Magdaline, Suveren


One of the pools is clogged. Assistant Headwoman Magdaline calls upon the Weyr handy-man to sort it out. Nothing is indecent. Except what they find.


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Public Baths

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Suveren's player knows eff all about plumbing. That is all.

Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

All is not right in the realm of all things that should be clean. In the baths, there are still a few bathers in some of the hotter tubs, but it seems on this warm spring day the coolest pool is completely vacant. The completely clothed assistant headwoman that's standing near the edge with her arms cross and a frown on her face might be one reason why. Or the fact that the water has become very, very murky. Normally there's some circulation going on somehow, but for some reason that normal process has been impeded. This is a problem, clearly. So who is Magdaline to call???

Suveren saunters in, looking a bit like the cliche porno: Hi, I'm here to fix your hot-tub? Magdaline probably wouldn't appreciate the idea though and besides, she finds dirty tasks for him so… Anyways, Suveren saunters in with a trolley of wires and brushes and hammers and nails. "Assistant Headwoman? I came here as soon as they told me you were lookin' for me." Ahh, deference is an unusual tone for Suveren, but he's also really trying those boyish charms too…

No, the hot tubs are over there. It's the cold tub that's the problem today and besides, Magdaline literally has a son that's older than Suveren. She turns around as the handyman makes his appearance complete with trolley full of hammers? And nails? Those get a bit of a dubious eyebrow raise. "Afternoon, Suveren. I was." Looking for him. One of those well manicured hands points towards the turbid water in front of her. "This, needs to be fixed." As for how she's expecting him to fix that, she's not quite elaborating at the moment. Maybe he can earn brownie points by furnishing a solution all on his own.

Hey, handymen have to be ready for anything. Suv looks down at the cold pool in dismay because yeah, speaking of brownie points. "Uhh…" The poor boy is out of his depth. "When… uh, when did it start?" It's as good a question as any. Leaving his trolley of THINGS behind, Suveren starts to circle the pool, casting a brief, dubious look up at Magdaline. "Were there kids in here?" Kneeling down, the kid tries to peer deeper into the pool, reaching a finger to poke the surface, maybe to see if anything leaps out and eats his hand.

Luckily for Suveren there is no monster from the Black Lagoon lurking in there. His hand is safe, although Magdaline seems to be keep a very keen eye on him, arms still crossed. "It started yesterday. And it's the coolest tub. Of course there were children in it." You wouldn't want to accidentally scald their delicate little skin, right? The water isn't completely opaque. It's just much, much murkier than it should be. There's a lot of sand in there. A ton of sand.

Dunno, a modest proposal could be just the thing to deal with meat shorta… anyway, Suveren looks really relieved when he isn't dragged into the pool face-first. "An' I bet their mams turned their backs for a few seconds." Suveren is young enough that he doesn't effectively hide his frustration. Sniffing his finger, the handyman's nose wrinkles and his head rears back. "Ugh. This is gonna have to get thoroughly cleaned, Headwoman." Except… yeah, that's the problem. Standing, Suv comes back around to his kit and takes out a hammer, eyeing it longingly for a second, and then exchanging it for a drainage snake.

If people won't eat mushrooms, they probably would also turn their noses up at a tureen of toddler potage….. Magdaline just looks at Suveren as he sniffs that finger. "And? The mothers also need to be able to clean themselves as well." Nevermind that just a second is the perfect amount of time for trouble to HAPPEN. "And yes. But to clean it, we need it to drain. Which is why you're here." She also sees him eyeing the hammer and almost jumps in with suggestion, but then the drainage snake is located and a sigh of relief comes from the headwoman. She does actually need that drainage grate to still exist after the clog is cleared.

Okay so maybe Suveren is about the worst plumber ever, cliched porno or real-life. "Well, can't they take turns? Leave the kids with a buddy?" Nope, this boy knows as much about kids as he does not putting his foot in it. "We need to stop the pool from refilling, too," he adds like Magdaline has just added this detail to make his life harder, but the last thing Suveren pulls out is a brush that he attaches to a series of long poles he screws together. Swiffer, Pern-style. The brush and the drainage snake go into the water. Down, down, down… and with a sigh, Suveren realizes, "The pole's not long enough." Whine. "I'm gonna have to put my arms in there.

