Alyna, Th'res


Th'res saves Alyna from a topple when he comes to the infirmary to treat a sunburn.


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the sixth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Infirmary, Southern Weyr

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"Hey now where is the fire?"



Sterile and scoured, the surfaces of the infirmary, well-tended and beloved by the complement of Healers due a weyr of Southern's size. Soothing tissane simmers at the large hearth, while comfortable chairs circle that particular feature in a waiting-room of sorts. Tables of dull-gleaming oldtimer metal lie as examining slabs, neatly lined in rows with pull-curtains enabling full privacy as needed. A low wall separates the southern half of the room from the rest, and those practicing the apothecary's trade can be seen compounding medicines under the watchful eye of the posted Master.

Afternoon in the infirmary and most patients are tucked up in their beds, resting and recouperating. Except for a certain stubborn greenrider who is trying to hobble along on a pair of crutches towards the infirmary's entrance. Alyna's heavily bandaged leg makes it near impossible to bend, so her steps are less than graceful as she sets her lips in a determined line as she sees freedom from her confinement. The Healers had encouraged her to get up and moving in preparation for going home in a couple days, and she is taking their advice to heart. Unfortunately one of the crutches gets snagged on the leg of a chair and just as she's making it to the doorway, she wobbles dangerously as she's thrown off balance.

This would probably be the time some dashing hero walks in and catches her, sadly the green rider gets Th'res, the now sunburnt wingsecond from Lynx. When the red headed man turns the corner he just walks right into Alyna. Upside he grabs on to her and helps steadies her, though there is going to probably be a talk about hand placement in the near future. "Hey now where is the fire?" comes the rather cheek question from the young man who could hide in a barrel of red fruit face up.

Phew! Th'res to the rescue! Alyna reaches out and grabs onto the bluerider in turn, the troublesome crutch clatters to the floor as she wobbles some more before finally steadying herself properly. "Healer's orders, I need to be up and moving…and I thought I'd move right into the Living Caverns for a cup of klah…" she trails off as something registers then and she looks down to see Th'res has a hanful of her chest. Blink blink. A chuckle escapes her lips as she leans closer to the bluerider, "Haven't we had this conversation before? Drinks first, then you get to cop a feel." to enhance the tease, she leans in to plant a gentle kiss on Th'res' sunburned face. "Where have you been that you look like a boiled spiderclaw?"

Th'res is good at being a support for people, well usually when he isn't burned. Because as Alyna grabs his shoulder and then adds more weight he gives a little sharp intake of air but forces a smile. "Klah is good I could go for one.." he was going to add something else but he looks down to the offending hand and quickly lets go putting it at his side, he would blush but well he can't. "I fell asleep out on my ledge is all" comes the sheepish answer about how he got burnt, and as Alyna plants that kiss she can still feel the heat from the injury as well as see little water blisters forming on his forearms.

"You poor dear," Alyna coos as she lifts her hand from his shoulder gingerly at that sharp intake of breath. Spying the comfortable chairs nearby in the waiting area of sorts, she smiles back at the bluerider, "How about we sit down for this little visit, I need a break anyway." And there is a small sheen of sweat on her brow as the greenrider manages to hobble with one crutch, a lot more succesfully than with two actually, and sinks into one of those chairs, leg stretched out in front of her, with a sigh of relief to be off her feet. "So how are you doing?" the question may be a little loaded, afterall the woman who had been sharing his bed just impressed and will be off limits for the forseeable future.

Th'res nods and ever so gently lowers himself into the chair with only minimal wincing, as he gets comfortable he gives Alyna a side long look when she asks that loaded question "I am fine, why wouldn't I be?" because he is a master of being ok after all. He motions down to her ankle saying "How long till you can walk around normally? OR do you just enjoy having people catch you?" he is trying humor but it comes off a bit snarky he is clearly not a happy lobster boy.

Alyna doesn't believe it for one second that the bluerider is just fine. "Oh, cause the woman you love has just impressed, making her off limits for the next Turn or so?" Alyna replies with a look of sympathy, "You know you don't have to put on a brave face for me right?" she reminds him gently. His wincing as he sits does turn her worried frown into a bit of a smirk, "You should get some numbweed for that burn you know, you look very uncomfortable…" she teases before looking down at the leg swathed in bandages, "Well there's nothing broken, but it hurts the wound still to put too much weight on it. But I get to go home in a couple days hopefully, if I can prove I can get around enough by myself."

Th'res shrugs about his sun burn which causes another wince as he says "I do have numbweed on it, just well hard to get it in ALL the places you know" He nods about her injury "That is good, I guess they said D'har can't carry you around all the time huh?" So he is a romantic, so what! When she talks about Talya though he does give a good natured grin "I knew she would get a dragon, even if it wasn't this time but eventually she would be chosen. I know it is weird to say but I am actually relieved it was this soon."

"He does so much already," Alyna says, not able to help the smile that creeps onto her lips at the mention of her weyrmate, "He's here several times a day already, bringing me food, giving me sponge baths, I'm being spoiled." It's clear that this fact only makes the greenrider more besotted of her swarthy bluerider as she sighs softly at the thought. "Well, if you grab a pot of numbweed, I could probably help you with the spots you couldn't reach," she offers oh-so-helpfully. "Why relieved that it was this soon? You guys hardly had gotten together before she was Searched…" she trails off thoughtfully.

