Nynnth, Neryk's Pollux


Nynnth draws Pollux into another task.

Virtual birds were harmed during the writing of this log.


Sometime ago.


Somewhere in the bowl, near the lake.

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Somewhere in the bowl, near the lake.

The bright form sparkles in the light, and if moving, perhaps those sparkles would dance across the ground in an array their owner would never notice. However, Pollux sits stock still. The bronze’s eyes whirling an excited violet, his body hunched like a feline prepared to pounce. Eyes locked on the bright green bird. Weird Birds, right? All over the place. And noisy and annoying. And Pollux wanted one. Shame he’s not quite fast enough to actually catch one. But that never stops him from trying.

Zavyr and Nynnth are often not around anymore - at Igen. Hence, they are also still Weyrlings. Or, maybe not Weyrlings, but not-quite riders. Wingless riders? While most of their other clutchmates have been tapped, this bluepair has not. So Zavyr shows up and maintains activity with what is left of the Weyrling wing. When they are finished, the two are gone to Pern Unknown. Their weyr stands empty, devoid of most furnishings, and instead Nynnth and Zavyr camp on beaches and mountaintops and so many of the varied places that the continent has to offer. But evidently Zavyr has been called away and Nynnth waits, strapped and impatient, on one of the lower Starstones. Perhaps he is pretending to be a Watchdragon. But he is watching. And before long, he - or Grit - spies Pollux. The blue dragon’s honey-and-sand voice manifests, then. « Pollux? » And he’s off his stone, dilute night-blue wings catching air as he coasts the short distance from stone to landing near Pollux. He’ll watch.

Woa! It’s Nnynth! Pollux did not remember Nynnth being so big. But the dragon will only get a glance as the firelizard’s attention jerks back to his prey. Pretty feathers, right? Fun to chase. Pollux was sure he’d catch this one, really, he was really going to catch it this time. But Neryk liked the birds. So Neryk was not here now! Because he would keep Pollux from chasing the bird… . and Seren too… . . Sad days when silliness prevented Pollux from chasing the cool new birds. Pretty Birds. Fun Birds. But some folks didn’t agree with Pollux’s form of ‘fun’. At least Castor wasn’t a tattle. Alzirr was a terrible tattle! Alzirr tattled to Seren even! If Nynnth ever thought Alzirr was a cool dude, he was wrong. Alzirr is not fun anymore. Nynnth is fun though. Check out this bird! It is fun!

That is neat! The blue dragon watches the efforts of the firelizard, considering the advantages that the bird has, that the lizard doesn’t. And then the advantages the lizard has, that the bird doesn’t. « Pollux. You know how we dragons ‘skip’ ahead, Between, when the Thread is to touch us? You firelizards do that too, but I think you do not realize it. Try to do that, to catch the avian. I have not seen one of them go Between. » This direction given, Nynnth waits to see what happens.

Pollux is not sure what Nynnth is talking about. He Betweens. And it takes him one place to another place and to a other place, if he tries. It was not a skip. But dragons ought to know what they are talking about. But what if Birds do go between? What then? Though it doesn’t really matter, Pollux was going to chase this thing anyway. The bronze’s haunches wiggle slightly, shifting his weight as eyes narrow on the bird. The bird cocks it’s head to fix one eye on Pollux. A Challange! And Pollux is leaping forward, claws outstretched, wings open and back to help with his acceleration. The bird starts, up in the air in a moment with a clamor of cawing, Pollux on it’s tail.

The blue dragon watches with keen anticipation, before flashing a single thought at Pollux, to Between forward to just to the side - not in front - of the bird « Now. » The consequences of Pollux’ coming out of between right where the bird actually is would be… Messy. Probably not for Pollux, but rather nasty for the bird. Nynnth muses on this ‘loud’ enough that Zavyr, wherever she is, frowns oddly and considers: Nynnth - are you using firelizards to blow those avians up?

Regardless of how Pollux faired with materializing in a bird, Neryk would not be happy with it. Not that Pollux is thinking of Neryk now, but perhaps a very protective owner does limit of some Pollux’s fun. The bronze blinks away, appearing less than a heartbeat later. The Bird screeches as little claws close around it. Pollux Has It!!!!! Do You See?!?!? HE HAS IT!!! THe bird struggles, and apparently a significant lack of planning has prevented Pollux from actually knowing what he does with the bird now that he has it. Or perhaps, he’s just never gotten this far before. As green wings and a sharp beak try to peck and beat at it’s captor, Pollux will try to hold onto his captured prey, hard given the how close in size he was to the bird, but his tumbling fight in the air is not completely without control.

« Between again, to me! » Nynnth orders, figuring that Pollux’ momentum may abruptly end in that mysterious nowhere-ness that is Between. And besides, the blue dragon wants to see that avian closer. Nynnth’s mindscape glitters with an echoing happiness to Pollux’ surprise that he’d siezed the avian - he is indeed proud. To his own lifemate, Nynnth manages to mostly cast his voice into some sense of ‘innocence’ - as much as he is capable. « No, my Zavyr. I am not blowing up avians with firelizards. I am helping Pollux capture one. We want to see what it looks like, up close. » Pretty feathers!

