evka, Xanthee


Best friends Xanthee and Reveka do all the catching up on each other's lives after not having seen each other for awhile

Very brief mention of sex
Talk about child birth


It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Living Caverns, Igen Weyr

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"Oh my Faranth! You're huge!"


Living Caverns

Brightly lit by a regimented march of strung glow-globes, Igen's busy living caverns are cut of the same exotic limestone design that frequents the bazaar without. Tapestries line the tops of the walls, one for each of Igen's wings, past and present; beneath them, skybroom tables litter the floors in scattered profusion. Some of the wicker chairs have seen better days, but most of the worst offenders have long-ago been replaced. The seemingly random placement of furniture, however, at closer inspection yields a sort of cross-shape of negative space. The northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns are owned by the kitchen's buffet, food-laden thrice daily in regimented shifts by busy bakers from the curtained southern entrance to the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside; westerly lies the large doors leading down into the bowels of the weyr itself.

It's been a ferociously hot summer in Igen, the worst time to be in the heaviest part of one's pregnancy, really. Reveka is not inclined to disagree with this. At seven and a half months along, she's bulbous and miserable, the extra heat from the baby making anything but a short jaunt outside intolerable. As it was, she had to get a ride from the lake weyrs to here from A'lira and Kyprioth, because walking would have had her feinting at the door. She rubs her hand over the swell of her belly, hand at the small of her back as she walks into the living caverns, clad in nothing but a thin sun dress and her sandals, hair piled into a large messy bun at the nape of her neck. Food and drink are her goals, but a sit down might happen between now and then.

Frazzled might be how one would describe Xanthee as she comes into the living caverns from the lower caverns. Her garb is one of her usual summery tunic dresses with short capped sleeves and the hem several inches above her knees, a leather cincher pulling it in at her waist. Raven hair is twisted into a knot on top of her head that is pinned in place with a stylus stuck through her thick locks, several dark tendrils escaping to frame her face. In her arms she is carrying a number of hides as she rushes through the caverns to find herself a table quickly because it looks like one of the hides is about to fall out of her grip. Once she makes it to the nearest table, she unceremoniously dumps the hides onto the table top with a grunt. Putting her own hands to her lower back, the girl stretches as she looks around the Living Caverns, her eyes finalyl resting on a certain Zingari dance and she can't help the squeal of recognition that bubbles out of her. "REVEKA!" And then Xan is sprinting over, although when she registers the swell of her belly, she stops short of tackling her best friend. "Oh my Faranth! You're huge!"

Reveka about jumps out of her skin when Xanthee exclaims her name, but she's nothing but smiles for her bestie when the woman runs up to her. She blushes madly when Xan exclaims over her size and chuckles a bit, looking down. "Aye, I need no reminding, I about fall over when I walk." And she's joking mostly, making light of her situation. "If I didn't have healers telling me otherwise I'd swear there was more than one in there. How have you been? It's been forever since I last saw you." Reveka keeps moving inward though, heat plus pregnancy equals bad things, bad things indeed.

Xanthee winces slightly as she sees she startled Reveka, "Sorry, I just didn't expect to see you. Or so much of you." she says with a giggle because she just couldn't resist. "Ok, all joking aside, how are you feeling? I'm sorry I hadn't seen you before now. I found about.." and she looks down at the bump again meaningfully, "from Daenerys, or En'rys now though." she corrects herself quickly. As Reveka walks, so does Xanthee, keeping pace with her friend hand hovering conveniently close in case she needs a hand getting to a table. "We'll just get you seated, then I will grab whatever you need and we can have a nice lengthy catch-up. You're lucky I just got done for the day."

Reveka smiles. "I'm feeling alright emotionally, mostly, physically? I'm sharding miserable. It's too hot and this babe has me stretched to the gills." There's an affectionate way Reveka says this though. "Igraine and A'lira have been taking good care of me, they'll be fostering the babe. I can grab my own…really, maybe not…" Reveka makes it to Xan's table, but gets a bit flushed and dizzy by the time she does, she definitely needs food. "I just need to eat, anything saving curry, I can't do curry. Thank you Xan." She'll sit then, and fan herself.

