F'kan, Th'res, M'noq


F'kan tries to corrupt Th'res, just a little bit, then their Wingleader shows up.


It is afternoon of the seventh day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

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The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

With the drizzle coming down outside, the Kitten is doing moderate business. And though conversations are flowing all around him, at a small table in the back, F'kan has a deck of cards in his hands and seems to be engaged in a game of solitaire by the spread of cards on the table in front of him. A half-full glass of ale is within reach, which he takes small sips of every now and then between flipping cards over. Occasionally he catches movement out of the corner of his eye and he will watch a pretty girl walk by with steady gaze, almost wistfully, before going back to his cards with a sigh.

You know what else happens when it rains.. MUD, and that is currently what blue Jedameth is playing in having already bespoke other dragons to come and play and while some have joined him most politely decline. This of course has sent Th'res running for the Bar as he has not desire to be covered in the sticky wet earth. Stepping he he sheds his heavy over coat to dry on a hook before ordering a drink and a meal. He is content to lean on the bar and wait while he looks around the room.

At the sound of the door opening, F'kan's eyes look up again from his game. Seeing the redheaded bluerider, a half-smile quirks on his lips. What a good guy. Like genuinely good. And he's stuck with my useless butt. « You're going dark again mate. No more feeling sorry remember, moving forward, doing things differently, that's what's going to get you off restrictions man, not wallowing. » The blond man's eyes unfocus briefly before he sighs and pulls another card from the deck before placing it in the array in front of him. When he sees Th'res scan the room, he lifts his hand to catch his attention and wave him over, hopefully he can see him there, all the way in the back corner.

People watching is one of Th'res's favorite past times, so it takes a moment but he sees the brownrider all alone and waving him over. He lifts his hand in acknowledgement while he waits for his items at the bar. There is a few ladies that give the wingsecond a good once over in his new black leathers, though the giggles take them over when he catches them looking and his ears turn pink with a blush. But he tries to play it cool or at least he thinks so as The blue dragon attached to his mind has found a new game to play, he is stalking a larger dragon intent on jumping on it and sharing the mud. Because sharing is caring right…RIGHT!

F'kan isn't able to help chuckling a little bit as he watches his Wingsecond blush at the looks he is getting from the ladies, and he shakes his head slightly before turning over another card while he waits for the bluerider to make his way to the back table.

Thankfully the food does come before some of the bolder girls decide to see how far the red blush goes.. Th'res makes his way quickly over to sit with the brown rider saying "Thanks for the invite." He glances down at the game as he has his grilled steak sandwich in front of him saying "You play anything else besides with your self?" Jedameth on the other hand is now well covered in mud as he glides quietly up to a ledge of an unsuspecting dragon, the problem is with his blue hide as well as him playing his own 'sneaky theme' music loudly he is rather easy to spot.

"No worries. You sure you don't want to see if one of those young ladies want company instead?" F'kan says with roguish smile, half teasing, nodding his head in the direction of the giggling girls, some that are still looking appreciatively at the bluerider. The brownrider chuckles again as he flips over another card and answers Th'res' question, "I play Dragon Poker but not well. This is just really so I can pretend I don't mind sitting over here in the corner instead of being giggled at by pretty girls." His tone is easy though, as if he is accepting of his current fate.

Th'res raises an eyebrow and doesn't look a the females at all well maybe a quick glance but then is back to the sandwich. He shakes his head saying "No I am good, and really it is probably just the knot. Ever since I got it I always feel like I am being watched and gawked at.." He takes a bite of his sandwich giving it a good chew before swallowing and adds "I have learned that people who say they are bad at dragon poker usually are the opposite.." probably because he uses that line himself ALOT. The blue, has found his target as he glides down still humming his 'sneaky theme', once he directly over the ledge of the brown dragon he rolls and then flares his wings sheding what mud is still left on him all over the ledge hoping to get the older dragons attention. « Hi Quaverilth, tag your IT!!! »

