind of a grunt. But, she's probably used to that.

Her eyebrows shooting up, Sadaiya turns her face towards Tanmorand and mouths, 'doesn't taste like fish' before clearing her throat. "Well I DO appreciate it. This is so important to her, and I really wanted to make sure there was a crowd." She tips her head towards Eollyn, indicating the Hostess with the Mostest. "Don't worry, though, I won't make you stay for that long. Pinky swear. Oop, looks like my itinerant cousin has the same idea about O'ell that we did. It IS tempting to shake him down a little. Extract a tithe. First, though, we should snag some of that cheese. Hey, you're a smart man. Why do you suppose the flavor changes so much with cheese or fruit and wine pairings? It's… it's SO neat."

Syteran, unfortunately enough, caught his cousin's sotto-voce addition to O'ell's tirade, and promptly succumbs to a fit of coughing. Strangely enough, working as a healer for so long has maybe taught him a little bit about the importance of lipreading! Eventually he drinks the rest of his wine — which doesn't taste like fish either — and concentrates on breathing. Or, in other words, Syteran fails to adequately counter O'ell's claims, because laughter.

Sienna laughs at that, her grin merry and amused. "Maybe it was bottled somewhere else then," she chuckles. The grunt she is used to, smiling, and sipping her wine quietly.

"He thinks," Shea relates with her eyes half closed, "that it's stunning, though perhaps a little stronger than he expected. Which was not an objection, really, just an observation. The color isn't as deep as the strength would imply, or the other way around, perhaps." Ryglinath got something longer; Iolarth may also have. "As for what I think? Tastes like wine, pretty good." And now everyone knows why she is a shame to her dragon.

Tanmorand chuckles softly, nodding as he pats her hand. He's the steady quiet to Sadaiya's vivacious energy. "Ah…I have no idea. Eollyn would probably know though?"

O'ell looks innocent. Innocent! No he doesn't. He flashes his most charming smile at Eollyn when he sees the double-raised eyebrows. Hello dear! Love you! Hi! "I think that means I'm going home alone. Did I translate that right?" he mumbles, directed at Sienna, from the corner of his mouth so that maybe she can't lip-read that. "And did someone just say they would extract a tithe from me? What?" His brow furrows now, and he reaches over to try and clap Syteran on the back. Help that breathing. "Hate it when alcohol goes down the wrong side of the throat. Terrible thing."

Even Eollyn heard that one, and O'ell gets a pair of raised eyebrows from the woman. There's totally a smirk there too, somewhere. One of the apprentices brings a plate of palate cleansers (largely blander breads and cheeses) around, while the next couple bottles of wine breathe. This party's apparently aaaaall about the breathing. Eollyn mingles, stopping briefly to talk to Sevreni, before moving onward to stop nearby Sienna and O'ell. "Thank you both for coming, again. How are you liking things so far?" Another wine is brought around shortly, this one an Istan white.

Sienna glances to O'ell, then looks at Eollyn. "Are you two dating?" Then Eollyn is there, and Sienna gives her a bright smile. "Great! Everything is excellent. Good wines."

Syteran neatly more-or-less eludes O'ell's "helpful" nature and holds up the empty glass. "No, no, I'm quite fine. Although you're right, inhaling alcohol isn't the best idea in the world. Not if longevity's your goal, anyway. Although — come to think of it, I'm fairly certain I've read studies linking a diet high in fish to a long life." So maybe it's okay if everything tastes of fish, O'ell — at least so long as you like fish.

The next white is given the same treatment, and N'cal actually smiles a little at the aftertaste, even as it brings small, thoughtful crease between his brows. "Anything seems to be more mellow than what comes out of Tillek," he states, clearly now in favor of what he's just sample compared to what preceded it. There's something of an affirmation from Iolarth about his blue wingmate's opinion, and the wingsecond snickers a bit. "So it's Cervilaevarth who's the connoisseur, and you just enjoy it, then?" he questions. Evidently this hasn't been made clear to him before…or he just hasn't been as quick to figure it out.

"Well it's still neat," Sadaiya half-grumbles underneath the pat of the hand, though she can't frown for long before an affectionate smile blooms on her lips, a very spousey sort of expression. "You're right, though. I'll have to tag Eollyn once Sienna's done with her. I'm glad she got time to come, too. The twins are adorable, but it's the Weyrleader's turn to deal with them." Syteran's fish-focus has her giggling behind the fingertips that come up to cover her mouth. "He is such a dork sometimes, but he does have an amazing talent for fitting in even if he's a bit lost. I wonder if he'll ever get done simply frowning at Shea over there," and she drops her hand to gesture at the bluerider, "and get on with it. He always does this around, you know, interest."

