Milosh, Echo, Willimina, Lillia, Tallel, Timo(Cameo), A'lira, Igraine


Milosh and Echo Get Married

Slightly Backdated

Mild Swearing


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Igen Weyr, Great Central Desert, Lost Oasis

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“That girl’s good for you.”


The Lost Oasis

Blocked from view in the south by one of the largest sandstone formations jutting from the desert, this lovely oasis is truly a hidden jewel in the sand. Leagues away from any trace of civilization, it boasts a tranquil blue pool of fresh water and shallow stream fed by an unseen spring beyond a dark crevice in the bluff. Trees spring up against the rock, providing merciful shade and filling in the narrow recesses surrounding the water. The height of the outcropping funnels a near-constant light breeze through the place, cooling the air considerably in comparison to the desert beyond.

However, for all its beauty, there is an unaccountable air of fear and uncertainty about this oasis. At night, the otherwise friendly wind can cross the space with a low, unnerving howl, and creatures passing in the shadows do so in nervous, unseen movements. This has, unfortunately, been a place of grisly discoveries for Igen Weyr - most likely due to its out-of-the-way nature. Sweep riders have observed no renegades, bandits, or criminals of any other stripe in the area thus far, adding to the mystery here.

The peace and solitude of the Oasis hidden within the Grand Central Desert has been temporarily invaded for what seems to be a wedding party. Outside the entrance to the Oasis, a large yurt has been set up. What is housed within is a number of Zingari caravan members preparing a meal and drinks, on standby for the private handfasting ceremony that’s about to happen within the small desert paradise. A trusted go between has been put in charge of running food and drink between the yurt without and the dining area within, so that no one disturbs the wedding or it’s members. Within the oasis, two small pavilions have been erected, one for the groom and help/groomsmen, and one for the bride and bridal party. Without, a small Altar has been built in front of the water and a harper officiate stands there, waiting diligently. Hidden somewhere, Willimina’s cousin Timotin and a few other skilled musicians play soft, jovial music that drifts around the Oasis soothingly. Sunset is nearing, and so is the time for the wedding.

Milosh paces in his Pavilion, his gold and near blue-black kurta in perfect order. Where is A’lira? Igraine? Nerves bite at him like insects attacking so that he feels as if his skin might crawl. He stops to pour a drink. He can’t believe the day is here already. It seems only yesterday that Echo was telling him she was pregnant and he was proposing. Had it really only been a turn since they’d met? Milosh could swear it felt longer. Where is Tallel? Surely he isn’t in the bride’s pavilion just now, for surely there is dress fidgeting being done? Every time the music changes, Milosh finds his ears pricking, listening for the cue that will tell him the time has come.

Know who would really like to be pacing right now? Echo. Unfortunately she is already dressed in her pristine white gauzy gown, accented with strips of lace and embroidery. The empire waist is a necessity, her five month baby bump quite obvious now as the breezy fabric cascades down over it. Sitting on a simple stool, the herder girl is fidgeting, her eyes constantly flicking to the door to the pavillion, while her mother, Chari, is desperately trying to apply kohl around her daughter’s eyes. “Sit still Echo!” the petite woman clicks her tongue as she reaches up to wipe away a smudge that was caused by her daughter. “Why are you even bothering with kohl anyway Ma? I never wear it. I want my groom to actually recognize me.” she sighs in nervous exasperation, as her hands go to her hair where a circlet of wild flowers and foliage is resting over shoulder length auburn hair brushed to shining and curled into delicate waves that hang loose.

Echo turns her head towards the mirror to make sure it’s sitting just right for the umpteenth time, again interrupting her mother who huffs impatiently with a roll of her eyes towards her burly husband, Eliom, “This one’s yours through and through.” she says before she gently holds her daughter’s chin and pulls it back to face her, the man’s reaction is a sheepish look for his wife, “Darling, I don’t know who is more nervous, you or Echo here. I do agree with her though, the natural look is much more her.” and then the man will shoot a covert wink to his daughter when his wife isn’t looking. Chari throws her hands up in exasperation. “Fine! But I’m not letting you get married without some lip color at the very least.” and the older woman busies herself in her makeup bag to select just the right shade. Echo silently curses her gravid condition, being able to drink on your wedding day should be a right!

