Ginger, Ibrahim, Th'res


Ginger is searched!


It is the thirteenth day of Autumn and 101 degrees. The recent rains have left everything wet and muddy, but Rukbat shines brightly overhead.


Galleries, Southern Weyr

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Stone benches rise up.. and up.. and up: grooves upon grooves show marks of their hand-hewn origins, small chips and uneven textures to tell the tale of humble beginnings in a place which looks upon the black-and-white Sands of Southern, a place of greater beginnings indeed. The Galleries take up roughly a third of the perimeter of the Sands: to the west are flat, staggered entrance ways, ledges for dragons interested in watching the proceedings. Below and just easterly, a stitched-hide curtain covers the entrance to the bowl, keeping the wind away from the precious cargo often housed upon the Sands. It cannot help the shrieking of the wind above: though it is muted in this hollow, the intermittent sighs and moans of the thermals shrieking through the viewing-ledges above can be unsettling.

The afternoon's drawing on. It doesn't seem to be any cooler outside yet - and it certainly isn't cool in the Hatching Cavern, where the air is oppressively warm. Still, the Galleries have a certain appeal - open space, a high viewpoint, and eggs to look at. Ginger has somehow escaped from work, or maybe she's been let out early. She makes her way up to the back row, moves along the benches, and sits down, staring glumly at the Sands below. There's a brown firelizard draped over her shoulder, and every few seconds, he wraps his tail round her neck, only to have it immediately unwound by his overheated human.

« OH LOOK IT IS THE METAL-BENDER! Oh she looks sad, Th’res why is she sad.. I am going to investigate»

As the young smith sits down with that gloomy face, a soft blue snout comes into view and gently bops the top of her head. From one of the lowest ledges comes the voice of Th'res as he sits with Jedameth saying "He wants to know why you look so glum, did you melt something you weren't supposed to?" The blue rider is decked out in his black leather riding gear and his very long scarf, which is sporting a new section of color, even in this heat as it looks like they just came back from the snow covered Barrier Hold.

But wait, there's more: one more for EggWatch, Pern Edition. Ibrahim will make his way onto the Galleries, a small and quiet figure amid more rowdy companions who find themselves a spot where they can cluster together and stare wide-eyed at the eggs in their lovely concentric circles. From the way Ibrahim posts up nearby — but not too near — one might surmise he's somehow in charge of the little hooligans. Weyrbrats, certainly, by their familiarity with the place. Ibrahim seems rather… unenthusiastic about child-minding duty, but there he is, Faranth help him.

Ginger knows that blue muzzle! She knows the voice, too, but the name she exclaims after gasping in surprise is "Jedameth! You scared me!" She stands and turns to look up the blue and his rider. "Hello, Th'res. No, not exactly. I'm doing my basic jewelry at the moment, and it's fiddly and boring and pointless. Spent the morning twisting wire into tiny spirals - sort of - and the afternoon - well, that was worse. My eyes ache and it's supposed to be getting cooler by now." Yes, Ginger is thoroughly out of sorts. She still has a smile for Jedameth, and asks him, "Want a scratch?" Not sure I can reach your eye ridges up there, though."

« What is that she said…Oh you mean that sparkly stuff peoples wear? CAN I HAVE THE SHINY!?!?! »

Oh she wants cooler? Jedameth can help with that, because before she is offering eye ridge scratches he is using that large, tongue to lick Gingers face while Th'res just shakes his head laughing. Thankfully the only thing the blue dragons breath smells like is ice from being up at the barrier. After the licks he lowers his head as far as it can go to reach her, because he really wants those scratches. "He wants to know if you are going to make Jewelry for dragons too…" Th'res holds up his hands as if to say he has no idea where the blue gets these Ideas. He does wave to Ibrahim though as he sees him with a bunch of brats about..

Ibrahim turns his head as he catches a flash of blue, and widens his eyes to see Jedamaeth licking Ginger, and Th'res laughing. Well, the sight is rather incredulously funny! The corners of his mouth quirk upwards in amusement — trust that dragon to do such a thing. He waves back to Th'res, edging away from the children and towards his friend and the 'victim' of Jed's friendly ways. Managing to cop a seat, he leans in, "What's he up to?"

