Talya, Alyna


Talya is getting in some PT while Alyna's just there for the sun and surf, but revelations are shared between the two women.

mild profanity


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 22 Apr 2018 04:00


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"It's more important you find what makes you happy anyway."



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

It is the seventy-third day of Spring and 94 degrees. It is sunny and bright. White fluffy clouds drift lazily across the china blue sky.

It is best to enjoy the outdoors before the true heat of the summer really hits, which Talya is doing on that day… well, after a little run. The young woman has been busy with her new career, and even now is seen jogging down the beach, the sand providing resistance to make it more difficult than the occasional run they have during PT out in the bowl. Her feet are booted even here, to protect against the heat of the sands, but her clothes seem to be lacking. Wearing a bikini top with the probable intention of swimming and loose pants that are breezy in this weather, she focuses only on the empty strip of beach in front of her. Occasionally one of her firelizards flashes by, chirruping for her attention, but she shoos them away with a wave of her hand before swiping that same hand over her brow to clean off some trickling sweat. Hot, sweaty, and then a cool dip in the ocean. When she stops. If she stops.

Running is well and good, but Alyna subscribes to the sauntering school of thought when it comes to getting from point A to point B. Which she is prefectly demonstrating at the moment as the greenrider comes sauntering off the boardwalk and onto the beach, her leather sandals keeping the worse of the sand's heat from her feet. Her body is wrapped in a brilliantly patterned sarong of blues and greens, crosses in the front and then tied behind her neck, the excess fabric floats out behind her as she wanders closer to the shore line. Talya's running gets noted as she shields her eyes and narrows them in the direction of the younger woman, not quite able to make her out at this distance. With a shrug of her shoulders, she seems to settle on a stretch of sand that is unnocupied and deftly unties her garment and then lays it out on the sand. underneath a white bikini is set off by her deeply bronzed skin and hair that is sun-bleached almost white, someone has been making the most of the Spring weather.

Talya's running is, unsurprisingly, heading in the direction that the greenrider has decided to settle on. The beach was not unoccupied, and she had to adjust her path accodingly to people and dragons occasionally already. She likely started at the boardwalk, ran down a certain amount of dragonlengths, and then is on her way back. Where Alyna settles seems to be directly in her path. She's closing the distance, not as fast as she likely hoped to be, but enough to be distinguishable, her skin darkened more from the sun and gleaming with a layer of sweat. She makes a huffing sound in effort as she has to divert around the greenrider, a little spray of sand in her wake, and then she's past…. and skids to an abrupt halt. She stands there panting a few moments, and then trudges back the small distance she covered while her brain registered the woman's features. Her hands on her hips, she looks down at Alyna and would be smirking in greeting if not for her panting.. "Well," Huff puff. "Good afternoon." And then she leans forward to catch her breath.

Alyna finally recognizes the runner and offers a smile and a wave as Talya runs past her, chuckling softly as she gets treated to a double-take, her sandals are kicked off and placed in opposite corners of her sarong so that a stray breeze doesn't catch the light material. Putting her hands on her hips, the greenrider smirks in the younger woman's direction, "And a good afternoon to you as well. What's with the running? You got a taste for PT while at Igen?" she wonders idly as she shields her eyes with one hand. A belatedly apologetic look crosses her features, "Sorry you got left standing." Alyna blurts out bluntly as she looks out at the water, debating whether to swim first or soak up some sun.

Talya takes a moment to compose herself. It seems as long as she kept running she was able to keep from collapsing in exhaustion. Now it all seems to catch up on her. With a last few gulping gasps, she finally seems to be in control. The greenrider's question seems to finally sink into her brain as well, and her condolence. "I think I'm finally over it," she notes regarding being left Standing, though it comes after an involuntary wince at the reminder and a brief sadness to cross her eyes. Speaking of Impressions though, her two firelizards finally take advantage of their human standing still to divebomb for a shoulder each. "I still came away with company," she points out at their arrival with a roll of her eyes as they settle, the young queen trying to look regal. "And it's more like I had to keep up with the PT after Igen, cause I went and joined the Guards." Here she goes and stands a little straighter, even if her chest is still puffing, and gives a wicked little grin to the greenrider. "Had to build up on my endurance. Some of the other candidates at Igen could run circles around me and not break a sweat. I like to think that I'd be able to keep up now." While she had muscle before, they really are better defined now that she wasn't just bartending. "What about you? Haven't seen you in ages. I'd say you've been keeping busy but you're pretty dark. Never even caught ya out here."

