Alyna, Kyriatis, Syrianna


Over breakfast, two teenagers and a greenrider chat.


It is morning of the twenty-second day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Living Caverns, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 04 May 2018 23:00


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"A canine? No! Where?"


Living Caverns, Southern Weyr

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophoba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

It's shaping up to be another bright, brilliant spring day; even now, as early as it is, the temperature is on the climb. Perhaps that's what brings Kyriatis in from the bowl rather than the caverns, the towel draped over her shoulder suggestive of her earlier destination, though her hair is dry. The young teen fetches up her breakfast cheerfully, balancing plate and mug in her hands as she turns towards the table, hunting down an empty spot.

Syrianna comes wandering into the caverns herself. She is chuckling, "Shimmer if you don't leave them alone, one of them will eat you." she shakes her head a bit, "They are not some play toy." she seems to be speaking to a large pure white canine (Wolf) that is following her. She glances around the caverns, "Go back home, will come get you later." she actually has to repear the command a couple times before the canine turns and heads back the way the two came.

In Kyriatis' sweep of the caverns, it's probably not surprising that her attention eventually catches upon Syrianna and her canine— or that her eyes properly bug out of her head. "Is that…" she begins. And then: "Shells, he's huge. Do they really let you keep him in the caverns? I'd be afraid he'd eat the babies or something." She rebalances her breakfast between her hands, but apparently seems more interested in the other teenager than in finding a seat.

Syrianna does have the knot that shows her to be a senior apprentice herder. She shakes her head, "Oh he is a big baby. I rescued him when he was a pup and nursed him back to health. We tried to release him back to the wild…he wouldn't have it. I have managed to get him to listen and train him a bit." she shakes her head a bit and then looks back to Kyriatis, "I am Syrianna," offers the pale girl.

"Kyria," answers the darker girl, all bright smiles and thinly-veiled enthusiasm. "That's so cool." Maybe not so much 'veiled' at all, come to mention it. "What's his name? Does he, like, shed over everything? You— shells, sorry. You're probably here for breakfast. You should come sit with me, and then you can tell me everything."

It's a well-established fact that Alyna isn't a morning person, so it's no surprise that she zombie-walks into the Living Caverns and heads straight to the klah table, processing nothing else until that hot liquid hits her lips. Turning then, she spies her favorite gardener girl standing with a pale woman and something big with fur. That perks the greenrider's curiosity as she raises a speculative brow while striding over to the trio, the two girls and the canine, a half-smirk on her lips. "Morning Kyria, who's your friend?" she asks unabashedly as she lifts her mug once more to her lips. From her tousled blond locks, a burnished bronze head peeks out and Comet cheeps inquisitively down at the white canine.

Syrianna calls Shimmer back, and nods to her, "Shimmer is his name." she looks at the rider that just walked in and then firelizard. She immeadiately looks at the big canine, "Just lay down, no playing." she says and then the canine lays down just as he was told. She nods her head, "I have to brush him everyday to keep the fur off things, but it isn't too bad. He really likes it." she chuckles just a bit and does bow to the rider. She is new to the Weyr and still doesn't know how to act around the riders that much, so she is a little nervous.

Kyriatis looks just a little apprehensive of the large canine, but as he lays himself down some of the tension slips from her shoulders: perhaps he's not so terrifying. "Alyna, good morning! This is— Syrianna? We've just met. Have you seen her canine?" As if a person could miss it. "He's enormous, and frankly terrifying, whatever she says. I'm going to sit. Are you two going to join me?"

At least he's well behaved, is the thought that goes through Alyna's head as she watches the Herder give her canine commands. "Well met Syrianna," she says while waving off that bow of hers, "None of that for me please. Save it for those with actual rank." Her plae blue eyes swivel to Kyria as she can't help looking suddenly surprised, "A canine? No! Where?" her voice playful with sarcasm aimed at her young friend. The beast in question is given a thoughtful once over there, "He's a gorgeous brute that's for sure." At the teen's suggestion, she bobs her head, "Sure! I don't have drills for a bit."