Oh, A’lira is about; he wouldn’t miss this for anything short of Thread! Last preparations have been made to keep various firelizards, dragons, and babies occupied, and he's headed back to Milosh’s tent with a bottle of whisky, sure the man is climbing the walls by now. And so, he’ll return the favor granted him by Milosh and go into the groom’s tent to offer support and wrangling as needed. Reaching the place, he slips on in, taking a moment to enjoy the former spy’s nerves before he makes his presence known. “So old man, it’s finally your turn, is it?”

Tallel is here, of course, bedecked in his usual red and gold despite the patterning upon his kurta being different. That is never the same, even if the colors are. He is not in the bride’s pavilion, leaving Echo’s father to be the man attending there. He is, however, in the main yurt with his family for the moment, attending alongside Willimina and Lillia. Taimin, Taliana, and the twins are all in the care of the nannies, so there is far less for him to be worried about now than there was the last time they were out and about anywhere.

Willimina is hurriedly trying to get the meal going smoothly before she and Lillia leave for the bride’s pavillion, Lillia has a special place in the wedding and Willimina has a gift to give the bride. So while she slow orders and approves this or that,she also works on her daughter's hair. “Do you want this loose or braided Lillia?” Willa looks down at the girl, who's dressed in a simple blue gown with gold trim, and then over at her husband, resplendent in red and gold. How many weddings does this make for them in the last turn? So many. But this one is special, it's family and for that, a little extra oomph is needed, even for a simple ceremony.

Lillia bats at her mother's hands and tucks her wavy hair behind her ears. “Loose mama, I don't want the headache of a tight braid and the curls escape anyway.” She'd been both blessed and cursed to have her mother and birth father's thick, curly hair. Looking out the crack in the turtle door Lillia sighs. “We'd better get over to Echo's pavillion mama….I'm sure papa can take it from here.”

Igraine will go see Milosh in a moment, but for now, she is veering off towards Echo’s pavillion, wanting to check on the expecting bride. Hair piled up on her head and tumbling down her shoulders, she's resplendent in a gown of periwinkle blue with silver hems. However, it veers from Igraine's usually slender looking style, this dress has a bit more flow to it. She walks up to the Pavillion curtain and sing-songs through it. “Hello? It's your friendly caravan healer, popping in for a surprise visit. Is it alright if I come in?” She's being a bit silly, but keeping things light and fun. Of course her visit isn't a surprise one, she's married to the best man and one of Echo's healers, and likely the one to deliver for her.

It could be said that Milosh is climbing the walls mentally, but physically he's ready to jump out of his skin. Two days. It's been two days since he's seen Echo and he feels the absence keenly. The usual nerves are present too, two fold it seems. Apparently the second go around is just as nerve wracking as the first. He gives A’lira a crooked grin when the man comments and laughs. “This isn't my first go around, but yes, it seems it's time.” Milosh fidgets nervously, picking at his kurta for invisible lint, despite the nerves, and missing his bride, the man actually seems happy for once, none of the cold and calculating parts of him present, he is simply Milosh for once, something no one saving A'lira, Igraine and Echo have really seen. Even Tallel has only ever seen a glimpse or two of the man underneath the spy. “Please tell me that's for now and not later?” He asks of the whiskey.

A’lira is so not going to press Milosh on the backstory — it’d ruin the happiness he’s obviously enjoying. Instead, he’ll open with a grin of pure mischief, and begin pouring them both a generous glass full. “I’m not that cruel, man! Of course it’s for now — ain’t no way I’ll see you later, anyway. Better not, anyway.” He smirks over his shoulder before holding out one for Milosh. “That girl’s good for you.” He takes a sip of Red — because it’s simply the ONLY whiskey to serve, isn’t it.

There’s an endlessly thankful look that crosses over Echo's features when she can hear Igraine call out. Off her stool in as much of a flash as she can manage in her condition, she leaves her mother behind still rummaging in among her pots of lip paint. Calling out for the healer to come in, Echo will greet her near the entrance. “Oh thank Faranth you're here Igraine,” her tone heavily tinted with anxiety, “Have you seen Milosh? How is he? I have the worst case of flutterbies in my stomach, it feels like a whole swarm in there going crazy,” her hand rests on her belly then, rubbing it gently as if that could soothe them. Turning, she wanders back over to the full length mirror, fidgeting as she searches her reflection for anything out of place. The only thing she can see is the pendant on her chainmail necklace is askew. She hardly takes it off at any other time, so she really couldn't see herself wearing anything else. Looking up from her searching, Chari’s voice catches softly with emotion, “No use worrying about him now sweetie. You’ll be seeing him soon enough,” the matronly woman comments as she comes up to stand in front of her daughter, a small pot of color in her hand. Carefully she paints Echo's lips with a sheer gloss that just brings a hint of color there. It is just the small touch needed to enhance the subtle glow she seems to be radiating.

