Beris, Divale, R'ku


It's one cold, icy morning and everyone has the same idea to warm up in the Tea Room! Divale catches up briefly with Beris and R'ku… and asks a "small" favor. R'ku and Beris discuss some investigating of their own.


It is early morning of the twenty-eighth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tea Room, Igen Weyr

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The Tea Room

This shop is easy to miss from the street. It bears the same striped awning that most shops have, this one in shades of lilac and sand, but it has no sign save for a plaque of sandstone hung beside the door, on which a teacup has been carved. When open, the heavy curtain that covers the doorway is pulled aside to allow entry. After stepping through, one will find themselves in a tiny space decorated with classic desert touches.

The walls are whitewashed to increase the sense of light within but the floor is tiled in hues of blue and green, with each tile bearing in its center a brilliant red lotus. There are only five small tables, all of them of dark, heavily carved wood set low to the ground. To sit at one requires reclining on the plethora of pillows and cushions and layered rugs provided for that purpose; each seat is provided with a carved wooden back-prop to rest the pillows against, for those who want spinal support. Tea is served from the service at the rear of the room, where a tiny smokeless hearth keeps water heated, and a row of trays are kept loaded with teapots, tiny cups, and containers for sweetener. There is a small selection of fruits, breads and cheeses also available for those looking for a snack but this is not a place for heavy meals.

The sun has yet to rise at Igen Weyr, and the winter morning twinkles with ice. The side streets are particularly hazardous, the cobbles treacherously slippery, but for those able to navigate them, treasures await. For Beris, it's a hot cup of sweet tea in the Tea Room, her old stomping ground. She's sat oat one of the tables by the window, legs crossed comfortably beneath her, a number of pillows supporting her. Her cold weather outer clothing has been taken off and piled beside her. She sips from the steaming cup of dark liquid, watching the lights from the glows outside sparkle off the ground, lost in some thought or another.

The night has certainly been perilous in many forms — the ice being the natural one of it. Igen’s Guards have probably had one hell of a time not only patrolling but making sure no one has gone and cracked their skulls while out on sketchy business. Divale had drawn the overnight shift again and while she does not mind prowling the night, she is thoroughly chilled. Not feeling so social as to venture towards the caverns, she stops here instead; an old stomping ground of her own. No sooner has she entered and placed her usual order of a spiced black tea that she spots Beris. A familiar face means little to no invitation, save for the Wingsecond to quietly drift that way and, after a cursory look over of the remaining pillows, she dips her head respectfully. “May I join you?”

There's always so much to do in the early morning for a Wingleader and today was no exception. It's just the ice and frost have delayed things unexpectedly - who wants to try to do PT when one false step could cause a broken leg? With his hidework done sooner than expected and early morning PT pushed until the sun has had a chance to melt some of the ice, R'ku has made his careful way across the Bazaar and towards the Tea Room. Might as well pass the time with his significant other and get some warmth in him until the real work begins. He slips in quickly to the warmth of the shop, closing the door quickly behind him to shut away the lingering cold. He scans the room quickly as he starts to shuck his outer layers, quickly spotting Beris and heading towards her. Divale beats him to the table, though, and he arrives a few steps behind her, flashing a grin, "Hope you don't mind me joining too? Too icy for PT just yet - turns out I'll be able to have tea with you after all."

The question draws Beris from her musings, and she turns dark eyes on Divale. Once she's realized who it is, the Wingsecond gets a little nod. "Take a seat." She doesn't make any attempt to shuffle over and make more room for Divale; there're perfectly good pillows on the opposite side of the table, right? When R'ku makes an appearance though, he gets a smile , and this time Beris does set down her tea and wriggle herself over to make a space next to her. Nothing personal, Divale! "Yeah. I've seen a couple of people go sliding down the street already. You starting your day, or finishing it, Divale?" Tea cup back in her hands again so she can savour the warmth, Beris looks across at the brownrider.

“Thank you. And of course not, R’ku!” No offence taken in the slightest! Divale hasn’t really overly shown herself to be an affectionate soul and the pillows opposite to Beris (and R’ku!) will be much preferred. She settles herself quietly and with little fuss, soon reclaiming her tea and holding the mug between her hands as a source of warmth. “Just finishing now. My patrols, at least. I’ll have to join Eala soon for our morning drills.” And then and only then, can the brownrider sleep. Glancing briefly to R’ku, she’ll smirk. “Not going to give the Healers some renewed headaches?” Jokingly, of course! Let’s not jinx things. Glancing between them, she’ll add in her usual lowered tones. “You’ve both been well?”

