Ginger, Katryana


Putting something into storage proves problematic for Katryana and Ginger, but nobody gets eaten. Candidate Bingo Log


It is afternoon of the seventh day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Somewhere in the Catacombs, Southern Weyr.

OOC Date 28 Jun 2018 23:00




Eastern Catacombs

The hollow halls of the catacombs are full of twists and turns. There are many paths to take, all having the opportunity to bring a person to the end of their individualized journey. This particular choice brings one into what once must have been a grand old chamber. Tile work rises up from the floor, now crumbled and cracked. A deep square in the floor, banked by old slabs of marble would suggest this was once a bathing cavern. Instead it's just another testament to lost grandeur and what once should have been filled with warm swirling waters, is a nest to vermin. Glows are fixed to the rounded ceiling, allowing for a better visual of the intricacy of the tilework.

"We should never have listened to that woman. Rankless or not, those directions were wrong." Poor candidates, always getting the dung end of the stick. Today, our two intrepid explorers have been sent deep into the Weyr to put something obscure and rarely needed into remote storage — so deep, in fact, that the directions given have led them into the catacombs and then some, presumably on accident. A very grumpy Katryana kicks at a piece of rubble to rolls towards nest of vermin, momentarily scattering them before they swarm back together. The teen crinkles her nose, making the mistake of breathing deeply of the stale air as she and setting herself off into a sneezing fit. "Shards." Rounding on her heel, she casts entreating eyes on her partner in crime, readjusting their cargo in her arms, "C'mon, Gin, we've both been wandering down here since we were 'brats. You must have some idea where we are."

Ginger lifts her glowbasket, though at least in this chamber there are ceiling glows to give some sort of light. "Why don't you put that down a bit while we have a think, and then I'll swap you." She turns on the spot, the light from the glow bringing ancient walls into clearer view. "Oh, look, tiles! This looks like the Eastern part. Isn't that the old bath over there? If we keep going there's that bit with old shelves, and then the stairs down. She couldn't have meant those shelves, could she? I mean, nothing is ever put there now. But maybe down one of the side passages, off the way we came?" It's not as if there's any shortage of side passages!

Katryana nigh drops what she's holding — you can see it in how her shoulders loosen — irritated at the damn thing that's got them into this mess. Still, she's got common sense and moral enough to catch herself at the last moment and crouch down. Her foot wipes at the floor to clear some dirt before placing the tube of hardened hide down. Arms free, she pops up to the balls of her feet to daintily step over to the wall Ginger is examining. "Huh, yeah. No, it has to be. How in the moons did we make it over here?" She plods around the room (paces, really) before clapping her hands together, "No, no, she must've meant the shelves in the other direction. You know the ones before you get to that mossy area, before it gets damp? The ones by the stairs make no sense."

"No, they don't," Ginger agrees, and purses her lips in thought. "All right, let's try that. At least we know where we are now, though it was a mighty roundabout way of getting here." She eyes the directions they've been given, holding the scrap of hide close to the hand-glow. "I bet she missed out some vital turn, or something." Then she holds out the glowbasket to Katryana. "My turn to take the whatever-it-is. Did she actually say what the Threadbegotten thing is, anyway?"

Katryana gladly take the glowbasket and directions, holding them both close to her face and mumbling under her breath as she tries to construct a mental map with the instructions given. She clicks her tongue in annoyance, "Probably. Maybe if at the beginning, we took a left where the tunnel splits, right before that rubble pile… you know where I'm talking about?" The case is given a look before shrugs, "Dunno. Wanna open it up and find out? I think it's the least we deserve after," she spins around, making the light dance on the ceiling, "this."

Ginger heaves up the bulky object to her arms and tries to rest it on one shoulder. It's really a bit round for that, and it takes both arms to keep it in place. "When we get it there. I don't want to risk it not going back together until we can dump it." She moves off back the way they came, the light just sufficient to see the way. Eventually she comes to a rubble pile - not the only rubble pile, by any means, but a sizeable one - and says, "So, down here?" Turning off, she and the Object just about fit down the side passage. "This passage is Just. Too. Long." It is, too. But eventually, "Is that a door?" It is! "And it's on the left, which was what the directions said. Want to give it a try?" It is, inevitably, a closed door.