"The guards? Really?" That tidbit of information has one of Alyna's eyebrows shooting up in wild speculation as she looks over the girl's new firelizards. "Well at least you didn't come back completely empty handed." she agrees as she runs an idle hand through her hair, fingers pushing at platinum locks as she nods along for the girl's reasoning for joining the guards. "So you just joined the guards to keep in shape then?" The greenrider looks skeptical at that, but doesn't press her and merely nods dimissively before one final comment of "Fitness looks good on you." At her last Alyna merely shrugs her shoulders, "Oh the usual rider business keeps me hoping of course, but I've been squeezing in as much tanning time as I can, wherever I can." she grins softly. "And I feel like I haven't seen many people in ages. Th'res is avoiding me still, I think, after that one date." she shakes her head sadly at that thought.

Talya reaches a hand up to give the shyer blue firelizard a little scritch. "While I would have preferred to be less burdened coming back, I wouldn't trade them now. They definitely help out with keeping busy." And less lonely. She is happily stuck with them, even if at the time they were very unhappily received. "And nah, not just to keep in shape. I wasn't going to be going back to the Kitten and be pinched at by drunkards. The Guards suddenly seemed like a good option, and they had quite a few sick people out so it was easy to get recruited." Helped with her anger management, perhaps, now that she was on the other end of dragging the drunks out and throwing the unruly ones in the brig. She looks back over her shoulder to the boardwalk, gauging the distance and then turns back to the greenrider. "I think I'm done with my run for the day. If you don't mind company." Her head tilts to one side as she curiously studies Alyna. "What's this about Th'res? I thought you two were still… hanging out, even if you don't want to be his weyrmate. Though he's a busy wingsecond and all now, I don't even see him myself," she adds quickly at the end with a shrug, just to make the greenrider feel better.

Color Alyna impressed at Talya's revelation that she wanted to make a change, her ice blue eyes lighting up as she nods appreciatively in the other woman's directions. "Well good for you for not putting up with that bullshit no more. You don't deserve that." Well no woman does, but Alyna leaves the feminist speeches for another day. When asked if she wants company, the greenrider lights up, "Sure! The more the merrier. I was just pondering whether I wanted to swim or tan first." she says as she spreads her towel down now, adding another layer of protection against the heat of the sand. At talk of a certain blueriding wingsecond she just sighs and shakes her head, "We're friends, and that's all we're going to be. I'd still happily tumble the delicious ginger man, but it would be inadviseable to say the least, because I can't be what he wants." and Alyna nods pointedly when the other woman mentions the dreaded 'weyrmate' word. "But, I haven't been completely without company." she says as a faintly besotted look paints her features briefly before she reins it back in before she turns the question on Talya, "How about you? been making up for lost time under candidate restrictions?" she teases gently, waggling a suggestive eyebrow at the younger woman.

Talya shrugs her shoulders at the thought of her old job and not putting up with it. "They're probably glad I'm gone, one too many dislocated fingers and all." She gives the greenrider a wicked grin as she recalls her best defense for those unfamiliar with her. It wasn't that she put up with that, in fact. Not she was just getting the marks to deal with it instead of being scolded. "Swim." Hopefully her quick vote helps Alyna's dilemma. "Swim sounds good about now." She finally shimmies out of her bottoms to reveal the rest of her bikini. It's simple and brown, against brown skin. Very dull. Someone doesn't really have much fashion sense here! She kicks the bottoms to the side even as she stares at the greenrider, attention fully on her. "You know, I figured that look you got that time in Igen was cause of Th'res. I'm starting to guess it ain't," she points to the greenrider's face when she talks about not being without company. She catches the subtle besotted look, but her toothy grin at the greenrider's love life is short lived. She gives a snort and a quick shake of her head. "/Me/? Nah, too busy. I mean, there was a few drunken and sloppy make outs, I think, with random guys." Hard to remember during those black out drunk days. "But I haven't yet been tumbled by anyone and don't really plan to. No loss during candidacy, you know."

