A'lira, Divale, Vosji, Silounas, Eala, Ilarios, Doji, G'tan, Zaria, Ca'elian, Rafevahn


Igen finally gets to the root of the odd noises coming out of the desert.


Deadman's Trench, Igen Desert

OOC Date 13 May 2018 05:00


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Deadman's Trench

Often a stopping point for more adventurous trader caravans - and sometimes a hideout for renegades and criminals along the road - Deadman's Trench is a narrow canyon oasis on the cusp of the savannah and desert. Erosion and time have driven a deep scar into the sandstone bluffs here. Thin, gravelly trails and roads just wide enough for wagons are the only points of entry or exit, switching back and forth along the rusty walls before finally giving way to the flat, sandy floor of the canyon. Small trees and bushes flourish along a trickling creek, and many a creature that refuses to face the scorching desert just beyond calls this stony hideaway home. A worthwhile retreat to be sought…should a soul be daring enough to brave the potential dangers of this easily missed locale.

It begins with a roiling rumble, tumbles into a deep, mournful groaning and a crescendo of a crackling shriek. Silence then ensues, as heavy and thick as a summer storm. Where is that coming from? Folk gather along the Deadmans Trench, looking about, muttering at each other. Dragons peer, bright eyes adding to the eerie atmosphere.

The reports that the night is dark and full of terrors have been rolling in for the past couple sevens. Eventually, enough is enough and before a perfect storm of curiosity can break into something uncontrollable, Weyr Leadership agreed anybody interested should go out this night for a concerted effort. Folks are spread out throughout the desert. None alone, for everybody needs at least another eye or ear witness to corraborate whatever they might find. Along some of the hotspots of activity, large groups gather together. A certain behemoth brown has staked out a place on the deadman's trench and Doji is perched on his foreleg, sheltered somewhat from the wind as she consults a map with the help of a handy-dandy glowbasket she brought along.

Parhelion isn't here in force, because off of the Weyr grounds isn't technically their territory. Still, a number of guards have been recruited to ensure the safety of those investigating on foot, and several Parhelion riders have chosen to join them. Some others accompany the sweeps in the skies, preferring aerial surveillance to the potentially more dangerous ground cover. Eala is among those traveling on foot, her blonde hair piled atop her head and swept safely out of her vision. She lingers near some of the newer guard recruits who have been drafted into this search, keeping a critical eye on their performance. Despite the mysterious sounds which echo in this aptly-named place, the greenrider seems largely unconcerned — they are, after all, a large enough force to take on whatever awaits them.

Normally this wouldn't be an appropriate activity for the Weyrlingmaster, whose time is officially best spent elsewhere, but — it is a very specifically appropriate activity for her dragon. Iskanzivoth insists on knowing the source of this mystery for himself, and Vosji hasn't been able to talk him down from that. There are also a few very determined weyrlings with her; she's not going to let them go out without her doing the same. So between those two votes: Vosji is here, whether she likes it or not. Iskanzivoth likes it, and the young dragons at his flank, well, they seem pretty eager too.

And also choosing to ghost along on foot is Divale, whose presence here is split directly in half. Half to lend aid and the other for personal interest and curiosity. With only some of the mystery solved, the potential of discovery tonight was too good too pass up. She will follow the rest of the group, only a few steps behind the Guards and Eala. Her dark gaze is alert and wary, despite any misgivings she may have. Lukoith is no doubt either circling above elsewhere or perched nearby, hunkered down and waiting in brooding silence..

Who actually needs a reason to be out exploring the creepy, scary noises? Dare or bet or just to be 'helpful', whatever the actual reason is, Silounas managed to hitch a ride on out to join the forces out for investigation. The recently promoted guardsman actually seems to spend more time surly eyeing those new guards recruits than scanning the trench before them. "Are we really having to scrape trash off the gutter now to fill out the ranks?"