"I'll bet." Xanthee exclaims at her friend's expression of discomfort. "I can't even imagine what you must be going through like that in the height of Igen's summer." The girl shakes her head slightly at the idea. Once Reveka is settled at her table, the hides are pilled neatly over to one side before she heads off towards the serving tables. After a quick survey of what's on offer, Xanthee grabs a tray onto which she puts a couple of plates that she piles with some bread, cheese, cold meats and cut fruit, figuring a light fare would be nicer than anything too hot. Stopping off at the drinks table, she pours a couple glasses of ice water and adds them to the tray. Coming back, she deftly serves the food and drinks to the table before putting the empty tray aside. As she takes her seat, her eyes wander over her friend. "Fostering is a good plan. I heard about some of your troubles from my brother. I'm really sorry." She offers a sympathetic smile as she spears a piece of meat and goes to pop it in her mouth when a tiny golden firelizard pops out of ::between::, creeling pathetically at Xanthee as she wings down to land on her shoulder. "Poor Selkie, didn't Banshee or Grymm share their suppers with you?" she asks as she tears off a small piece of meat and offers it to the little queen.

Reveka is much appreciative of the fair Xan brings back and says as much before nodding and digging into the fruit. "Fostering is best, evn though I know the decision is killing us both." As to her troubles, Reveka shakes her head. "Don't be, after all the shit I gave you and Amani about being careful? I should have taken my own advice. Igot myself into this mess…" And she'll get herself out of it too. Reveka eyes the little gold when she appears and grins. "New addition Xan? She's pretty." Another piece of fruit, and a piece of cheese find their way into Reveka's mouth. She's more focused on food at the moment, than water or much else.

Xanthee continues to rip off small pieces of the cold meat and feeds them to the little gold who crawls down her arm and settles onto the table top. "Yeah, you could have been more careful, but you're not the first girl to end up with a little bundle after not properly taking her herbs. But you're smart, I bet it's a lesson you'll only need to learn once, unlike some girls I grew up with." she nods sagely. When asked about her new addition, Xan smiles adoringly down at the little one. "Yep, Kyara gave me an egg right after the Hatching. She hatched about a sevenday ago. " She pauses consideringly as she looks down into her glass, running a finger along the rim, "Lots of new things in the short time since the Hatching actually. New firelizard, new job, new…living arrangements." Xan lists in the most non-chalant way, but her eyes dance playfully as she watches for Reveka's reaction as she takes a long sip of her ice water.

Reveka nods. "Aye, you've the right of it there, as soon as this little tyke is born, I'm on a strict regimen of herbs, and celibacy. I…I asked Daen..er..En'rys, to start over, once we're able. To try and go about things the right way this time…if he still finds a want of me after impressing, that is." Reveka smiles. She perks at the notion of Xanthee having lots of news. "Well, spill woman! I'm dying to hear something. I'm so cooped up all the time I rarely hear the gossip. What's been happening?"

Taking a very long sip of her iced water, Xanthee's green eyes sparkle mischieveously as she watches Reveka perk at the idea of some good gossip, something that this weyrbrat is always willing to share as long as she wasn't told not to. Finally she places the glass back on the table and leans in a little towards her friend. "So not a few days ago I was back at work in the Tea Room, and Weyrwoman Nasrin comes in, lovely woman, keep running into her at the most random times too, but that's another story. So out of the complete blue, she asked me if I would be her assistant, right there in the Tea Room." Xan pauses for dramatic effect, as well as another drink from her water. "She gave me a couple of days to consider and today was my first day." she puts a hand on the pile of hides next to her, puffing out with pride at her new position.

Reveka diligently eats while Xanthee talks, though she does look visibly excited for one of her besties. "That's amazing Xan! Such a prominant job! Good for you!" Reveka runs her hand ove rher belly and sighs. "I've been thinking of picking up another specialty. I worked with Igraine, one of our healers, while we were in Telgar, found I have a knack for it."