"Wouldn't miss it." Unless someone other then Eollyn asked, and then he would absolutely miss it yes. O'ell, not a social butterfly. "It's great! People… wine… cheese." He holds up the cheese cube helpfully. Look, cheese cube. "… more people. Lots of people." In other words, does he have to stay for the whole thing? "You could say that, Sienna." And then, "Studies also indicate that everything you eat in Igen has sand in it. Wonder if that one holds up too." Yep, now he's eyeballing the cheese, trying to see if there is sand in it. Sorry Sienna! And Eollyn. And, uhm… everyone.

Tanmorand nods a bit. "Aren't the twins fostered?" he murmurs. He looks up towards Syteran, then to Shea, and the Smith grins a bit. "Shea!" And he /points/ at Syteran. Go.

Sienna glances between O'ell and Eollyn, and she smiles. "Good!" She is /pleased/ by this news. Then she rolls her eyes. "There isn't any sand in my cheese, O'ell."

"I thought they stayed there sometimes? I'm so BAD at keeping up with things lately, I swear." It's during this pause that, unfortunately, Sadie chooses to sip the last of her champagne and, so, nearly chokes on it when Tanmorand exercises his subtle matchmaking. "DUDE," hisses Sadaiya, sputtering in her attempts not to giggle, and grabs a linen napkin to dab at her lips before, with feigned dolefulness, bemoaning, "Igen is so very poor at keeping these little gatherings classy."

Eollyn is likely tempted to facepalm at O'ell's response, and shakes her head lightly. "Thank you, Sienna… We're both lucky in our partners. I'll see you later, dears, or let me know if anything's not to your tastes." Her eyes linger on O'ell for a moment before she goes forth to further mingle! There was not quite an answer to O'ell's unspoken question there. Before too long, the next wine rolls out, this one a white from Keroon, oddly enough! The matchmaking attempts earn an amused smile from the Vintner, even as Eollyn drifts over to join Sadaiya and Tanmorand.

Tanmorand looks a bit startled by his weyrmate's reaction. "What? It's not like…" And he dips his head to mutter softly to her.

You overhear Tanmorand mutter, "… like … … … to go hump in the back …" to Sadaiya.

"Oh, is that strong? I'll try some of it." Shea, apparently likes Tillek; the white that N'cal had discarded (not the literal exact same bit of wine, but) is now given her attention, as she samples it with a much more curious expression than the last. Minor disapproval from Cervilaevarth, where Shea actually likes it. "He's the expert," she says, after taking a last sip, "I'm just — I actually was never much of a drinker. But he can't drink any of it, so I'm convenient. That's mostly it." And then she hears Tanmorand's greeting, and spins around to wave at him. "Hi folks!" she chitters, and then shakes her head and laughs. You're all really terrible. Just FYI.

Dragged along by a wingmate who was no doubt invited, N'ky doesn't look to be at all comfortable to be at the wine tasting, slipping in amongst the crowd and trying to look… inconspicuous, perhaps? It's hard, when you're as tall as him and so obvious with coltish clumsiness. The greenrider winces a little as he overhears conversation between the Weyrwoman and whoever that guy is, his cheeks colouring with embarrassment. He finds himself an empty enough space to slip into, his wingmate having disappeared off into the crowd, and waits awkwardly for… something. Anything. He's twitchy and quiet as he observes the people around him.

"If you say so, Sienna." O'ell, not sounding convinced as he pops the cheese cube in his mouth and takes another sip of the wine. He's probably forcing himself not to be verbal and stick the other foot in his mouth. Because, he nods at Eollyn as if he understood the look she gave him. Which he may well! And when she's stepped away, turns back to his fellow AWLM. "That one meant I better stay for the whole thing, and stop talking so much." That's his translation, anyway.

Sienna smiles at Eollyn, warm and pleased, tipping her glass of wine in a silent toast. Looking back at O'ell, the greenrider hesitates, and then smiles a little bit mischievously. "Well…we can try to stay for the whole thing. But you know our jobs…" Did she just suggest an 'out'? She kind of did. She certainly looks tired.

