Talya, Elonoora


Bartender and baker both end up in the Herb Garden searching for some more exotic ingredients.


It is sunset of the fourth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Herb Beds

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"It's good protein, I hear… and maybe they requested it."


Herb Beds

These carefully tended beds are a testimony to the cooperation of the Gardener with FarmCraft. In painstakingly planned and flawlessly executed beds lie herbs of every type and utility. Medicinal herbs are in greatest abundance, but herbs for the flavouring of foods and beverages, and herbs for the making of dyes, are close behind. They present a giddy kaleidescope of shape and colour, and refresh the mind with their functional and effervescent beauty.

It is the thirty-fourth day of Spring and 101 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day with a gentle wind.

The warm spring afternoon usually brings people outdoors, though usually it is by a large body of water: the lake shore, the lovely beach, even shopping on the boardwalk. Talya gets to do chores for her work apparently, meandering the herb gardens with a basic and almost looking domestic. The basic has very few herbs as it is, whether she hasn't been here long or just is being lazy (likely the latter). The young woman is leaning over a bed of mint, having plucked some already and even having one in her mouth to chew on. She's poking around the soil, however, interested in what is probably some crawling critters underneath.

Now seeing a baker in the herb garden isn't exactly uncommon, but Elonoora is straying away from those much more familiar culinary sections in her adventures in gardening today. Like Talya, the apprentice also has a basket, with a few items already tucked in. She might be heading towards the more medicinal section, but pauses when she sees someone poking around at the soil near the mint. "Doing some weeding today?" There's a friendly smile as she stops and peers over curiously.

Talya jerks her head up. She was very focused on trying to nab something in the soil when someone seems to be talking to her. She doesn't stand up, however, and instead looks from Elonoora to the ground and back again. "Sure, weeding, that's exactly what I'm doing." Except there were no weeds around her. She flicks her fingers free of some dirt and shifts her basket to be a little more hidden from the Crafter. The mint leaf moves from one side of her mouth to the other as she studies the other girl. "Picking up some supplies for the kitchens?" she asks the other, glancing in the way she seemed to have been heading with a raised brow.

Hey! No fair! Elonoora really wanted to see whatever it was that distracted her from whatever it was she actually was supposed to be doing and so as the basket is placed in between her and the other woman, she's just going to try and slide on around to get a better look at what's behind said mystery basket. She'll at least attempt to put a hand up to shield her eye from the sun as if that might be a pretext for her sudden shift. Yeah. totally the sun and not a sudden burst of curiosity. "Funny.. normally mint grows so fast, folks need to weed it out of the nearby plant beds." She points over towards the coriander right near by. As for what she was doing, she tilts her basket a bit so Talya can see inside if she wants. "Yep. Gonna try something new tomorrow." So she's got to get the supplies today. So far she's got a few inches of ginger root, some lemon grass and a few chiles.

Talya's eyes narrow just slightly at the crafter moving about. She is definitely suspicious of the other's thoughts. There's more shifting, her own legs (still in a squat) shuffling to the side to put a little more distance. But she tries not to leave the spot where she was digging. There was something /there/ that she needed apparently, and it was easy enough to see there were no unwanted weeds. "You'd be surprised just how much of this stuff they go through at the Tipsy Kitten." They. Not we. It's still not really a good fit for Talya. To try to move the suspicion away from the ground, she starts plucking more of the mint and throwing it into her basket without a care. Her dark eyes keep glancing down to the ground, but finally their attention seems to snag on the other's basket. She lifts her chin up and looks into it. "What kinda stuff would that make?"

Elonoora's eyes narrow a little bit as she does seem to notice the suspicious lack of a weed pile near the supposed weeding site. But then she's distracted yet again by the mention of the Kitten using a lot of mint and she tilts her head slightly as if thinking. "Huh… I know juleps are supposedly popular, especially in hot weather. And mojitos… and some of the vintners use mint in making liquors. What else is it used for?" Cause it doesn't hurt to know, if even she won't be drinking any said drinks (at least not publicly!) until she finally manages to snag that promotion. And then she abruptly straightens up as a question is asked about her own contents. "Well, hopefully cookies."

"Mojitos and … lemonade… stuff…" Talya seems to trail off as she tries to tell the other girl what other drinks may contain mint. "Or whatever the customer wants. You'd be surprised what they want us to throw together sometimes!" She flaps a dirty hand at Elonoora. "Shit, I may actually know what I'm doing if I actually knew what the specific drinks are that need the stuff. I guess that's why they have me out in this bloodydamn heat picking leaves." She wipes said dirty hand she was just waving around across her sweaty forehead, smearing a bit there but looking unconcerned about it. "It would be a lot easier working there if everyone just drank the same cheap shit I always did." She shifts a little more, eyes caught by something on the ground suddenly. Her basket comes down slowly, hiding, even as she tries to distract the other girl by continuing on with the conversation. "Uh huh, cookies… Wait, cookies?" Her eyes snap from ground to basket. "Chile cookies? That sounds… um, appetizing."