Pollux actually just wants the bird. As it, it will be his. And then everyone can admire it. But sure, seeing it up close was a good second to having it. The bronze does blink between, the shock of cold and nothing has the bird no longer fighting as Pollux reappears before Nynnth. He has it! Teeth clamp down on the thing’s neck, crushing and killing it as a dragon might kill a herdbeast. However, the sudden dead weight, so close to Pollux’s own weight, has the bronze fighting to stay aloft. He gives up this battle quickly, dropping to land clumsily at Nynnth’s feet with the bird. See the Bird? It is a Nice Bird! It is Pollux’s Bird!

Nynnth tries very hard to see the bird, twisting his head so that one large eye studies the thing. « Draw its wing out, Pollux, so I can see it. Like this. » He extends one of his wings out in demonstration of what he wants Pollux, with his little claws, to do. «The feathers are lovely! It has feathers all over. Can you please catch me one? I will guard yours, while you fetch one for me. » Nynnth’s head snakes back up again and he looks about, seeing a flock of the creatures near the edge of the lake. « Over there, see? There’s a flight of them. » Nynnth tilts his muzzle back down again, to admire Pollux’s bird. « You have done very well, Pollux, and now you know how to catch them and can teach the other lizards. But you do not want to kill them all, because then we will have none to watch. »

Actually, Pollux wouldn’t mind killing them all. Then he could chase them all. Right? The Bronze sits up unsteadily onto his haunches, his claw wrapping around the bird’s wing and lifting the thing up. Like that? Okay. The firelizard teeters slightly, his balance off with this extra weight, and the unfamiliar position of holding up the wing. Still, Pollux appreciated Nynnth’s admiring of the thing. Relaxing back down. Pollux picks up the bird in his mouth, shifting it closer to the dragon for better safe keeping. He would give this to his Neryk later, so it does need to be safe. Of course, it would still be Pollux’s, but Neryk could admire it too. And should! Wouldn’t Neryk like it so much? Pollux just knew that Neryk would like it. He flutters up, not sure that Castor or the tattle tail would be willing to catch birds with him. Seren, certainly not. She is above these things. Still, Castor might. Perhaps one of Nynnth’s Firelizard Friends would want to see how cool the birds are? He could get Nynnth a bird all by himself, but only if Nynnth takes care of Pollux’s. No touching it. Just take care of it. And admire it. Because it is a nice Bird. And it is Pollux’s.

Grit, Nynnth has been grooming, to be at his own beck and call. The brown was the youngest of Zavyr’s brood, and the fourth, and never did get the intense one-on-one attention that the woman showered on the rest of her lizards. So the brown is summoned, and he wings in, all sugar and spice. A small lad, he’s bested by some of the larger blues in length and breadth, but Grit is well-named, and he darts over to hover near Pollux, while he receives quickstream images from Nynnth, on what is to happen. Grit is to follow Pollux’ lead though.

Somewhere, Zavyr pauses in what she’s doing and cocks her head. Are you getting Grit involved in this now, too, Nynnth?

Nynnth knows NOTHING, NOTHING! He presents the most pristine of landscapes to his Zavyr: Lovely expanse of flowering taiga, framed by the slate of craggy cliffs, oh-so-climbable, and pools of glittering water spiraling along the edges of the mind’s eye, where one can’t quite focus on them… « Get birds, Pollux! Grit! » He cages Pollux’ fine bird corpse with one careful claw.

Pollux doesn’t live with any browns, somehow Neryk’s fair seemed to miss the green and brown member, but given that Alzirr was such a disappointment to Pollux, and Seren so … . .Seren-y he was not advocating for anymore eggs. However, he is not going to turn his nose up to help. Come on Grit!!! There are pretties to chase! And catch! For Neryk! No, sorry, for Nynnth! Blinking, right? Yes! And the bronze is off, delighted with this new charge and mission. It wasn’t like Castor would ever listen to Pollux. And Alzirr was too stingy on rules. And Seren … .well, it was Seren… . So having a Grit at wing as well was great! Someone to boss around! Or play with! Come on! BIRDS!!!

The little brown lizard zippers ahead, showing off his blink-blink-blink ability. He is a hella blinker! See? He blinks, blinks to a distant Southern beach somewhere, blinks back and blinks three more times forward, before focusing on the actual direction Pollux is going. Oh hey! Whee! Grit turns and zips along, winging easily to the side and slightly behind Pollux, just like the big dragons fly in their wings, in that one formation where they all fly to the side and slightly behind the dragon in front of them. Like this. See? Nynnth mentally reaches to steady the brown, dampen his excitement for all things Dragon, and try to instill an interest in Avian. And pretty feathers, that Nynnth wants. -To Share, of course, but…Wants.

