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Backscened En'rys and Reveka reunite and it's Bittersweet, because while they love each other, things just can't be the way they want them to be. Not now.

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It is evening of the thirteenth day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.

In Igen:

It is the forty-third day of Autumn and 72 degrees. The day dawns bright and clear. Everything is coated in sand, but no clouds linger on the horizon.


Igen Weyr, Living Caverns, En'rys' Weyr

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'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony….


Living Caverns

Brightly lit by a regimented march of strung glow-globes, Igen's busy living caverns are cut of the same exotic limestone design that frequents the bazaar without. Tapestries line the tops of the walls, one for each of Igen's wings, past and present; beneath them, skybroom tables litter the floors in scattered profusion. Some of the wicker chairs have seen better days, but most of the worst offenders have long-ago been replaced. The seemingly random placement of furniture, however, at closer inspection yields a sort of cross-shape of negative space. The northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns are owned by the kitchen's buffet, food-laden thrice daily in regimented shifts by busy bakers from the curtained southern entrance to the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside; westerly lies the large doors leading down into the bowels of the weyr itself.

It's been a day or two since her run in with Xanthee and Reveka has been quite… busy. Getting one's life together is no easy task. She hasn't written Amani yet, but she has moved out of Igraine and A'lira's weyr and back into her yurt, though she's moved it out of the Zingari camp and to another part of the caravan grounds. And now, she's taking her meals in the living caverns, rather than with the caravan, knowing that being in places where she's less known feels better than being in places where people stare. Just now, she sits at a table enjoying dinner, her flizzen fair draped in the rafters above. She seems happy enough this evening, or as close to it as she gets these days.

It's been a few days since first flights have begun — and finally, En'rys and Briamiorth have been cleared to fly about the Weyr freely, and pick a weyr of their own to live in this very day! Now that he's moved the contents of his yurt into his weyr, the greenling is headed into the Living Caverns to gather in a decent (and obnoxiously large) meal to sacrifice unto the growling beast that is his belly. turning, he sweeps the place with considering dark eyes, and settles on a particular table: the one with Reveka's lovely self settled, eating her own dinner. He wanders over, and smiles down at her in his most charming fashion. "Excuse me miss, would you like some company?"

Reveka is lost in thought at when Daenerys' voice breaks through the spell, her coffee brown eyes fly upward to greet his, bright and surprised in their demeanor. "Daen…." His name leaves her lips as a whisper and she stares at him both longingly and as if he were a ghost. That smile nearly melts her insides, near makes her forget all the woes of the last months….almost. Her love for him swells within her, even if she knows she can't act on it, or at least thinks she can't. "I would love some company." The smile she gives back to him is a shadow of the one that used to brighten her lips, and doesn't quite meet her eyes, but it's there.

En'rys settles in, near to her — probably nearer than is usual, all things considered. "My lady's wish is my command." Oh, man, that look, though! As usual, it does funny things to his insides; things he's going to do his best to ignore for the moment, focusing instead on Reveka's face, her smile. There's a deep-buried regret for the shadows there, and gently, he tries to soothe them, just a little bit. "Always." And he grins at her, as boyishly as one might when one is keeping back some good news. "You're looking stronger, Reve."

For a woman who'd given birth eight sevens and five days beforehand, Reveka is indeed looking fit. Having lost most of the pregnancy weight, she's back to her thin, curvy self, though her cheeks hold a bit more roundness than before and she has just the tiniest pooch on her stomach. Not that one could tell that by sitting next to her. "I'm doing ok…I guess." She flushes a little at En'rys' closeness, old feelings and needs and wants rising to the fore, as they always do. "You look well too." WHy does this feel awkward all over again? Reveka thought they were long past awkwardness.

Oh, it is awkward, so awkward! En'rys begins to laugh, softly, at the way they're dancing about everything, wary and unsure. "You'd think we'd be more comfortable, wouldn't you, all things considered?" He reaches out to take her hand, and smiles softly at her. "And yet, here we are, all but cringing to keep from troubling each other. So, let me start with something I hope isn't too painful: we were cleared to have our own weyr, Bria and I, just today. And that means I can have my weyr stocked with the best Zingari Red. What think you, my sweet dancer?"

Reveka giggles a little when En'rys speaks, nodding. "You'd think." She allows Daen to take her hand, rejoicing in how wonderful in feels to have it there. She's been meaning to visit, meaning to talk to her love, but his restrictions, and her heartache, have kept her from doing it thus far. And now, here he is, near randomly, and she doesn't know what to say, which is quite alright because it seems he has plenty. "So you get your privacy back, and access to liquor. Congratulations kitty cat, that's definitely something worth celebrating." Reveka smiles at him and leans back in her chair, coffee colored eyes looking him over, memorizing his new features, the shortened hair, the newly defined musculature, that once very familiar smile of his.

