Jaymes, Kelati, Kyriatis, with special guest star Betty


Jaymes and Kelati have kitchen-chores, while Kyriatis has a carnivorous plant in need of breakfast.


It is dawn of the fourth day of the fourth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Kitchens, Southern Weyr

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"But it does sound like carnivorous plants would be a viable market for this area. And for Herders."



Renowned, the culinary prowress of Southern, and suitable her kitchens to the task. A broad and airy sweep of room, it cannot help the sweat-drenching heat — though hearths are cleverly set within the ground itself to maximize efficiency. Big copper pots gleam along long tables, cooks hustling to and fro to prepare the necessary meals. There is never a candlemark the kitchens are left unstaffed: even in the wee hours of the night, bakers can be seen shaping loaves and mixing biscuits. For those who miss meals, a sideboard brims with leftovers that are easily transformed into portable potables, complete with sweet herbal tea and a large wheel of a soft, white, crumbly cheese.

It's just about dawn, and for once not a 'fall day, and Kyriatis hasn't pulled early-morning-kitchen-duty: bonus! What she does have is an overly cheerful demeanour and an odd-looking plant in a pot, which is carried under her arm. Breakfast may be available in the living caverns, but there's plenty on offer here, too, and so it is that the teenaged candidate begins to prepare herself a sandwich-to-go (but not before setting her plant down upon the counter beside her).

Jaymes is seated upon a wooden stool with one foot planted on the ground and the other hooked upon the lower stretcher. Both hands are also busy, one holding a tuber while the other shaves its skin with a sharp kitchen knife. Sounds brutal, right? Only for the poor tuber. Early morning kitchen duty it is and he's dressed in a long sleeved shirt with sleeves rolled to his elbows, trous, and ankle books in case he needs to bail out of this chore into another more outdoorsy assignment. Always prepared, yes. When movement catches his attention from across the way, he lifts his blue eyed gaze toward Kyriatis with a nod. "Morning." Notice how he left the 'good' part out.

Kelati, on the other hand, has pulled that early morning kitchen shift; she doesn't seem too miffed by it, though. She's very fastidiously cleaning a large pot — any grime that was ever in that pot is doomed, because the young trader woman is hyperfocused on that particular task. She hasn't even been paying attention to anyone else in the room working, candidate or not, until Jaymes speaks to Kyriatis; it's then that Kel's attention wanders over toward … the plant. "Oh," she says brightly, "What's that?"

"Good morning!" Emphasis on the 'good' from Kyriatis, who beams winningly in Jaymes' direction. She pauses, bread knife having barely made a dent in the loaf she's aimed her attention at: her attention has been turned from Jaymes towards Kelati, for whom she has another brilliant smile. "That is my insect-eating plant. I need to take her out into the bowl so she can catch some breakfast, so I thought I'd take my breakfast with me." Eating together, so sweet. "I'm so glad I didn't draw kitchen duty again. It's been killing me."

Jaymes tosses a peeled tuber into a large dish and then fishes out another to start the entire task over — he's getting used to the monotony of certain chores these days. The plant Kyriatis brings into the kitchen is noted, as is Kelati over there scrubbing away at a large pot, before his attention returns to the tuber in hand. Very carefully does he begin to peel until he picks up a steady rhythm that allows him to look up from his task once again, "An insect eating plant sounds beneficial. Could use a few of them around the stables to take care of the vtols." The tuber is then tossed into the bowl. "Poor runners get eaten alive by those pests."

"She," Kelati heard Kyriatis use a pronoun and so she's going to assume it's the correct one; some plants do have genders, after all, "Is very attractive." Odd-looking or not, Kelati has an impeccable taste in weird plants. She moved to Southern for the weird plants. "And also a boon to the barracks, I'm sure, but I can see how the stables would especally benefit."

