Ginger, Th'res


Ginger's heard some things. Can Th'res confirm them?


It is late afternoon of the sixteenth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Star Stones, Southern Weyr

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Star Stones

Jutting from the jungles, the caldera's northern most edge has been fashioned into the necessary star stones; two great boulders push up against the sky, weathering the winds that scour the ever-encroaching lichens that cling to the humid-moistened rock. A singular stone, so obviously man-made, serves as the eye-rock, long forgotten with only the wind's erosive touch to keep the greenery away. The stones stand upon the flattest point of the caldera, and any who climb the winding stairs, up the mountain's face, will be treated with a view worthy of the effort of the climb of the seemingly endless stone steps. Far and away, the entire weyr is exposed as are the vast jungles and terraced fields that dot the horizon. The Southern Barrier Range looms above the weyr, and from this vantage point, one can see the snows that clings to the summits. The winding Black Rock River sparkles far, far below. The ledge itself is small, however, so only a few brave souls and possibly one dragon could fit up here. With no handrails, the edge of the star stones's ledge offer a danger to the unwary who think to stand where the rock curves down into the bowl below.

The star stones have always been a place to hide, either from work or from the humity of the weyr. Today finds Th'res doing both, leaning against his dragon he is lost in thought looking over the Weyr. His shiny new knot is displayed for all of Pern to see as his brow is furrowed in thought, all the while the his blue naps quietly creating a small wind break as well as tail serving as a hand hold for anyone coming by.

The Star Stones are indeed a good place to hide, and with a fabulous view to reward those who make it here. And really, what better thing to do after bashing hot metal all day than climb up endless staircases in 108-degree heat! It's perhaps not surprising that Ginger's looking more than a little warm when she trudges up the final flight of steps and arrives at the small platform. Her look of surprise may suggest that she's been hoping to have it to herself, but at least it's Th'res - she doesn't sound unhappy. "Th'res!" It's several deep breaths before she continues. "Didn't expect to find you here. What's all this I hear about you getting promoted?" Her eyes move to his shoulder, attempting to confirm the truth of what she's heard.

Th'res is just as startled, if only because his mind was elsewhere and he jumps a little blushing as he clears his throat, "Hey Ginger, yeah I guess they decided I don't work hard enough" He turns so she can see his shoulder knot. "Why are you out of breath? Did you run up the stairs?" He is trying to keep a straight face but that crooked grin is peeking out at the side of this lips.

"Some of us can't ask someone else to carry them up here!" Ginger protests, with a fond glance at the sleeping Jedameth. "Besides, I've been hard at work in the forge all day. Pumping bellows and swinging hammers is really good for the arm muscles, but it doesn't do anything for my leg-power. And it's hard work." She admires the new knot. "It's true, then! Congratulations! Wow, it seems like no time since you were tapped into the wing."

Th'res nods and is half thinking when he says "Your legs look lovely dear." Seems Jed decided to weigh in as Th'res also translates "And Jed says he will fly you anywhere you want to go." Yup totally oblivous is he. Looking back over at her he shrugs slightly "I guess it has been enough though I think M'noq put me here because I am the only one who won't try to kill F'kan."

Ginger gives Th'res a very suspicious look when he comments on her legs, but what follows interests her more. The blue gets a beaming smile. "Thank you, Jedameth." But then she rolls her eyes. "Oh, F'kan. Pawla said she'd heard that he actually got thrown out of Ocelot - is that true?" Ginger has her sources of gossip, but doesn't necessarily trust everything she hears. "He's a fast worker if he's got the whole of Lynx out to get him already."

Th'res nods and shrugs again "Well I don't know about the whole wing, but after that fight he had at Igen. He is very much in the midden with most of the leadership." He looks at her again and grins saying "So Why did you come up here, or are you just out for gossip as usual?"

Ginger shakes her head. "Nah. The gossip's better where there are people." She gives an airy wave of her hand, indicating the horizon. "I fancied the view. And it's quiet up here. The forge has been like the inside of a harper's drum today." She cocks an eyebrow and asks cheekily, "Why? Got anything good?"

Th'res laughs at Ginger "Oh no, don't look at me. Last time I went looking for gossip I ended up covered in blue glow stuff at Igen." He reaches into a saddle pack and pulls out a bottle and offers the first drink to the apprentice girl.

Ginger takes the bottle and sips, though after the first sip gives her the taste, she hesitates before taking a second mouthful. Then she hands it back. "Thanks. I needed that." As well she might, considering that she's pretty sweaty and it's very very hot. She gives a contented smirk. "There has to be a story in getting covered in blue glowy stuff. Do tell!"