"Swim it is then." Alyna says with a shrug as she waits for Talya to disrobe, taking note of the girl's brown on brown color scheme with a thoughtful hum as the wheels of thought turn. But then Talya is calling her out on something that happened when they briefly met in Igen and the greenrider's cheeks darken considerably as she looks away with a clearing of her throat, "No, it wasn't about Th'res. Another bluerider, D'har. We've been enjoying keep each other company is all." There is something subtle in her tone that says perhaps that is not all. "It's not a thing. We're both free to see whoever we want." she adds breezily as she wanders towards the water's edge. At Talya's confession to having never been tumbled, she gives her a quizzical look. "You and Th'res both huh?" and the greenrider has to bite down on her next suggestion.

Talya is thankfully not the least bit self conscious of her poor color scheme or baring it to the beach. "Oh, a /different/ bluerider. Well, that definitely makes a lot more sense now." She follows the other petite woman with a grin, keeping pace with her. "Of course, not a thing. But sounds like you've been enjoying yourselves together for quite a while now." This is because that time in Igen was quite a good length of time in the past already! Again that grin fades, though it melts more into a smirk as she can only imagine where Alyna's mind is turning towards. "Unlike Th'res, it doesn't bother me or seem to be a mission for others to deal away with. It's a bit overrated, in my opinion." Not that she really had the action to back up that fact. "I've kissed. I've seen my share of naked men. And I've even been in /bed/ with them. It just never got to the point of… accomplishing anything." The smirk goes away to something darker. "Not a very pleasant memory to remember why it never got to that point, but the man's good and gone now." And maybe even dead, considering the loss of life in Black Rock. Her feet hit the water, and she sighs in relief at the cool ocean waters tugging her out to sea.

"It's been several months, yes." Alyna confirms with a warm smile at the length of time her and her special bluerider have been keeping each other company. At the girl's next she scoffs loudly at her declartion of it being overrated. "Overrated? Absolutely not. Even the worse tumble I've had has been worth it." says the greenrider with a scandalous smirk on her face as she too sighs with relief as the cool waters finally lap against her feets, wading in deeper with slow steps. "But you know, each to their own. It's more important you find what makes you happy anyway."

Talya turns her eyes on Alyna as she scoffs, eyebrows raised. "I've heard it hurts the first times around anyway, so even /that/ was worth it?" Though, granted, perhaps that time was eclipsed by all the many good tumbles that the greenrider has had since. With the water lapping at her waist now, the two firelizards finally take off with unhappy sounds, enjoying their shoulder perches. They either had to stay and eventually get submerged or take off. They were obviously quite attached to the young woman. "Shoo, go on and learn to fish so I don't have to feed you later," she calls after them with a flick of her hand before finally submerging into the water. She comes up with her hair wet, and with a bared expression on her face as she confesses more to Alyna, "Not sure what makes me happy at this point." Pause. "Besides a good fight." She leans back into the water, the waves shallow enough that she can float there without sputtering out water.

With a sheepish grin in the direction of the younger woman, Alyna makes a confession of her own. "I've heard so, but I don't remember my first time because I waited until Haquith first rose." That brings a self-conscious blush to the petite blonde's cheeks as she wallows in further as well, following suit after Talya and submerging her head and coming up shaking the water out of her blonde waves. "I was old too…twenty-two almost. But I was holdbred from a traditionalist Hold, I wasn't supposed to uncross my legs 'cept for my husband. Then I got Searched and impressed Haquith and was told it was only a matter of time, and it was." She shakes her head at that, "I wouldn't recommend it though, especially if you're living at the Weyr and it's more acceptable for a girl to get her own experience." At Talya's last, Alyna hums thoughtfully as she twists her wet hair together, "I can see that actually." Alyna remarks at the thought that fighting could make Talya happy, "I guess you got into the right profession then."