Proud of her plant, Kyriatis gives Kelati another brilliant smile: she's delighted. When she speaks again, however, she sounds - and looks, for that matter - surprised, and this time she's glancing back at Jaymes. "I hadn't thought of that," she admits. "Betty here is still little— she eats a couple of insects every sevenday or so, but as they get bigger and get more traps, they eat more." No doubt the botany lesson could continue for some time, but the teen interrupts herself (thankfully). "Anyway, if I end up in the gardens again after the eggs hatch, maybe I'll see if we can plant some hear the stables. Or in pots, of course, but most things grow better actually planted somewhere."

Jaymes nods and looks thoughtful as he considers the idea of having an insect eating plant in the barracks. He didn't really think of that! It's difficult to break free from her Herder mentality sometimes. However, it's not difficult to break away from the task at hand, so he takes a short break from peeling tubers to stretch a little. The kitchen knife is set down upon a table top and he stands up from his seat, "The animals would appreciate it, I'm sure." he says with a half grin. A hand then motions to the plant. "So, does Betty's family grow in the jungle?" He's not ashamed to admit his lack of botany lessons.

Whereas Kelati has lots of botany knowledge in a specific focused area that has nothing to do with carnivorous plants. At least she's finally finished the pot, and is ale to set it aside for … conversation, instead of another chore. "Decorative pots, if they won't grow in the stables, maybe. A few of my plants," tiny shrug, "have to stay in pots because they don't like Southern's soil, but that's something different. And confusing, Southern has better soil than most of the rest of Pern." That's probably why she never left when everyone she was with did.

Kyriatis, pleased that 'Betty' has been accepted for what she is (that is, a plant with a name and a gender), goes back to cutting some bread off of the loaf in front of her. "They do," she confirms. "Ibrahim found her for me. I've always wanted one. I just need to make sure I can keep her alive. I've been reading as much as I can." Head tilting to the side, dark eyes consider Kelati. "You have plants? What kind?" There's keen interest, there, in her gaze.

After rolling his shoulders to loosen tight muscles, Jaymes takes a seat upon the wooden stool again and folds his arms across his chest while listening to the conversation about plants. "Yeah? Huh." He looks intrigued after Kelati's explanation and then glances over at Kyriatis' plant. "That's good to know that more cousins can be brought in for insect control." Faranth knows that every room in the Weyr could use a little less bugs — spinners, vtols, other winged terrors. It's a good thing he doesn't have a fear of the creepy-crawlies. When the subject turns to Kelati, he looks interested. "Can't say there are many of Betty's type at Keroon." Home and Herder Hall, of course.

"Or offspring. Betty might be able to have daughters," Kelati points out, half observation and half question: does Kyriatis know if these plants sometimes are two plants all of a sudden? "Me? I have a lot of flowering shrubs; I make soaps and things with their scents. Some aromatherapeutics for the healers. Though not all of 'my' stock is actually mine, some I just pick from the outlying spaces around the Weyr?" That is totally not a question but sounds like one, unlike her earlier statement that was actually semi-questioning. "But it does sound like carnivorous plants would be a viable market for this area. And for Herders."

"Daughters!" Kyriatis has finished slicing her bread and is now spreading it with cheese and other deliciousness. "She'll probably bud in the spring, and then we can grow more of them. I'd rather that than denuding the jungle. Hopefully they won't end up looking appetising to the runners." She's thinking aloud, now, but not so much so that she can't add, "Ooh, flowering things. I like them. I miss working in the gardens all day. Do you," Jaymes, this time, "miss the runners?"

Jaymes, arms still folded across his chest, shows a genuine interest in the idea of using plants for pest control. "So, can you make some kind of concoction to repel insects?" To Kelati, that. "Having some sort of fragrance that'll help keep the vtols away. Or tincture." A beat, "Not that I want to rob Betty of her vtols." Fingers flare from the crooks of his elbows for emphasis. A half grin curves his expression and he then glances at the dish of unpeeled tubers, which promptly sobers him until the subject of runners perks him up again. "I miss 'em. They're good company when sharing deep thoughts." The knife is taken from the table top once again and a tuber is snagged from the pile as well. "I wonder if I'll ever get a chance to work with them again. Depends on the outcome of the hatching, I guess."