Syrianna smiles and nods her head, "Yeah, there are a lot like him where I grew up, I think its the cold and all the snow." she shakes her head a bit and then moves over and takes a seat as well, "Definitely need to eat." she says and then smiles to the rider again, "Well met." she says and then smiles, "He isn't terrifying. OKay he is massive, but they grow big when they are wild born." she shakes her head, "Had him too long though, think they get a little bigger in the wild." Shimmer does crawl along the ground till he is at Syrianna's feet.

After childishly sticking out her tongue in Alyna's direction - eyes bright with amusement - Kyriatis makes quick work of settling herself at a nearby table, plate set directly in front of her with her mug off to the side. She seems to be rather deliberately not watching the canine, now, and her feet are carefully tucked as close to the legs of her chair as possible— just in case? "No, he's absolutely terrifying," she declares. "Beautiful, but terrifying. Where are you from, then?"

Alyna finds a seat at the table and leans back in her chair, holding the steaming mug of klah under her nose, letting the bracing aroma waken her further. "So from Southern Barrier then?" Alyna's visited the Hold on sweeps and transport duty enough now to have heard of the wild canines that blend in so well with the snow. To Kyria, she snickers at the girl's childish reaction to her sarcasm. "Terrying things often are quite beautiful." she adds in a very uncharateristc poetic way.

Syrianna has settled into a seat not too close to Kyriatis but at the same table. Shimmer is behaving himself and has layed down with his eyes closed. Syrianna smiles, "Southern Barrier Hold." she says to Kyriatis even as she nods to Alyna and then shakes her head, "This is really my first time away from there, but…it was decided it was best." she shakes her head, "I think the canines are less terrifying than the felines." she shakes her head, "Now those are scary."

"I think I'd quite like to be beautiful and terrible, myself, but maybe not terrifying. And I don't want to meet either in a dark corner of the bowl late at night," decides Kyriatis of both canines and felines; she makes a face as she says it, reaching for the toast on her plate. "Does that mean you're hating the heat here or loving it?" she wonders. "Given how pale you are, I'm guessing the former."

Alyna is happy to listen to the chatter between the two younger girls as she sips on her klah, nodding thoughtfully in response here and there, snickering at how emphatic Kyria can be. At the gardner's last, she tilts her head, "Yeah, you better be careful, or you'll end up looking like a boiled spiderclaw. The sun here is no joke and summer's just around the corner."

Syrianna nods her head, "Yeah, still not sure about it. I make sure I try to spend time in the water when I can. Hopefully I will adjust. They said to make sure I drink plenty of water every day." she shakes her head a bit, "Shimmer is already starting to lose fur, canines in warmer areas have lighter coats, so he is shedding a lot." she smiles, "Hopefully I will tan more than burn, but only time will tell."

Dubiously, "I'd be careful. Even if you tan now, it can change so easily when summer is here. We all burn, if we're not careful. Even I have, a couple of times." Kyriatis makes quick work of her toast, then turns to her klah, wrapping her fingers around the mug. "Are you happier now that winter is completely gone, Alyna? This is more the Southern you were after, isn't it?"

The evidence of Alyna's contentment with the warmer weather is apparent in her dark golden tan and sun-bleached tresses. "Oh yeah! This is what I left Igen for. You practically have to drag me off the beach." Turning back to the new arrival, she nods sagely at the gardener's previous advice, "I agree. I tan pretty easily, but once in the dead of winter, I went back to Igen, where it was summer. Laid out by the lake and the next thing I know, I am cooked. The peeling for several sevendays was extremely unpleasant."

Syrianna nods her head a bit, "I am hoping to avoid most of that." she says and shakes her head just a bit. She shrugs, "It feels different without the wold, so used to it. Get to wear lighter clothes, warmer." she shakes her head a bit. She smiles and then looks between the two. She does get herself something to eat, she needs to get a little into her.

