Doji, Xanthee, Eala, Varli


An evening raid of the kitchens turns into wager involving the most EPIC of sandwhiches


It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Kitchens, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 26 Jan 2018 05:00


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"I'll give you a quarter mark if you can make it 3 more bites before it falls apart."



For the benefit of the thousands of souls who will feast off the proceeds of this area, chaos and anomie reign supreme in this hub of Igen's food production. The smell of the place is overwhelming, everything from the butcher's offal to fresh-baked bread assaulting one's olfactory sense. This space is large and well-equipped, with hearths aplenty to shoulder the massive undertaking of feeding the desert crowds; internal to the outer edges, several large stoves belch smoke upward through the stacks, to stain the chimney without. A pair of nooks lie in front of the entrance and the exit, a vain attempt to keep questing individuals from entering too fully within the cook's domain.

Meal times can be rough, you know? Work might keep a person late and then there are reports and a hundred and one other things that might keep someone from making it to the living caverns at a proper hour. Lucky for Doji (and anybody else that might have suffered a similar fate), the weyrstaff aren't in the habit of letting riders just starve cause of crazy schedules. There's foraging to be had for those that need it. The gawky brownrider is currently assembling a sandwich of EPIC proportions with singleminded intensity. Wherry and herdbeast and tomatoes and some cheese and more wherry and bacon and a bit of this, then some more of that….

Even though it is quite cold out, Xanthee's hair is slick with sweat as she makes her way into the oh-so-familiar Kitchens of the Weyr, looking to do some foraging of her own. Her raven black hair is pulled into a messy runnertail, an oversized heavy knit sweater over top a pair of tight fitting light knit pants, and a pair of comfortable boots. A bright green knit scarf wraps halfway up her face which she pulls down now to reveal cheeks rosy from the cold. When she spies Doji and her epic sandwhich, Xan's stomach gives a little growl. "Ugh, that looks so good." She exclaims as she moves over to see what exactly is going into it. "Oh hi Doji." is added when she finally notices the creator of the epicness.

Eala is nose-deep in her work, her gaze fixed to her clipboard (or the Pernese equivalent thereof) which is just barely managing the stack of hides she has attached to it. There's a boy in his early teens at her side, keeping pace with the distracted greenrider, seemingly at ease with the fact that she's paying him no mind. "When we get to the kitchens, you just grab whatever you want and don't worry abou-" The words can be heard even as they're entering the cooks' domain, and Eala's voice cuts out as she finally seems to realize where she is. "Huh." Brows arch, but she looks more bemused than embarrassed to have been caught by surprise. "Grab whatever you want, Ean."

What else can go on a sandwich? Everything apparently. Tubers and some sort of berry jelly. Doji's just going to squish it all between some bread and call it dinner apparently. Food acquired, no flatware needed. Whether it will all fit in her mouth is another matter, but she doesn't seem to care. Sandwich making was on complete autopilot and it takes a few seconds for Xanthee's greeting to actually register. There's a few blinks before suddenly a headshake and recognition.
"Xanthee! Funny how we keep running into each other near the kitchens." Or maybe not. Girls got to eat. At least Eala's approach is recognized much quicker and plate is hastily rearranged to one hand so a jerky salute can be offered.

Dressed in her usual affair with the veil she normally wears replaced with a scarf, Varli walks into the kitchens. Also missing are the anklets, and matching bracelet. The sandwich is spied, and then the rider who is given a nod, "Good evening," she says pulling the scarf down. A smile is given to all present, "Quite an interesting looking sandwich," Varli goes about collecting the means to put a light snack together. Eala enters, and is given a smile as well. So many new faces, and one she recognizes. Long, stained fingers nimbly put things back precisely where they were taken from, and then she'll sit and just listen.

Watching in awe at the interesting choices of toppings, Xanthee giggles and nods at Doji's comment when the brownrider seems to finally notice her there, "Yeah funny how that is." she replies as she makes her rounds of the food available to be scrounged up. When she spies the cold wherry, she grabs a couple of legs, one for each hand, and immediately begins chowing down, apparently too impatient to properly prepare anything. As Doji salutes to someone, Xan peers around to see who that might be. The rider isn't recognized, but that doesn't mean her two turns as a Candidate don't kick in and she snaps a salute, slapping herself in the forehead with a wherry drumstick in the process, leaving a greasy mark behind.

Perhaps she should expect a certain amount of saluting after so many turns, but they're in the kitchens waving food around, and the action catches Eala by surprise. "Please don't." Worry about it. She waves the action off with one hand, cringing when she's too late to stop Xanthee smacking herself in the face. "Never salute like that, for everyone's sake." Eanraig is already making good use of whatever leftovers he can find, instincts telling him to stay away from the growing gaggle of women. Besides, with Eala (even more) distracted he can snatch a few cookies for himself and his sister and hide them under a napkin so it absolutely looks like he's getting a decent meal. Although the greenrider does spare him a glance to see that he hasn't somehow wandered into the path of something pointy, he's old enough that she hardly has to babysit. She wanders her way over to Doji's tower-o-sandwich, giving Varli a nod of acknowledgment as she passes on her way to admire that work of art(??). "Hungry?"

