Doji turns to face something she’s been running from for a while


It is sunset of the nineteenth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr

OOC Date 25 Mar 2018 05:00




Igen - Dragonhealer's Yard

Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

It’s pretty unremarkable when a former healer turned rider ends up drawn to dragonhealing training. Some would even say its just natural or expected.

The list of excuses, and they were excuses even if she tried to claim they were reason, Doji had for stubbornly not starting that training was long, but starting to shrink. Yes, she still was a relatively new rider, but there were younger dragons already flying in the wings. After a year in Whirlwind, she knew her duties, for the most part, and her and Raktraeth had mostly been successful in avoiding injuries. At least major ones.

As she successfully settled into this new routine of being a wingrider, every so often thoughts would turn back to the infirmary and the times assisting in Dragonhealer’s Yard after falls. Months go by and sometimes the brownrider actually found her feet bringing her by the yard completely on their own accord. Those were most definitely not the archives!

As unobtrusive as her little wanderings may have been, the growing frequency of them didn’t escape Lead Dragonhealer Pa’ton’s attention. One afternoon, the older man manages to snag the girl for a chat. Exactly what words were exchanged between the two will remain a mystery for now, but whatever else they might have been, they were effective. She walked away with the new knot of a dragonhealer trainee.

And more importantly, now a dozen questions dancing around her head about how she was going to tell H’rik! And more importantly, how she was going to tell Kair. This was not in her plan of things to do today (or ever)! Not at all. But changes happen to all…

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