N'iel, Th'res, Jedameth, Roxeauth


Th'res and Jedameth go between together for the first time! It's exciting!



It is midmorning of the thirteenth day of the fifth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass. (or thereabouts!)


Multiple Rooms, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 13 Nov 2017 00:00


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Training Grounds

A broad and sheltered swoop of bowl lies bare for the talons and tread of countless weyrlings that-will-be, encased by stone scoured and scarred by those-that-were. Dirt lies as neatly as dirt can lie, swept and raked daily, at the mouth of the caverns that must indubitably be the weyrling barracks. Devoid of decoration, the place stands strangely absent of pressence when empty, the everpresent wind of Southern giving strange acoustics to those under the shelter of the towering bowl-wall.

Winter is well and truly here for Southern, but you know what's even colder? BETWEEN! Yep, today's the day for another of Southern's newest rider pairs. « Jedameth, you and yours are to come to the training grounds. » No group lessons for this big one - today, the senior weyrlings will be doing their first jump alone, save for N'iel and Roxeauth's tutelage. The green is becoming more open to most of the dragons now they're older, and her smokey voice is pleasantly sweet as she bespeaks Jedameth. He ain't a big strong bronze, but he's still a guy! N'iel and Roxeauth are both in full riding gear down in the grounds, not just because of the cooler weather but also because of the morning's lesson.

Jedameth glides down from one of the ledges on the bowl where he was visiting with his clutch siblings, the blue glides easily and happily down using the thermal currents so he doesn't have to expend anymore energy than necessary. Landing smoothly he will croon his greeting to the green and her rider, Golden hues of the morning light mixed with blues and yellows of curiosity dance out to Roxeauth « Mine comes, great lady ». Th'res arrives a moment later with the dragons straps in hand as he seems to have been doing a ready check and maintenance on them. Snapping a salute to N'iel he says "Here as requested Sir!"

N'iel is totally watching Jedameth, with a Weyrlingmaster's eye. The blue's form, and his easy glide and landing are noted. No issues here! « Morning, honey, » Roxie says to Jedameth, relaxed as anything. More relaxed than her rider, who inevitably has his usual concerns about taking young riders Between for their very first time. "Good morning, Th'res!" N'iel is all enthusiasm when Th'res arrives, however, determined not to show his nerves about the lesson - the Weyrlings have enough of their own anxieties without having to see their teachers worried, too! "Could you put your straps on Jedameth, please?" He won't remind the man to do the usual checks; by now, it should all be part of the normal routine.

Th'res nods and moves to place the straps on Jedameth, the blue who is holding perfectly still so and helping count off the steps to his rider « Ok Step Two now double check for loosening or tightening of leather » the pair will go through not only the weyrlingmasters given check list but seem to have there own as well so it might take them a little longer than most but they are ready. Turning to N'iel, the usually stoic weyrling is showing the obvious signs of trying to keep his own anxiety in check "WE are ready sir"

Hey, some of the weyrlings purposely took a long time to delay their lesson; here, N'iel doesn't feel that's the case, but he'd be patient regardless of the reason. "Jedameth's looking good, Th'res. I imagine he's ready for this?" He's aiming for a comforting tone of voice. "You'll both be fine today. You've been excellent Weyrlings so far, and I know you're taking this seriously. That's the important thing for this - concentrating."

Th'res glances at his blue, and there is a burst of pride that seems to blossom from the weyrlingmasters words, "Thank you sir, and he has been talking about his for the last two sevendays as he over heard some of the older dragons talking about him being ready." Yeah his blue is not just loud he is nosy to it seems, Jedameth on the other hand stands a little straighter now as that pride from his rider seeps through there link. Royal blues and purples flow out towards Roxie « Will we be able to see the place of all sand and no water? » the quick image of a desert is built with those colored bricks of his in his mind and passed on to the green dragon.

Smiling, pleased to see Jedameth perk up, N'iel gives Th'res an encouraging smile. "Well, he's ready. You've been practising envisioning things and places for long enough - let's put it to good use. Come up with me and Roxie; she'll send Jedameth a picture of where we'll be going. It won't be far for this first jump, we'll be working up to that." Indeed, Roxie is getting images of those far off places from the blue, and there's a plume of smoke and the distinct feeling of amusement. « Sure will, hon. Not yet, though - you've gotta learn how to do it first! » Betweening, obviously. "Right then! Let's head up!" N'iel climbs to Roxie's neck and clips in, and the green leads the way up to the sky above the training grounds.