Igraine chuckles as she moves into the pavilion and Echo begins her nervous tirade. “Calm yourself child. I'm sure he's fine. A'lira is over to see him now.” She raises her brows when Echo describes her feelings and shakes her head with a smile. “That's normal m’dear, to have a bit of nerves before your wedding, Faranth knows I had mine, and you're probably feeling the first stirrings of your child….the time seems about right for it.” Igraine laughs a bit at Echo's mum, agreeing whole heartedly with her fellow Kheeriin. “She's right you know.”

Willimina will sigh exasperatedly when Lillia mentions the time, wanting, as usual, to oversee things herself, but she also knows her daughter is right and that her husband is more than capable. She never did lose that do it yourself attitude though. She gathers her things, kisses her husband and follows Lillia out of the yurt and into the Oasis and the waiting wedding pavilions, Tallel will join when he's ready. They both arrive a few moments after Igraine, announcing their entrance before actually coming in. “Oh, Echo, you look lovely!”

Lillia echoes her mother's sentiments when she catches sight of her cousin in law. “That dress is gorgeous!” She exclaims, walking up to move around Echo in awe. The simplicity of the gown is what draws Lillia, who has always been more of a tomboy than her mother.

Milosh will gladly take that, thanks! “To moving onward and forwards, eh?” He raises his glass in toast to A'lira before taking a healthy pull off the stuff. “You think so? Me too….kind of snuck up on me like, though. Seems like yesterday I was giving you hell for being love sick, eh?” Milosh lifts a hand to run it through his hair, thinks better of it, and drops his arm to his side.

“I keep telling her that,” Chari quips as she goes to stand near her husband who wraps a burly arm around her as they both look at their daughter, eyes sparkling. “Our last one Eliom. After today, they are all taken care of.” The woman says with a soft sniff as she reaches for a hanky. “Don't you dare start Ma!” Echo exclaims as she watches them in the mirror, her own eyes brightening sympathetically. Igraine's comment about her flutterbies really being the babe only brings the tears to dance at the surface. “Not wanting to miss the fun huh little one? Just like a true Zingari.” She whispers lovingly down at the hand resting on her stomach. The arrival of Willa and Lillia is a welcome distraction as Echo wipes at her eyes with the back of of one hand, self-conscious giggle on her lips. “You’re too sweet, but I know I will be a blubbering mess before too long,” thanks pregnancy hormones. Wringing her hands nervously, the herder girl takes several deep breaths, “Are they almost ready to start?” Cause Echo is past ready, and her nerves will only get worse until she sees him again, and she can't wait for that to happen now.

“Ha, yeah.” A’lira laughs, clinking his glass against Milosh’s in brotherly solidarity. “‘S all good. Just glad you're doin’ it. She's a keeper, far’s I can see. The very nervous Milosh is given a good, long look. “Almost there, man. Save some energy, willya?” For after!

Tallel is just waiting for the girls to clear out so that he can poke his head in on his cousin, which he does directly after getting that kiss from Willimina so that he knows Echo is still decent. “Not bad luck for a cousin to see beforehand, I’m pretty sure,” he says with a grin, slipping the rest of himself inside and hugging his aunt and uncle in greeting before turning to her in full and looking her over. “It does suit you, cousin,” he murmurs, his smile turning lopsided as tawny eyes meet hers and his arms open in invitation. “And with two things to make you glow…there’s no word for you but beautiful.”

Because neither bride or groom wanted a fanfare, preparations for this wedding have been simple and rather easy. Given his cue, Timo gives a musical prompt for the start of the handfasting and the Harper officiate at the altar straightens himself considerably.

“That's us!” Milosh quips the second he hears the change in music outside. He downs much of his drink, straightens himself for the billionth time and takes a breath before exiting his pavilion and heading for the altar with A'lira to wait for his bride. His heart starts to hammer in his chest, a slick of sweat beading on his brow, excitement oozing from his very pores. His recently cut hair is perfectly styled in an elegant shag around his head, not too long, not too short either, just brushing his shoulders, and he's still resisting the urge to run his hands through it. The simplicity of the decor, music and ceremony was a good choice, he decides, liking that there isn't a giant crowd leering at him this very second. He clasps his hands in front of himself and looks towards the entrance to Echo's pavilion.