Ilarios happens to be one of those people on foot. This area isn't an unfamiliar one to him, being as he has traveled it many a time with the Zingari caravans as they come and go. A sword belt is strapped about his waist, the well cared for blade resting in it's scabbard. He might be unsure of what exactly the sound is but he's here to find out. He isn't in the center of a group but on the edges of one of the larger one, keeping an ear out for any smaller sounds that might be missed between people and giant moanings.

In the scrappy young guards department, trailing behind those Parhelions on foot and amongst the guard troupe is the youngest of the full guards: Rafevahn, hanging behind those he trusts including most likely his older brother. Shaggy hair is falling into his face, maybe, sure, but he's definitely on point and paying attention. A dark green firelizard takes off from his shoulder, joining the aerial pursuit. Though his step may be a little uneven, his footfalls smaller and shorter together than many of the more experienced Guard, he's most certainly paying attention. Especially to his brother's most recent jive, and though he knows he's graduated out of the recruits, he can't help but pipe up, "That how you feel about me now, man?"

Naturally, Sirocco's aptly represented by a smattering of riders not currently on sweeps elsewhere; leading that small contigent on foot is A'lira, keeping a weather eye on some of the more… eager riders among them, trying to keep the worst of them from doing something stupidly 'heroic' — like breaking a leg or something. Since the weather explanation hadn't really panned out, the man's determined to find out if there might be other explanations, as the reports seemed to be all over the place.

Tuanhjaliteth is definitely here for this. The roguish bronze is among those eager weyrlings prepared to charge headlong into danger, for all that he issues a grumbling, « I've got a bad feeling about this… » there's no question that he is the mastermind behind the appearance of the bronze weyrling pair on this evening. Ca'elian looks as though he'd rather be literally anywhere else. It's not that he's afraid, of course, but he's not a man to go seeking out trouble unnecessarily.

Arroyo is here in force, being a wing that has traditionally done a lot of work out side the Weyr. Zaria, astride Azrith, is coordinating the sweeps in the air, making sure that her wingriders know to pair up and report anything to her through her blue. Seeing those gathering, she gives the command to join them as the large blue circles lazily before landing. Slipping from his neck, Zaria pulls off her riding goggles and runs a hand through her ginger hair. She takes a moment to see who is here.

A bit delayed, but canyons can play weird things with accoustics, Doji does look up from her maps as the groaning slowly builds. "That's… that's surely some over excited weyrlings rumbling, right?" That's more directed to Vosji and her smattering of weyrlings, but the brownrider winces as the rumbling turns to a shriek. "Don't think a dragon has ever made that sound."

"I think we'll take a low flight approach," Vosji informs — everyone who looks as if they're in a position of authority here, along with her team of weyrlings. Iskanzivoth's fluid, « Same, » is for Tuanhjaliteth, but bad feelings about things make him eager, and there's excitement in all of his cogs and gears. "Keep the weyrlings near to the ground but in the air, with some of the rest of you higher up; there's no point in keeping large numbers of dragons on the ground." This isn't a knock at all to the Wingleadership and riders who are on the ground. Their dragons are doing things in the air. She just doesn't want to keep the eager young pups where they could knock something over or into people, "That way we're more likely to notice anything large or producing light — " Doji's comment gets a wry, "Could be — " and then she's cut off again. "No. I don't think they have."

Eala's gaze shutters toward those guards engaged in more insulting conversation, a warning on the tip of her tongue — but she bites it back, at least for now. "Fan out," she instructs of the guard force. "If you're uncertain of yourself or your abilities, stay near someone who knows what they're doing. I don't want anyone too far from the group, so if you see others wandering, direct them back." Her gaze lands upon Silounas pointedly. "Politely."

"Don't think he's capable of that," Rafevahn, again, this time to Eala, "Ma'am."

From the opposite end of the Trench, another rumble, deeper than the last, and an echo of rock tumbling down, down, down. What was that chittering? Was it above the head, or off to the side? And are those voices wailing, echoing from the far left, or the closer right? Or, perhaps, behind the group?