Birds! Pollux will maintain a mild interest in Grit’s blinking, but you know, all firelizards can blink. Not such a big deal. You know? But Pollux is sure Grit is a nice guy anyway. Just. You know? Maybe in need of other hobbies? Oh dear, that felt like a Castor thought. Ug. Living with that guy. But Look!! Birds! Now Blinking will be put to the test! See that one? That one? Yes! Going to go after that one! The Bronze dives into the flock of pretty greens, his attention on one larger specimen, his instructions fast and without much of that nice organization that dragons always managed. Such a silly things, these birds, thinking they can out fly Pollux and Grit! Firelizards can BLINK!!! AHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH!!!!! POLLUX WILL GET THEM ALL!!!!!

Grit isn’t an idiot, at least on the spectrum of firelizard intelligence. And so he watches first, to see what Pollux thinks he is doing, and what the birds are doing. He is being coached, to be sure, with Nynnth’s attentive muzzle the only physical manifestation of his mental connection to the brown. Grit plans his move. Plans his ‘in’ and ‘out’. Plans the bird he’s going to go after, and envisions clutching it, before swooping back Between with his prize, triumphant, to Nynnth. However, all fine plans are often wrecked by the spontaneity of luck. When Pollux goes to GET THEM ALL!!!!, all hell breaks loose. Birds go everywhere, wings and feathers and shrieking and down, and Grit comes out of Between right into the mess of it. Indeed, Zavyr’s worst fear almost manifests. Grit is about to flicker back into existence, when he senses something’s already there, and he pulls back, relying on supreme lizard instinct to shutter to another location. There, he’s only crashed into by an avian, and a billow of feathers frightens him back Between and to Nynnth. The bird that slammed into him falters and crashes to the ground, with feathers caping all about it.

Pollux is oblivious to his younger cousin’s troubles, or the troubles he has caused. Instead, the bronze’s dive is nothing if not erratic. HE WILL GET THEM!!!! Neither particularly fast, nor particularly agile, the firelizard’s mad dash is certainly full of enthusiasm, but little else. BIRDS EVERYWHERE!!!! The moment that one individual hits the ground, Pollux is diving, claws locking into soft plumes and blinking between. A heartbeat later and the bronze and the bird reappear before Nynnth. HE HAS IT!!!!! LOOK!!!! ISN’T IT AWESOME!!!! Oh, hi Grit, what happened to you?

Grit, a few shades lighter in hue than normal, has settled on Nynnth’s forearm, where it joins with the cage of his fingers still over Pollux’ bird. Nynnth is all flattery and admiration, « What a gorgeous bird, Pollux! May I have that one? » Grit, evidently, doesn’t look too keen on hunting birds while that nutcase bronze is on the same task. He eyes Pollux with a slight yellow tinging his eyes, glittery-bold, and doesn’t move from Nynnth’s forearm. « Or perhaps you will fetch me one and I will guard that new one and your old bird? I would like to have one to show Zavyr. » Images of the cluster of birds - so MANY birds - are flashed encouragingly to Pollux, as well as instant-replays of Pollux’s dramatic rescue …. Fetching? -Of the downed bird.

Wow! Nothing like a dragon to make a little heart swell with pride and arrogance. That WAS a good bird, wasn’t it? You know what? Pollux thinks Nynnth can have that one, after all, Pollux already has his pretty for Neryk, and Neryk only needs one or he might share it with Alzirr. That would be terrible. But since Nynnth liked them so much, perhaps Pollux could get Nynnth another bird? The brown is all but brushed over, Pollux barely noticing that glare, none of his antics even dampened by it. After all, he has just caught two birds! An-The bronze’s delight is leaking back to Neryk. The query is tentative, after all, Neryk is busy, but what is Pollux doing? Perhaps Pollux could deliver the bird now!!! OoOOooooo, just wait til Neryk sees it! He will admire it lots! He has to notice and admire and fawn over Pollux’s bird! Yes! Can Pollux have his bird back now!?

« But of course! » Nynnth moves his foreleg slowly, so not to further upset the rattled Grit, and he reveals Pollux’ original catch there, showing quite a few more feathers than the second one. « And thank you, Pollux, you are a fine friend. Do not forget that I owe you a debt of gratitude. » <—Because, you know, Nynnth sure will. However, in the meantime, Pollux can have the assurance that a slightly-on-the-larger side blue dragon has his back. « Grit will catch birds while you are gone. » Nynnth backs that image with his own imagined one, of the brown swooping about, effortlessly netting bird after lovely bird. « Yes. Our regards to your Neryk. »

Pollux will not notice the increase or decrease of feathers, moving from one bird to the next. He takes the one that is 'his' and in moments is in the air again. Yes! He will give his regards to Neryk! Neryk will love this bird! He will! Yes! Thank you! Thank you Nynnth! And Grit! And LOOKY NERYK! The bronze and his bird is gone.

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