Xanthee smiles warmly as she pops a small piece of cheese into her mouth and chewing thoughtfully as Reveka speaks. Once her mouth is clear again, she exclaims, "That's a great idea Reve! I think you would be excellent at that. You should totally go for it after this one comes and puts you out of your misery." she giggles pointing down at her distended belly. Then her eyes lower and her tone takes on an idly casual note as she ponders which piece of fruit to speak with her fork. "Oh and Mal asked me to move in with him so I did."

Reveka chuckles and then takes a sip of water before munching down on some of the cold meat. "I think I will, A'lira and Igraine have both been happy to answer questions and teach me what I would like to know. But there's part of me that would like to go back to dancing and performing…I just don't know if I'm ready to be out in front of everyone so soon after…this." She waves at her belly, though she harbors no ill will towards her pregnancy or child, the stigma attached to her because of it has been hard to deal with. However, any sadness that might have hit her on that thought is stalled by Xan's next news. "Oh my roads! Xan! That's great news!"

"Well I hope you do back to it eventually. You're so talented Reve." Xanthee offers encouragingly before smiling brightly at Reveka's reaction to her other news. "I know right?! It was right after we met again after thet Hatching, we didn't see each other at all since I entered Candidacy, we thought it would help keep temptation down and all that. Anyway, we ended up at his room, had some of the most intense, mind-blowing lovemaking of my entire life, and then as we were caught up in the afterglow he just looked down at me, put his hand on my cheek and said…" Another dramatic pause as Xan tries to recrate the hopefull look on Mal's face and his tone of voice, "Xan..Stay here, with me?" She sighs blissfully as she puts her own hand to her cheek as she remembers the moment as if it were yesterday.

There's a certain look of longing that flows over Reveka's face as Xanthee expresses her glee over her lover and their situation. "I'm really happy for you Xan, that's really great." She sips at her water again and leans back, finally a bit full and unable to eat more for the moment. Sometimes she can eat ravenously, sometimes not.

At the look o longing that she sees on her friend's face, Xanthee falters slightly in her excitement and brings it down a couple of notches. "Well thanks. His room in the Crafter's Quarters is small obviously but so cozy. And coming home to him every night is just perfection." With that last she decides to change the subject. "You're not hungry any more?" she wonders as she watches her friend lean back in her chair. For herself, she grabs a roll and rips off a piece with her fingers before popping it in her mouth.

Reveka smiles at Xan, she hadn't meant to kill her friend's happy buzz. "I bet it is, I bet you missed him horribly." Reveka can tell how in love the two are, being apart must have been torture. at Xanthee's question, Reveka shakes her head. "No. I think the babe is half on my stomach, sometimes I can eat as much as a full grown herdbeast, sometimes as little as a toddler. It varies from day to day."

Xanthee merely nods at Reveka's comment about the torture of being away from her love, but the bright smile that spreads over her lips speaks to the pure happiness she has now that they are no longer apart. At her last she gives her friend a sympathetic look as she leans back in her seat herself, gathering a now sleeping Selkie into the crook of her arm where she gently strokes the young firelizards ever soft hide. "So you and my brother are starting over then?" she suddenly comes back to something she has said previously, "What does that mean exactly?" Xan choses her words carefully because she may feel a teeny tiny bit of guilt for pushing the two together in the first place.

Reveka smiles. "Aye. It just means….that we take things slower, that we get to know one another before jumping back into the way things were. Despite liking eachother, and being quite…compatable in other ways, I barely know him…and he barely knows me. Not the strongest basis for a relationship, don't you think? And now, now he has his green, who even knows if there's still room enough for me?" Reveka sighs and smiles softly. "I would understand if there wasn't, but I love him Xan….and I want to try, even if we fail. But, I'm afraid of just….jumping back in."

Xanthee bobs her head as Reve explains, "I can see all that. And that's actually a very mature way to go about things." the younger woman's tone is approving although she has a pensive cant to her head as she considers her next words before pressing forward softly, "He was besides himself when he found out your condition, even though you two may have not know each other, I think his love for you is genuine. He's said as much to me." Another long sigh, "But you're right, who knows now that he's impressed, and it will be even longer before he's free for any kind of relationship." She shakes her head and then drops her eyes to the plate in front of her as he voice drops softly, "Reveka, can you forgive me for meddling in your love life? I can't help but feel responsible for all of the trouble that's come your way because of it."