Reveka watches her hand as En'rys moves it about, her eyes lingering on the way her seems to play with her fingers. It feels nice and familiar, yet strange all at once. She couldn't agree more that this is hard, she doesn't know what she's allowed to do, or say. He may have space of his own, and the freedom to drink….but what of other things? Is he allowed to discuss the hard things now? She has to assume so…if they think the dragons can handle liquored up riders now. But she's still not so sure. Then he asks after her, and these are slightly easier questions to answer. "I'm…. healing. It's… hard, but Im getting through." SHe lifts her gaze to meet his then and though there is anguish and confusion, there's a little of her old spark there, a glimmer of her determination, a hint that she is on the path to healing.

"It is hard." En'rys agrees softly, lifting her knuckles to his mouth. "You know, Reve my dear… I don't want to have this conversation here." For it seems entirely too rude to have her here, where anyone might happen by, discussing the very thing to have caused her so much sadness. "Besides, you haven't met Briamiorth yet, and she's prowling the back of my head and asking all manner of questions; none of them are about what she really wants to know, of course — " He grins with pure mischief, then, at Reveka. " — she's very like me in that regard." He rises, tugging at her hand eagerly. Come meet her. And… maybe see my new place, and we can really talk? I think we should."

Reveka sucks in a breath when En'rys brings her fingers to his lips, old embers of passion flickering beneath the surface. He certainly hasn’t ceased to be beautiful, nor has his effect on her changed in the months they've been separated. She seems nervous, when the green rider brings up meeting his lifemate. What if the green doesn't like her? That grin of mischief turns Reveka's insides to mush, it's damn unfair how sexy the cat can be. Part of Reveka hesitates when En'rys tugs at her, wondering at his wording. Hadn't her coming to his place so often got them in this mess in the first place? But then… there's nothing really to stand in their way now…and she still loves him, despite the heartbreaking events of these last months, she still loves him for Faranth's sake and her want to be near him hasn't diminished one iota. She finally stands after a second, abandoning her half finished meal and nodding to En'rys. "Sure, Daen, let’s go meet your beastie."

Ah, but hadn't they thoroughly learned the lesson of making sure they don't land in tha predicament again. En'rys gives her a reassuring little smile, tugging her onward and outward, toward his tiny fierce green and her excessive curiosity. "I know. It's all rather strange, isn't it? She's very curious about you. I know she's seen memories of you… you know." And with that, he's gotten them both out into the Bowl — and face to nose with Briamiorth.

Oh yes. Reveka has learned that lesson in spades. She can only nod to his question, and as to what he says next, well the shade of rose Reveka’s face colors should say it all. “Has she really?” She asks quietly, not knowing at all what to think about a dragon having seen memories of she and Daen coupling. And then too, she finds herself wondering now just what the young green saw. And then, they’re out in the bowl and Briamiorth is there. Her mossy olive hide is admired by the Zingari woman, who will keep her distance until invited near.

Dreams are unavoidable, even in a man as old as En’rys; fortunately, his little green hasn’t been too distressed, merely relentlessly curious! “She really has. I missed you, Reve. You’re always in my thoughts, somewhere.” And then there they are, Briamiorth bslinking closer to meet this new person with eyes shining greenly. She lies down, sniffing the air in Reveka’s direction, then turns her head to bump her nose against En’rys’ chest for a scritch. “Yes, Bria, this is Reveka…” Briamiorth offers a small chirp, then begins to thrum, stretching her nose closer to Reveka, seemingly inviting closeness.

Reveka blushes again, heart melting a bit at hearing that Daen has missed her, has been thinking of her. It’s one thing to see it written on hide, quite another to hear it spoken aloud. SHe’d missed Daen to, like crazy. However, with a dragon sniffing in her direction, then stretching towards her, she’s a bit distracted and doesn’t quite return the sentiment just yet. She moves a bit closer to the green, still admiring the mossy olive tone of her hide. “She’s beautiful Daen….” She comments, holding her hand out like she would if approaching a flighty runner. She’s been a dragonback a few times in her life, but she’s never come face to face with a dragon that’s directly tied to someone she loves before. How do dragons feel towards their lifemate’s lovers? She guesses she’ll soon find out. “Hello Bria…” She says in greeting, a response to Daen’s introduction.