Th'res nods and moves to the front of his dragon, who as lowers himself to the ground for the shorter man to have an easier climb up. Th'res places his forehead on his dragons, a sign of affection as well as comfort as something very private is spoken between the two but it has the very obvious effect of calming both rider and dragon. Th'res will turn and pull his goggles and helmet on before climbing up the side of his large blue. Once he is strapped in and ready he will look towards N'iel and give him the all ready sign.

Th'res clambers up Jedameth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

You clamber up Roxeauth's neck and set yourself between two neckridges.

You fly up, up, up, into the skies.

Sky Over Training Grounds

You fly in from the Training Grounds.
Jedameth flies in from the Training Grounds.

Roxeauth springs aloft, rising above the training grounds before levelling off and waiting for Jedameth to join her. Once both pairs are in formation (such as two dragons can be), the green will send an exquisitely clear image to Jedameth. Southern Weyr is in view far below, the layout of the place familiar even from this height, with the key geological features particularly prominent. The light on the image is what would be expected of the current time of day, the sun in the same place in the sky. « Take the image and show it back to me, » Roxie instructs Jedameth, more formal now, not even the slightest bit of smoke obscuring her mental voice.

Jedameth drifts smoothly into formation, Th'res checking the pairs distance with the green as they take there place in the sky. His mind is all business now, gone are the whirling colors that sometimes distract but instead is a smooth surface much like hand carved stone. The image is taken learned, broken down and reassembled in his own unique fashion of building images then sent back to the awaiting green, there might me just a hint of his rider mixed in as he says « Here you go, Ma'am ».

Roxeauth accepts the image back, and after a brief moment of private conversation with N'iel, her reply comes. « Perfect. Hold it in your mind, you and yours both. Concentrate on it. And on N'iel's mark, we will go there." The green hangs in the air for a moment; N'iel gives the hand signal to go, and then the pair is gone.

Roxeauth winks into ::between::!

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…

Sky High over the Bowl

Roxeauth blinks in from ::between::!
Jedameth blinks in from ::between::!

Jedameth pops in from between, the blue dragons eyes whirl with his barely contained excitement. And some of that has to bleed back through the the link to his rider who, yes had his eyes closed the whole time as they jump between, lets out a whoop of excitement at the victory before he tries to regain composure of both dragon and rider.

Roxeauth is hovering in the sky, both her and N'iel waiting for Jedameth and Th'res to appear. The green is much more controlled than her rider, who looks distinctly earnest atop her. When the blue pair arrives, N'iel visibly relaxes, and Roxeauth gives a croon of encouragement to her pupil. « Very good, Jedameth. Your images are lovely. » Now the important bit is done, she'll take a drag on her mental cigarette, the scent of smoke mingling with her words. « Mine sends his congratulations, too. And also says to enjoy this view. » It really is quite the sight, looking down at the entire Weyr like this.

Jedameth tilts lightly and almost does a roll in the sky as they glide if not for the mental hold of his rider. Those bright colors are back more vibrant as the hues are being fueled by his excitement of betweening and the praise he gets « THAT WAS AMAZING!!! SO COLD AND YET NOT COLD AND WOW!!!! LOOK AT THAT VIEW! HEY LOOK TH'RES WE CAN SEE EVERYONE FROM HERE!! » he rambles on and maybe some people on the ground look up as he is having a hard time containing the emotions even if he keeps the words to the immediate area.

Roxeauth is totally amused by this, in her calm collected way. The tap of a cigarette is there, and then the smoke it provides as she takes another drag goes some way to muting some of Jedameth's vibrant colours as they reach her. « This is just the start, honey, » she assures him, as she beats her wings a few times to come alongside him for the glide. « Let's go land outside the Weyr, » she decides (or so she'll make it seem - no doubt this is N'iel's guidance). The man is grinning over at N'iel from atop Roxie, as the green dips and begins a controlled descent towards the area just outside Southern's ground entrance.


You drop in from the Sky Over Outside Southern Weyr.