"Ugh, that must have sucked," says Kyriatis with an exaggerated wrinkle of her nose for Alyna's story. "I've done it, too. People tend to assume that with skin like mine, there's no real risk. But… believe me, there still is." She fixes Syrianna with a more thoughtful glance, but for once withholds any actual commentary on whatever she's thinking. "Rhiscorath is proddy, is what I heard. Is that true?" Dark eyes lift towards Alyna, abruptly thoughtful and hesitantly serious.

"It certainly seems so if the stories of Mayte in the Kitten lately are at all true." Alyna says with a considerable wagging of her brows at the two teens. There's a perk to having a massive gossip collector for a green dragon, she hears everything! "Seems that our Weyrwoman has been offering Love fortunes of some kind." she shakes her head with a snicker before looking pointedly in Kyria's direction, "That means eggs hardening on the sands…" she trails off meaningfully.

Syrianna blinks and looks confused for a moment. She is idlying eating as finally it clicks in her head and her eyes widen a little, "ooh." she says and then that is just it. She shakes her head and takes a few more bites and feeds some to Shimmer, "That is a good thing?" she asks.

Kyriatis' lips pull together tightly, her cheerfulness bled out beneath thoughtfulness, though there's a flush in her cheeks in response to that rather pointed glance. "It bothers me a little, having an Igen-bred queen as senior. Zymuraith… but I know that's not really practical. Better to have the experienced Weyrwoman, right?" That doesn't seem to be the whole of her thoughtfulness, though. "Well, yes: clutches are always good things, at least during the Pass. We need the extra dragons to fight thread, and it's good for morale, and… you'll see, hatchings are fun. I guess you've never watched one, Syrianna?"

Alyna can't help but roll her eyes as the gardener's now familiar Southern pride rears it's head, "Really? She may be Igen-bred, but she's Southern's Senior Queen, so she's Southern now. And the only thing that matters is having the next generation of threadfighters," she says with a thoughtful hum in the teen's direction. To Syrianna then she raises a brow with a smile, "Oh yes, one's first hatching is always exciting." she drains her mug then before a plaintive cheep in her ear reminds her that Comet still hasn't had his breakfast, poor little guy. So she'll excuse herself briefly to fetch a bowl of scraps for him before returning to her chair.

Syrianna nods, "I haven't, too much work for a lowly apprentice to travel to a weyr for a hatching." she shakes her head a bit. "It should be interesting." she is actually trying to hide her excitement, not to make too much of a big deal about it. She smiles just a little.

Blushing, Kyriatis drops her gaze towards the table, contrition visible in her expression. "I know," she says. "And Southern will get her threadfighters." She sounds determined by that rather than enthusiastic, and so-very-quickly turns her attention back towards Syrianna. "You'll love it," she promises. "I think I've seen every hatching Southern has ever had, even if I don't remember the ones when I was a tiny kid. I'd offer to watch with you, when the time comes, even if it is months away, but… I'm old enough to Stand now. It'll be my duty to be on the sands, if I'm asked."

"Well I certainly hope you enjoy it." Alyna will smile in Syrianna's direction as she pops some scraps into Comet's hungry little maw until the bronze is quite stuffed. She gives a wry smile at Kyria's last as she offers the teen a wink, "And you'll do it admirably, I have no doubt." With a soft groan, the greenrider realizes her time is up and it's off to drills so she pushes herself to her feet. "Well I'm off to get my day started. You two behave yourselves." she admonishes playfully with a grin that clearly portrays that she'll be disapointed if they actually do behave.

Syrianna shakes her head a bit, "Well guess that means I should head off to do my duties." she says and shakes her head again. She does stand, "It was nice meeting you, I am sure that I will see you around." she looks at her canine, "Come on Shimmer." the large white canine stands and moves to follow her.

Admirably. Kyriatis' shoulders tighten and straighten, but she doesn't comment. Instead— "Have a good day, Alyna." And, a few moments later, "You too, Syrianna. Nice to have met you. I should do likewise." But she'll take a few more moments, first: to finish her klah, her toast, her thoughts.

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