R'ku eyes those pillows apprehensively for a moment - those squishy things are the bane of his existence, it seems. But he'll be next to Beris, so it shouldn't be too bad. Once his outer gear is off and placed where such things go, R'ku tries to make as graceful a landing as possible on the pillows next to Beris. He doesn't fail /too/ badly, but he still has to shift around once or twice to try to avoid sinking too much into the squishy pile. At least this gives him proximity enough to slide an arm around Beris' waist and give her a self-deprecating grin. Then his attention, too, slides to Divale, "Long time, no see." He snorts an amused laugh at her comment, "That'd just be what the Weyr needs - an entire wing sidelined with broken limbs. Granted - the weather makes for perfect times for Sirocco drills." Because R'ku is apparently all for trying to pitch his wing into flying every freak weather system imaginable. "But that's better done when the sun's out, anyhow." He flags a passing waitress down to order himself a tea before bobbing his head to Divale, "Well enough, despite the sharding cold. I didn't seem to get sick this winter - that's always a bonus. How've you been?"

Though she's worked some late nights at the Pit, all-nighters are not something Beris has any desire to work. Divale gets a brief, sympathetic look when she mentions having to do morning drills after her patrols. Ouch. "Rather you than me," she murmurs, half hiding the sentence in her tea as she takes another sip. She'll lean in a little to R'ku, oblivious (or just not caring) about any PDAs in front of Divale. "Not that I'd complain if you were off duties with a broken leg but…I think other people might have some complaints." Like his Wingriders, or the Weyrleader. Still, Beris is saying it in a joking way, picking up on Divale's tone. "Yeah, not bad," she'll reply to Divale's question, before sipping her tea and watching the woman for her response to R'ku.

It’s certainly not for the weak but it’s better too if Divale is kept busy; for herself and for others. She is not one who idles well and a bored Divale is a dangerous one. Luckily for all involved here and now, her energy is tapping out at ‘low’. So at worst, they’ll be the brunt of some blunt, sarcastic humour. “Could be worse?” she muses darkly to R’ku. “It’d be a change, anyways. I’ll be thrilled when this hype over blueglow dies down completely.” She scoffs lightly to Beris’ comments, a bemused smirk quirking her lips before she looks down to blow across the surface of her drink. “Busy, but as R’ku put it… well enough.” Which is truth and lie in the same breath. She gestures with a flick of her fingers to the pair of them. “So,” she says, pausing long enough for a vague hint of a smile. “When did this happen?” Meaning the two of them.

R'ku rumbles a laugh, flashing Beris a grin, "As much as I'd like to lounge about in bed all day and spend more time with you, I'll have to pass on the broken leg. The broken finger was painful enough that one time." Though said broken finger probably precipitated their current living arrangement, though, so he probably has no room to complain about that incident in the long run. R'ku's expression brightens a bit as his tea is served, along with a healthy portion of the Tea Room pastries that he's so fond of. "Help yourself, if you like," he offers to both Beris and Divale, nodding to the rather heaping plate of pastries in front of him, "Give me an excuse not to eat all of them at once and have to do PT on a belly full of pastries." Because it'd be a shame to waste any of those pastries. He quirks a bit of a grin at the mention of the blueglow, "Have they figured out anything about the blueglow's supposed healing properties? I mean … the actual stuff and not the fakes being peddled around?" He busies himself in sipping some of his tea, sighing a bit in happiness at the warmth of it. He's in the middle of biting into a pastry when Divale's question comes around and he has to hurriedly swallow to answer, clearing his throat, "It's been at least a turn, hasn't it? We'd been seeing each other a bit, though we didn't get serious until close to the last Weyrling graduation." He glances at Beris for confirmation - it seems like they've been together for a while now, but he's horrid with timeframes, "We've only been living together for a little while, though."

"Is that still going on?" Beris doesn't sound surprised, just…exasperated with the general furore surrounding the blue stuff. Oh hey, pastries! Beris will help herself to one quite happily, and it stops her from moaning any more about the situation with the fakes and real stuff. R'ku can talk about that. She will chime in smugly about their relationship, backing R'ku up. "Yeah - it feels like longer, doesn't it?"