"Oof!" Ginger almost curls up with laughter as she's licked, though she does rub her forearm across her mouth. Then she points to the top of her forehead. "Hey, you missed a bit. Though, I'm going to dissolve if you do much more of that!" It's cheered her up, though, and she reaches up to scratch the blue head. "Do dragons like jewelry? It'd need to be bigger than what I was doing today. What would they wear, even? Something round the neck?" Now that's an intriguing thought. She tries to size up Jedameth's neck without stopping the scratching, then the noise of the children attracts her attention. She glances in the direction it's coming from and shoots Ibrahim a sympathetic grin. She was one of those weyrbrats, once! Meanwhile, brown Walnut heads for safety from that huge tongue and circles overhead. He's curious about the blue dragon, but not quite ready to try to make friends.

«DUDE!! We could put them on the straps, you could be so Shiny!!»



Th'res grins down at his friends while Jedameth is shameless getting attention from the smith. "He already has a hat, and he says he thinks his straps could do with some shiny bits." There is an eye roll to the heavens which portrays just what Th'res thinks of this whole thing. "You two see any good ones in the pile down there? I am still deciding on which ones to bet on." He motions with his had to the mound of eggs on the sands.

Ibrahim catches Ginger's look with a 'what can you do?' look of his own; he owed a favor, and it's been called in! He leans forward to eye th group, then shrugs his indecision. "I'd no idea: do you all always bet on them?" He looks quite bemused by the entire idea. Betting on babies? So… odd, too him.

Ginger laughs and cheerfully assures Ibrahim, "Of course! Weyrfolk will bet on anything - or some will. Which hatches first, colour distribution, what colour a particular egg is… Are you looking to pick the bronzes, Th'res? I like the look of that reddish one." She's still working her way towards Jedameth's eye ridges, but Walnut's curiosity has overcome his nerves and his circles are taking him closer and closer to the dragon's back. "Uh, does Jedameth mind firelizards? 'Cos I think Walnut's looking to perch."

«Step 1, Find the special! »

Jedameth will answer by sending the little brown a soothing image of the best place for the little one to perch on. Th'res shakes his head "He loves them, and I was looking more for blues, last time I bet on the green numbers and got a pretty good haul." He grins down at the pair adding "Jed is just excited there is are going to be so many new ones this time around.. Which is funny because it wasn't all that long ago we were on these sands."


Ibrahim chuckles. "Entertainment, you mean." He says to Ginger, stowing the information away for further contemplation later on. Idle fingers twist a bit of frizzy hair into a tighter, shinier coil as he studies the eggs "Long's I've been here, I've never figured out how to tell…" He'll quietly shift his eyes between Th'res and Ginger, waiting to see how they work these things out.

"You can't really tell," Ginger explains, while Walnut settles happily between Jedameth's neck ridges, trilling his pleasure. "But there'd be no fun in betting if you could. I mean, a very big one's more likely to be a bronze, and a very small one's more likely to be a green - but it could be a blue, and the big 'un could be a brown, and sometimes they're way different on the outside from the inside. No gold egg in this clutch, of course - those you usually can tell, if the queen lets you get a look at it."


Th'res nods with the smiths explanation "Usually I throw dice to see who I am betting on." Jedameth is still here and loving the scratches, if his new brown friend has landed atop him he will croon happily. He does seem to be a bit overly focused today though as he watches the people in the room, his twin tails making that tap-taping noise somewhere above them on the ledge. "He wants to know which one you like Ginger.."

"I see," Ibrahim does see, as he remembers seeing so much exchanging of marks at previous Hatchings. "It's the thrill of the guess that gets most going, then." He smiles over at Ginger, thankful to finally have an answer for such strange-seeming behavior. It's all information that will deepen his understanding of the Weyr social culture. He's also exceedingly curious to see which Ginger picks as her favorite: everyone, including those pesky Weyrbrats, seem to have at least one favorite.