Silounas gives a snort to Rafe's question and a brief elbow directed towards his ribs. "You know what I mean. I mean, I'm not imagining things, right? You've seen 'em." His head tilts towards some of the older and rougher looking new recruits. Not the usual fresh face weyrbrats that hadn't managed to Impress and needed to find something else to do with their time that seems to may or may not usually make up half the recruits at any given time. And as if to show his brother wrong, towards Eala's orders, the guardsman gives a technically correct salute, although maybe the formality of it out of place. "Yes, ma'am." And then in a loud whisper to the younger trainee. "You're with me."

Divale chuckles darkly under her breath for the exchanges among the Guards but remains largely silent in her shadowing. Her gaze darts to Eala when the greenrider begins laying down orders, but anything she meant to add is cut off by the sounds echoing. Tilting her head, she listens until they momentarily fade. Brows furrowing, her grim expression yields little to her inner thoughts. "… seems almost too well timed." she remarks dryly and to no one in particular. Now, the sound of rock falling? THAT is a concern and instantly the brownrider bristles as she looks upwards. "Damned acoustics! It's making a mess of trying to pinpoint anything!" She'll pitch her voice if she has to, to be heard over any new wailings or eerie sounds.

Ilarios is not himself overly familiar with many of those near him in the ground group. He seems to have ended up near the Weyr Guards but there's a big difference between them and him, irregardless that they share a Guard in their title. His attention shifts towards the other end of the Trench, head cocking as he hears the telltale tumble of rocks. "Ware the walls, sounds like there could be a slide in the offing." is said gruffly as a cautionary tidbit of information.

Zaria spies A'lira in the throng and with a mental note back to Azrith that he should continue his low sweeps with the rest of the wing while she figures out what's what down here. With a rumble, the indigo blue takes off with a sweep of his swirled wings. Walking over to the brownrider, she is just about to wave at him when the sounds come again. Freezing, she tilts her head, turning slightly to try and get a sense of which direction it is coming from. A frustrated shake of her head when she can't seem to pinpoint any one sound. With a sigh, she'll continue her striding over to A'lira, "Wingsecond," she offers with a little salute, "Any chance this is still some weather phenomena?"

He may be a major back-talker, but Rafevahn can follow orders, and so he falls in with Silounas' group appropriately somberly. "Wise, let's not die," he offers in a whisper back to Ilarios' observation. No, this man isn't actually one of them, but he looks like he knows what he's doing well enough that Rafe can talk to him. Quietly. Politely.

Ca'elian's expression of distaste deepens into open dislike as those strange shrieking, wailing noises continue. There will be a lengthy discussion about things they should and should not volunteer themselves for in the future, but for now it's too late to turn back. They're in the thick of it. "Yes, ma'am," is uttered to Vosji, a hint of relief for her command. Too many bodies down here, and not enough light for him to feel secure about Tuanhjaliteth's presence.

Doji grumbles as she shields her glow basket and tries to get her eyes re-accustomed to the darkness. "The chitterings been reported moving this way from the west. Rock rumblings have been in all the canyons, though hard to judge if there were any actual new falls or just left over from the fall sandstorms." She shrugs. "I wish we had brought a watchwher or three…" But she's double checking her own straps before climbing back onto Raktraeth's back.

That most recent chilling sound, along with the noise of rocks falling, is enough to get Iskanzivoth to stop mentally playing around and snap into position, Vosji looking to each weyrling in turn and then giving a hand signal — sure, they can hear her, but why not also make this formations and flight practice, especially if they ever have to do anything in the dark again? — and allowing her dragon to order the weyrlings more directly, « Up and away, stay to my right, Route formation. » As soon as he's sure they're paying attention, and none of the humans are standing too close, off he goes. Leading his gosli— weyrlings behind him. Or to his right.

