Sven, Renalde, Bailey


Sven and Bailey aren't BFFs but like, there still might be drinks.


It is sunset of the twenty-fifth day of the second month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.


Weyr Entrance

OOC Date 16 Feb 2016 07:00


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"Well, then. Consider the Harper at your pleasure."


Weyr Entrance

No standard weyr-arch for Southern, no, not when an open-air bridge could curve so gracefully into the exterior of the bowlwall, the concave swoop of the weyrbowl itself nestled against the far high-rise of the rivercliffs. A pocket of white marble is delineated in gorgeous architecture at the termination of the bridge, a staircase switching back to a terace above; the stone buildings of the guard compound rise in a vivid vein against the rough-hewn darkness of the cliffs it settles against. The classic arcs only possible by ancient stonecutters show through, Southern's ageless beauty to be admired by all who trespass her walls.

This is a beautiful day out. Despite what the game weather would have us believe, it's under a hundred degrees. The sun is shining and there's just enough of a breeze to make it comfortable. Where the weyr entrance begins to rise up and pick up some height, Sven loiters overlooking the expanse of the bowl that spreads out below. He's not alone however, another man of dubious appearance stands there with him. The two appear to be deep in conversation, with the one becoming more agitated as the harper remains calm. Looking frustrated, the unnamed fellow says in a voice that's loud enough to be heard, "Fine. We'll see." Unruffled, the journeyman shrugs and continues to gaze at the goings on below.

Renalde sans his suit coat is a weird sight. But said suit coat is made for the perpetual freezing temperatures of the hold, and is pretty much overkill for the hold. Thus he's got the coat slung over one arm and he's even undone his tie just slightly to let in some of that breeze. The warmth of the hold makes walking easy, and he's taking his pleasure. The argument catches his attention and so he begins to drift closer. "A shame to argue on such a beautiful day." Tone easy, Journeymen don't need chastised for breaking the peace, right?

Sven seems surprised to hear the voice of someone else so close, but then he was just about to lose himself in thought here. He straightens up at Renalde's arrival, turning to catch sight of him. He smiles easily enough as he responds, "I couldn't agree more. But some people just want to see the world burn, yeah?" It's a little bit of an exaggeration, but he's a harper. Can anyone really be surprised? His shoulders left then and he gives the Lord Warder a slight bow at the waist. "Journeyman Harper Sven, sir."

"Hyperbole as only a harper is able." Renalde sees Sven's exaggeration, and raises it a proper name. Settling beside the man Renalde has to figure out how to stand with dignity with that coat in his hands. (Hint, it's not possible without also looking slightly female.) "Well met Journeyman," Renalde is just going to not say his own name, there is literally only one person with that particular knot in like… the whole world. So. Easy to pick out. "Would it be undecorumus if I was to inquire what had his ire raised above reasonableness? My compliments on your own composure."

Sven's smile deepens and he tips his head, called out on his own word play. He leans his hip against the rail and glances in the direction of his once companion. "Just a little disagreement. He wanted something for less than it was worth." The harper shrugs and glances at that coat. There's probably some suggestions he could make on how to look cooler with it, but that's probably out of the scope of their very brief relationship here. "Lovely weather that we're having here today? I wish all my days at Southern were so humidity free."

Renalde foofs Bailey! Bailey wonders what a foof is.

"An unfortunate tendency of people in all places." Renalde, calling the kettle black. People make REALLY sad faces when Renalde decides to negotiate. "It seems to go beyond a mere purchasing disagreement." That's Renalde gently fishing (because he's curious, OKAY?) but leaving it open to be ignored also. Shifting his coat to the other hand, Renalde shares the awkwardness. "It is quiet pleasant. We get so little humidity at the hold with our distance from the sea and hold it is enjoyable to breathe without every breath stealing the moisture within."

"Greed is a powerful motivator." Sven comments abstractly, his smile twisting into something less innocent. But he seems content to leave it there, a glance cutting in the direction of the departed man. "I've certainly been remiss in coming to visit your hold. I've been here at Southern for months and I just haven't found the time." He frowns now, crossing his arms. "And now I'm nearly at the end of my tenure here. I'll have to find opportunity soon."

Set: Sven and Renalde are standing out talking about literally the weather. It's really nice outside and not sweaty balls hot.

Sorry guys, Bailey just arrived, so maybe sweaty balls hot could be a th — nevermind. She's over thirty now. IT'S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE ISN'T IT?! Nevermind. But she's nearby. Somewhere. Doing something. Something weyrwomanly even. Or maybe just drinking booze and laughing loudly to herself, because that's totally sane.

