Talya, Alyna


Alyna runs into a sleeping Talya in the Archives Library.


It is evening of the fourth day of the seventh month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Archive Library, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 15 Nov 2018 05:00



"Did you just compare my most adorable baby to a wonky loaf of bread?"


Archive Library

Where once books reigned supreme, this open space is now dominated by a stalwart skybroom reaching to the sky through a broken ceiling. What was once evidence of collapse is now ornately carved with engraved ivy, matched by a clever contraption of stone that allows the gap to be closed in inclement weather. A small garden occupies the space around the tree-trunk, all manicured bushes and flowering shrubbery enclosed by a grated gutter. The walls are lined with bookcases, while a spiral staircase leans on the western wall to wind upwards to the second level. Tucked in the corners and scattered in the main areas are tables and chairs, cafe-style, and comfortably worn overstuffed armchairs. It is the perfect place for individuals to gather, to enjoy the offerings of the food-cart or a spirited conversation.

Evening and dinner is probably an excellent time to find Talya at the Kitten or faceplanting into a bowl of something warm in the living caverns… But for some reason she is in the library, hiding among the books while everyone is enjoying their evening out. She's leaning up against the tree and what looks like a few books around here, from old wing records, to some musty diary, and even a raunchy romance story (which is the one that's open of course), though the brownrider has her head tipped back against the tree with her eyes closed, enjoying the relative peace of the area. Maybe even passed out after a long day and those brutal morning shifts of her Wing.

The art of juggling more things than she has arms for is a skill every new mom should learn, and Alyna is definitely no different. Little Adryn is secured with some kind of wrap tied around her torso and over shoulders to keep him in an upright position hugged to her chest. The tiny head covered in jet black curls is swivelling from side to side, albeit a little wobbily, bright brown eyes focusing on various things about the library. Under one arm is a stack of hides, and in the other, a plate of meatrolls. If she gets any looks from the archivists, she just ignores them. Her ice blue eyes spy Talya against the tree, soft smirk on her lips as she moves over to a table to put both hides and plate down. Tiptoeing up to Talya, she has to bite her lower lip to keep from giggling. "Psssst…Talya," she whispers as she leans over the brownrider, "You have a bed for more than entertaining certain redheaded blueriders you know?" she teases softly

Talya may have laughed at seeing Alyna doing the new mom juggling but she has better things to do, like catching up on sleep or being busy with Ocelot. She's certainly one of those new riders that is still taking a long time to adjust to the schedule, if she ever will, and a certain dragon won't let her slack off in the least bit even if she wanted to. "Mmm…Tell Evka I'll be down for drills in just five more minutes," mumbles the brownrider sleepily, snuggling into the jacket that she has worn. It once looked new and it's a bit dusty, somehow dragged out of hiding somewhere when her lifemate is sleeping for her to keep warm in. She hasn't yet opened her eyes. But something has clicked in her sleepy brain, and her brows furrow tightly together. "Bluerider? Is Th'res here? What?" And her eyes do pop open then, if a little crusty looking. She tries to make out Alyna in the library, and blearily she asks, "What's wrong with your body?"

Stiffling a giggle innefectively, Alyna shakes her head a little bit as Talya finally opens her eyes. "No dear, your dashing lover is not here, but I knew that would get your attention." The brownrider's next has her straightening with a squeak of indignation, "Absolutely nothing, I'm already back into all my old clothes," She retorts as she stands a little straighter, hand running down her mostly flat stomach self-consciously. Finally it clicks that Talya might be talking about the fact that she has a baby strapped to her and softens again, "Or it could just be because I, y'know…have a baby strapped to my chest." Turning his head then, Adryn tries to focus on Talya, giving her a gum-filled, drooly grin.

Blame the fact that she's still fuzzy from sleep but Talya did not put two and two together and realize the odd lump wrapped carefully and held to the greenrider was a child and not some new deformity. "Great Faranth, that is a living baby," she snaps out of her haze, even after her friend told her so. She sits up straight, almost as if startled by some strange creature and afraid it will hurt her. She lifts her eyes up between Alyna and then to the child. "I guess I figured he'd be with the nannies more than with you but still not at that age." And then, becaue there are minors present, she reaches her arm out and closes the filthy page she had that one book flipped open to and gives a sheepish look. "It's a good look on you Alyna, and… he's, uh… cute." It's obvious she doesn't know if those are the right words, unfamiliar with the smaller human things.

Alyna is trying really hard not to double over with laughter, restraining herself for the sake of not startling Adryn. So her shoulders shake slightly with the withheld mirth, face going a little red with the effort. "He better be, with what he put me and my body through getting here," she finally manages to answer through receeding giggles, "The healers said to wait until he is at least two months old to go to the nannies. Which is in just a few more days. Which also means I'll be coming back to Ocelot at the same time." There's almost a giddy excitement in the greenrider voice as she relays that. Talya's last is met with a warm smile as she runs her hand gently over the babe's soft curls making him coo and giggle, "Cute?! Adryn's is the most beautiful baby ever born, how could he not be with parents like his?"

Talya's first thoughts are audible when she sees Alyna trying to restrain her laughter. "You're not going to keel over and die on me now are you? Not sure what I'd do with the kid!" She tries to stand up now, just in case, but realizes it is laughter. It doesn't really make her concern completely disappear as she uses the tree trunk for leverage, leaning up against it after. "You'll be back so soon? Not that I don't mind!" she hastily adds, lifting her hands up. Her dark eyes cannot seem to be able to focus on one of them alone: baby, Alyna, baby, Alyna. "I guess I just don't want you to see what a bad wingmate I'm gonna be too." Her gaze does observe the child more closely and there's a tug at the corner of her mouth, pulling up into a familiar smirk. "Adryn. I like that. I have no doubt he's going to have women chasing him in flocks when he's older, but right now he looks more like that misshapen bread loaf a new cook tried to bake." She lifts her hand and wiggles some fingers at him uncertainly.