Lillia, who's been watching out the doorway since her father's arrival, turns inward excitedly and grins. “It's time!” She nearly vibrates with excitement, having been given such an honorable place within the wedding party. She picks up her small bouquet and looks around for Echo's, hoping to hand it to the bride and get in place.

Willimina can't help but chuckle at her daughter's enthusiasm and shakes her head. “Well then, I guess I'll leave you to get into place then.” Gifts can wait for later it seems. Willimina moves to hug Echo and wish her luck before exiting the pavilion to take hear place in the tiny row of seats by the altar.

Igraine smiles at Echo's mother and looks excitedly at Echo when Lillia announces the time. “That's my cue to leave as well then. Make sure you take a rest after the ceremony dear, you'll need your energy I'm sure.” Igraine winks at Echo and hugs her before following Willimina out and moving to heckle and hug Milosh before taking her seat.

“I’d consider it bad luck if you didn’t come cousin.” Echo quips as she bats her lashes to hopefully dry the moisture accumulating there while he doles out the familial hugs. She turns from the mirror then, smoothing her dress nervously as she gives everyone a shaky smile. Of course Tal had to ruin any control she had on her tears with his moving sentiment, and she hopes he’ll forgive the tear marks left on his outfit when she goes in for a tight hug. When Lillia calls her warning, Echo’s eyes widen with excitement and anxiety. Pulling her mother and father into a tight hug, she murmurs to them something unheard for the rest, Chari dabs at her daughter’s eyes with her hanky before passing it over, having a feeling the herder is going to need it during the ceremony. Her father gives her a firm squeeze of the shoulder before he escorts his wife out to take their seats. Turning to Lillia for her bouquet, a blush rises in her cheeks at Igraine’s parting advice, “I’ll certainly try, but I’m making no promises,” a giddiness descends over Echo as she takes a final deep breath and nods to Lillia to head out as she follows. Once through the doorway, her eyes immediately search for Milosh although he’s not hard to find. The way her heart swells with emotions as she sees again after their forced separation, her breath catches in her throat and her eyes brighten the whole way down to meet him in front of the officiant, never once taking her eyes off him.

The second Echo is out of the pavilion, Milosh’s gaze is on her and he is stunned into silence at the sheer beauty of her, a vision in white backed by the oranges, pinks and reds of the desert sunset. There could be nothing more picturesque, more beautiful in this world than his bride. He can barely believe it when she stands before him, barely hears the Harper's words when the man begins speaking, all he can hear or see is Echo, always Echo, like the rest of the world doesn't even exist. It's sheer luck that he doesn't miss the cue to speak their vows and has to shake himself out of his revery, trying to remember what he'd written, but as soon as he begins speaking, it all comes to mind and happens smoothly. He promises himself to her, swears fealty to her, and does so eloquently and then the Harper turns to Echo, asking her to speak her vows in turn.

As soon as she joins him in front of the Harper, Echo hands her bouquet back to Lillia with a warm smile, but keeps a tight hold on the hanky her mother had given her. And it’s a good thing she had as well, because as soon as the ceremony begins in earnest and her warm brown eyes are thoroughly captured by his azure gaze, the tears start in earnest, her hormones doing a number on her on top of the sentiment of the day.. Dabbing at her eyes becomes to name of the game all the way through his part of the vows, and now that it's her turn, she knows she’s in trouble. Taking a deep but trembling breath as the officiant turns on her, Echo makes her way through her own vows, voice thick with emotion but clear and confident, tears continuing their escape from the corners of her eyes quickly to be dabbed away. Is she ever glad she convinced her mother to forgo the kohl. When she finally finishes the words without error, the smile of profound triumph is all for Milosh, easily displaying how much she has changed from the anxious herder girl who knocked on his wagon door one Turn ago.