Drat! Traped by his own words, Th'res puts the bottle to his lips to avoid talking but that is ok Jedameth will chime in now. His mind builds a picture with the bright colored blocks he uses, the whirlwind of colors mesh to gether and then a mural is formed of Th'res climbing up over a ledge with a little girl in his arms in some deep cave. Both him and the girl covered in blue glowing stuff before the ex-miner hands her over to a healer. « He found a blue STUFF, but he won't bring any back saying it can't be transported »

Ginger's eyes widen as she gets the tale from Jedameth. "Wow - that looked scary! Mother cadged a lift for her and me to visit my cousins there last restday, and they were all talking about the blue stuff. And all the phony blue stuffs. They didn't say it was you that found it, though!" Ginger seems quite affronted by this omission, though it seems she has her sources in Igen, too! "So what is it, really?"

Th'res shrugs and hands the bottle back "No idea, haven't been back to discover it. though Jed thinks it was funny that I scrubbed my self pink trying to get it off." The dragon half opens his eye and says in soft blue-white waves of color « He did do you want to see? » Not really waiting for a response comes another picture this time of Th'res cover with a towel from the waist down but still fresh out of the water skin bright pink of the freshly scrubbed looking annoyed with a scowl on his face.

Ginger chuckles. She's now turned towards Jedameth, wide-eyed and smiling. "Oh, that must have hurt." Then to Th'res, "Poor you. But at least you rescued the kid. You must be good at climbing. Was it far? Had she fallen down there, or something?" Ginger can stop asking questions, but she may just be pausing for breath…

Th'res shrugs "I am ok, a little out of practice since I became a rider. And she was just a little lost guess there is this whole underground people or something and the little one wondered off." He isn't really sure why or who they were but then again when you have a dragon as curious and friendly as Jed a person tends to wind up in many different places.

"It's a proper hold now, though, isn't it? I haven't been, but it sounded interesting." Ginger, endlessly curious, turns back to Th'res. "Still, I suppose all the big holds and the Weyrs, we're all underground people, really. Did you climb actual mountains and things? I really fancy that. Or was it just something for when you were down mines?"

Th'res chuckles, shaking his head, he is used to the red head and her questions. "I used to climb mountains too, even the ice fields at the barrier. Still do when I get the chance, Lynx allows for me to keep up with it as well as learn new things too. Like archery.." He swigs from the bottle and then grins "You any good at it?"

"Climbing? I've done a bit. And not just trees." Th'res caught Ginger up a tree once, after all! "There are some good rocks round the bowl and… other places. Don't really have the gear for tackling big climbs though," she explains in a regretful tone. "That takes ropes and stuff, and nobody's going to give me that sort of kit."

Th'res, as always, is a giver or enabler depending on the way a person looks at it. "I got extra Kit if you want to borrow it. There is agood climbing areay near the cliffs and and water fall by our weyr" He turns and points out towards the rivercliff area.

"Thanks!" Ginger's eyes gleam at the thought, but she has the common sense to qualify her acceptance. "Except, I guess you need to know how to use it all? If you're actually going to be trusting your weight to it, and all. Is that hard to learn? I normally go places where I'm all right without. I like it…" She pauses to point vaguely towards part of the Bowl. "Down there. There's a nice ledge to sit on. I've tried by the waterfall but it's kind of slippy."

Th'res grins and shakes his head "No way, easiest thing to learn." He thinks for a bit and grins saying "When is your next rest day? because if you want I can teach you." Because who doesn't love working out on there days off right! Jedameth opens his eyes and yawns before slowly standing up and stretching.

"OOOH!" There's a positive squeal of joy from Ginger. "Four days' time. That would be brilliant! Thank you so much!" She interlaces her fingers and stretches her arms above her head. "Ooooh, I'm going to be stiff. Haven't spent so many hours at the forge in one stretch before. I think I'm going to go and soak in the bath before supper. Could do with getting cleaned up, anyway. There's not a lot of point in getting clean before walking up here." Because you'll only have to do it again afterwards.

Th'res nods and chuckles "ok then I will see you there bright and early before the heat." Jedameth turns and will move his snout to brush against Gingers leg his colorful mind sending waves of reds and oranges « Be good little metal bender, we go to find food! » before he pointedly looks at Th'res. The rider chuckling and nods "ok ok we will go feed you, still don't know why you insist on droping me in the water when you want fish…" He gives Ginger a wave before he climbs up on his dragon "See you later"

Ginger reaches up to give Jedameth's muzzle a brief rub. "You too. And thanks!" She gives the view a last lingering look before she sets off down the stairs.

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