Briamiorth nudges that extended hand gently, quite happy to accept a friendly gesture from this particular human; Reveka is familiar enough from the many conversations betwixt herself and her lifemate. Meanwhile, En’rys is all too pleased to see his two ladies making friends. Things would have been difficult had the young green decided that would not be the case. “She really is…” agrees the besotted young man, for he can't see his Bria as anything else! “She says hello, brown eyes.” He laughs a little. “She wonders why your eyes are different from Sesa’s. That's because Sesa is a different person, silly. And my sister — clutchmate — into the bargain, remember?” Briamiorth merely whuffles at Reveka’s legs, satisfied for now. “She thinks you should come see our weyr.”

Reveka giggles softly at En’rys explaining the difference between herself and his little sister to his green. It seems a silly thing to have to explain, but, Reveka is sure it needed clarification, or En’rys wouldn’t have done so. The green definitely seems friendly enough and it makes the Zingari woman relax a little, until Daen mentions his weyr, and she gets a little nervous again. She hadn’t been kidding when she’d said she wanted to start over with En’rys once they were able, wanted to take things slow and get to know one another, rather than falling back into the same routine of lovemaking they’d been in before, and thinking about going to his weyr brings up all sorts of wonderful memories and the feeling of wanting to be alone with him. But, even though she hesitates, she does want to see his weyr, does want to see what his new life as a rider entails. “Ok…but I can only stay a little while.” And she means it….mostly.

“You don't have to… Bria can be rather imperious.” En’rys hastens to reassure the nervous Reveka. Although a large part of him is obviously hoping she will come and see, he clearly doesn't wish to pressure her. Idly, he slicks his fingers through his hair, testing its length in his fingers. “I mean… all of this is gonna be awkward for a while, isn't it? So awkward…”

Reveka laughs nervously and nods, a hand moving to move up and down her arm. “Yeah. More than awkward.” When she brings her gaze to meet En’rys’, there’s a lot of things warring for space, but she does seem to have made up her mind. “I’ll go Daen, but just to talk. There’s a lot I need to tell you.” She smiles at him, and like before, it doesn’t quite reach her eyes. She’s not the same woman she’d been before, something’s shifted in her in the long months since Daen was searched and she found out she was pregnant.

Certain that he won't like these things, En’rys heaves a sigh. “Better to hear this privately, then.” He offers her his hand to help her mount a very, very quiet Briamiorth, who has cottoned on to the gravity of the humans’ exchange. No time for tricks, now. Once they're mounted, she'll take them up with no shenanigans.

Sighing, Reveka takes En’rys’ hand and pulls herself up to settle on Briamiorth. Reveka is glad the dragon pulls no shenanigans, but still, it would have been nice to have a reason to cling to En’rys a bit longer. Once on the ledge of his and Briamiorth’s weyr, she’ll wait for En’rys to dismount first.

En’rys could wish the same, but his contrary miss does not oblige. Instead, she's on her best behavior, crouching politely and extending a foreleg to assist En’rys in assisting Receka down once he's on the ground. Tucking her hand in his, he tugs her toward the inner weyr. “I've pretty much brought my stuff from the yurt here…” he explains gently as he leads her within.

Reveka nods as she dismounts, she’d noticed the emptiness of Daen’s yurt when she’d gone to re-open her own. And now, for the last couple of days, she’s been packing, so her own yurt looks a bit desolate. “So it’ll be your yurt, with stone walls?” She states the obvious as a tease and looks around the ledge, which seems spacious enough. She’ll follow En’rys into his weyr and her eyes immediately sweep the area for familiar details.

And indeed, everything is there! Including the cloth walls, which now serves as a windbreak for the inner weyr. “Didn't see why I shouldn't do it that way. I wanted to keep something of home with me.” Once they're truly into the place, he settles down on the bed and eyes Reveka curiously. “So what is it you need to tell me?”

Reveka is lost down memory lane the moment her eyes land on the twin skins on the floor. Echoing back in her head is the first time she’d noticed them, and how creeped out she’d been by them. Now, it wouldn’t seem like Daen’s place unless they were there. How many times had they made love on those skins? Shaking her head clear of the memories, she looks at En’rys when he speaks to her, smiling softly at his question. “Just that…I’ve decided to make some changes in my life, and they may affect you…us…so I figured I should discuss them with you. And we haven’t spoken since before…since before Raeverys was born.” There. At least one of them has said it out loud now, they had a child, yet didn’t.