Th'res shakes his head in polite decline "Oh no I wouldn't want to have someone walk in and report back to D'har that your being taken advantage of.." comes his answer about the help. There is a chuckle for the puppy love look the green rider gets but he probably won't tease her… yet.. "I am relieved because, while yes we had just gotten together we both experienced things and now she can do what she needs to. And now I can catch up on work since I got all this free time now."

"He's my weyrmate, not my keeper," Alyna sniffs indignantly as she steadies her gaze on Th'res, "Besides, he's far more likely to believe that I was the one taking advantage of the situation to get my hands all over you," the Jaguar bluerider knows her so well afterall, "He's not the jealous type you know, and I'm still not a one-and-only kind of girl." She's not sure where this righteous indignation is coming from, but she quickly reins it in when her little rant is done. "Sorry about that, I don't want people thinking weyrmating has changed me that much," she frowns at how irritable she got in that instant and ponders something for a moment. But she's pulled out of her thoughts at Th'res' last, "You always look at the bright side don't you?" She could never fathom being that optimistic.

Th'res shrugs and grins "no reason not to. Besides it isn't like things are changing for me, if anything the relationship with Talya was out of the norm and I am just getting back to my old way of doing things." He nods about not being her keeper but laughs "Oh but it has, pretty soon the talk of babies will come up and then you will be dreaming of kids with his smile and your hair." Ok so he is teasing her, but what is she going to do gimp after him?

"Wait a second now," Alyna says as she sits up straight, stretching her leg awkwardly and causing her to wince slightly, "Are you saying that's it? You tried a relationship and now you're over it?" Her voice is incredulous as she blinks in confusion at him but gets sidelined from her worry when he mentions the 'B' word and she scoffs again, loudly, "Could you imagine me as someone's mother?" Her laugh is loud and maybe a tiny bit exagerated as she shakes her head, "No, I'm sure if kids were at all on D'har's mind, it would have come up by now surely."

Th'res nods and smiles "Yes I could see you as someone's mother, you would make a good one at that too. Never overly forceful to allow them to grow, but also stern to make sure they don't end up spoiled or rotten." Yup he has high regards for this green rider, he looks back to Alyna adding the answer to her question "Well yeah. I mean it seems like everytime I try it just ends suddenly, and this is probably the best it was ever going to be so why do anything that would tarnish the memory? Who knows she might want to come back to me after this is all over and she is free again."

His thoughtful answer brings Alyna up short as she blinks incredulously at him before dropping her gaze to her hands resting in her lap, wringing them as she tries to sputter her way to an answer to that, "Uh…um…wow. I didn't know you thought so highly of me…" she trails off, cheeks blossoming with a bit of a blush before she clears her throat. "Relationships are like that, some work out and most don't. I hope she does come back to you, Th'res, but you shouldn't have to be alone just because you tried and it didn't work out like you wanted it to."

Th'res gives Alyna a rue full grin "oh I am never alone, Jedameth has gotten it into his head that he can invite strangers dragons from other Weyrs over with there lifemates so I end up cooking out on the ledge." He leans back in the chair and has a little sadness creep into his eyes "I would rather go out on a high note, dear. Besides worse case, Jed just goes and catches dragons when he feels the need."

"A dragon doesn't compare to human companionship, I know," Alyna offers with a sigh and shakes her head, "I just don't like seeing you going down the road I did about six turns ago. I made the mistake of thinking one failed weyrmating meant that I wasn't cut out for it. If I had stuck with my stupid rules of no attachments, I wouldn't be with one of the most amazing men I've ever met." She looks desperate that her dear friend doesn't follow in her footsteps. "Take your time, distract yourself sure, but please don't lock away your heart forever dear bluerider, it's too big not to share…"

Th'res nods "I know it doesn't but it is far easier this way." He says as he stands up and just walks over to wear the suncream is stashed, taking a jar for himself. "Besides, the only thing big about me right now is my dragon, and how much of a big pain in the ass he is being about going back down to Ista to see the dolphins again." He gives her a grin and then bends down skin almost creaking as he does to give her a kiss on the top of her head "Don't forget what I said dear, you would make a great mom. I am betting on at least one of each.."

"Easier this way?" Alyna scoffs with a shake of her head and a chuckle, "You are sounding just like I did. I think I rubbed off on you in the wrong way.." she adds regretfully with a shake of her head. Following him with her gaze as he grabs the suncream, she makes it clear with her furrowed brow and pinched lips that he is making a huge mistake. She only softens when he kisses the tops of her head, sighing softly as she looks up at him. "Save your marks bluerider," she admonishes for his last comment but there's little bite to it, seeds of thought for later already firmly planted in her mind. "Give that blue of yours a pat from me, and if you get any more sunburnt in Ista, I'll gladly help with that numbweed…" she winks brazenly.

Th'res chuckles and winks back saying "only if the healers say you can dear. I would rather be a little burnt and you get better." He gives her a wave and then slowly starts to walk out the doorway looking like he had been on a runner for the last sevenday nonstop with that wide walk of his.

Alyna bites her lip against a giggle at Th'res' saddle sore walk, her imagination taking over for a second, wondering just how little of the bluerider isn't sunburnt. When he makes his way out, she sighs heavily and picks up the one crutch again, since it seemed to work so much better that way. Slowly but surely, she makes her way towards the Living Caverns and the reward of a hot, fresh cup of klah.

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