Divale politely declines the offer of pastries. It’ll be up to R’ku and Beris to finish those! Shifting a little in her pile of pillows and cushions, she’ll enjoy her now-sufficiently cooled tea while the other two converse for a moment. There’s a slight thoughtful frown as she nods, mouth now pressed into a grim line. “Unfortunately it is,” she replies first to Beris, then to R’ku. “From what I understand, if aids in warding off infections. Not wholly unlike redwort, only more effective. You’d probably get a better,” And much longer winded! “Explanation from any Journeyman Healer on the project. The fake stuff is the true problem.” There’s another vague, shadowed smile for their recounting on their relationship and she’ll toss in her own: “Good news regardless to hear.” Which is as close to ‘congratulations’ as she’ll get. It’s a rare thing too, given Divale’s incapability to grasp the lure of ‘love’ or monogamy. “You work still in the Pit, Beris?” Tangent time! Though she’ll side glance to Sirocco’s Wingleader too. He can probably aid in this too, discreetly! “… I may need you to act as extra eyes and ears. Rumour has it that some Kurkari men are dealing outside of the Weyr’s limits, but a few braver ones are venturing into the Bazaar.” And from the look she levels the young woman with, Beris would know of some of them; if not just by name, by some appearance.

R'ku will just have to eat more pastries than would be recommended, then - thanks Divale! He doesn't seem too upset, though, judging by his steady munching on the pastries as he listens about the blueglow issues, nodding thoughtfully. "Well - the people of the Bazaar can be … " he trails off, considering a word to describe what is essentially the group of people he grew up amongst, " … resourceful, I suppose. It's no surprise they're trying to make a quick mark on this fad. And hopefully it's just a fad." He sips idly at his tea as he listens to Divale's imploring to Beris, brow furrowed slightly in thought. "I do still have some contacts among the Tlatoani and they are .. ah .. a bit more resourceful than most. I've been trying to be sure my father isn't having anything to do with these back-alley blueglow dealings." He grimaces and adds, "I can ask around a bit - I've been doing some asking around lately, anyhow." For a different reason, of course, though he'll let Beris spill those beans to whoever she chooses and will keep mum about it for now.

Beris can help out with that pile of pastries. Where R'ku understands the Bazaar people, Beris will offer her own knowing look for certain Kurkari folk. "Yeah, I do," she confirms of the Pit. "I'll keep an eye out." The look she gives Divale is heavy with understanding - she has a good idea about a few people Divale might be referring to, there. Her sidelong glance at R'ku implies she's probably thinking of a similar thing to him, but nothing is being said of that particular line of investigation. "The Steens won't like that sort of stuff happening in their businesses, trust me." That last said not too loudly, given they are in one such business right now.

“I’d appreciate any insight,” Divale’s focus turns sharply to R’ku when he brings up the Tlatoani family; she’d almost forgot that he was blood related to them. “From either of you.” And she puts a small pinch of trust in both to keep this quiet and discreet. “Doubtful it’ll amount to much,” she admits but there’s a note of scepticism in her tone. Though her time in the Underground had been brief compared to some, she finds it unusual that some of the lingering citizens are venturing out. There’s a low throated chuckle for Beris’ loud comment and she’ll finish the last of her tea before rising. “So very true.” Agreement and amusement both, though it’s obvious the Wingsecond is making her farewells. “I’ve best to be on my way. I need to stop by the Guardhouse before the morning truly begins. Clear skies, both of you.” Her head dips in another respectful gesture and, just as she turns to step away, she stoops instead to nix two of those pastries. Not for herself, but either for Eala or she has a Guard or two to soften up.

R'ku inclines his head in a nod at Divale, "Of course. I've never been one to condone my family's usual business dealings, anyhow. I'm certainly not going to tip any of them off if I can help it." Probably one in many different ways that R'ku is on very unsteady ground with his parents in particular - the prodigal son having turned away from shady dealings and abandoned them to be a dragonrider and all. "I can only do so much, of course, since it's not my usual duties … but I've been venturing out there during some off time to try to get some information. I'll tell you if anything comes of it." Another side-long glance to Beris and a fleeting smile before he turns back to his pastries and tea. "Clear skies," he echoes back, "Hope the ice melts a bit by the time the sun's up mid-morning." Then he'll wait until Divale is actually out of the door and down the street before turning to Beris, a pastry in one hand and his voice low, "Have you managed to find anything out yet at Kurkar?" Since the subject before had been investigation, his mind had obviously been dwelling on their current side quest.