The glowbasket is kept lofted as high as Katryana can manage; she's not quite as lanky as Ginger, but she gets by. Thankfully for her soles, she's actually wearing shoes today, and the light and girl bob down the long passageways. "Yeah, that's the way. Hey, watch it!" The Object almost gives Kat a good ol'-fashion smack on the face, but she dodges at the last moment straight into a rough wall. "Geesh, Gin, that's one way to take out the competition I guess." What seems like an eternity later, she squees at the door sighting and dances around her friend to open the door and reveal… a dusty, dank, mostly-forgotten storage room! Happy, happy day! "Faranth, I thought we were going to die down here." Melodrama, much?

Ginger lumbers into the room with the Object and sets it down on a rickety shelving unit. The entire thing sways under the weight. "Um." Ginger pronounces, as she looks the place over by the dim light of the hand-glow that Katryana is carrying. No glowbaskets in here! Or if there are, they haven't been changed for way too long. "This doesn't look right. I mean, it's kind of empty." There are a few shapeless bundles on the lower shelves, but that's about it, and the walls have suspicious dark patches on them. "And this place hasn't been cleaned in forever - is that dirt on the wall, or mould? And that shelf-thing looks as if it's going to fall apart any moment."

Katryana squishes in with the light source, illuminating the musty room in that spooky, eerie way spaces like this tend to get lit. "This place gives me the creeps, man." Suddenly, she screams bloody murder, both her and the lamp lurching into the rickety-looking shelf. "Spinner web," she provides with a sniff, horror dawning on her when the shelf creaks precariously. Eyes wide, she looks at Ginger, mind going blank.

"Don't tell me you're frightened of spinners!" Ginger chuckles. She stops laughing rather rapidly though when the shelf creaks some more, and then collapses, knocking the door closed from the inside and precipitating the Object onto the floor with an ominous chink. Still, the door shouldn't be a problem: ignoring likely wreckage of whatever they struggled to bring down here, she steps confidently through the resulting dust-cloud towards the entrance, hand outstretched to reopen the door - but then stops, hand falling. "Ah. No handle." Presumably there was a handle on the inside at some point, but it's long gone, or perhaps that pile of dust and woodchips on the floor is all that's left of it. "Riiiight."

Katryana looks a bit shell-shocked, pardon the pun given the circumstances, and will continue to stand there until the non-metaphorical dust settles. The Object's case is toe gingerly before her attention shifts to the door, "Oh. Oh no. We are gonna die down here, Ginger." She's fiddling with the hem of her sleeve anxiously, making the light shake. "Look, if it comes down to it, which of us gets eaten? I guess the lack of water will kill us before we get to that point, but…" Yes, Kat, the solution to being trapped in a room must be cannibalism.

Ginger eyes Katryana warily, but declares in a firm tone, "We are not going to die down here. There's two eggs up there that need us to be on the Sands." If we're going to be optimistic, let's pile it on! "So let's not worry about getting eaten." Which reminds her of something. "And at least there's no tunnelsnakes down-" She stops, listening. Was that a rustling? "Actually in here. So let's not panic until we've at least tried to break the door down, shall we? Anyway, if we don't show up, someone will come looking. And sooner or later one of our firelizards is bound to turn up; when they do, we can send for help."

Katryana is just a beacon of light. Again, in the literal sense — not so much in the mental sense, considering she's on the verge of hyperventilating. "Right. Right. Eggs. No dying." Breathe, breathe, breathe. The remainder of the spinner web is brushed from her shoulder with a shudder. "Uhm. Well, yeah, there's that. For now. You'll eat me before the tunnelsnakes eat me, right? Please don't let the tunnelsnakes eat me." Breeeeeeeathe, Kat, don't cry. "Right. Break down door. Uhm." The light is placed on the ground next to the wreckage of The Object and she butts her shoulder against the door, bracing her ill-fitted workboots on the ground firmly. "Just gonna… one-two-three it?" She forces a smile. It's really, really forced.