"Anyone not capable of treating other people with basic respect can expect to see themselves removed from active guard duty and given some private lessons from the Harpers on manners," is Eala's reply, accompanied by a challenging lift to her brow. When it seems that Silounas is not, in fact, the hopeless heathen that his brother would paint him as, she gives the pair a brief nod before turning her attention back to those unsettling noises echoing around the trench. "Let's get Oriahysciath and Lukoith on opposite sides up above." It's not ideal, given their compromised vision in the darkness, but surely the dragons will spot something if there's activity above them. "If there's a rockslide, someone should be able to see it."

Squint. Oh, how A'lira wishes it were; then they wouldn't be out here in the dark, stumbling about and possibly kicking up random bandits or whatever. "Wingleader." He greets Zaria quietly, settling his stride to match hers before twisting about to try and find the source of those echoing… whatever they were. Voices, random animals, whatever. "No. We're certain as we can be, nothin' in what we monitored would explain anythin' other than the wailing, if that." He runs a hand over his head, adjusting his glowbasket to play over the trail ahead. Meanwhile, Kyprioth joins the rest of the aerial scouts, searching as best he can with nose and eyes. Not much to see, as a dragon, but the brown shall do his best.

Ilarios's glance takes in Rafevahn at his return comment and he nods in the others direction. "Could be one of the switchbacks didn't survive the sandstorms this season." is offered lowly as he scans the area around him as they search. Then he lapses into silence once again, keeping his steps as soft and undisturbing of the area as possible. Easier to listen for other sounds that don't belong.

Once Silounas is clear that his back is fully towards Eala, he'll give a very exaggerated eyeroll mostly for his brother's sake, but certainly visible to Ilarios as well. But orders are orders and he'll go back to mostly toeing the line for now. And while they're walking further into the trench, he notices the newcomer's knot. "So, you're one of those traders, huh? Spend much time in this area? Any particularly treacherous parts we should be worried about?" Cause he's shuddering a bit as he hears more rumbling and glancing up uneasily to the rim above them.

Divale turns her head and dips it slightly in a respectful nod to Eala. It's a cue as well, to let her know that she heard the order. Already the command is being relayed, leaving her momentarily distracted by multitasking. Lukoith will stir from where he'd settled, rumbling in a low, deep throated growl that is moderately protesting; he'll obey, however and takes to the skies to settle into position. Despite the limitations, the brown will keep a focused 'watch' for anything that may be picked up and worth the merit of notifying those in the trench below.

"That's unfortunate," Zaria hums thoughtfully, a small frown on her ginger brows. "You mind if I tag along with you? I didn't think to bring my own glowbasket." she admits quietly as her eyes roam over the dark trench, squinting into the darkest recesses. "We could still be dealing with different sources although it seems highly unlikely since the sounds seem to happen simultaneously." It's probably obvious, but Zaria is just thinking out loud at this point and A'lira is just a convenient sounding board.

Tuanhjaliteth appears less than pleased to be taken out of the thick of things, but although there might be a bit of mental grousing and grumbling, the bronze does follow Iskanzivoth to the skies. There's a near miss when a blue's wing grazes his, but despite that moment of jostling for airspace, they settle into formation with little incident. Ca'elian, however, can be heard growling amidst the other unsettling noises of the night.

Ilarios might have seen the eye roll, or he might not have. However he's ignoring it if he did. Silounas gets the same sort of nod that his brother did. "Make sure your footing is secure if you go up any of the switchbacks, even on level ground there's liable to be the occasional ankle breaker." which is likely why he tends to have shuffling stride to his steps right now, gives him time to jerk a foot back if it hits air.

As those on foot head further into the middle of the canyon (to better avoid possible falling rocks!), they better be careful of the stream trickling through or they'll end up with wet boots! The chittering gets louder closer to the water and sometimes rises to a bit of a buzzing. A few unfortunate souls even start to flinch as if pelted with something and begin swatting. "What was that?" "A vtol?" "Ain't never seen no vtol that big!" They especially love anybody with a glow basket.