Jedameth drops in from the Sky Over Outside Southern Weyr.

Jedameth glides easily, though in his excitement he says his checklist out loud « wings set, check! legs at forty five degree, check! Talons up, check ». This must be the secret to there success because even for being so young his landings are smooth and almost with out flaw. Th'res on the other hand will wait to be ordered to dismount as anyone close to him can see he is white knuckeled on a hand old of the straps.

Roxeauth makes her own landing neatly, for all that she's a big old curvy green. She's got Turns of practice under her wings! Once she's at a standstill she dips, to allow N'iel to jump-slide down to the ground. Where he usually offers a hand to female weyrlings, here he's more thoughtful of male weyrlings and the possibility that they need to keep up their public masculinity, so while he heads over to Jedameth, there's no hand offered. "How was that, huh?" He'll ask of Th'res, smile broadening to a grin. Another successful trip!

You slide gently down Roxeauth's neck and land with a soft thud.

Th'res slides from Jedameth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Th'res takes a long moment to compose himself, so by the time the weyringmaster gets here he is just finished un-strapping himself before he shakily climbs down the side of his dragon. Once on solid ground he wobbles a little from the adrenaline in his system saying "Is it always a Rush like that N'iel?" He seems to have lost all that focus in the over flow of dragon excitement and his own blood racing in his veins. It will be his blue who gently nudges him with a fore paw that helps put the young mans mind back on the tracks "I mean Sir, Sorry Sir"

The big ol' grin on N'iel's face shows he doesn't mind the title slip, not one bit. "That it is! But nothing beats it, you and your dragon doing what dragons do best." For all he isn't fussing over the male weyrlings, he's still cautious at the sight of the slightly wobbly Th'res, just in case he does need to do any catching before knees give out. "And there'll be plenty more of it to come. Lots of practice with us, and then on to solo jumps." He's glowing with pride himself, though Roxeauth is more quietly smug about her part in this!

Jedameth croons at the green dragon quite happy with himself « When may we go again? », though Th'res looks up at his blue as if he just turned into a giant tunnelsnake for a few moments before settling both his legs and his mind. Th'res turns to N'iel and does mirror the mans grin because it was and an awesome ride after all "He is looking forward to it all and wants to go again.."

"There'll be plenty more trips," N'iel assures him, grinning. "And further afield, too - I'm sure Jedameth will enjoy that." With a look at the excited blue. "Consider yourselves cleared for continuing to practise with weyrlingmasters, and well done again for today. Very well handled. And I won't blame you if you want to go get a drink with some of your clutchmates!" He adds, with a chuckle and an implied wink.

Th'res nods to the Weyrlingmaster and says with a sly grin "Well I was told it is costumary so who am I to break a time honored tradition, Sir." He maybe still be wobbly but he is quickly righting himself regaining much of that composure "If you have an extra moment sir, I was wondering if we are allowed to have visitors in our weyrs? It seems my family wishes to come and 'spruce' up my weyr for me." he stands with his hands behind his back while Jed still happy about his flying seems to be taking longer looks at Roxie.

N'iel's grin is rather more knowing, now. Yes, he was probably in the bar after his first trip Between, raising a glass with his fellows. The question about visitors doesn't go the way N'iel was expecting it to go, and he chuckles when it turns out to be family wanting to visit Th'res. "Of course! It's your weyr, and your'e welcome to have visitors. Just make sure you have a say in what they do to it, huh?" Roxie, for her part, is being casually coy, taking an interest in something down the road towards the sea.

Th'res nods and grins back at the weyrlingmaster "Oh I intend to. Thank you, Sir. Thank you both, For well everything.." It is the first time he as spoken like this to the weyrlingmaster and his dragon. Maybe it is the excitement of the ride, or the fact that it has sunk in this is real to the young man but he needs to express his admiration to the green riding pair for helping him on this journey. Jedameth warbles his own thanks as he turns to look back to the sky again, even if he can't between it is clear he wants to fly more.

"You're welcome," N'iel says, unable to get that grin off his face apparently. With a salute to the weyrling, he'll head back to Roxie, climing up so that the pair can return to the Weyr itself. No doubt there are more lessons waiting for the weyrlingmaster when he gets back there!

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