Alyna takes a couple of steps back to give Talya the room to get up, bouncing the infant slightly to keep him happy. "Shards! Everyone is so surprised when I tell them about going back to Ocelot so soon. Trust me, it's not soon enough in my books. I've been off fighting over a turn and a half now. I'm soooo ready, and Haquith more so than me." She gives Talya a bit of an exasperated sigh, "Bad wingmate? Give me a break! I highly doubt that. R'zel wouldn't have tapped you if you weren't good." Can't argue with that logic, or she hopes Talya doesn't. When the attention is once more on the babe, she nods her head, "Yeah, we went through so many names before coming up with that one. But it suits him if I do say so myself." She giggles a little bit at the thought of her son being chase by flocks of girls, before her eyebrows fly up her forehead, eyes blinking owlishly at the woman's last, "Did you just compare my most adorable baby to a wonky loaf of bread?" She could be teasing, or completely serious.

"I guess when you put it that way…" Talya tilts her head and looks at the woman up and down, leg and all considering that was the whole reason that this thing came about. "That is a long time to be out of it. If you took another few weeks, your dragon may end up setting the Weyr on fire instead, won't she?" She does make a face at Alyna at the good wingmate. "Well… I'm no Th'res, that's certain." Likely referring to the fact that he was Wingsecond from his own weyrling wing on to Wingsecond to Lynx in a short period of time. She leaves that topic to look at the baby instead, nodding her head in agreement to the name decision and then gives a toothy grin at her friend. "Okay, maybe more like a small overstuffed sack of tubers then? Does he feel just like one too when you're carrying him, all stumpy legs and arms and chubby baby…ness?"

"That…or she'll go proddy out of spite. It's hard for Haquith, it's what she was made for and the frustration of not being able to…." Alyna just trails off with a shake of her head and a heavy sigh. The brownrider's next has her giggling again, "That's ok, we don't need another Th'res running around….Well…now that I say it…" the greenrider hums in consideration, stroking her chin idly, before cracking a smile Talya-ward. "Just be you. That's what got you impressed anyway. The rest comes with time and lots of experience," Alyna nods sagely with the wisdom of well over a decade of Threadfighting under her belt. Talya's next comparison gets her a scoff, "Have you never even held a baby before?" She queries with a raised eyebrow.

Talya gives a shudder about the proddiness. Probably not her most favorite experience of being a brownrider, and likely has to do with the whole Turahaimajusuth's infamous meltdowns for losing out on a catch. Either way she doesn't look pleased by that idea of Haquith going up. "Let's hope it's just burning down the Weyr. Better not to get to that point and get back to the Wing and fighting Thread." She folds her arms together in her overlarge jacket, shrugging her shoulders regarding her own learning experience as a dragonrider in the Wing. She'll get there, and she hasn't yet broken a leg so that's a good sign. "Well, we had to deal with them during candidacy but I always took on the bigger ones, that could walk and talk on their own for the most part. The squishy ones I left to others… They're kind of fragile and moist and just—" Here she puts her hands out and makes a squishy motion with both her hands. "But no, I never really have. Never had need to, and people knew better than to have me look after them in the lower caverns"

Alyna notices that shudder at the mention of proddiness, but she merely files it away for later girl talk between the two friends, preferably over drinks…lots of drinks. "That is certainly the plan, wouldn't want my lifemate to resort to such drastic measures," the greenrider replies with a chuckle. As Talya recounts her experiences with children, Alyna's smirk just grows as she's hatching an idea. "So never? Mmmmm…" she trails off impishly. And she probably would have implemented her budding scheme if Adryn hadn't picked that exact moment to start to fuss, first soft whimpers that quickly escalate into a full-fledged wail. She's getting a few looks now, dirty ones, which she is choosing to ignore at this particular moment. "Uh oh, I think it's someone's bedtime," she states as she starts to bounce, trying to soothe the infant. But he is having none of it. With a heavy sigh, she looks apologetic. "Sorry bout this, I should be getting him home anyway. But I'll be seeing you a lot more soon. And drinks! We need to do drinks soon, kay?" She's walking slowly towards the door as she says this.

Talya suddenly tenses and eyes Alyna warily, catching that hint of mischief in her voice. "What are you—" But then there is a crying infant. The moment he starts to whimper, Talya looks at the baby like it is a bomb just waiting to do something terrible there. She winces at the wail and tucks her head down. She doesn't care for the looks they are receiving but that doesn't mean she has to like crying children. "All that noise cause he's tired? Well, I guess I can understand that, kiddo. Some days I'm close to screaming that way from lack of sleep." She relaxes, even through the crying and gives her friend a wide grin. "Definitely drinks, though I doubt you have the same tolerance as before. You're okay to drink if he's with the nannies and probably a wet nurse then right?" She looks pointedly to the other woman's chest before looking up with a raised brow. Then she's leaning down to pick up her own mess. "Go get him to bed, at least one of us should be sleeping peacefully right now." She probably has other places to be, like getting dinner first.

"Hah! Tolerance-shmolerance. I'll still drink you under the table," Alyna retorts with a smirk, although the greenrider will most likely be joining her under there if she tries to overindulge too soon. Looking down at her own chest when Talya points towards it, which is mostly hidden behind the baby in his carrier, "Yep! That's the idea! We finally found a wet nurse we really like so…Yay boozing!" Adryn quickly lets his mother know that she is taking waaaay too long in her farewell with a rising in pitch of his cries. "Ok Ok. I get it Lord Crankypants, let's go see daddy," she croons softly before offering one final wave to the brownrider and making her way out of the archives.

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