Bailey, Nathanael, Yules


Nathanael has a bloody nose. Yules has Klah. Bailey is naked. (Okay, so is Yules.)


It is evening of the tenth day of the tenth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Baths

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The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.

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Tall, statuesque, naked. That's Bailey, taking her sweet time folding her clothes and fussing with her hair, ignoring the looks askance and the more blatant observations; it's the BATHS guys. For getting clean, not getting… dirty. Or something. She uses a mouthful of pins to twine her short locks up in twists. It's a PROCESS, during which she starts her slow way over towards the hottest pool. Someone is about to get her SOAK on.

For once Nathanael doesn't smell completly of fish when he comes into the baths, but he is spotting more mud than normal, and the reminants of a bloddy nose. He's holding his nose gently and leaning back slightly as he takes himself right over to a corner with rags and towels placed in it and swiping one up to place right onto it. This done he can turn and actually look around. Vailey is spotted and he waves, and lets out a more than usually hard to understand, "'lo ma'am!"

Yeah, the baths, man. Get with it. Yules comes in with a big mug of klah - evidently not having been caught once is license enough to bring drinks into the Baths. Anyways, she does much the same as Bailey, getting prepared for a good ol' fashioned clean-up. Bailey's in the hottest pool? Good; company. Yules moves over and slowly starts to clamber, so gracefully, into the water with a nod and a "Weyrwoman," to … well, Bailey. Movement catches her eye just as Yules is placing her klah on the pool lip and she turns to look at Nathanael with a puzzled eye.

Bailey still has a mouthful of pins, but she waves briefly at Nate, muttering around to say, "Hi N…" And then she's spitting out all of them to stare, "Who gave you a bloody nose?" she barks, still not-quite in the bath, standing with her hands on her hips and a righteous disbelief to the set of her face. Then there is Yules, and the goldrider is giving the brownrider a brief nod in greeting, a murmured, "Wingleader."

Towel pressed to his face, Nathanael draws closer, and comes to sit right at the edge of the pool. He's not undressing though, and doesn't enter the pool. That towel over his mouth doesn't help his fractured speach be any more comprehensible, and while he speaks his free hand waves towards Yules, "Ma'm, N'un."

Yules looks up at Bailey who is still not in the baths too (how awkward for Yules if she picked another bath now, right) and back to Nathanael, nodding seriously with Bailey's words: "Why would anyone do that?" she adds, reaching for her klah. That solves everything, right? The apprentice's words have her mouthing 'n'un'? And then her expression clears: "No one gave you that nose? Who calls themselves No one?" People are silly.

"Then how the shell did this happen to you?" Bailey wants answers. She's going to get them. Or so she thinks. She then NODS EMPHATICALLY along with Yules' words, moving to strategically stand next to the brownrider. (Surely they are making some fantasies go DOWN somewhere. No? People come to the baths to get clean? Dammit.) "Nathanael, don't make me go find your father." Her face has that I-May-Not-Be-Your-Mother-But-Dammit-I-Am-Going-To-Try-Anyhow cant.

Nathanael blinks as Bailey insists on wanting to know what happened. He squirms and dabs that rag against his nose, checking to see if it's still bleeding. When a thin trail continues he puts that cloth right back. "Wasno' been pay'n no 'tten-shun," He mimes walking into a wall, though there's a faint flush on his cheeks. He's not really the best liar. Maybe he can DISTRACT THEM. "'e water's nice ma'ams?"

Yeah! Yules plants the un-klah'ed fist on her hip, which would totally have more effect if it wasn't underwater. The nod? That's for emphasis. Between her and Bailey, how can Nathanael resist? Fantasies, remember? Nathanael gets an uncertain look: "Oh, well…" And then Yules' eyes narrow as realization, or something akin to it, dawns: "Hold on a minute." That? Yeah, she's gonna let that one hang ominously.

"Hey. Hey. No lying." Bailey's voice is terse. "El'ai used to try to lie to me when he was your age," a pause, "Okay, no he didn't," because it wouldn't have occurred to El'ai to lie, let's face it, "But I can tell you are stretching the truth. Quit avoiding the question." Her voice is teacher-sharp, and she all-but-barks, "What happened?" Yules has her back. (And klah!) But her back. Really.