Beris gives Divale a little nod, a silent farewell. When the Wingsecond takes a couple of pastries, here's a smile playing on her lips, badly hidden by her teacup as she finishes her drink and sets it down on the saucer. But she has a task fo sorts from Divale, on top of the other stuff she has going on, right now. Speaking of which - R'ku brings it up, and Beris shifts to turn towards him a little, to try and keep their conversation secretive. Not exactly too suspicious in this place, a couple talking quietly to one another. "I think I've got a possible lead - someone who might have been there when I came to the Underground. But they're not at Kurkar at the moment, so until they come back I can't ask them anything." It's bittersweet, to get that close to information, and Beris sounds suitably frustrated.

R'ku frowns thoughtfully at Beris' information, "Not in Kurkar at all? Does anyone know where they went?" Because R'ku may be tenacious enough to peraps consider a trip there to figure things out once and for all, rather than waiting on some random person to come back from a trip. He soon huffs a sigh, though, and pauses to take a sip of tea before adding his own findings in a low voice, "I haven't found much concrete. Seems there was a sickness spreading around that time from Big Bay Hold that got into the Bazaar, so a lot of disarray and deaths at that time. Hard to get anyone that was around at that time and remembers anything but the quarantine or the sickness itself." He gives a bit of a snort, "Hard to notice odd things when you're worried about whether or not you'll get sick or not." He rubs at his chin, fingers rasping over the stubble there, "I was only around 4 turns old at that time. Apparently not many in our family got sick - at least not in my close family." He shrugs before tilting his head, "I can come with you to talk to this person when they come back if you like?"

Beris shakes her head. "Nope. But Kurkari do that all the time…disappear off to do whatever it is they're doing. Come back again later." The way she says it implies it's no big deal, though she reaches for another pastry and starts pulling bits off it rather than biting into it normally. "Hm." She squints, trying to picture Pern and think about where Big Bay is in relation to the Weyr. "Traders must visit there, right? It's part of Igen's area, so makes sense they'd drop by on their routes." She nibbles at one of the torn off pieces of pastry, eyes refocusing on R'ku.

R'ku slips one arm around Beris' waist again and gives her a comforting squeeze, "Hopefully they come back soon, then. Maybe they're escaping this sharding cold." He, too, picks up one of the last pastries and starts to chew on it thoughtfully, hmming. "Traders do go to Big Bay - that's probably how the sickness spread to the Bazaar all those turns back," he reasons, shrugging, "All I heard about when I was asking was how inconvenient it was because they had to re-route caravan routes and there were shortages for a while until the sickness burned out. Plus the Weyr wasn't doing as much business to try to keep things isolated." He shrugs again, "I'll keep asking around. There has to be someone who remembers something other than the sickness."

Beris leans into R'ku, taking care not to get pastry crumbs all over him. That's probably not how he wants to turn up to PT, when it does start. "Can't blame them. Probably gone south or something." With the sun starting to leak light over the Weyr now, at least the ice outside will start to melt, at some point. "Yeah. Maybe I'll ask around about it in Kurkar, see if anyone was travelling around while people were sick." She doesn't sound like she'd be surprised if people were - Kurkari folk aren't exactly the first to listen to people telling them not to do something. "I just hope this person gets back sooner rather than later. AND that they have something useful to tell me."

R'ku keeps one arm looped around Beris as he polishes off the last pastry. He, too, tries his best not to get pastry crumbs everywhere, though he does have a few clinging stubbornly to his mustache. These he brushes away idly before he notes, his tone warm, "Try not to worry too much about it, love. You waited this long, after all, you can wait a bit longer." He casts a glance out the window, assessing the angle of the sunlight, "Wouldn't blame them if they were escaping the cold. But - it'll soon be scorching hot here again. Plus there will be eggs on the sands soon and all. That usually brings a bit more bustle to the Weyr." He flashes a wry grin, "And, thankfully, I didn't end up as Weyrleader." Though Beris probably would have figured out that Kabelkath likely chased and failed, despite R'ku's unwillingness to be Weyrleader.

R'ku's reassurances go a long way. Beris finishes her pastry and brushes her hands off on a napkin, nodding. "Yeah. I'll keep an ear to the ground for when they're back." She snorts when he mentions eggs ont he sands. "Overrun with candidates, you mean?" She reaches for his hand to give it a squeeze. "I prefer you as Wingleader. I don't think I'd ever see you if you were Weyrleader. Plus, I don't fancy competing with jealous gold riders," she adds, with an amused smirk.