"You know there's a whole slew of recipe books in the archives, right?" Elonoora still hasn't given up her desire to try and see what's behind the basket, even as she's raising a dubious eyebrow at the other woman. And since Talya's crouching down and Noora is standing up… the apprentice is just going to stand up on her tippy toes to try and peer past the confounding basket that's been used to block her view. Good thing she's got a long skirt on so hopefully it isn't as noticeable as it could be. She does drop back down when conversation returns to her own project, blushing slightly. "It's not as crazy as it sounds!" Her arms even cross as she immediately goes on the defensive. "You mix the chiles with some klah. And not a lot of the spice… just a hint. For a kick."

Talya snorts at the very idea of going to the archives for recipes. "If I cared enough I'd go looking," she says in regards to her job. "Though books can't teach you as well as watching someone do it or being told how. Still, only reason I'd go to the archives is to find more of those… intriguing stories." She looks up briefly to waggly her eyebrows at the other girl. The gesture is there in case Elonoora knew what sort of books Talya was talking about. Finally, from the corner of her eye, the young woman sees something. "There you are!" Her hand snaps out and catches what had moved up in the soil. She stands upright, bringing her loosely clenched fist and her basket with her. She shakes out her short legs and looks the other girl up and down, as if it would help understand what the girl thinks she is trying to accomplish. "I mean, aren't cookies supposed to be /sweet/? Klah can be bitter, though klah cookies with sugar don't sound too bad. But then you get into the spice and…" She makes a face at the thought of it.

Elonoora might know exactly what books are being talked about, but she is distracted from that topic at the moment and lets out a slightly pained sigh as it seems the other girl has a very narrow view on what use recipe books are. "Techniques are best taught with a hands on demonstrating…" She will concede that point, "But once you know the basic techniques, the recipes are great for new ideas! I mean, if people only relied on trying stuff someone else had actually shown them, think how few new things we'd get to try!" From her tone, it'd be depressingly few as far as this baker is concerned. Her eyes widen as the Talya suddenly reaches out for whatever it was that she was after and Elonoora takes a step back. "Is that a—" and then she stops because frankly, she still has no clue what it is and is really just hoping if she asks enough questions, the blanks will get filled in. She does eyeroll at the cookie question though. "Yes, cookies are usually sweet, but if you add more stuff in, you can get a more interesting flavor profile! And the spice can be good for a bit of the unexpected! It's exciting!"

"It all still sounds like gibberish since I have none of the techniques," Talya points out regarding the recipe books. "I mostly just mucked up messes in the kitchens when I worked there than actual cooking… stuff. And is pooring alcohol into a glass really a technique?" Considering most drink recipes probably just instructed a person on what to poor in said glass. Talya still probably didn't understand the concepts or cared to, for the most part (it would mean she had more /skills/ to be useful at the bar). "Is this a…?" Talya returns right back to the other girl with a grin starting to form. She looks at her cupped hand, then back up to the girl. "Were you wondering what ingredient I was digging up for the Kitten? Just a little something here… Wanna peek?" She reaches out her arm, hand still closed, but making a motion for the other girl to look closer. Not that she is opening her hand yet. "Unexpected and exciting usually leads to throwing up and being sick… When do you think you'll have these cookies made by?"

"Well… you can have stirring, shaking, muddling, straining, layering…" Elonoora is just going to start listing this off on her fingers as if she's actually counting. Look, a whole hands worth of techniques! "Oh, and flaming!" thumb held up excitedly for idea number six, if anyone is actually brave enough to make (or order) a flaming shot in Southern's bar. She also just shakes her head at the idea of exciting usually equally sick. "I think you might be biased considering you work at a bar…" Throwing up is much more of a hazard when alcohol is involved after all. And yes, yes she is totally still interested in knowing what is over there that's probably not weed and definitely not mint. She should probably be a little bit more cautious, but she's not. Nope. There's an excited head bobble as she leans in closer. "Sure!" she wants a peek.