"Um, I definitely know how to do that for humans," Kelati shrugs, unable to state whether a bug repellant salve will do anything to keep them from runners. That, or it might be particularly bad for their coats. Or something. "I also have a candle that gets rid of them some of the time, but the runners might not like the smell. Do you want something small that flowers for the barracks? I've been thinking about bringing one of the little ones in from the workshop." Now that she's got her poor friend taking care of it AGAIN. She kept promising not to Stand again and then … that never did pan out for longer than a single clutch here or there. "I think the Weyrleader has a runner," she adds, for Jaymes' sake. So when he's the Weyrleader, he can have one too! Er. "From before he Impressed."

"I don't know about anyone else, but I would like more things that flower in the barracks," opines Kyriatis. Evidently she doesn't know much more about keeping runners insect-free, because she spends a few more moments preparing her sandwich, but then: "Why'd you accept Search? Either of you. Both. I'm curious. Given you both seem to have vocations you enjoy." And they're older and thus are supposed to be all set with what they want about life, though she doesn't actually say that out loud.

"Yes, he does. Good point." There might've been a time or two that Jaymes looked after the Weyrleader's runner in the stables. The tuber is peeled and tossed into the large dish with the others when he's on the receiving end of A Look from a kitchen staffer. The former Herder takes that as a sign to pick up the pace, which isn't a terrible thing since there is a mountain of clean tubers waiting to be peeled. "I wouldn't mind having more plants in the barracks, especially if they keep the insects away." Truth. And when Kyriatis poses her inquiry, Jaymes keeps his focus on peeling tubers when he answers. "I felt an intense sense of duty to accept this knot. And, well… I've never been asked before."

That is a way better answer than Kelati's. Which is the kind of sad, "I just liked the idea of belonging somewhere," along with the less sad but also less inspiring, "And if I Impressed it would make my mother very angry if she were to find out. I did say no once or twice, but this time I said yes because Haquith was endearing." In other words, Kelati does not think her actions through that much and is easily persuaded to do things for maybe not the best reasons. "If I ever do Impress I'll just be part of the best smelling wing in Southern. Else, it is experience doing things besides what I normally do. Rocketh and Haquith just both wanted me to make things for them, and perhaps I will expand to a dragon line someday — who better to test things on than my own dragon? Not that I'm not terrified of dying in Threadfall, because I am."

It's not that Kyriatis is less bubbly or sunny as she considers the answers of both candidates, because's she's definitely not, but there's certainly an additional amount of thoughtfulness. "Duty's a good reason," she agrees. "So's belonging, actually. I mean, not that I'd know what counts as a good reason, I guess. I get to walk past candidates I Stood with and their weyrling dragons every day, so, and I'm definitely terrified of dying in Threadfall. Or being maimed." But here she is anyway, tidying up her breadboard and putting away her condiments. "But here we are."

"Haquith Searched me as well." Jaymes says with a grin. "And I'm sure that's a good goal to have if you advance to weyrlinghood, or even if you don't." Certain Southern dragons would probably volunteer to take part in said tests. Standing up again, the bowl of peeled tubers is collected with both hands after the knife is set down — apparently he's getting more Looks from the kitchen workers. Therefore, he's got to make it look like he's doing something if he doesn't want to get slapped with early morning kitchen duty again tomorrow. "Indeed." he concurs. "Here we are." The bowl is shifted in his arms and he begins to make his way toward another prep table. "If I don't die from a tuber avalanche first…" And so the morning goes for one Herder-turned-candidate~

"We'll properly mourn you if you do," are Kelati's soothing parting words to poor Jaymes, who we assume does not die in an avalanche (at least not today). She's moved on to washing a couple of plates, though more of her attention is on Kyriatis than the job. The kitchen workers either like her better, or expect that dishwashing is less mportant. "I would say not dying in Threadfall is an even more admirable goal, since the Boardwalk does get hit sometimes — I've gotten good at getting out of the way fast when someone tells me to." It's always the SURPRISE Falls that hit the Boardwalk.