Ginger is intending to become the type of Smith that designs gadgets if that egg isn't actually waiting for her, so she tries to consder this as a problem in mechanics. "If pushing it doesn't work, there's always kicking. Which probably won't hurt as much as a shoulder-charge. But seeing as it opens inwards, I'm thinking we may need to break through it rather than push it open. Or else force the lock back. Or get it off its hinges somehow. Or… is that a hole where the handle used to be? Maybe try pulling?"

"Ah, right. Yeah. That won't work." Katryana blushes bright, visible even in this gloomy, dusty light. "Your, uh, that makes way more sense. Lemme see." Healer-trained fingers lightly trace around the edges of the door on the opposite side of the hinges, quickly locating the place where handle once was. "Got it! Wanna grab the light and see if you can make sense of it? We're gonna need something to turn it, right? I'll look…" Her boot crunches on The Object as she steps back, causing her wince. "Oh, Ginger, this is metal in here. Look!" She toes a bit more at the broken, metallic contents, thinly formed, "Yeesh, this looks valuable. If we get out of here alive, we might not be after we get back."

"First things first," Ginger says, picking up the glowbasket. "Let's just check it is actually on a catch and not just sitting there…" She tries to put a finger in the hole and pull, but nothing seems to move. "Of course it is. All right, so let's look at the lock. I haven't done making locks yet, more's the pity." She drops to her knees and peers into the hole. "Is anything in there kind of squareish? I need something about the size of my little finger that we can turn, only it's got to engage with the mechanism so round won't do. Why couldn't they just put bars or bolts on, like everyone else." Her eyes widen. "This room could be really really old."

Katryana scrambles in the dust onto her hands and knees, pawing through the remains of The Object with limited light available to her. "You're so smart, Ginger," she adds, holding little metal bits up for examination. Too small, too round… "Like, I know all this weird body stuff, but look at you, girl. I guess it isn't too unlike the rest of the body; it's all mechanics, right? Parts working together in harmony to complete a goal… or, in this case, not. Here, will this work? Careful, the end looks nasty sharp." A piece of metal is offered to Ginger about the description of her needs. Super-squarish, size of a Smith pinky.

Ginger takes the piece of metal. "So it is. And that might just do it." Still kneeling, she inserts it carefully into the hole. "Yes! Now, will it turn the mechanism, or are we going to need a way of getting a grip on it first?" She gets to her feet, grabs hold of the rod, holding it firmly, and tries to twist it clockwise. Amazingly, there's a little click from the lock, and the door swings open. Ginger emits a triumphant, "YESSSSS!" and puts her foot in the door. She looks back at Kyriana, then at the remains of the Object, or rather its contents. "What is that? It looks like a stand for something. Adjustable legs, and- oh, no! There isn't any glass in the case there, is there? Lenses, or mirrors?" There is horror in her tone as she contemplates the destruction of delicate optics.

Katryana gives a whoop of excitement and relief. "Oh, thank the Egg." She collapses into a heap on the ground next the the object, all doe-eyed at Ginger's horror. "Uhm." Delicately, she picks through the pieces. "Looks like only this… what, leg? This leg is broken. The rest of it seems whole, and it's all just metal. See, there's that piece, and these other three pieces. It just snapped at this joint here, but all the big pieces are still together, or look like they'll fit together, anyway." 2 + 2 = 4 and her lips form an 'o', "Ah, you thought it might be a telescope. Maybe a stand for one? Why's it so shardin' heavy, anyway? I don't think we can get this back upstairs like this. Should we just… report it? Leave it for the rest of time?" Either way, she's getting out of this room.

"We should prop the door open with something and go back and tell someone what happened," Ginger says firmly. "That leg's fixable, no problem, and I don't believe anyone really wanted to store the thing in here anyway. But, yeah. Let's not carry it back." Keeping a hand on the door, she picks up one of the boards from the disintegrating shelving, and positions it where it will keep the door open. "Right. I've had enough of this place. Let's go." And she marches out of the room, pausing only to check that her improvised door-stop is going to do its job.

Katryana doesn't need to be told twice! She's already scattered from the room by the time Ginger's put together an acceptable doorstop. The teen nods in affirmation at each point of the plan and, having escaped almost certain death, falls into step next to her friend. To light! To air! Escape!

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