"Unfortunatly." Check, greed was involved. Somehow. "Well, that second is quite easily fixed." And see, here's BAILEY. Renalde can totally rope her in easily. "Bailey, so good to see you. I wonder, would it be possible to have Journeyman Sven here brought up to the hold for some R&R?" He's even smiling at his favorite goldrider. "I believe the Apartif even has recently gotten in a new vintage to try. Quite exclusive."

Maybe if Sven hadn't seen Bailey get into hand-to-hand combat with a man over his hair that one time, his balls would be sweatier. But instead she just generates a feeling of wariness deep in the pit of his stomach. "…Excuse me?" He doesn't quite follow, until he turns and sees that the goldrider is right there. When did she show up? Yep, there's that cold gut feeling. At any rate, he puts on his best show face and greets her, "Weyrwoman. That's not necessary, I can find time. At some point, I'm sure. I have about two weeks left. Plenty of opportunity."

Turns out Bailey was laughing at something said by a slender blonde who has a coy smile for the goldrider and a spotlight in several surrounding men's fantasies - but the blonde takes her booze and leaves Bailey, the redhead glancing archly once after the other woman before smiling eye-crinklingly at the errant son of the south. "Renalde," she warmly greets him, her flawless eyebrows lifting at the inquiry. "Oh. Him?" When Sven patentedly doesn't want to go, she gestures at him: "Oh, you must!" yep, still a bitch

Renalde's totally going to turn a fatherly eye onto the blond. Getting Bailey into trouble hum? TiskTiskTisk. Renalde manages to NOT completely shake his head in a judgmental fashion, but it's a close thing. "Perhaps the two of you would be willing to come visit." Excuse Renalde as he's going to work to rope Bailey into this thing. "I'm sure we could find diversions for both of you, and it has been much too long since you came to visit Bailey." Just… don't' come when the dragon is horny this time, plz? Or at least bring Vi with you.

Oh see, Sven would totally visit the hold. He's just not sure he wants to visit it with Bailey. He's not meant for physical combat and she's more woman than he can handle, you dig? So don't mind him if he gives a short little laugh and shakes his head while trying to remain polite, "No, what? I wouldn't want to take up any of the weyrwoman's time. She has a lot of work to do here without having to take field trips with me." Tactfully he adds on for Renalde, "I promise to come at least once before I return to Harper Hall."

"Oh, Renalde," Bailey regretfully states, "I don't think Hannah will let me… what with timing. She doesn't want another international incident." Is Bailey aluding to possibility of proddy? Surely not. Khaly's gone up SO MUCH recently. "The Harper can buy me a drink at some point here instead." Her toothy-sweet smile for Sven is most similar to a shark's scenting fresh blood.

"If Khalyssrielth is near her time to rise then perhaps it would be better if you were to stay here. But surely arrangements can be made for Sven?" God Bailey, DON'T VISIT PRODDY SHIT HAPPENS AND IT SUCKS. More awkward shifting of his coat as Renalde glances upwards in the bowl. There's totally a dragon setting down that is probably his ride home. "Excuses can be so convenient."

Is there a way for him to get out of buying a drink for Bailey that doesn't just look… super bad for him? No? Got it. Sven smiles agan, so much smiling, so much fake political smiling for the goldrider. She's got his number. He knows it. "Anytime the goldrider would like, I would be more than glad to buy a drnk for her." He rocks on his heels, glancing to the dragon that sets down in the bowl. He's just not going to comment on that whole proddy dragon thing. The man wasn't here for it last time and he proobably doesn't want to be next time. "I will make arrangements to visit when I get the time, Lord Warder." OR IS IT WARDEN?!

"So I thought," Bailey says to Renalde. "Well, then. Consider the Harper at your pleasure, free of the whims of the weyr's burdens whenever you have need or want of him," did she just sign sven over as an indentured servant where is clem to say no to this madness, "And yes. That sounds like a plan," she smiles once again toothily towards Sven before patting Renalde's arm and moving off purposely in the direction that blonde disappeared. "Until later, gentlemen."

"I feel like I owe you an appology." Renalde sees that predatory look in Bailey's eyes and feels sorry for Sven. Not enough to like, try to fix this, but he does feel sorry. Small half smile, "At very least Bailey will make it possible for you to catch a ride with anyone who will be coming." AT Sven's pleasure, okay? Lingering eyes on Bailey leaving before Renalde shakes his head sowly. "I worry about that girl." Bailey will always be girl to Renalde. :( "Fare well Journeyman." Before Renalde's going to exit stage-dragonback.

Sven smiles with his lips closed together as the goldrider departs. He turns to Renalde and shrugs, "Don't worry about it, sir. I've only got two more weeks and then I return to my Hall." Does he look homesick for that place? Well, yes. He definitely does. As the others depart, he cuts a farewell wave before returning to his very casual yet fashionable lean. He has some quiet brooding to do, don't mind him.

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