"We gotta stop meeting like this." A'lira manages a tease, though he's a bit unnerved by the creepiness of the night and the possibilities implied — good and bad. "Hmm. Different living sources at once?" He ventures, all too willing to have another to share his theories with. "We might as well share this one." The glowbasket, that is. And then he'll swat at a particularly large bug that tries to land on the basket. "What the actual…" He wrinkles his nose in disgust, barely managing to avoid getting his boots wet.

G'tan is here, ears pricked and eyes as adjusted to the dark as they're going to get. They aren't bad eyes, thankfully. This whole thing is much better than trying to figure things out with Doji in full daylight. At least, he's having more fun with it. Where is his brownriding wingmate, anyway? He keeps an eye and ear out for her as he goes along. Zinakoth prowls the edges of the trench above, surprisingly quietly for his size and bulk. He's mostly watching over anyone higher up, just in case some missed footing happens. G'tan follows the little stream once he's in beyond the mouth of the trench, peering ahead to identify the guards and other riders beyond him. The flinching and complaining about viols has the bronzerider stepping more warily. Bugs in the winter? Something is very off here!

A little more shrieking and chittering in the distance has the weyrling wing heading in that direction: no, there wasn't any light produced — or was there? one young brown is INSISTING that he saw GLOWING EYES — and swears they were eyes and not actually glowbaskets — but the sound is easy enough for a group of young dragons and one excitable, adventure-fueled older one to trace. Iskanzivoth occasionally has to help redirect those potential small collisions, but everyone's maintaining formation and keeping touch with the other dragons so that those on the ground know where they are. Going in a direction that the dragons are all pumped up about going, even if some of the humans are a little wary.

That brownriding wingmate is now finally taking to the skies. Doji'll be trailing low behind the weyrling formation, possibly keeping an eye out more for potential semi-serious weyrling collisions than looking for danger. At least she's outside of possible rock falling area and the medic kit is fully stocked. Raktraeth might not be the absolute youngest dragon around, but he's still plenty young enough to be excitable. From the darkened forests of his mind, eyes glint out of tree hollows and root burrows. « Totally glowing eyes. They should look for a rocky cave! I bet they've heard us and ran there! »

"Here's hoping we actually find out what's going on so we won't have to keep meeting like this." Zaria quips back as her eyes follow the light from the glowbasket and sweeps her gaze back and forth. At the appearance of the insect A'lira swats at, she looks over at him to see what is up and completely misses the fact there's a stream there. With a silent curse, she pulls her wet boot from the water and watches her steps a little more. "Did you get a look at it? It was too big for a vtol," she remarks as she sees another going for the glow basket and swats it away.

"Ankle biters, huh?" Silounas might not be the brightest (as proven by not always knowing when to keep his mouth shut), but he's smart enough to try to pick up Ilarios's shuffling pace. Twisted ankle is not something he's keen to encounter tonight, although new walk is quickly forgotten once he has to start swatting at one of those monster bugs that flies into his face. "Shards!" He did at least get it. And while it's mostly squished, enough pieces are clear on the dead one that it was at least three inches long. "Where in Farnath's name could these all be coming from?"

Oriahysciath isn't having much luck from the skies, and the green's irritable mood seems to be passed on to her rider in turn. Eala begins to show the first signs of agitation in the tightening of her jaw, made worse as something seems to start coming at them. Sans glow, the grenrider isn't the greatest attraction for the creatures, but as more of them seem to arrive en masse, the attraction of light will likely cease to matter. She hears what sounds like a pained yelp from a guard up ahead, and growls a, "Oh, for Faranth's sake…" And off she goes to investigate.

Along with that pained yelp, there quickly follows one of those shrieks that have become all too familiar lately. Followed by a slightly worried sounding call of, "Guys? Guys!" But not quite enough as if to sound like he's about to be devoured by the vengeful spirit of some wronged woman or whatever the latest story is for what's been haunting the desert.