Tears are most certainly forgiven! Tallel doesn’t remain much longer, of course, hearing the music change. He’d debated going in to wish Milosh well after this, though was uncertain whether it would make the man’s nerves worse or not. Since he’s out of time now, however, he slips back out of the tent and hurries up to sit next to Willa, fitting his hand to hers and giving her a quick kiss before turning his attention to the procession. Watching Echo walk forward to join her new husband, Tallel feels a wave of nostalgia coming on - memories of his cousin growing up, weighing them against the woman he knows now. So much has changed…or been unlocked for her, at least. And despite the difficulties between them leading up to this point, he can’t help but be proud of her. All he has wanted for her is happiness, and right now it’s very clear that she has it in spades.

Lillia does her part, takes Echo’s bouquet and stands still during the ceremony. She’s completely wrapped up in the whole thing too, the romantic setting, the view, the flowery words of the couple in front of her. It makes the young teen appreciate the smaller things in life a bit more, and leaves her in awe of the grander moments. At some point she looks over to her parents, her mother and step-father sitting side by side, hand in hand, the perfect fit. And she wonders, if it was like this for them on their wedding day, if things had seemed this surreal. Lillia isn’t the one getting wed, but she can feel the moment, and has grown up witnessing one of the greatest romances in Zingari history. She certainly hopes she finds something as grand as this someday. Smiling at her parents, she turns back to the ceremony just as Echo is finishing her vows.

The Harper has a softer smile on his face when the vows are exchanged. The two seem quite genuine, it’s nice to see. Speaking the last of his own lines, the Harper bids the couple exchange rings and binds their hands together with a long strip of silk, pronouncing them husband and wife. He bids Milosh kiss his bride, then exits the area, his part in things done for now.

Milosh doesn’t waste a second in pulling Echo toward him to plunder her with a near indecent kiss. But he’s elated, filled with the wonder that she’s his, well and truly his and he is lucky to have her. Once he’s done kissing her, he’ll turn towards the others and raise their hands. They’d done it, they’re married! And with that, let the small party begin! Milosh turns towards his bride, a wide, unhindered smile on his lips and places a hand on her cheek. Leaning in, he kisses her cheek and brushes his lips by her ear. “I almost wish we didn’t have to do dinner and cake and dancing.” His tone implies that there are other things he’d rather do just now, but, he can’t really whisk her off just yet. So, he pulls back, that roguish grin of his back in place and winks at her. “Shall we get something to drink? Eat? Shall we visit? It is up to you my beautiful bride.”

Echo feels her heart swell, catching her breath for a moment when she feels the Harper binding their hands together, joining finally in the way she thought would never happen, a way he denied would ever happen a turn ago to the day. Eyes are finally dry after completely spilling all her tears during the ceremony and it’s with a surprised squeak at the way he pulls her fast, that she kisses her husband for the first time. Indecency aside, the way she is pulled up against him into his embrace, reawakens the gentle fluttering in her stomach, eliciting a soft chuckle from the herder woman.

Her cheeks are aflame with a deep blush, but her smile is wide and beaming as she looks out over friends and family, eyes alighting on each in turn before she’s once more looking into Milosh’s eyes, her smile actually brightening further as she gazes on her husband, treated to more tumbling from her tummy. Another chuckle accompanies her hand as she rests it on her bump. “I think we may have a little tumbler on our hands, he’s been moving all day.” His kiss brings a soft hum of pure bliss, while his words bring with them a shiver of anticipation for the wedding night. “Drinks first my love, I’ve cried myself dry, and you’ll probably make me eat anyway.” she says with no small amount of cheek in her voice. “And if it’s not too much to ask, I want to sit for awhile, so if people want to visit, they can come over to wherever we are.” because there is no way she is letting her most gorgeous husband from her side until it’s time to retire to Milosh’s Wagon, back to where it all began.


Milosh chuckles and slips another kiss in before smiling at Echo. “You’re damn right I’m going to make you eat.” And he looks as if he silently approves of Echo’s opinion on people wanting to talk and visit and nods to her as he undoes the bit of silk around their hands and ties it around one of his wrists. Now they can move about. He’ll turn them towards drinks and food before maneuvering them towards the table where they will share a meal with their family and friends. Once seated, he’ll slip one hand into Echo’s beneath the table, wanting to hold hers a bit longer before they eat.

It is from here that the small party moves forward, dinner, cake, gifts. They talk, toast, laugh and dance and it is a merry time for them all. But eventually, as all things do, the festivities come to an end, and while the wedding guests leave to return to their own homes, the newlyweds stay in the oasis. They honeymoon here, in the groom’s wagon - the place where it all began just a Turn ago with a girl knocking on a door.

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