Talya's mouth slightly drops open as the other woman goes on. "You wanna be a bartender? I have a feeling there may be an opening soon." She makes a vague motion over herself with the free hand, having moved the basket to the crook of her elbow. "And I'm defintiely biased. Do you have any idea just how much sick I have to wipe off tables, the counters, and the floor when I have a night shift? I never was picky 'bout my own food but there after a usual night working there isn't anything that sounds appetizing, especially not chile cookies." She shudders at the thought. "I ain't going to knock them completely, though. I'm certain they are good for some people." Probably not Talya. When it comes to her hand, however, she leans forward as well to lower her voice. "A special ingredient for a special customer of mine," she says in a mock whisper, as if there was anyone else near them. And when poor Elonoora has leaned in, she finally moves her hand up just a bit more to the other's face and opens her hand up enough to reveal…. a really /really/ fat bug. Her hand jumps, making the thing fly up briefly towards the other's face but still caught back in Talya's hand (fat but can still probably run away).

Elonoora laughs at the offer to be a bartender and gives a glance down to her own bakers knot. "If I wanted to be a bartender, I'd have joined the vintners, not the bakers." She's happy where she's at and that's just further solidified as her face grows a bit pale as Talya goes on about just how much vomit she has to deal with. This apprentice is busy shaking her head like all NOOOOOOOPE. She does not want to deal with any of that. But she is still very curious about the special ingredient, eyes widening a little bit as the hands open to reveal the prize and when Talya make the bug fly up towards her well… the reaction is only reasonable. "EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!" It's not quiet an ear shattering screech, but it's pretty close as the apprentice girl runs backwards, arms windmilling about as if there's a chance the bug really did escape and is still after her face.

It isn't like Talya likes the vomit either, but she definitely doesn't have as much of a choice in it as the baker does. Still, she seems to be amused at the other girl's paling face, grinning at the thought of something disgusting the other. If it wasn't already for the bug scare, she probably would have continued on that sick topic of conversation. Instead, the reaction is exactly what Talya was hoping for. She cackles loudly and madly, bringing her cupped hand back in as the fat bug finds itself trapped once again. The thing isn't going to find freedom any time soon but at least she hasn't squished it. "That was way too obvious!" She manages to get out, laughing even harder. "I cannot believe someone actually fell for that." Cackle cackle, snicker. "It ain't on you, really," she says at last, in case the poor girl has a heart attack and Tal has to clean up the mess.

Betrayal is telegraphed clearly in the stern glare Elonoora is sending Talya's way as she pulls herself together with a 'huff'. "I thought playing with bugs was just something little boys did!" Although seeing as how many siblings she has, she should know that playing with bugs and practical jokes aren't necessarily something folks outgrow. She furrows her eyes once more as she looks at Talya again. "You said that was for a customer? So you're going to do what… put it in their drink?" Oh, the possible sacrilege of messing with someone's food or drink!

"If it can still scare someone as old as you, I don't think I'll ever stop playing with them," Talya says back at the girl, still cackling. She pinches the bug in between her fingers, lifting it out of her hand and giving it a study. "Mostly, the thing escaped me and I wanted to grab it. What has this thing been /eating/, right?" She shakes the thing at the other girl. There's a big wide toothy grin to Elonoora when the other seems to get exactly what Talya is intending to do. Instead she tries to say as innocently as possible, "It's good protein, I hear… and maybe they requested it." Probably not the best person to be admitting her plan to. She digs in her pocket for something to put the bug in, then the basket. "You have anything I can wrap him up in? Keep him safe?" She needed the thing alive, or maybe she was actually too kind to squish the thing (not likely). Her brown eyes go wide at the other girl, trying for a pleading look.

And guess who isn't getting onto Elonoora's Turn's End cookie list? If you guess Talya, you're probably right. The baker is still taking a few more steps back as the other girl keeps playing with that bug, shaking her head the whole time. "Who cares what it's been eating?" As long as it wasn't the plants, cause then the gardeners would care. And possibly Elonoora herself, but not at the moment. When Talya practically confesses the plan, she gives an eyeroll. "I guess you're right about there soon to be another bartender." She mutters. Not that the girl would actually tattle on her. She just can't seem to comprehend a world where someone willfully contaminating food would still be allowed to continue serving said food. Food is sacred! That pleading look is answered with a raised eyebrow, like seriously? Did she really just ask this? "No.. I don't normally keep bug wrapping stuff on me."