Kyprioth pokes his nose at an opening, and draws back with a bark of surprise as he finds a pair of eyes glowing in the semi-gloom of a tiny, tiny cave. "Kyp's found somethin' - " Wait, did someone just fall into a cave? Fortunately, Eala's off to investigate, leaving A'lira to go find out what Kyprioth's discovered. "Hell if I know…" He says of Zaria's question. "Gotta be some carcass 'round here somewhere for there to be so many out this time of Turn." Poor, poor guard, to have fallen in with a potential vengeful spirit!

Ilarios's brief chuckle shows his amusement at Silounas' ankle biters. He doesn't respond though, the buzzing having reached his well tuned ears. He pulls up the scarf he wears around his neck, covering his mouth almost immediately. The hat that dangles from his neck by a string is pulled off and he starts swatting at whatever things are attacking them. "Insects? Angry things, shards!" is mutter grunted as he swats a particularly big one with his hat.

G'tan feels a little better once he gets an accounting from Zinakoth about who is in the air and learns that Doji is up behind the weyrlings with Raktraeth. He gives a soft grunt of acknowledgment, his attention drawn downward thereafter by the sound of someone stepping into the stream with a splosh of a boot. Something buzzes by his ear and he ducks sideways, trying to look after it and having no luck because of the dark. His three firelizards appear and glide low above him, his bronze even going to so far as to come perch upon his shoulder. The yelp from ahead has him picking up his pace again, the worried cry pulling his near-jog into a run to join the group ahead..

Ca'elian isn't here to look for rocky caves. Tuanhjaliteth, on the other hand… « I think I see something. » Does he? It's impossible to really say, given the lack of light, but he shares an image of something that seems to be glowing. And rocky. The power of suggestion is strong with this one. It takes all of Ca'elian's efforts to keep the bronze from straying from formation to investigate whatever it is that he thinks he sees. Perhaps someone less bound by weyrling rules can take a peek?

Lukoith has nothing to report from his vantage point either, lips curling back in a silent snarl and growl. This sort of mundane work makes his hide crawl, but he remains in the skies and where he was told to go — for now. Down below, Divale's gaze sweeps the trench again but as that buzzing sound picks up and the yelp drift their way, she will be but a few steps behind Eala's investigation. Only she'll be distracted as something brushes by, causing her to frown heavily. "Did you feel something fly by, just now?" she mutters to her Wingleader. Gaze lifts and then holds when she spots movement… on the greenrider. "Eala? Don't move." Because everyone loves hearing those words, right? Even if dry and calmly spoken! Swiftly, Divale moves to trap the insect and only long enough to draw it away, should there be no panicking. After that, the brownrider is content to allow it to trundle about on her hand…at least for as long as it doesn't fly away or bite her. "Anyone have glowlight handy?"

The cry from the up ahead has Zaria's ears perked, but she sees others rushing to their aid and so will stick with A'lira, because it's not prudent for anyone to go wandering off in the dark alone. "What did he say he saw?" she asks quietly as she picks her steps carefully, "You think these are carrion insects? They seem kind of big for that," she wonders out loud as she continues to tag along with the Wingsecond.

Silounas's semi-well trained ears perk up at the sound of someone falling followed by the shrieks and yells. There's a jerk of his head in that direction to his little group. "Sounds like the actions that way!" And as he's trotting towards the pit of despair wherever it was the guard fellow fell, he does have some time to ponder. "If there's been this many of the bugs, how come nobody's seen any of them in the day?"

There's an image that comes across from Zinakoth, relayed from one of the whirling bronzes - something glowing, rocky, not too much further ahead. G'tan processes it with a furrowed brow, surveying the cluster of riders and guards he's now gained on and deciding he may become one too many in that area. Moving beyond whatever seasonally displaced insects might be near and the possibly injured guard, the bronzerider makes his way forward to investigate what Tuanhjaliteth has passed on…

Although Eala may be strangely unsettled by runners, these bugs are little more than a nuisance — provided, of course, they don't start chewing on anyone. She does freeze, however, upon Divale's instruction, unaware of the creature catching a ride on her back. She turns quickly upon feeling something plucked from her clothing, her eyes familiar enough with the darkness to at least make out the form of the thing crawling on the brownrider's hand. "What is that?" It's little more than a momentary distraction, because someone up ahead has made themselves into a human sacrifice for the spirits which haunt this place, and no one is being turned into ghost-fodder on her watch. (Or someone just fell into a hole and requires medical attention.) She slows as the sound of that voice becomes louder, determined not to make the same mistake. "Are you safe? Injured?" As an afterthought, "… Alone?"