R'ku snorts a laugh as he drains the rest of his tea, setting the cup back down with a slight clatter, "I hope they manage to get a good crop of candidates in this time. Some of the last batch were a little .. ah .. dim." He settles back in the pillows a bit, giving his head a shake, "And if I ever /did/ get saddled with the Weyrleader job, I'd certainly make time for you. Jealous goldriders or not." He gives a slight shake of his head, "I'm not sure being Weyrleader means you have to have a relationship with the Senior Weyrwoman automatically, anyhow. Besides - flight aftermath is a bit … mindless. Not really by choice or anything." By this point, there's probably been a few flight aftermaths that R'ku probably would rather forget, considering it meant not being with Beris and waking up in some random person's bed. Flights are so awkward.

Beris can't help but giggle at R'ku's verdict on the most recent candidates. "Funny who the dragons choose, I suppose." She seems amused, too, by his thoughts on being Weyrleader. "Oh?" This thing about Weyrleader and Weyrwoman relationships is new to her - but then, she's not spent a lot of time around people with those particular knots. "Yeah. I've heard people talk about it before, and I know Kabelkath has to, really. It's not his fault, or yours," she hastens to assure him of her feelings on the matter. "But it would be nice for him to be a dad, I think."

R'ku rolls his shoulders in a slight shrug, "I'm sure he'll manage to catch a gold one day - he tries to sharding chase all of them, after all, the odds should fall in his favor eventually. He certainly has caught a few greens, though they're certainly different and harder to catch for a bronze." He trails off for a moment, considering, "Your little gold fire lizard should be going up soon enough, right? The feelings in teir flights are certainly nowhere near as intense as in a dragon's flight, but I suppose it'd be the closest thing to compare." He scratches idly at his chin, "Been a while since Cava's gone up, too." He grimaces, "Hopefully they don't go proddy together - I can hear the shrieking now."

"The right time'll come." Beris sounds oddly sure about that. She has to think about Lyira and her own state of flights. "I should think so - she's old enough now, I think? I'm guessing it's not going to be anything like when Zeba chases." She does snort with amusement at the idea of the pair both going proddy, finding it more funny than R'ku does, apparently. "Well, as long as they don't fight. It wouldn't last for too long, right?" She glances out at the sidestreet that is gradually lighting up, sighing. "I suppose there's no staying out of the cold forever. I've got prep work to do at the Pit…."

"Might be a bit more intense than when Zeba chases, I suppose," R'ku considers before shrugging, "I've only ever managed to impress Cava, though, so I have no clue about the male fire lizard sides. Zeba caught Cava last time - there was definitely some emotional spillover from that, I remember." He flashes a brief grin before adding, "And it all depends how territorial Lyira turns out to be when she's proddy. Cava's a bit of a loveable airhead, so she's pretty laidback. She only gets a bit uppity if there are other golds around right before she's about to fly - they never want competition for suitors, it seems." He heaves a sigh and then starts the laborious effort in climbing from the relentless grip of the pillows to stand up, "If they do go proddy together, they might at least be nice enough to each other to brood over their eggs together. Hopefully they don't lay them on my pillow or in my laundry basket." Because Cava seems adept at picking the most awkward spot to lay her eggs. R'ku eyes the window, grimaces, and then starts to replace his outer-wear, "I guess I can't put off PT for much longer, either. At least we got some time to talk due to the ice."

"It wasn't intense," Beris says, remembering. "But I could feel what he wanted to do. I could ignore it if I wanted to, but it was there." A fraction of what it must be like to have a dragon, it would seem. As to Lyira's proddy nature, Beris can only shrug. "I'm hoping she'll be as relaxed as normal but…I've no idea." That'll be fun to find out! Reluctantly, although lithely, she too gets up from the pillows and pulls on her coat and scarf. R'ku's on his own in getting up! "That'd be sweet. Them looking after the eggs together, not laying them somewhere awkward," Beris grins. "At least your riders will get warmed up once they've started?" She offers him a gloved hand, even if their walk together will be relatively short. "At least ice is good for something."

R'ku tugs on his jacket and works his gloves on slowly, flexing his fingers to be sure an even fit, "Well - rest assured you'll be able to tell when she's proddy. Best hope she doesn't get as clingy as Cava does when she's proddy." Because R'ku usually ends up with a golden accessory for the days that Cava is proddy. Once he's suitably bundled up, R'ku reaches out to take Beris' offered hand and leads them out into the cold. Despite needing to be somewhere, he'll keep his pace fairly even - no use hurrying what is likely a short walk to the Pit to drop Beris off. Then a farewell kiss and a "See you tonight, love." before he heads off to go run around in circles in the cold with the rest of his wing.

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