N'cal shakes his head. "Not strong, but sharp. It would go well with something like…fish, I'd imagine." Which makes it so appropriate for a Tillek. He watches as Shea samples it, and the call from across the way to his wingmate elicits a glance. Shea's reaction has him quirking a brow curiously. "More friends of yours?" he asks, gesturing in their direction. "We can certainly catch up later, if you'd like to move around; I didn't mean to monopolize you or anything," he says with a smirk as he plucks up a smirk of the Keroon vintage and does another brief scan of the room, noting the new faces.

Once again, Tanmorand earns himself an unconvincing dirty look from the wee Weyrwoman, and over his shoulder Sadaiya notices the gangling length of greenrider. "Oh! I'm sorry, N'ky. You, ah. We were, um… you see… the… my cousin." And that's her lame explanation for everything going on, the mutter, her remonstrations. It's thus that she grabs the cheese tray and shoves it right under N'ky's nose. "Have some."

O'ell actually chuckles back at Sienna for her suggestion, looking sorely tempted by it too. "True enough. But I'll stay unless there really IS something that requires one of us." he admits. Because he's whipped. He needs more alcohol now. Stat.

Cheese. Under his nose. N'ky happens to like the stuff, and it's a distraction that he's pleased to partake of. The greenrider forces a smile at Sadaiya, picking off a few more morsels than is probably truly polite - but he seems distracted as he does so. "Umm… uh — th-thank you," he stammers as he remembers his manners, running his tongue over his lips and trying to get his attention focused here, while still trying to maintain a link that might be obvious to the other riders. He's half here, half with his lifemate.

"Weyrwoman, Journeyman, Greenrider." Eollyn's greeting is as cheerful as her initial greeting would have been. "How are the three of you doing? Have any of the wines been to your tastes?" Speaking of wine, now they're getting to the good stuff - the next wine brought out is a Benden white. Which means reds are coming up next, presumably!

"I," Syteran, the cousin in question, "had nothing to do with it," announces loftily. And reaches over N'ky's shoulder to nab some of that cheese.

Sienna's eyes unfocus then - as if on cue? - and she gets to her feet, finishing her wine. "Well, it requires me at least. Kehemath will let you know if it requires more. Otherwise, enjoy yourself." With a smile, a few words of thanks to Eollyn, the AWLM heads back to duty.

Tanmorand sticks around, but he lets his weyrmate be the social one while he goes to stand against the wall. Maybe he'll share a few words with O'ell. Women. Socializing. Am I right?

O'ell thinks Tanmorand is totally right.

N'ky blinks up at Eollyn when he's being asked things, and takes an awkwardly long moment to answer - during which time he blinks blankly at her. "Oh, u-uh." His hands are empty save for cheese, and there's no wine glass in front of him, either. "I've n-not had any, yet, but, um… i-it's ok." He's almost apologetic for not having had a drink yet. The hand sneaking in to steal cheese makes him jump, and he looks sharply at the Healer, blinking at him. "Oh… oh. Hi. Here." All that cheese he's pilfered is offered up to the journeyman.

"Everyone is my friend," says Shea with a smile, and then after another glance at Syteran adds, "Almost. But you're not monopolizing me. Are you not friends with the Weyrwoman, because that needs to change if so. Come talk." She doesn't actually drag N'cal, but she is heading over to Sadaiya and Friends in such a way that it's clear she hopes the wingsecond is coming along with her. She's giving N'ky a curious look; he rides with Teya and Ri, and so she sort of knows who she is, but they've never met before.

With the news going around about wine-tasting, though he was not personally invited, T'line eventually makes his way over to the vintner's famous shop. The young brownrider comes through the door, breezy as ever with salutes all around. "Evening!" is his chipper greeting to those in attendance. "Journeyman Eollyn." a polite nod as he comes up to the lady of the night and the others around her. "What's this I hear about a wine-tasting?" he asks, eyes bright as he looks around, catching N'ky's eye and nodding to the fella.

"You're welcome!" Sadaiya chirps, belatedly, her smile wide and inviting people to have NOT heard anything about 'humping'. "Oh, Eollyn, everything is so lovely. I DID have a question, though: just why do certain things taste different when paired with wine? I asked my weyrmate," and she nods towards the disappearing Smith, "But he wasn't certain either. Oh, crumbs, sorry, greenrider." Her hand follows the other snitching hand and takes up a piece of a sharp, dry cheese. "I didn't mean to make you the servingman. Just… sort of reacted. You… seem like you could use a drink though. What's this about a Benden?"