There's tiny smirk on Magdaline's face might be a little bit reminiscent of a feline that just caught a canary. This certainly can't bode well for the young man and she's not going to leave him in suspense about just how not well it might be. "That's extremely generous of you. Thanks for volunteering to watch the children so they mothers can get a bath in peace. I'm sure they'll be thrilled when I tell them." The brush addition does have her furrowing her brows and shaking her head. "Wouldn't you want to stop it from refilling first?" And as for him having to get in the pool, she has absolutely no sympathy. That's exactly why he's here, right?

Wait, what? Suveren gets this panicked look on his face as he lies down on his stomach so both arms can slide into the possibly poop-ridden pool. "Like, in the creche?" Is that better or worse than sitting around the Baths, looking after brats? As for his plan, Suveren grits his teeth as he pushes the brush back and forth, bringing his nose worryingly close to the murky water. And worryingly close includes the foot away. Don't judge him. "Um. Yeah, that'd work too." He's not really concentrating on that suggestion right now. A foot between nose and water, again.

Suveren's player knows eff all about plumbing. That is all.

"Oh, the creche could certainly work," Magdaline's voice is still a bit too worryingly sweet. Should she be teasing the help? Possibly not, but it's not her fault he's so gullible. She'll just leave Suveren for whatever it is that he's doing with that brush swishing. If he reaches even further, he might start hitting the stilt of sweetsand that has been accumulating at the bottom. Magdaline is just going to go over to the side where the water originate from and search for a valve that is indeed closed. "It should at least not be refilling." So find the clog and save the world and possibly get this gross job done with in time for dinner.

Gritting his teeth, Suveren tries to ignore Magdaline for a while, brushing at sand that is in fact clogging things up. There's a brief sucking noise and slowly, the handyman starts to pull the brush out. The water level is starting to drop, too, though it's minute and slow. "Finally," he grumps, starting to move his other hand with the draining snake to stab roughly at where the brush was a moment ago. "Stupid… sand…" he mutters, "Stupid… stupids…" because calling the kids stupid might not be a good move right now. "Hah!" He has hit the mark, evidently and both hands go into the water to start snaking the drain hole. Worst cliched porno ever.

That's at least part of the problem. But how did the circulation stop enough so that the sand could start collecting near the drain? Magdaline is going to observe over from the other side of the pool. Suveren's pseudo-cursing is not remarked on. "Are you sure that's all that was clogging it?" She's just going to back seat plumb from over here.
"No," Suveren grunts, "But it's a start." Back-seat plumbers are the worst! The water level is dropping a bit more rapidly but Suv's thrusts have the water thrashing… and smelling… and splashing… "Oh fuck, gross!" he shouts as some murky water splashes back up, landing on his cheek. How's that for cursing? "Grody, grody, grody!" He's trying to rub it off on his shoulder.

It could be worst than just back-seat plumbing. At least Magdaline did help out by making sure the water flow was cut off. With that splashing, that's one of the reasons why Mags is so glad she's way over here and Suveren's over there. "That… that's not going to help." The whole using a murky hand to rub at possible other dubious stuff. "But once you get the pool unclogged, then we can actually get some water for you to rinse off in."

Suveren's still whining a little even though any evidence of muck has been scrubbed away by some fabric on his shirt. "Eww, eww, eww," he mutters under his breath, still stabbing at the clog. Suddenly, the tip of the snake pauses as he tries to pull up on it and Suveren grunts a little, a different tone of curiosity. Or dread. And finally, with a disgusting, sucking noise, Suveren pulls up the snake and finds… a cloth diaper, tightly rolled up, dangling from the end of his wire. "Oh Shards! That is gross!"


Magdaline eyes widen as somehow Suveren manages to fish out… a diaper. "How…" She is clearly just as perplexed as he is, although maybe for different reasons as she shakes her head. Someone's going to have some 'splaining to do. A little bronze firelizard seems to come in like a homing beacon right for Magdaline. A little scrap of note summoning her somewhere. "Please toss that in the midden when your done. And I'll send Drelarla in to help you clean the pool before it gets refilled." And now it's Mags out. She's got more pressing matters to attend to and it seems like the problem poopy pool is well on it's way to not being a problem any more. Have fun with the poop, Suveren!

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