Rolling his eyes with exageration, F'kan groans and shakes his head sadly, "You hurt me mate, truly. It's not the knot, ok maybe a little bit, ladies love riders, not to mention ones with rank. But really? Each one of those girls thought your blush absolutely adorable and are even now thinking of ways to make you do it again." the brownrider says with absolute certainty. "Why on Pern, would you rather eat with my sour ass than be surrounded by lovelies?" He shakes his head in mock disapointment. As for the Dragon Poker comment, F'kan shakes his head, "No, I am really bad." Or is he?" Quaverilth had the foresight to move into the weyr proper when he heard the sneaky theme song, but he peeks his head out after the blue calls out to him, « So you're cleaning that up right? » the brown replies, his mind-lake misting over as the rain starts to drizzle. « I was going to sleep out there tonight y'know? » He's not trying to be harsh, but he's rather fastidious about his ledge.

Th'res shrugs and grins teasingly "well I think it would be wrong of me to go and pick up women when you are off the market as they say." but he gives a shy shrug saying "besides, not like I have any experience with that stuff ya know." Jedameth takes this moment to pop into the conversation saying « TH'res where is the bucket.. oh there it is. HI F'kan!! DOn't mind the mess!! Oh and don't forget that female you like to stare at will be off work in a little while Th'res..» The intrusion causes the blues rider to turn a shade of red that women could used as a good lipstick color.

"Well you should have said something if you have a steady. I know you well enough to know you'd never stray. Such a shame though, the ladies seem to really like you." F'kan says almost wistfully as he takes another sip of his ale. Then as Jedameth's voice can be heard, he shakes his head a bit with a chuckle, "Oh it's not me the one your blue should be worried about upsetting. Quav is very particular about his space." Then he chuckles at the blue dragon's last, "So where does she work then? Cause now you gotta share." Yeah, it's in the Bro Code…isn't it? Well if it isn't, it should be.

Th'res clears his throat as he looks about and says lowly so only the two can hear "She is an apprentice, soo right now it is best we just be seen as friends. And I don't know if she really likes me that way anyway.." shrugging his shoulders he looks back down and slides over half his sandwich towards F'kan picking up the conversation again "But no I have no steady. Much to D'ex's chagrin it seems. But then in this instance you are far more versed in the matters of the opposite sex than I am." Jedameth returns to the scene of the crime, the rain helping as it keeps the mud from drying. And he has a bucket, which really is a washing tub that you can fit one red headed wingsecond in, full to the brim as he turns and dumps in onto the ledge before dropping down and swishing the harder stuff off with his tail. « Like this? »

F'kan tilts his head to one side, eyes narrowing as a look of pure bafflement comes over his face as he holds up a hand, "Wait a second. The girl's an apprentice, hence off limits, so you are just 'friends' for the moment, and you aren't even sure she likes you in that way?" He shakes his head in total wonderment, "So you have a crush? You know that doesn't count as being 'off the market' right?" Quaverilth is busy watching the blue rinse his ledge off with a critical eye as a faintly misty-mind lake swirls to accompany his words. « You missed a spot, over there by your tail. » he says helpfully.

M'noq doesn't drink. That's a factoid that's well known around Southern Weyr. But he isn't totally unknown atthe Tipsy Kitten, since he tends to come in on occasion to check on his riders, or even just for a cold, non-alcoholic drink. Today, though, he isn't actually looking for any Lynx riders. He walks past the tables to the bar, to have a little chat with the bartender. Some marks change hands, and then the bartender disappears for a moment into the back room. M'noq turns and leans up against the bar, grabbing a book he sees lying on the bar as he waits. "'Rock Hard'…? People still leaving this kind of trash around here?" But that doesn't stop him from flipping through the book.