Reveka smiles. "Thanks, it took a lot of thinking. Though, it's not like I didn't have enough time for it." Reveka chuckles and shake sher head. "I believe him, when he says he loves me Xan, I do… I just…don't want to get my hopes up, love does not, as everyone likes to say, conquer everything." And Reveka's been through enough to know that now. Reveka shakes her head, sitting up to lean forward and lay her hand on Xan's. "Please don't. DOn't apologize for introducing me to him, for setting me up with a man who opened my eyes to so many wonderful things in life. I'd still be living under my mother's thumb and lonely and broken by what I thought was true love with Bonifas. Please don't apologize for that. This," She runs her hands over her belly, "Is my own damn fault and so is all that came with it. Don't blame my mistakes on yourself Xan."

Xanthee squeezes her friend's hand as she listens to her words, and she can't help the dampness that wells up in her eyes, which she tries to sniff back the tears before they spill, "You are a true friend Reveka, my best friend actually. And I only want the absolute happiness for you. Although love doesn't conquer everything, it's a pretty good start and I wish nothing but the best for you and my brother, whether that's together or on seperate paths." The pure tone of her voice rings with sincerity as she gives Reve's hand another squeeze. "So how much time left now? Are you scared about the birth?" she asks with some curiosity as she gently pulls back her hand to use her fork to snag another piece of fruit to pop into her mouth.

Reveka gets a little misty eyed as well and smiles at Xan a little wider. "You're my best friend too Xan." Right along with Amani, both of them hold special places in Reveka's heart, and they are both dear enough that she could never choose betweeen them. "I hope we find our paths together, but I hope for happiness for us both either way too. We'll just have to see what happens." As for the babe, and the birth, there's a definite look of nervous fear on Reveka's face at mention of it. "I'm definitely scared, but I think it's more because I'm hurtling towards a world of the unknown. I'm not even two turns out from being virginal and already I'm going to be popping out something the size of a melon." Reveka mimics the size with her hands. "Or so Igraine tells me, it makes me fear more for my bits than any pain that might come with it." She has to joke about it, lest she cry instead. "And I am hurtling, Igraine says only six to eight sevens left now. So, soon, very soon."

Xanthee's eyes widen as Reveka talks about melons and bits, and is then gesturing with her hands which causes the weyrbrat to shuffle in her seat before crossing her legs as she clears her throat quietly. "Well I'm hoping for a quick and easy birth for you then, and much relief from this heat as well." the little queen sleeping in the crook of her arm sneezes in her sleep and Xan can't help but smile down at the little one as she sighs wistfully. "Mal and I want kids one day. It must feel so strange knowing there is life growing inside you."

Reveka sighs. "It is strange. And in ways…wonderful, even if I can't keep the life growing inside me." Reveka smiles. "I know the babe will be in good hands where I'm leaving it." She laughs when Xan wishes her a speedy and healthy birth. "Yeah, you and me both sister." Reveka sighs and pushes herself up from the chair, and the reason way peeks up over her shoulder a second later, Igraine's gold Anuxunamun. "That's my cue, Igraine calling me back home. It was really good to see you Xanthee, I'll try not to be such a stranger, but if this heta doesn't let up a bit…"

"Yeah, this summer has been a particular scorcher." Xanthee commiserates as she bobs her head at the other girl when she rises from her seat. "No worries at all Reve, go and get some rest now. And I'll make an effort on my part as well, and if you need anything at all, even just to catch up on the gossip, you let me know and I'll be there for you." She shoots her friend a warm smile before she spears another piece of cheese with her fork and popping it into her mouth before she pulls the first hide she's supposed to be familiarizing herself with off the pile to peruse it while she finishes her meal.

Reveka nods and smiles. "I will. Take care Xan." Reveka stays long enough to finish off her water and then she makes her slow, slow way back out to the bowl and towards home.

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