"Ain't…" Nathanael totally does go to attempt to lie and say that he wasn't lieing. But… then he gives up. The towel daps at his nose again, lifting away so Nathanael can be heard. "Was jus' some've 'e other 'pprentices. Rough-housin' 'n what. Proly should've been stayin' away."

Having been the Younger Sister, Yules' eyes flick to Bailey quickly and back; she and Bailey? On this situation, are tight. "Some apprentices? Seacraft? Bigger than you?" The questions must flow. Surely Yules is not the first to notice that, even if they're in the water, would be taller than poor Nathanael if they weren't. "And why would you be staying away from them?"

That's right. Bailey and Yules. They could go on to some procedural drama. No really, think about it. Bailey would be the reckless hardass, Yules the conservative by-the-book… medical examiner. Like Rizzoli and Isles, but reversed. Or something. In this case, Bailey just glowers and folds her arms over her chest, waiting for Nate to answer Yules' questions.

Nathanael is being interrogated. He shifts uncomfortably, but that over there is a werywoman. Trying to escape isn't all that smart. So he doesn't. Instead he just shrugs and takes a moment to look at the blood on his towel again. He probably should stop taking it away till it actually clots. He doesn't asnwer Yules' question right away, thinking for once before opening his mouth. (This doesn't happen often guys.) "Aye… but ye know ma'am, e'en growin, most've 'em are." There, they can't doubt that logic right? "'cuz they was rough' housin' 'n people be gettin' hurt that'a way." More logic. His turn for question, Gettin' warmer, aye?

Total babes. Total cops. Or some cheezy tagline. Whichever, the female buddy-cop duo are getting answers, and Yules sips her klah, long and loud. She purses lips together for a moment and hmphs: "But you're alright, yes? No permenant damage?" Because Nathanael's nose is so perfectly cute as it is… was… whatever. "Did you report it to a Journeyman? Was anyone else bleedy?"

Bailey's lips thin, but she finally relents enough to, y'know, get in the bath. Don't run, Nate, Bailey is totally not above running around dripping wet to box yo' ears. "Seacraft apprentices?" Her eyes narrow as she sinks shoulder-deep into the water.

The rest of the weyr would probably be okay with a naked Bailey chasing Nate. Just… you know, sayin'. The blood seems to finally have stopped flowing so Nathanael lets the towel down for good. It's wrapped up, bloody side within, and laid upon his lap. Shoulders shrug again at their questions, and he reaches up to tap at his nose. "Nah, was jus' an accident, proly wasn't e'en meanin' t' be hittin' me." He doesn't really sound like he believes it, and shrugs again. "And aye," he looks at Bailey, then down again. Another attempt is given at trying to shift the conversation. "Can I be askin' either've ye a question?" and he'll just KEEP TALKING, okay, no room to say no, "Why'd Journeyman Arlemond get so upset when Marle 'n I was goin' t' be lookin' at 'e moon? We was jus' gonna be lookin'."

Yules is totally not abo… ve pausing to put some clothes on, and siccing Desmeth on a somewhat-expecting apprentice to hold unti she arrives. "What's his name?" she asks almost gently, like the answer will merely be a ripple in the flow of this converstation, but a quick look to Bailey -then back and Yules blinks: "You went out… with a journeyman's daughter? Alone?" She's gonna need a bigger mug of klah…

Blurted, "Looking at what?" Bailey's face is a little aghast. "Nathanael, she's just a little girl!" Since she happens to know Arlemond, that is. Seriously. Look at this face. Nevermind the whole nose thing. "Nate, I'd never." Her voice and face goes 110% DISAPPROVING. Sorry Yules, you're gonna carry questioning by yo'self.

Sorry Yules, Werywoman disapproval comes FIRST. Especially as it totally shifts the conversation away from that bloddy nose. "I was gonna be showin' her 'e moons, like they be lookin' near 'e sea. Wasn't like we was gonna," And he totally lifts a hand and wiggles fingers. Whatever that means. "She's jus m' friend. And Marle ain't that much young'er 'n me."

Hey, if Yules was having to face down that stare… Well, she's not, luckily. "So. You were out with a Journeyman's daughter, and then you got caught up by the apprentices?" Is there a link or something? Fortunately for that young man, Yules huffs: "You'd show her the two moons?" Scandalous! And then a thought even moreso seems to strike Yules and despite the heat of the pool she's in, the woman pales: "You didn't show her any… books, did you?"