Doji also winces as Xanthee manages to catch a faceful of wherry leg. "You ah, got something there." She'll point to her own forehead just in case there was any doubt in the other girl's mind of what was meant. The brownrider will nod towards Varli at the compliment of her sandwich and then shuffle over towards a bench conveniently placed not too far from the leftover table. The structural stability of the leaning tower of sandwich might not survive a trip to the living caverns. If it's going to be eaten, she best get to work. She was about to raise the whole thing up to her mouth when Eala's question causes her to pause momentarily, awkwardly and yet miraculously somehow keeping the thing together. "Uhhh, yes? Ma'am." And then quickly an attempt to take a bite. She gets at least half of all the layers in that one bite, so it's kind of a success? Still not falling apart in a catastrophy yet, but it's a matter of time.

Varli simply shakes her head in bemused silence as she pops a bit of her snack into her mouth, "I'm with the rider there, Xanthee," a grin is given, along with a napkin, "That should help?" a few moments go by, and then she offers, "I'm Varli. Zingari artist," as evidenced by the stained hands, and the intricate patterns that cover the backs of her hands.

Well Xanthee does like making an impression, kind of like the impression the wherry leg left on her. A little roll of her eyes is given to Doji as she nods, yes yes, she knows she has something there. At least Varli is a little more helpful and Xan will take her offered napkin with thanks, and get the majority of the offending grease off as she chuckles at Eala's comment. "And why not? I think it could really catch on."

"Are you taking bets on how long that takes to collapse?" Not that Eala is much for betting, but the inevitable demise of that sandwhich seems like a sure thing. Not interested in anything that will leave her covered in grease or require the kind of effort it takes to devour something half her size, the greenrider plucks a roll from the counter and begins picking it apart piece by piece. "I think I'm the wrong audience," she answers Xanthee dryly. "Eala, Parhelion Wingsecond and green Oriahysciath's." That's for Varli, whose hands she glances at as she picks apart her 'dinner'.

"Whumm-fah-ludufa" It really is hard for Doji to talk when she seems to be trying to do her best impersonation of a chipmunk with cheeks stuffed full of food. But it's a pretty surprised look that she tosses down to her sandwich. has she gotten into more than she can chew? Quite probably, but what is done is done and now she's just gotta try even as a bit of mashed tuber slips out and lands onto her plate below. First sign of impending sandwich-apocalypse? IT takes a few minutes before she's managed to clear her mouth enough to allow her to join in on the introductions. "Doji, brown Raktraeth's, Whirlwind."

"Well met," Varli answers, "Henna," it's the medium she works in, and her canvas is the human body, "I've several different designs, and even a few dragon designs I'm in the process of perfecting," selling her art? Nah, just explaining it a little bit, "Zingari Dancer, and artist," there's a lot left unsaid as she finishes her light snack, "Well, if you'll all excuse me? I've clients to go over designs with," she'll place her plate in the near by washing station, and then take her leave.

Xanthee watches the Zingari girl leave, waving her napkin in Varli's direction. Then to Eala, waggling a drumstick in her direction for emphasis, "She does really amazing work, and apparently her designs stay on for a couple of sevens even." She takes another ravenous bite of the other wherry leg before swallowing and giving her own name, "Xanthee, Weyrbrat." Hey everyone else has neato titles, no fair. Then Doji is eyed again and her head shakes. "I'll give you a quarter mark if you can make it 3 more bites before it falls apart." Xan says in challenge.

Another nod is offered to Varli in farewell, a considering glance following the woman before she shrugs off any further questions about her chosen art form, no doubt to be forgotten before they cross paths again. "Good to know," she murmurs around a bite of roll, eyebrows lifting slightly to learn how long those designs last. Still, it's not as though she has any reason to wear art on her body. "Careful there, if you challenge her I think she'll find a way to do it." The look she gives Doji is one of expectation. She doesn't advocate for losers, Doji. You'd better pull this off.

Doji is still tilting her head, trying to puzzle through the idea of painted up dragons, when Varli is making her escape before any questions can be formed. She'll shrug it off and shift her hands slightly to get a better grip on the sandwich and try to avoid any more slippage like those poor tubers. She raises an eyebrow at Xanthee's challenge and then Eala's tossing into the dare as well and Doji might be many things, but stubborn is probably one of the more prominent features. "Three bites then?" She'll take that challenge! Bite number one comes next. Not quite as monstrous as her first bite, but still sizeable. That berry sauce was probably not the best idea. It does add a certain amount of slipperiness that could be perilous

Reaching for her belt pouch, Xanthee pulls out a quarter mark and holds it up to show that she means it, a smirking smile playing on her lips. In an aside to Eala, she shrugs, "There's no way that sandwhich is going to last three more bites." this is said with confidence until Doji manages a bite with nothing else falling out of the epic sandwhich. Her smirk may fade just a tad at that, finishing off one of her drumsticks before tossing the bone into a nearby waste receptacle.

