Clementine, Renalde


Clementine totally leaves a positive first impression to Renalde. +10 for her!


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the eleventh month of the sixth turn of the 12th pass.


Upper Bowl

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"You are a young woman of uncommon sense."


Upper Bowl

The graceful sweep of spacious bowl lies scoured clean by an easterly breeze. Detritus is whisked neat to the eastern steppe of the bowl that lies several feet lower than the western plateau. White walls contrast the rough granite of the rivercliffs: the giant maw of the Hatching Cavern lies in the thickest part of the western wall, sheltering the training grounds and weyrling barracks lying nor'west. Directly north lies the leadership courtyard, heavily humid and subtly scented by intrigue.

It's a bright, sunny day alright. It's also 101 freaking degrees. So don't mind Clementine if she's wiping her brow when she comes trudging down from the courtyard. Her path is taking her towards the crafter complex, a pile of hides held to her chest. She wears a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun out of her eyes and to not turn into a bright red lobster with sun poisoning. The bowl is its usual bustle of activity with dragons landing and taking off, as well as residents milling around discharging their daily duties.

Know what really sucks? Having clothing made for the hold but being here. Renalde's slipped off his Hold-approved suit jacket, and even undone the first two buttons of his smart white suit. His tie is undone and hanging limply. If not for Renalde's inate sense of poise he would look much like a wilted flower in the sunlight. Ah, but there is a face he has been looking to speak to. "Weyrwoman," he calls out, "A moment of your time?" So polite.

Out in the middle of the bowl, sometimes it's hard to pinpoint where a voice is coming from. Clementine stops, tipping her hat upwards as she scans the area around her until her eyes land on Renalde. "Oh, hello!" She calls back and switches her path so that she can come across the wilting Lord Warder. "Is there something that I can help you with?" Such as your twenty layers of clothing. Her eyes flicker to them and she starts to juggle her hides so she can take something.

It's true, Renalde's about to die. But he has this very NARROW view of what responsible people are SUPPOSE to wear, and damn it, he's going to wear it! Even if he's sweating, the droplets shining against his skin in the heat. "Yes, I have been informed that you are now the weyr Liaison with the crafters?" Renalde asks, though he's rarely wrong about these kinds of things. Knowing who does what job is kind of his niche talent.

Clementine doesn't appear thrilled to be talking to a man that's about to die, in fact, she looks kind of concerned. Her eyebrows draw together and she nods to his question, "I am. Was there something you needed me to look into?" Like maybe a weaver that could get him more versatile clothing so that he would stop looking like he's about to suffer from heat stroke. But those are all thoughts she keeps in her head as she looks on at him with polite curiosity.

Heatstroke, frostbite, Renalde lives dangerously. For a moment he glance upwards at his hat, and ponders if he could pull it off. (The answer is no, btw.) "Ah, yes. I was just on my way to speak to Master Finaler, of the miners." Because I just made him up, Renalde has to add the craft affiliation. "One of his journeymen at the hold is simply not transitioning well, and I would like to see him replaced. It would go well in our discussions if you were to come meet him and see if he might be better suited to the weyr." He doesn't SOUND like he's about to die. But the way Renalde is about work, he'll probably die between words without any warning. "If you were to have time, of course."

Clementine would be probably be pretty upset if Renalde were to just drop dead in the middle of them talking. Inevitably she would be blamed for it, that's just her luck. "Oh, I see. Certainly. I'm actually on my way over there now. Do you care to walk with me?" She asks politely, inclining her head in the direction of the crafter complex. "Would you be able to tell me how he's not adjusting? It's not something that you believe could be corrected?"

She'd always be remembered as the person who finally killed the fusspot. Maybe her punishment would be to take over the hold until a replacement could be found. Oh good, walking somewhere cooler. Renalde won't loose any face by suggesting it. He'll just walk along with her. "He is very much a traditionalist I'm afraid. The hold requires a bit more flexibility," Don't start laughing at this, Renalde is NOTORIOUS for being inflexible, but he's learning, okay? "then he is willing to put up with. Some of our wildling guards are quite unhappy with him." As in, they're muttering about finding an excuse for him to get 'lost' in the snow.

Actually that wouldn't be so bad. Clementine could be Lady Warder Goldrider of the Southern Barrier Range. Sounds very long but also badass. Don't give her any ideas, Renadle! "If he's a traditionalist I'm not convinced that a transfer to the weyr would benefit him either. I mean, you've lived here." She says this as she gives him a knowing look. Renalde knows the people here, trandionalist they are not. "But maybe the master could be convinced to change his posting with another journeyman that's due to go back north shortly." She's afraid to ask, but she's going to ask anyway, "What has he done to the guards?"

It does sound kind of badass. But there are easier ways to get that title y'know. More enjoyable then having to deal with Renalde's dead body. A little creepier though. "Those at the weyr would be less likely to abandon him where piece of his body could break off." It's the dryness with which Renalde says it that makes his words more of a joke then a serious concern. "They are not fond of how he implies that they are somehow sub human." Because NO ONE likes that.

Yeah sure. But if Renalde's alive then she has to contend with him for authority or be married to him or something. "No, instead they'd just drop him in a swamp and let him be eaten by oversized felines." Clementine responds dryly with a hint of a smile. "At the very least we'll get him out of your hold before he causes some sort of an incident." At his explanation she closes her eyes and shakes her head. "I'm sure he's full of other interesting ideas as well then."

So, that's a no on getting married? "If nothing else, perhaps arrangements could be made to take him norther before something unfortunate can happen?" Renalde shares a smile with the woman, just a hint of shared understanding there. "Thank you, there has been enough death at the hold without a foolish youngster causing more."

Renalde hasn't even proposed yet. :( "I don't see any reason why that couldn't happen. I think your concerns for his general safety are probably valid." Clementine adjusts the small pile of hides that she's hauling around as they grow closer to the crafter complex. "The hold isn't a place to go if you're going to act childishly, in all honesty. I used to travel the road up up there when I was a journeyman. The wildlings I met along the way were usually helpful. Sometimes I think the ease of being transported by dragon makes people forget that there are others outside of their bubble."

"You are a young woman of uncommon sense." Which means Renalde likes you Clementine. See, he's SEEN the trouble that Hannah and Bailey can get into, and Ione's still a teenager. :( "Every group of people has their own bubble if ignorance. My hope is to create a place in the hold were some of that is lessened." Renalde has the long view.

"Thank you." Clementine figures that's probably a compliment, one she takes in stride as they finally enter the complex itself. "That's an admirable goal. I wish you the best in gettering there. And if there's anything I can do to help, send me a message." Just she doesn't have a firelizard so it might take a little while getting back to him.

"It is a process. One which I hope to instill in Rylov while he is young." Poor kid. All T'ral had to deal with was Renalde wanting him to better himself. Rylov has to deal with Renalde's DREAMS AND HOPES. "My thanks." Simply enough said as they finally escape from the heat without. Just ignore that sigh of relief from Renalde for escaping the heat. "I will tell" Insert master miner name here, "to expect you."

"He's fortunate to have you watching out for his best interests." She doesn't follow Renalde further, instead tipping her head in the direction of the harper portion of the complex. "I need to drop these off. It was lovely running into you and I'll make sure to stop by his office before I leave here." Clementine smiles politely, "Hopefully I'll see you again before too long."

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