Bailey was probably fine, just holding her tongue, until Yules goes on to ask about books. Her arms FLAIL. "Of course he did! Look at that face! He's a guilty as the day is long! Just your friend? Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, and I have some oceanfront Igen property for you, too." Bailey, the SKEPTIC. "If I have to take a few long jumps ::between:: with that girl so help me FARANTH Nathanael, I will find you and lock your junk DOWN." Welcome to the weyr, Nate. Aren't you SO SORRY you're leaving shortly? Bailey's voice has gone to pure, unadulterated threat.

Nathanael is actually confused right now. "Ain't… wait, ye don't think… cuz… NO! I ain't ne'er!" Maybe this WASN'T the best distraction. Can they go back to the talk of why Nate's all blody please? His face is very pale and woe-filled, not a hint of that blush from before. "I'm leavin' 'n there wasn't no time t' be gettin' permission, though mayhap we should've been askin but!" He finally sighs. He's not going to win this one is he? His head shrinks down, blond hair brushing into his face. Sad Sad Sad misjudged Nathanael. "We're headin' out t'night tho, with Arlemond 'n ma'am Raila."

Yules was not quite expecting Bailey's outburst. Or that there's oceanfront Igen property too. The brownrider turns to give the goldrider a mildly unnerved look, but turns to give Nathanael a bit of the stink-eye, but Bailey's stolen most of it. Instead, she considers, "So now you're going out with the whole family to watch… the two moons?" Evidently Yules thinks there's something funny about those words but she hides it behind her klah. Master of disguise, this one. re)

Bailey gives Nathanael a dark, dark look for a longer moment. Something seems to tick down behind her eyes, and a certain … is that a certain dawning going on in those grey eyes of hers? She cuts a glance to Yules, thoughtfully, pensively. "You," she announces to Nathanael, "You will come see me tomorrow." It's perementorily stated. Nate better not be in like Telgar tomorrow, that would be awkward. "Before noon. I'll be in my office." And just like that she is rising from the water. "Evening, Yules," she murmurs to the wingleader before stalking out, just barely remembering to grab a towel to wrap around all the wet bits.

FINALLY, someone is getting it. Nathanael nods at Yules, relieved. "'cuz they look bigger when ye're seein' 'em f'rm 'e beach." Not helping Nathanael. But Bailey is rising and Nathanael shifts his gaze over to the woman. Sad face fixes back onto him, sure that there are going to be more consequences for sneaking out. He shouldn't have brought it up. "Yes ma'am. A'fore noon. Be well ma'am."

As Bailey moves her way out of the water, Yules keeps her eye on the young lad. Just in case he tries to hide in her hair or something. "Bailey," she replies, "Sleep well." You know, in case that's what Bailey's planning to do. When the woman's gone, brown eyes turn to pinpoint Nathanael and she says, a little callously, a little wonderingly, "I wonder what she's going to do with you." Yules isn't cruel per se… just intrigued.

"Ye don't think she's gonna be angry at me f'r tryin' t' show Marle somethin' she ain't ne'er seen afore, do ye?" He looks faintly worried as finally he pushes himself to his feet again, and goes to seek out another rag to wash the last of the blood from his face. "Really hope she ain't…" Sadfaced Nathanael. That rag gets dipped in the people-soup, and used to wipe at his face gingerly.

Being the only adult in the conversation, it's now really hard to be a good or a bad cop. Yules deflates a little and looks something more honest: "YOu'll be fine. She'll relax after a night of sleep, and she'll just scold you and take you back to your dad…" And this is why Yules isn't allowed near the kids. She looks at poor Sad Nathanael and hums: "And stop getting into fights." Evidently Yules knows nothing about apprentices.

Nathanael will just have to take hope from Yules reassurance. He dabs at the blood, and it washes off easily enough. The last even manages to get a faint smile from the seacrafter, and he steps away from the yules-soup. "I'll be keepin' that in mind ma'am, ye be well too." And without much more of a goodbye, Nathanael takes himself back out still holding both bloody rags, presumably he is going to clean them. Or something.

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