A smirk curls at Eala's lips when Doji dives right in. There's nothing the greenrider enjoys more than a stubborn woman, and regardless of the outcome she's clearly pleased that the brownrider at least tried. "I think you're underestimating her desire to prove you wrong." That sandwich does look awfully precarious, but there's always that triumph of the human spirit nonsense. She might just pull it off somehow.

Where there's a will, there's a way! And Doji's going to test to see if that's actually true. She isn't a fool and does fully realize the precarious nature of her dinner, so she won't waste any time retorting to Xanthee, just giving the girl a bit of an eye roll as she rushes through eating bite number one and moving on to bite number two. Still holding… but can it last? Stay tuned….

Xanthee just gives Eala a side-eyed glance at her comment, "Maybe I am… but maybe not." She says with a little shrug of her shoulders as she glances back just in time to see Doji take her second bite, silently willing it to cause a cascade of toppings. But when it doesn't, her eyebrows crease a little more as she clutches the mark in her hand and starts getting antsy. That is one well constructed sandwhich.

Who knew watching someone eat a sandwich could be filled with so much anticipa……..(wait for it)…tion? That smirk only grows when Doji manages that second bite, although there's still a very real chance it will all come tumbling down sooner rather than later. "I believe in you." Go, Doji, go! Eala does notice the shift in Xanthee's demeanor, and notes, "I'm sure she won't make you pay if you lose." It's less a judgment of Doji's character than it is her flexing her Wingsecond muscles.

It is true that Doji is a softee and would make a horrible bookie. If Xan did lose, any attempts at trying to pay the bet would be waved off. But will the sandwich last through three bites? Can she do it? The moment of truth has arrived and it's not instant failure as soon as the third bite is taken, but slowly, oh so slowly, the berry jelly betrays Doji like it was destined to do. First one drop onto the plate. Followed by a drip of tubers. The brownrider's eyes widen a little bit in horror as she's still chewing and suddenly, the sandwich decides to not be a sandwich any more. It's hard to tell what falls out first, but pretty much she's just left with a piece of bread and some cheese in her hand and the rest is mostly in her plate. Some on her. Maybe a little more on the floor… "Uhhhh…" She looks over towards Eala for the official verdict on this one. Does that count as lasting three bites?

"I'm not worried about the quarter mark." Xanthee waves off Eala as she watching nervously for Doji to take her third bite, and when it looks successful at first, she groans slightly but then the first bit of slippage, and then followed by catastrophic integrity failure. Ohhh, that's too close to call. Since Eala is the ranking person here, she turns her eyes in the greenrider's direction for the verdict.

"She doesn't need your money, she'll have the satisfaction of proving you wrong." Which, in the end, is a much better payment than that quarter mark. Eala pauses with her next bite of roll halfway to her mouth, hyper-focused on that sandwich and Doji's soon-to-be-triumph. At least, that's what she's banking on. Even Eanraig has reappeared, all sweets successfully hidden from the greenrider's view. He doesn't exactly understand what's going on, but he's still watching. As that legendary sandwich begins to tumble, Eala grimaces, already trying to determine whether that belated fall counts for or against the brownrider. "She did take the bite without it falling apart." What are the rules of Jenga, again? "But since it didn't last, I can't say she won. Or lost. It's a tie."

Not losing is kinda like winning, right? It's at least not losing and Doji will take that as a minor victory with a smile and a nod. Then looking down at the bit of the mess she's made, she'll use the messier hand to scoop some of the stuff that fell out onto her plate. "Thanks. I'll just go get some napkins…" And some water and probably some other stuff. But that's the last the brownrider and her sandwich remains are seen of for now.

Xanthee smirks a little bit and nods at the ruling. "Tie sounds good to me." and then she giggles a little bit as Doji tries to clean up her mess. At the retreating brownrider, she offers a little wave of her drumstick before taking a thoughtful bite. "Well that was fun." Xanthee giggles a little bit. "Can't wait till there's eggs on the Sands again to get some real betting action." she says conversationally as she decides to grab one of those bread rolls for later before moving over to the exit, turning back in Eala's direction, offering a mock salute, the drumstick held far enough away from her forehead so as not to make another mess. "Nice meeting you Wingsecond." and then the raven-haired girl is gone.

Eala presses fingertips to her lips to keep from laughing as Doji does something that's sort of like cleaning up. She doesn't blame the brownrider for making a quick escape after that mess, no matter how strangely amusing it was. "You'll get your wish soon enough." There's a note of annoyance to her voice, but it's not reflected on her features. Eanraig approaches now that the area is clearing, and Eala wraps a familial arm around his shoulders. "Nice meeting you, Xanthee." There's a brief, amused lift of her brows for the faux salute, before her attention turns to her companion. "All set, kid?" she asks as they begin making their way out of the kitchens as well. "I hope you got your sister an equal number of cookies…"

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