Ginger is surprised by the blue's question. "Let me have a look," she says, and turns to peer down at the Sands. Finally, she concludes, "That one with the kind of sunset colours - I've seen the sky looking like that." She points towards Seacrafter Take Warning Egg, then, as she continues to scan, her finger veers towards another egg. "Or… yes, that one that looks like a sleeping feline - all cosy and half-buried. There's something friendly about the look of it." That's Cross My Path Egg. "It's dark, though - there are a lot of really dark ones in this clutch."

«Those sands are hot, better make sure she has good shoes..»

»why does she need good shoes?«


Th'res nods looking out over them saying "That there are, almost as many as in Jedameths clutch." He pats the blue with affection before he leans back out of sight momentarily. The sneaky blue dragon has move from getting good scratches to disappear back onto the ledge. Once the large blocky plastic blue head come back down he moves to rest his head on top of Gingers gently, "He wants to know if you need new shoes, Metal-bender." Comes Th'res' voice but is currently not scene hidden behind the large blue.

Ibrahim turns his head just in time to see Jedamaeth actually resting his head on top of Ginger's, however lightly. Poor girl, that's got to be uncomfortable,! He covers his mouth, smothering laughter as even the weyrbrats go still, staring in wide-eyed surprise. Oh, but this is a new thing, even for the ebulliently gregarious blue.

"Um, Jedameth, that's lovely but please don't lean any harder?" Ginger's grinning, though, and reaches a hand up to touch the blue again. "My shoes are fine, thanks. They've got reinforced toe-caps and all! Very handy for work." She is in fact wearing a very solid pair of boots, offering protection against the hazards of Smithcraft life. "I don't really need any others right now, but why's he interested in my shoes?"

«Don’t tell her, she is AMAZINGLY SMART. She knows…Step 2. Give the colored ropy thing.»

Th'res doesn't actually answer her right away as the white knot comes into view hanging from the dragons mouth. /No there is no slobber…yet../ "He is asking because he doesn't want your feet to get burned.." Th'res only leans over now to say "That is unless you don't want to get a closer look?"

"At the eggs? I think these are pretty good, actually - even for the hot Sands. Of course, if someone actually wanted to give me a new pair-" At which point, Ginger notices, out of the corner of her eye, the knot dangling from Jedameth's mouth. She tries to focus on it for a moment - difficult, at that angle - then gives up and smiles. "Ohhhh, I see. Well, thank you, Jedameth, my feet will be fine but I'd love to get a closer look at the eggs."

«There, She is good and safe now for the Weyr. Those down there are going to be so happy with her this is going to be AWESOME!! *does a little chorus of his theme song*»

Jedameth moves his head and lowers the knot to her shoulder, he can't pin it but he can at least put it there. Though after that he licks her face again, making sure not to miss another spot! Th'res on the other hand winces as at the mental assault he is enduring in the blues happiness. "Excellent. He would like to escort you all the way to the barracks if you don't mind. Something about Being proud enough to display for all of Pern." The red headed man has no understanding holding his hands up in mock surrender.

Ginger places her hand over the knot, so that Jedameth can safely let it go. "He is? Right. Then I guess I'd better be escorted, especially if it makes him happy. Annnnd, I guess I'm under candidate rules again." She sounds a little less pleased about that than the first part, but draws herself up straight, nods to Th'res, and says formally, "Thank you, wingsecond, it will be an honour."

Th'res nods and grins "You are most welcome, and besides now I know who to bet on." Like he wasn't going to anyways but that is a different matter. Jedameth will meet Ginger outside the caverns and the three of them will walk. Not fly not even jog but slow walk, as if Jedameth is showing off a special stone to the other dragons as they go to barracks.

"Well, remind the bookmaker of my past record, and you should get good odds," Ginger says dryly, but she's clearly very pleased. "Maybe this'll be the one, though." She sets off for the walk to the Candidate Barracks between Th'res and Jedameth.

« Step 3..get them to the barracks…DONE! I win!!»

»You know it isn’t fair if you pick them«

«IT is still a win»

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