"With flowers," Kyriatis tacks on to the end of Kelati's words for Jaymes. She's finished with her breakfast preparations, now, but doesn't yet seem intent upon leaving (though she ought to be careful: idle candidate hands are likely to be put to work promptly). Nose wrinkling, "You'd think that all these turns into the Pass, we'd be done with surprise Threadfall. I'd prefer that. There were a few occasions when I nearly got caught out, too, in the gardens. They might be safe, but I'm not, as far as I know, threadproof." She trails one finger idly upon one of Betty's traps, careful not to trigger it. "Let's go with not-dying in general is a good idea, though."

Kelati finishes the plate, wipes it off, puts it away, starts another one — while sitting on the countertop, but she's only getting the slightest amount of displeased glance from the cooks, so that behavior is not about to stop. "Mourning flowers are definitely growing here somewhere. And maybe the starcraft's prediction models aren't good enough? What do I know about that, though." Nothing, which she is not attempting to hide. "Does make one a little concerned about just being outside without a dragon. Or a flamethrower. Not that I'm good with those either."

Kyriatis makes a face. "I'm not sure I'd feel all that safe on the ground with a flamethrower in the middle of 'fall," she decides. "And even with a dragon, what if you don't have firestone with you? Buuuuut I'm also not going to sit indoors for the next thirty-five turns until the Pass is over, so I guess I'm going to have to deal." Beside her, Betty calmly, quietly, closes her trap on an unsuspecting (and clearly unwanted— this is a kitchen!) vtol: breakfast is served.

Therefore, Betty is really contributing more to the kitchen work here than either of the candidates. Though Kyriatis isn't supposed to be working. Kelati is just working very slowly. "I would probably go crazy indoors; I'm not even that great in staying in one place for very long, so like I said about running and hiding — oh," Kelati has noticed the vtol grab and swallow. "How curious is that. I wonder what dragons think of jungle plants. I know they like scented oils … a little too much in many cases." Rocketh is GIGANTIC for a client, okay.

"Ah!" Kyriatis is pleased. "Good, she got something. Isn't it cool?" Her tone is ridiculously fond and more than a little proud: her baby, feeding herself! "I've no idea. I suppose it depends on the dragon, too. As long as mine, if there is one for me, can respect them and leave them alone… it'd be awful to Impress a dragon that didn't understand things you cared about."

"Amazing," says Kelati, and she means it; Betty has definitely earned a lot of respect here. "I bet you might have the kitchen staff wanting one too! Seriously, you've got quite the business if you don't Impress. And even if you do, really. Plant breeding can't take that much time, and you can always sell to sellers …" Definitely a trader born of the Igen bazaar, this one. "I have a feeling a plant like that would at least not be tempting to chew on."

Kyriatis' expression turns thoughtful as she supposes, "I could have a stall. And then help look after them, too. Though I'd need to learn a lot more about how to make sure they don't die, because that could get embarrassing." Still, it's the seed (har har) of an idea, and she's clearly pleased with it. "You're right— I don't think they'd be so tempting. Not soft enough. It's nice to know there are lots of things out there, if I don't Impress, right? It's not the only path." She picks up her sandwich, now, and carefully hoists Betty up. "I should make sure she's not still hungry. See you later!"

"You could, I think it'd be pretty successful," Kelati agrees with a slightly more conspiratory little smile. The one that is Planning Something: in this case, Kyriatis' business plan if she doesn't Impress. She's got experience, and can help! "I hope you both enjoy your meals, and don't mix them up," she adds, not sure the plant would like a human breakfast any more than Kyriatis wants vtols. "Later!" And with both of her conversation companions gone — though poor Jaymes may yet return from the terrible tuber avalance — Kelati is doing the dishes a little bit faster.

It's good to know that this seed of an idea has supporters: perhaps it'll grow into a tree one day! For now… Kyriatis departs.

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