Talya may just be sad to learn she won't be getting cookies, unless they were the cookies with the chiles in it. Having already shared her opinion on those for the most part. She's completely focused on the creature in her hands, bringing it up to her face and squeezing just a little bit. Squishy bug… The poor thing's legs are going crazy, but Talya has no intention of letting the thing go. "You know, people probably eat these things all the time. Wildlings or just anyone that are starving. I bet they bring interesting flavors to dishes, and you seem to like experimenting…" Her dark eyes move away from the bug and back towards Elonoora with a smirk. Not that she was going to give this fat one away. She sighs finally and cups the creature back into her hand, then shoves it into her pocket. Hopefully that's enough to hold it in. Maybe there's a napkin in there to stuff it and keep it trapped. She then brings her hand back out and shows it to the girl. Empty. "Trust me, it'll find a good home. A well deserving home."

"No." Elonoora is going to stand very firm on her stance of bugs in the kitchen and it is simply that one word. No. Uh-huh. Ain't ever gonna happen on her watch at least. She'll also take another halfstep back and grimace a bit as Talya willingly brings the bug closer to her own face. It's like an impending shipwreck that Elonoora just can't look away from, even though she finds it horrifying. As for the assurance that it'll find a good home, she doesn't seem to assured. "Remind me to never eat at the kitten once I get my knot." Journeyman's knot, clearly since she still has her other one on her shoulder.

Talya gave it a try and she won't push it anymore. She will likely be doing enough experimenting for the two of them anyway. "What's the strangest thing you've ever had to eat?" She asks instead, eyeing the baker up and down. "I mean, you've had to have tried some /really/ weird things even if you mostly focus on the baking." Her eyes drop back to the ground, shuffling the soil around as if trying to scare up some more bugs. Finding nothing to interest her there, she plucks another leaf of mint and sticks it into her mouth to chew on thoughtfully (with that same hand that was holding the bug, if Elonoora is paying that kind of particular attention). "And you don't have to worry 'bout that. The food and drink at the Kitten is usually good. So long as you don't go grabbing me or others inappropriately, there won't be any bugs found in your food."

Elonoora taps a finger against her cheek as she seriously considers that question. It takes a moment of humming before she has an answer. "Have you ever heard of an aspic?" Not really waiting for an answer cause she's going to assume the answer is no, she'll breeze right on through. "You make this sort of jelly out of bones and then use it to surround something else. In this case… an entire fish. That was stuffed with more stuff but I can't remember right at the moment. All I remember is the face of the fish going like this," And she actually does a pretty good impression of an opened mouth fish, "And the little wobble it would give when you touch it." And that memory gets a shudder. Guess aspic is also on the DO NOT ATTEMPT list. And she tilts her head at the mention of why the bug is doomed to be put in someone else's food. "Don't you have like, a boss that can deal with that?"

Talya wants to laugh at her face that she makes. She really does. But when it comes from describing a pretty sickening dish (in Talya's mind), it's hard to laugh at that. Instead, her nose scrunches and she looks appropriately disgusted. "People /eat/ stuff like that? Willingly?" Her face softens out and she shakes it off. "I mean, I like to think that I'd give everything a try first, but when you describe it like that and it just wiggling… Nah, hopefully not anytime soon." She starts to move, finally, away from the mint and towards some other herbs. May as well go back to doing what she was supposed to be doing. She gives a shrug back at Elonoora. "I'd rather deal with difficult people myself. He ain't bothering /me/ anymore. They've finally learned better after what I've done to them…" And she still works there. The boss either turns a blind eye or Talya is likely on her last warning or so (the latter being more likely).

Elonoora just shrugs at the question of if people actually eat the stuff. "I mean, I think it was more of a show piece than actually something to eat because it tastes good." At least, that was the leading theory among the apprentices at the time that ended up tasting one of the test pieces. "I think it was supposed to go for a big Gather feast for Lord Tillek or something." At least, that sounds about right. Crazy fish dish for the hold with the fish hall… Elonoora does nod her head as she listens to Talya's stance on 'difficult people'. "Well, I guess that's one way to do it. But, I better go find that licorice before it gets too dark." Because she still has more weird ingredients to find. Hopefully they're not all going into a SINGLE batch of cookies. She'll give a little wave as she heads over to wherever it is the healers keep that licorice root.

"That Gather must have been the worst," Talya states with a nod. Nothing will sway her, that was probably the worst feast and party that was likely ever held in the history of Pern. And yet she still was likely to try that thing if given the chance (and be sick later). "Here's hoping Chubs here is the final solution." She gives the pocket a pat where (hopefully) the bug is still stashed away. She turns to look at Elonoora, giving her a raised brow at the next ingredient. Nope. Not going to question all those together now! There's definitely a look to her eyes as she watches the other girl that suggests she thinks the girl is mental if so. "If you find any bugs in there, give a shriek and I'll come running!" Talya gives a finger wave to the other girl as she meanders over to the other end, halfheartedly plucking a few more things before she heads back to her actual duties with her new fat prize.

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