Talya's head snaps to Alyna with a wide eyed look, opening her mouth and closing it. She listens to her background, finally giving a laugh at the end. "You made it sound like you were Weyrbred through and through, honestly! Could have fooled me. I guess it takes a while to get that Hold idea out of someone's head?" Considering a mutual bluerider friend that still had that holdbred concept in his mind. She seems to consider the other woman's story, floating there, before swimming back upright and looking her way. "Being lost to it during a dragonflight doesn't sound so bad, since it isn't really the best time that first time anyway. It ain't that I think it's unacceptable… Maybe once. Before I left Black Rock, my own father tried to convince me to whore myself out. Good marks can pay his debt, you know." She rolls her eyes, remember that Alyna met the drunk and useless old man briefly. Who knows where he was now. "It'll happen when it happens. Meanwhile, I'll just bust faces when I can."

"I get that a lot acually." Alyna admits, "I did end up fitting in better in the Weyr once I got there. I always felt out of place, confined growing up in the Hold. And I may have been a late bloomer but I've more than made up for it in the time since. I think it's one of the reasons I refuse exclusive pairings, because I don't ever want to restricted like I did while I was waiting for a man to find me suitable wife material." She adds in a rather terse manner, her gaze narrowing briefly. "It had it's advantages, I won't disagree with that." And she'll leave the topic of whether one should lose it to a flight when Talya brings up a much grimer topic. "You father what?" she exclaims as she blinks her ice blue eyes wide. "That is terrible Talya. I am so sorry! If I would have known…" the woman's eyes go stormy as she thinks that she saved a man who tried to get his own daughter to sell herself, it leaves the greenrider feeling a little ill. "Have you tried busting your dad's face, he sounds like he deserves it." she says with no hint of sympathy for the man.

"Was it Search that brought you to the Weyr or did you end up there for other reasons?" Like Talya, holdbred finding a new life in with the different Weyr life. She is honestly curious about the life before Southern that Alyna lived, if anything she may be taking mental notes for the future. She swims little circles around the older woman, always moving even after the long run she took beforehand. Maybe to try to get away from the past memories that are now clogging her mind. She stops with a sigh finally, pushing hair out of her face as she faces the greenrider. "You really think I didn't try?" This is Talya we're talking about, who responds to her anger first with fists… usually. "I did bust his face, packed up, and came here. That time during the storm? First time I saw him since then, and only so I don't feel guilty cause I knew he'd die if I didn't go with the riders to drag his ass out of there. As much as he deserves it. If it wasn't for my ex, he wouldn't have had that idea in his head anyway. I didn't bother to look for /that/ particular asshole." Oh, her voice turns more into a growl at that memory. It may have been over a turn but it still wasn't gone.

Alyna treads water lazily in one place as she turns her head to watch the younger woman swim circles around her quite literally. "I was Searched for a clutch at Igen, impressed Haquith first go and that was it. I returned a couple times to visit the parents back in Telgar, but I don't miss it. Not even a bit." At hearing that Talya did bust her father's face, the greenrider with just nod proudly, "Good girl." She shakes her head slowly at the idea of this ex the younger woman is talking about, and she clicks her tongue, "Well it's obvious you're a strong woman Talya. You keep doing you, cause it's obviously working." She grins just before she gets the familiar unfocused look over her face that is familiar on riders everywhere. With an apologetic bob of her head, she smiles in Talya's direction. "I have to get going, but we should do drinks sometime, this was fun." she offers about being able to open up to someone. Then the petite greenrider is wading towards the shore and her towel and sarong she left there.

"Being at a Weyr is definitely the better place to be." Even if Talya did think about heading back to Black Rock. Briefly. For a time. If all the bad memories were gone from the Hold. Talya shakes her head quickly to get those thoughts out of her mind, then returns the greenrider's compliments with a laugh. "Being short, you should know how people underestimate us. Think we're easily manipulated or controlled, need a bigger man to help protect us. They've been doing that all my life, and it ain't going to stop now." Her newly toned body after months of getting lazy bartending is just proof of that. Her face falls briefly when her company has to get out and leave, covering it quickly with a fond smile. "Drinks, then. Soon. I'll hold you to it. Because then you can tell me all about this other bluerider."

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