O'ell stands against the wall with Tan, by the way. For the record. There's no woman nearby trying to get him all talkative. And nothing from Tillek for him to insult. So, he will drink and watch Eollyn. But not like a stalker because that's just wrong.

"Well, I haven't really had the chance-" N'cal cuts himself off and trails after Shea toward Sadaiya and friends, shaking his head a little. He and the Weyrwoman simply haven't had the opportunity to speak much beyond formalities. And the others nearby are not of his wing…perhaps he doesn't actually socialize much outside of Arroyo? He blinks a bit, the thought never really having occurred to him.

N'ky the cheese bearer seems even more uncomfortable with the attention the food is bringing him, and he hunches his shoulders as his cheeks flush bright red, with his mouth twitching into the attempt of a smile, even as he tries to avoid being touched by any accidentally-reaching hands by making his lanky self as small as possible. It's not an easy, or at all achievable, feat. He catches Shea's look and tries smiling back at her, but it's more awkward than anything, and he nods at Sadaiya's offer of wine. "Y-yes. Yeah. P-please." The cheese plate is pushed into T'line's hands, with an apologetic 'get it away from me' smile.

Before he's answered by Eollyn, he suddenly has a cheese plate shoved into his hands. T'line blinks down at the plate and then over at N'ky before letting out a small laugh. "I wouldn't mind a glass of wine with this cheese… " he comments, looking over at the vintner meaningfully. He supposes he'll let the greenrider off the hook, what with that pleading face of his, how could he say no?

Turning smartly on the ball of her slippered foot, Sadaiya's quick to grab a glass that's offered her and then, in turn, offer it to N'ky. "Here you… wait I should… hrm. Where do I put it?" Caught in her own, cheesy trap. She chews lightly on her puffy lower lip, the Make-up Gods smiling upon her and not getting lipstick all over her teeth. "Ah! Thank you, brownrider! Most kind of you. Here, N'ky, your wiiiine siiiir." With a thickly hoity-toity accent, she hands off the red with a small curtsey to the greenrider. "Hello, Shea. N'cal." The party has sort of gathered together in one clump as things wind down a bit, making it cozy, comfortable.

Eollyn seizes a glass for the greenrider, and presses it into his hands. "Here, greenrider, enjoy." She says with a cheerful slant of her lips. The woman probably knows O'ell's watching her, and is doing it deliberately. "Ah, T'line, hello, do come on in." Because really, Eollyn doesn't mind party-crashers! "Some wines are designed for that very reason, Weyrwoman. When the tastes mingle, it expounds flavors that were not as obvious before. This Benden, for example, if this were a party instead of a tasting, would go excellent with a sharp cheddar."

"N'cal needs to make more friends," Shea proclaims on his behalf; did she notice he doesn't have friends outside Arroyo? … Probably not, actually. But she does try to make sure the people she likes all talk to one another. Essentially. It doesn't always work, especially with the way some people do not mesh well with Zeyta. But she tries. "Or else that is what I thought, and so here we are. Is the cheese good?" A beat, and then she's distracted once more: right, the new guy. "And you're N'ky? I've heard of you but I haven't met you, I know Cervilaevarth says you're attached to a Cailluneth and that she's very pretty — anyway, hi, I'm Shea." Offer of perfectly-manicured (it's almost like she's a Mean Girl … oh wait) handshake.

And suddenly, N'ky has two glasses! Just as well he handed the cheese plate off, right? The greenrider looks awkwardly down, at one, then at the other. "Th-thanks," he says to the Vintner, then to the Weyrwoman, raising each glass in turn to the respective giver, before taking a sip from each in turn. Because why not? He blinks big brown eyes at Shea, nodding. "Uh-huh, N'ky. R-right. And Cailluneth." He can't help but wince when the bluerider mentions her dragon's thoughts about his own; it's a reminder of what he's dreading! Shea's offer of a handshake is blinked at, before he looks at the wineglasses in each of his hands. "Uh…" A little bit of juggling gets both glasses into one hand, and he offers a warm, strong grasp - that's shaking slightly, even if he's squeezing Shea's hand a little too tight.

continued in ...And After

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