It's most of the reason he'd kept them — the memories. Especially of that night where they just laid there and talked. “Raeverys…” His boy! His own baby boy; the only child he knows of. The only one he can say with a certainty is his child. There is a grief in knowing he will never really father this child — how can he, when Briamiorth must be first in his life, above all other considerations? En’rys sighs, regretfully, mentally considering the option of asking to see his little one. “Xanthee tells me he looks like you.” A hint of jealousy, there; En’rys has yet to see his only acknowledged child. But he shall, for he feels drawn to see that little one. He sighs, softly, and smoothes back his hair. “Am I going to like these changes, Reve?” Something in the way she speaks tells him he really won’t like this at all; and yet, he has to hear her out, at least.

Reveka shrugs, the motion being the only response she can think of giving to En’rys. “I don’t know if you will or not, if you’ll support them or not, but they’re happening.” Reveka sends a mournful, sorrow filled look that darkens the coffee brown of her eyes to umber. “I’m not recuperating well here, Daen. I can’t face the caravan right now, and my family likes to pretend that I didn’t just have a child, and my father still isn’t speaking to me. And while I’m enjoying my apprenticeship with Igraine, it’s hard to be around our son and not mother him, and not snatch him and run away with him.” She blushes at the fact that someone thinks Raev looks like her. “I see only you when I look at him.” She looks over to the weyr opening and out where Briamiorth rests. “And you still have your lovely green to get through weyrlinghood with.” EYes come back to focus on En’rys, bright with the unshed tears of her depression. “I have to leave for awhile, I’m going on holiday, to Ista…then to Southern. I need to get away and find myself again, find who I am beyond the girl who got pregnant too young, beyond the woman who mourns the loss of both lover and child.”

“I don’t want you to leave.” En’rys is nothing if not honest — but he also knows it would be reckless to ask her to stay. And yet — and yet. “Damn it, Reveka, when will I have half a chance to be there for you if you insist on running away from me.” He pushes himself off the bed and approaches her, unconsciously falling into that slinking step that earmarks a dancer; that, at least, he’s kept up with, even if he’s been unable to keep up with the more unusual training of a Zingari guard. “I know you’ll go whether I want you to or not… but damn it, I don’t like it. I just… damn.” He sighs, reaches out as if to touch her cheek, longing for just a moment’s shared intimacy. “It’s just… I need a little time to grieve with you, love. I’ve had so little time to just…. Be with you. Be here for you. I’m sorry.”

Reveka winces at the first Damn it from En’rys and she captures his hand, taking it to her cheek when he hesitates. “I’m not trying to run away from you Daen. And I’m not leaving, yet. There are still arrangements to be made, and I still love you but damn it all, I’m drowning here and everywhere I look there’s pain. How can I even begin to heal from all this if I’m constantly surrounded by it? I miss you Daen. I do. BUt being here in Igen is just agony.” She needs a chance to rebuild herself, to hide and lick her wounds. She’s not pushing him away, but she can’t cling to him and go too. “I know you’re hurting too, I can’t imagine what it’s like from your end, having to keep it in control for the sake of your dragon. It must be awful.” There’s moisture in her eyes when she looks back at En’rys. What tangled webs they weave. “I won’t be gone forever, I do plan on coming back.”

“Can you stay here tonight, at least?” En’rys asks softly, aware, as always, that his dragon’s thoughts are with him, a gentle furry blanket of comfort and purring in the very back of his mind: just enough to be a presence, not enough to intrude. “It’s awful. But at least… now she’s old enough I don’t have to hold it all in and pretend. She’s okay. She knows this is something I need.” As for the rest. “I know it, Reve. I know you can’t… heal. Not here, with your parents being as they are, and Raev being so close and everything.” His fingers stroke her cheek, and his gaze is soft. And suspiciously wet; he’s not crying, SHE’S crying! When she doesn’t reject his touch, he steps closer, sliding his free hand across her waist. “I’m… I’m scared for you, Reve.”

Would it hurt for her to spend the night here? One more night with the man that holds most of her heart? One more night with the man who sired the little boy that holds the rest of her heart? It might, but Reveka finds she wants to stay, wants to be selfish for a night and forget the world outside. The sight of moisture in En’rys’ eyes has more welling up in her own and when he states his fear for her, she leans into him and lays her head on his chest, the moisture finally falling down her cheeks. “I’m scared for me too, Daen. It’s why I have to go, before I shatter into a million tiny pieces that can never be put back together again.” She takes a shuddering sigh, one that suggests she’s holding back the dam, if she sobs now, she’ll never stop. “I’ll stay the night…but just tonight.” She doesn’t know if she can handle more than that.