Ilarios trots after the group, hat secured once more by the string at his neck. He leaves the scarf in place, it's always good to not have bugs in the mouth when you talk. Eala's question has him nodding in agreement, perhaps it's something he would have said as well if this was his rodeo or you know even his caravan.

"I… uhh… mostly?" That's the response to all of Eala's questions. For those closer to the spot where he had fallen, the guard still isn't visible and his voice is coming from a bit below. The way the rocks were laid out, it was quite tricky to see that cave opening right there, but Fulerak managed to find it, ankle first! "My leg's messed up. Can someone lend me a hand?" And then also the air picks up a faint growling followed by a few yips as well. "Quick? They're staring at me!"

"They?" Well, that doesn't sound good. "You!" Eala gestures toward Ilarios, hooking her finger in a 'come here' gesture. "Can you reach him?" Tough though she may be, the greenrider isn't excessively tall, nor is she prepared to lift a full-sized man from this angle. So she's calling out the big guns. Or just the taller ones. "Stay still, Fulerak, we're getting you out of there." Hopefully before they get any closer.

Ilarios makes his way over to the rocks, poking about carefully to see just where this Weyr Guard managed to get himself. "Try to look bigger than them." is offered, because that works with most wild things right? "Wave your hands around or something. I'm coming down!" and he finally finds the right place in the rocks, thanks to the good ole shuffle step. He warned 'em he did! He descends into the lair, of the beast in his very best effort to retrieve a fallen comrade.

Silounas isn't too far behind Ilarios, but since he values his own ankles, he'll let the trader go first and help to lift from above once they get to the point. There's a nudge to his brother that was following and he picks up some rocks and arms a few of the other guys around him as well. "We can pelt them or something to get them to hold back." And then a head shake. "All this for some canines?" And you know, massive out of season bugs as well.

Divale will flick her hand to send the errant insect airborne again. If she's wishing to claim an intact specimen for later, she'll get around to it once the dust settles on the rest of the turn of events! Drawn to the commotion, she'll keep out of the way but at ready for orders or to lend a hand where she is capable of being of help and not hinderance! "… if those sounds are what I think they are… they sound almost canine like?" she mutters, at one point. Comfort or not? She doesn't seem to care. Silounas' suggestion is met with a narrowed stare. "That's likely just to piss them off! Or we pelt him by mistake."

G'tan ends up rather close to where everyone else is anyway…but at least he knows that the immediate area is apparently clear now. He won't get in the way now that people are going after the injured guard, though he will offer up, "Could use firelizards to keep 'em at bay." While they're getting Fulerak pulled up. No accidental pelting with flits holding off the canines. "Still a risk, but less of one than throwin' things."

Zaria is standing well back while the rescue operation is in hand, her hazel eyes sweeping the vicinity around them. "What if—" and then G'tan is making the exact suggestion she was thinking of making and so she nods in his direction, "That's a good idea. Anyone have any to send down there? Mine's only a month old, he's not exactly trained up yet," she remarks before she thinks of something, "There's a healer around right? A'lira, you're a healer aren't you?" she asks her brownriding companion.

Ilarios is a big guy, hopefully it's not a little cave or he and poor Fulerak are going to get nice and cozy with those wild canines. Hunkering down next to the guard he moves to tuck his shoulder under the other man's. "Do you need a whole carry or can you hobble?" he eyes the large eared pests again. "Sorry to your ankle, we'll get it looked at soon as you're not within chewing range." as he hefts the man up in a fireman's carry and lifts him towards the waiting Silounas. "Find a healer, I don't know how bad that is."