Seated in a back corner, F'kan shakes his head a little bit at the obviously embaressed bluerider with a shrug and looks at his glass of ale that is woefully almost dry. So swigging the last mouthful, he takes the glass up to the bar for a refill, sauntering easily, subtly eyeing the girls that seemed to have giggled so readily at the redheaded bluerider but who are conspicuously not looking at the blond-haired brownrider. Typical. When he gets to the bar, he doesn't see the tender, but he does spy his Wingleader, so he sidles over to M'noq with an "Evening Sir." punctuated by a salute.

M'noq looks up from the smutty book and nods. "Evening. I know I don't need to ask if you're behaving yourself since you're with Th'res," he says dryly, spotting the embarrassed bluerider in the corner. "Everything going all right, though? Settling in well with your new duties and training with Lynx?" Much will be the same, of course, but the focus Lynx has that's different from Ocelot means much of the training is different.

"Yeah, that one couldn't get into trouble if he tried." F'kan says with a shake of his head and an exagerated sigh, "But he's a great guy, hopefully some of that will rub off on me huh?" the brownrider says, laughing at himself easily. When asked about duties and training, he just nods his head, "Oh yeah, settling in fine, no worries there." he leans forward on the bar, resting his elbows on it. "Figure I can't do much with my free time, so I better get the most out of training and duties." Another easy jab aimed at himself with a low chuckle.

M'noq just hums at that, sounding noncommittal. He runs his thumb along the corner of the book, flipping the already dog-eared pages. "Maybe you just need a hobby. Other than chasing girls, I mean. I could teach you how to knit, if you want. Or go by the library every once in a while and read something. I'm not telling you not to work hard, but I'd hate to see you get burnt out." Lynx is a work hard, play hard, sort of wing. Or, have you found any of activities we train with to be something that you'd like to spend mroe time on?"

"I don't think I would have the patience for knitting, seems complicted." F'kan looks skeptical at that and shakes his head a little bit. "I get to the library every once in a while." he bobs his head, "I'm not burning out, and Th'res was talking about rock climbing I think, and I let him know I was interested in that, I used to climb the riggings on the fishing boats back at Black Rock." He shrugs his shoulders again, craning his neck to see where that baretender has gone.

Eventually the bartender does return, putting a dark bottle without a label next to M'noq, before going to get F'kan's beer a refill. "Oh right, we talked about that, didn't we?" M'noq says musingly. Or maybe it was in his file. "Careful with the seasons changing, though. There's a lot of places that aren't the best to try to climb as it gets colder. But if you get advice from an experienced Lynx rider, I'm sure you'll be fine." He pauses, then asks, "Your family still fish around Black Rock?"

"Yeah, I think you were there." F'kan says as he nods his thanks to the bartender and takes a swig of his ale. He quirks an eyebrow upwards at the unlabeled dark bottle, but figures it's none of his business so doesn't comment. At M'noq's last, he nods slightly, "Oh yeah, Dad's still spry as ever, out on the boat every chance he can get." He frowns a little bit, "I don't get back near as much as I should, but we keep in touch with letters."

"There are times when it's useful that we check in on the rumors floating around Black Rock," M'noq says. "Perhaps you could talk your father into passing along some of the more interesting ones, if it comes to that. Old men love to gossip, right?" And M'noq will even try to take advantage of someoen's father to get information, when necessary. He makes no comment on the bottle… surely he must have plans for it, though, because he makes no move to open it.

"Yeah, no worries Sir, I can do that no problem." F'kan looks totally amiable to that suggestion. "Although it's Ma that is the one who is up on all the latest gossip. But I'm sure they won't mind having their favorite son home for a visit to catch up on all the recent news." He runs his fingers though his shaggy blond hair with an easy smile at the other brownrider before looking back over where Th'res is sitting. "Anyway, I should get back, looks like he's at least stop blushing by now." he says, knocking off a proper salute to his Wingleader before grabbing his ale and heading back to his seat.

M'noq gives a nod, calling over to the table with him and Th'res, "Good talk. I'll let you get back to whatever was making Th'res blush." He privately thinks the bluerider could use a bit more experience in that area. He drops the book back on the bar, grabs his bottle and heads out. He has an errand to run and a favor to ask for.

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