Of course it might hurt them both; but a little selfishness has always been healthy, right? En’rys pulls her against his chest, cuddling her there tenderly, his arms tight around her body. When had she gotten so little? “Reve… what have you done to me, girl? I never wanted to fall in love, but you… you’re worth it, you know. Even if you’re killing me right now.” He whispers into her hair. And then he closes his eyes and takes in her scent, his face buried in her hair. “I don’t want you to go.” That last is more plaintive acknowledgement that she must, “Promise me, love. Promise me you’ll write. And that I can come see you in Southern.” He kisses her neck, then, tender and slow. One night. They have one night to be selfish. Well, then; selfish he shall be, and hold her all the more tightly.

Reveka could ask Daen the same question, what has he done to her? It’s nearing two turns since Xanthee’s fated double date set up and she would have never imagined then that she would fall head over heels for this cat-like man and his mercurial ways. Mr Because Cat. Through and through. And they’d both wanted something fun. Something not serious, and look at just how serious things have become. His words slice through her like a jagged knife, she knows this can’t be easy for him, knows her running must be hard. But she just can’t stay here. She can’t wallow in the world where all her sorrows surround her constantly. It’s enough to make her blink back more tears. “Of course I’ll write, I’ve always been good for that at least.” Daen’s letters were one of the few things that got her through her pregnancy. “And of course you can come visit….later, once I’m not teetering on the ledge of insanity…” There, she said it. She knows she’s not quite right in the head right now. His tightened hold and the kisses at her neck are a welcome distraction from the breaking of her heart. One more night. One more night and then she’ll be gone, off to heal while En’rys finishes his training, and hopefully, one day, she’ll find her way back here, because she does love this man, unconditionally.

Whoever said love was easy lied. It's sometimes difficult; but for now, En'rys will take what he can get and savor it for all it’s worth — perhaps it will give her a reason to return to him. Gently, he frames her face in his hands and kisses her forehead, then her nose. “Since you insist on running away from me, is there anything you want from me to remember me by?” He's teasing her now, of course; anything to stop the tears.

Reveka lets out a laugh at Daen’s tease that’s half mirth, half sob and pushes out from his chest so that she can look at him, with her puffy eyes and everything. Picking up on the need to lighten the mood, she smiles half crookedly at this man who has both complicated and made her life better. “Oh, I don’t know, are you on weyr sanctioned herbs?” A nervous giggle follows this, she’s teasing, but also dead serious. With the herb issue in the caravan right now, there’s no way Reveka is risking anything if those are the herbs Daen is taking. She’d been on Weyr herbs since Raeverys was born, so she’s certain on her end.

En’rys stares for a minute, surprised by the question. He certainly hadn't expected that! And then he begins to laugh, because it really is hilarious! “Absolutely. We don't get a choice in the matter.” As if he's gonna risk a second pregnancy now, but still — no Zingari herbs for him! He isn't interested in littering the place with babies. “Why?” Here's to hoping she’s asking for reasons he'll soon enjoy!

There has never been a doubt that Reveka has a need for Daen that seems near insatiable. It’s been that way since the first time they coupled, passion has never been a problem for them. She lifts a hand, running it through his shortened hair, and down along his jaw. “Because I want to forget the world, and our problems for a night, I want to be selfish and spend the night with you again and I’m hoping you won’t hate me for it. And if we do spend the night together, then I don’t want to risk another… another baby.” Reveka bites her lower lip, blushing and looking down. Here’s to hoping she hasn’t put her foot in it.

Catching her hand, En'rys kisses her palm, his eyes half closed. “I hate that I can't have you after tonight. But I can have you now, yes?” His smile is almost jubilant. “That, my love, is a good deal.” He's been without her for so long that he'd have to be a fool to refuse her now. “As long as you are sure it won't hurt you to make love.” His fingers tangle in her hair. Somewhere, Briamiorth is sunning, now unconcerned with her lifemate’s doing. He's happy; so is she. They'd discussed thus rather a lot, and it no longer interests her. En'rys gives his Reve a long, languid kiss.

“Aye.” Reveka says, giving her consent. She melts into that kiss, hands lying on En’rys’ chest, head tilting to the side to allow him more access. She leans into him, this at least, as familiar as breathing. Falling to passion is easy, it’s everything else that’s hard. She presses herself to her lover, to the father of her offspring, the kiss both heated and bittersweet. She lets go of the world outside, just for now, allowing what once flared like a raging flame between she and En’rys come to life once more. She fills herself with his scent, with the feel of his chest beneath her hands, with his warmth, memorizing him all over again so that she doesn’t forget in the days to come.

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