So… Silounas isn't the most familiar with canines, considering most of his experience has been limited to yelling at the braver bazaar mutts that dare to get too close to his sandwich on the occasional lunch break. When Divale and G'tan both point out that it's a bad idea, he'll concede with a shrug. "I'll send my brown in." The blocky brown is good enough with simple orders and he'll begin a series of darting passes to be annoying enough to be a distraction, but not enough to put himself in danger, especially once some other firelizards join him. And then once Ilarios lifts up the injured guardsman, Sil will do his best to haul him up. There's enough hands to help get him up pretty quick and over towards a nice sized boulder so he can sit and maybe even be examined.

"Several field medics… yes." A'lira grins wryly to Zaria. "We kinda make sure most of our wing has at least /some/ training in that regard." He'll just stay right over here, out of the way of that rescue. Looks like the guard got lucky! The canines don't want to take on a whole herd of people.

"Firelizards may do the trick," Divale's agreement will join G'tan's suggestion and Zaria's. "I've two I would trust." On cue and summoned, a gold and pale brown blink from between and land nearby, whirling eyes agitated with excitement though they hold to their mark and do not move. Until they're commanded to, that is and soon Silounas' brown will have some backup. Even if it doesn't drive the canines completely away, it's liable to make them reconsider sticking around too closely! Once the Guard is hoisted up and settled, Divale casts a quick glance about to see if any are stepping forward to examine him. When it appears not, the brownrider exhales heavily. "I've some knowledge," she offers, casting a quick look to Eala as she moves to where the wounded man is resting, nodding to Ilarios and Silounas as she does. Crouching down, she will peer up at the man. "I'll need to examine your ankle." She warns (but also seeks permission), before poking and prodding. It takes but a few minutes, before she grimly notes: "Badly twisted. Just how so… I am uncertain, but it will need to be stabilized before transport. No need to damage it further."

G'tan gives Zaria a nod of commiseration, then Divale, sending his trio of flits down to join Silounas' brown and Divale's pair as the injured guard is finally brought up. "So there's what howls in the night, huh?" he notes, peering down to where the canines are. "Kinda figured it must've been somethin' like that. Damn weird sounds even for them."

Since it appears no actual healer wants to lend their skills, Eala gives Divale a nod. "Might as well." Hopefully one of those aforementioned field medics will also join in the examination before long, since Fulerak appears to require some sort of medical care before he makes the journey home. "See if your firelizards can drive them back a bit." Away from here, preferably. Two of her own join the fray, as she adds the additional warning, "Just be careful to keep them at a distance."

From somewhere, Silounas managed to acquire a glowbasket and now he's using it to peer down at the cave while still not actually going in it. "Huh… looks like there were a lot of those flying things in there as well. Think they're related?" A farmer or herder he is not, so that will be a question best answered by some crafters probably in the morning. But at least for now, most of the sounds have been explained. Although those rocky rumblings are still ominous enough to discourage folks from lingering longer than they absolutely must. A few folks are even beginning to drift away already.

Ilarios's firelizards are out and about, or they're too young to be much of anything but in the way. With poor Fulerak in the hands of people who know more about fixing injuries than causing them he turns to face the cave entrance, hole or whatever it is. His sword is pulled from it's place at his hip and he takes up a guarding stance just in case the firelizards aren't a deterrent enough.

"Could that really be all it was?" Zaria asks curiously as she looks down into the cave the guard was just rescued from. "I've never heard canines make those kinds of sounds before," she agrees with the bronzerider as she rests her hands on her hips. Unfocused eyes betray that she is speaking to her dragon as she asks him to relay to her wingmates that they should check-in and then head back to the Weyr as they seem to have found the source of the noises.

"Learn somethin' new every day, I guess," G'tan notes with a smirk Zaria's way. "Or night." He'll hang about for whatever more may be needed - seeing everyone safely away and making certain those canines won't be further trouble, for instance - before taking his own leave with Zinakoth. Nothing like a little adventure before bed!

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